My Tormenting Lover

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Summary: All he wanted to do was go to college and sell coffee with a fair salary. But by the daily punishments from Disciplinary Leader Jun, Hisoka only hopes to live to see the next day. But by the cause of a freak accident and both their grades on the line, will this coffee brewer see more to his cold-hearted, dark-minded tormentor?

Chapter One: Daily Routine

The wind knocked right out of his lungs was unbearable. Something warm trickling down the side of his cheek was definitely not the tears from the pain. Their laughter echoed through his ears. They really did take pleasure in making him suffer.

"Alright. That's enough. The punishment's over."

His dark blue eyes, heavy lids giving him a broody look, drifted up, and they stared into pools of dark, melted emeralds. The fire in the superior's eyes was strong enough to send the entire football team running, but not him. The owner of the dark blue eyes laid where he sat, beaten and battered, but eyes showing that he was not afraid.

The superior bended to his level, a cruel smirk on his pale, sharp, and robust features.

"Now, Strifer. Do you know why I asked my subordinates to take care of you?" he taunted, pearl-white teeth braced devilishly. Strifer, as he was currently titled, coughed up a little spit, a trail making it's way down his cheek and he kept on his calm face.

Just gotta make yourself look bigger, despite what situation you're in. He couldn't remember which bear documentary on the Discovery Channel he got that from, but he did make sure to use that rule on any situation with his tormentor.

"I did not do anything to upset you nor did I cause anything to disrupt school policy. You are abusing your power over your position." he said calmly. The older, by one year, flicked his dark bangs back, shaking his head as he stood up and adjusted the collar of his dark blue academy jacket.

"Lets go. We're wasting our time trying to discipline this slacker." he grumbled, glaring at Strifer behind his shaggy, raven-black bangs, "Time to leave. Stay out of trouble, Strifer." he muttered, his wolf pack of a disciplinary team trailing him with snickers, like hyenas in a pack.

Once they were gone, Strifer let of the groan he was holding in, and he eased himself to his feet, using the support of the light grey lockers behind him. He felt around his torso, wincing as he skimmed over bruised ribs and sore muscles. He trailed his fingers along his forehead, pulling his hand back went he felt the wet wound located near his neck. Blood stained his fingers. So that's why he felt light headed.

'At least they didn't bruise my face.' he thought, shrugging off his uniform jacket and wounding it into a tight ball. Pressing the clump to his wound, he staggered his way out of Dalacion Academy as if nothing had happened.

He didn't have time to deal with head wounds or bruised ribs. He had coffee to brew.

"Hisoka! Put that down, you're going to fall!"

"But, table seven-"

"-can wait at least five more minutes! Come on, let me see your head. Wrapping a handkerchief around it won't help hiding it."

Hisoka sighed, placing down the tray of three cappuccinos with double whip cream and following the younger employ of Hogaraka's Nook, the small establishment that had become popular overnight. It was just the place for Hisoka. The walls were wooden and the floors were carpeted with green and blue patterns, bookshelves lined up with everything from encyclopedias to graphic novels. Soft music that alternated between jazz and classical rang along the walls, making the customers content as they drank coffee, worked on their laptops, or simply read or talk with friends.

Content and quiet, just how everyone liked it.

Taking a seat on one of the provided two-seater couches, Hisoka watched as a boy a year younger than him (Hisoka was twenty-one since last October) walk over to him with the first-aid kit from the employ office. Taking a seat next to the blonde, Hisoka allowed the red-eyed, white-haired boy unwrap his wound, the albino making a disgusted sound at the shallow wound.

"Hisoka, did you even get this checked out?" he asked, opening the white kit and pulled out a large white bandage, a glass bowl of cotton bowls, and antibiotic cream.

"My shift's right after classes. There was no time." replied Hisoka, hissing as the cream on a cotton ball smear his wound.

"Jun did this, didn't he?" asked the other boy, carefully pressing the cotton ball around the open skin, "Why did he do it this time?"

". . ."

