They say that finding someone like that is a memory that no one can ever erase. Heh. It would be funny if that were true. Maybe she'll stop talking to me about things that don't matter. Maybe she'll finally understand that the reason I never respond is because I don't really care.

I wasn't completely unconscious when the paramedics banged on the door. I was drifting when they came.

It should have been obvious with the knife in my hand, but she was still asking what happened.

He started bellowing, demanding to know who had done this to his baby. My vision's fading, I couldn't see what was going on, but it sounded like someone was restraining him. Hah! As if he honestly cared. If he did, he would get off the freaking computer and actually do something with me.

No, that's stupid, why should I do anything with him? He hasn't done anything with me for years. I used to beg him to come play with me. Last time I did, he hit me with his belt. No, why should I care about him?

I can feel them wrapping my wrist, so many screams. People are yelling above me, heh, I bet the white light people use in movies was inspired by the hospital light.

I can hear crying...

I'm sorry. I know it was wrong. I just...

I just wanted the pain to stop. Every time I cut, I felt so much better. The blood, the pain in my wrist-it helped me.

They're yelling again...something blue...they're so far away. I'm...sorry...I just...didn't...want to hurt anymore...I'm sor-...

"She's gone. Time of death?"

The nurse looked at her wristwatch.

"3:47 am."

As the rest of the staff continued about their business, the nurse gently pulled the sheet above the girl's slit wrist and then above a tear stained face.

She sighed,

"So young."

There were so many like this girl, that had given up all hope. So many...