"Okay group we have a new person joining in. I know that it's sudden but listen, she is good enough to join." the instant the young girl's voice had spoken the heads snapped at the girl who was watching them with no specific expression. They glared at her disapprovingly.
"No way! We had this group for two years and we are not having seven people in it now!" a boy growled.
"Look, Kash, Sierra is all right and for the next mission we might need her: which, by the way, is right now!" He sighed and muttered as others thought about it. They agreed as time passed and Becky smiled. She gave Sierra a watch and pointed to it. It had a couple glowing lights with symbols and all sorts of things. They group went to a hole and through the tunnel. At a small space they split up and left Sierra alone. She sighed and jumped up sticking on the roof. A group of people came by in green cataloged suits. She dropped down and knocked them all out in one straight movement. She ran to a wooden door and snapped open the lid for her watch. She pressed the button once and pressed a different one. She suddenly turned invisible. Another group came by rushing as she had expected. They had found out the sleeping bodies. They opened the door and she followed. She smiled and got her watched. She snapped it and it scanned the room. She frowned not liking that it scanned her finger instead, so she messed with it and repeated her actions, this time it scanning the whole room. She smiled once more and left. She slipped through the closing doors but it ripped the corner of her shirt. She didn't notice and left and went to the main room. She turned back to normal and sighed in boredom. Though this action took place she was relieved her life time enemy, that didn't know she knew him since they had been born, wasn't the enemy here. She jumped in the hole once it was about to close and found the team already there.
"God, you're slow!" A small girl whined.
"Any way did you guys get anything? You're new so it's alright if you didn't get anything." A different boy, Sam, asked everyone. Another boy, Max, smirked and got his watch.
"I examined the boss's glass and this resulted." the boy pinched his watch and a picture along with a fingerprint came up. A hairy man appeared but he was fuzzy and soon it vanished earning a line of curses. Sierra couldn't help chose of words such as, "fucking pumpkin!" he glared at her at she got her watch.
"You have something?" She smiled and nodded. She pressed the bottom and slowly the small cave transformed into the room. They watched in awe as fingerprints around the room.
"Sorry I kind of messed with the watch but this is pretty cool."
Later, a boy had com to the room the group had already visited. He growled at the beaten people, realizing they had been ambushed. Well it hadn't been ambush because they knew it was the 'Secrets' as they called themselves. He sighed and went to the large room but froze in his tracks. He stared at the piece of fabric stuck between the doors. An amused smile spread his lips as he opened the door and shoved it in his pocket.
"So, now you're in the rebellious group, huh? Very interesting, Cry..." He continued walking, fingering the fabric.