"He had no reason this time?" The boy gave a worried tsk as he placed the bandage on Hisoka's wound, "What's his problem? He's been doing stuff like this since you were in middle school!" exclaimed the younger worriedly, his eyes holding the same look.

"Youkai, it's OK. I don't let it bug me." Assured Hisoka, pulling back his black-dyed bangs and dropping them, the two big pieces of his bangs framing his pale face, "And I don't fight back. There's no point."

"But, why? You know kendo! Your dad taught you how to fence since you were seven! Why not fight back?" Youkai suddenly looked flustered, his eyes embarked, "I-I know that sounds pretty lame coming f-from a guy like me, but-"

"I get you," Hisoka patted Youkai's mop of snow-white hair, "It's just that if I fight back, then that means he'll come back for more. It's like feeding a starved dog. As soon as you give it food, it comes back for more."

"But he come's back for more, anyway," reasoned Youkai, arms crossed over his small frame, "All I'm saying is you should at least report this! Tell the dean! Tell a teacher. Heck, go to your parents. They care, you know." he stated. Hisoka shook his head with a small smile, his hands absently playing with the small sash of his light green apron, the standard uniform of Hogaraka's Nook.

"Can't. My mother's off in Brazil for pictures of iguanas for Wild Life magazine. And you know my father's remarried. He and Yosuke need their alone time." He stated. Youkai sighed, but smiled himself.

"I suppose so. And, hey, I'm still kind of surprised. Weren't you shocked to hear that he and your father got together?" he asked.

"I was," Hisoka was always asked this. He wasn't ashamed that his father had remarried with another man, "But I was also happy for my father. I mean, even after he had married my mother, he knew he had strong attractions towards men. They divorced after I was ten, and he and Yosuke met a year after when father was looking for a job. I was a little scarred, since I thought my parents would get together one day. But after we talked over it, all four of us, I accepted it." Hisoka said this with a final nod, standing up suddenly and fixing his uniform.

"Are you sure you'll be OK? Your head's not hurting, is it?" asked Youkai, following the blue-eyed student to the counter. The latter waved his hand.

"I'll be fine. Come on. Shift ends at seven today."

Soon, Hisoka closed the door behind him and Youkai, the nightshift employees waving to them through the glass doors as they walked down the street. Night rolled over Harmoneta City like a painter's brush, the dark blue sky speckled with tri-colored stars and streetlamps flickering on with fat moths flying brokenly around the orange light.

"So, you're going to be at the movies with Ryu tonight, right?" asked Hisoka as he adjusted the collar of his dark green jacket, his blonde and slightly messy hair brushing near his shoulders.

"Yeah. You sure you can make it back to the apartments on your own? It might rain tonight." said Youkai, hands stuffed in the pockets of his red-wool sweater. Hisoka gave a nod.

"I'll be fine. It'll only be a light spray, probably," The two stopped at a curve, where the two would part, "Now go on. You're gonna keep your boyfriend waiting and you know how he worries." he lightly teased. Youkai blushed cutely, lightly shoving Hisoka's arm before his smile came back.

"Alright. Just be careful, OK?" he asked one last time.

"Yes, mother," With a light chuckle, Hisoka waved as he jogged away, "See ya!"

Slowing down to small walk, Hisoka shivered as Autumn winds blew around, gold, yellow, and red leaves brushing along his ankles. Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out his light red handkerchief from before and he wrapped it around his neck, humming softly as the warmth of it hugged his neck.

"It's because of all the love sewn in it, Hi-kun! And since you need love, I'll give it to you!"

Hisoka kept his eyes on the feet.

'Taijunso. . .'

"And if you love it enough, then that means we both have love! Mama told me it's the most powerful thing in the world!"

His felt a pickling sensation in his eyes, and he stopped in his place, brushing the back of his hand under his eye.

'He was always so nice and bright. . .'

"Hi-kun, I also want you to have it because. . . I'm gonna leave to live with my papa for a while. Mama says he misses me, and I don't want him to be sad. . ."

'But I was sad, too.'

Hisoka sniffled, the pain of the old memories causing cracks along his heart with his cheeks flushing.

"I'll miss you, Hi-kun. You'll always be my best friend.'

