AN: Well I want to first say that I absolutely can't believe I could write something like this and that I'm sorry if it upsets anyone.

I guess it stemmed from wanting to expand my writing horizons and well I certainly did…. Hope I don't weird you at as much as I wierded myself out, with that enjoy

He grabs my wrists and slams them against the wall. It vibrates through me and rattles my teeth. He takes both my hands and clasp then into one of his above my head.

"Where were you?" he growls, his face centimeters from mine.

I cough and twist to the side whispering harshly, "You've been drinking."

He shoves his knee into my thigh, sending spurts of pain to my leg. "I asked," he says calmly, "where you were."

His voice hits me like a semi and shakes my confidence. I start to hyperventilate and whimper. He's always the most dangerous when he's calm. "The market," I say pushing against him.

He shoves me back to the wall and places both hands on my shoulders. I immediately put my hands on his chest and spread my fingers out. His face scrunches up and he bits his lip. In a slow voice he tells me, "No, no you weren't."

My eyes widen as he raises his arm. I beg him and tell him that I can show him the groceries, but he blocks me out. I shake my head as he brings his palm down.

I throw my arms up in front of my face, but he doesn't aim for that. I let out a gurgled scream as he grabs the back of my head.

He gathers my long, deep brown strands as I wrap my hands around his. "Please!" I shout, "You have to believe me!"

He yanks down and I collapse on the floor. My knee smacks into my cheek and tears spring form my eyes and run down the length of my face. I scramble to get up, but he lies on top of me, pinning my legs down.

He spins me onto my stomach as I reach up to grab a fistful of his hair. My arms whip around and fall out in front of me.

He rips the back of my shirt completely in half and throws it to the corner. "Stop!" I scream at the top of my lungs.

"I know there's another man!" he shouts back at me, fumbling with the back of my bra.

"No," I plead, "Only you! It's always been you!" I cry.

He ignores me and turns me around to face him. I manage to suck in a single breath when his lips crush down on mine.

I turn my face, but he grabs it and makes me look at him. My mouth squishes together and my eyes are wet. "Stop," I murmur softly.

He continues to work with my clothes and my whimpers turn silent as my skin starts to bruise.