"But. . . I wanted so much more. It was stupid because I was six, but. . ." he sniffled again, holding the heel of his hand to his tearing eye, the other already forming with tears, ". . . All that love, in this-" he gripped the handkerchief around his neck, "I wanted his love, too. Man," he wiped his eyes, smiling bitterly, "I feel like a selfish brat."

As he spoke, he did not sense the next minute.

He made a move to take a step forward but a flickering light caught his eye. He turned, eyes squinted when he saw a bright glow hovering to him. He blinked again, before his eyes widen, realization hitting far too late. The speeding car was out of control, no driver in the seat.

It must have been a broken brake. But Hisoka had no choice to debate that as the vehicle's screeching wheel's sounded through his ears. His eyes screwed shut, fear taking over all the nerves in his body.

But then he was swept. Swept by the wind? No. If it were the wind, he would have landed more gracefully, instead of landing on the hard pavement floor with a hundred-plus weight crushing above him. He could feel a pain in his wrist. It was most likely sprained. From the shove, he assumed. His ears could hear yelling, screams of worry coming from what seemed like miles away. His whole mind was buzzing, as if he had drunken alcohol. He knew it wasn't that. Since he never had a taste of it in his life.

The warmth that held him. Two words to describe it was: Safe and loving. His nose was breathing in a breath taking, spine shivering scent. It was a mixture of pine, and a citrus smell, with a hint of something that made his already beating heart accelerate. It wasn't long before he replayed what happened in the past three and a half minutes.

The runaway car had nearly killed him. But something- no. . . Someone had saved him. The warmth was coming from two strong arms and a pair of sculpted legs tangled with his own, slender ones. The scent came from the person's jacket, an amazing body wash he had never smelt. And those calloused yet warm small pillows pressing against his recent head wound were the person's lips-

Wait, pressing?

Hisoka opened his eyes, but they were obscured by his long, black bangs. He tried to move once, but the owner was far more stronger than he thought. His mind was working a frenzy. Just why was this stranger kissing his forehead?

He moved his chin up, ready to voice out his thoughts. He was not prepared for the thin lips to drag from his forehead, across the bridge of his nose, to his quivering lips. Gasping at the small touch, Hisoka's eyes could only widen his eyes more as his savoir gave hungry groan and a wet muscle plundered his mouth and suck on his own.

Cheeks reddening, Hisoka couldn't stop the moan escaping his throat as his lips rubbed with aggressive ones, a large and devious tongue lapping at his own while teeth clinked his. The passion and raw romance of the deep kiss overwhelmed the academy boy, his eyes dilating and his own mouth subconsciously kissing back, suckling on the other's tongue and his small tongue eagerly exploring new territory. Another groan sounded out from his rescuer, the animalistic growl making Hisoka's groin grow warm. The heat in his manhood caused him to whimper helplessly, slender hips bucking the other's once to rid to the feverish pleasure.

A growl of pleasure rumbled, and with a last swipe at the roof of his mouth, the stranger pulled away, Hisoka whimpering at the lost.

His breathing was erratic, cheeks red with something more than embarrassment. His head was dizzy from more than the fall, and his small sensation from his warm sex was causing him to spasm a bit.

"Wh-What was-" He felt so lost for words. His sprained wrist was hurting him. He felt so confused. The warmth around him was consuming him. And he wanted more of this person who saved him.

The warmth was pulled away from him. Hisoka whimpered again, but it died down when the soft material of the stranger's jacket covered him. Hisoka's eyes squinted, the black fur of the person's jacket blocking him from seeing the person with such passionate lips and embraces.

A hand was in his hair, long fingers stroking his black bangs. He heard a sigh. It sounded long-winded and almost drawl.

"For a coffee brewer, you sure know how to get yourself into trouble."

The low tenor was held with a knowing tone, but it held a kind note in the words that gave Hisoka assurances. His eyes peaked some more, his mouth barely able to make a frown when he saw that the owner, obviously a man because of the voice, had broken his leg.

"You're. . . hurt. . ." he whispered, another dizzy spell wracking his brain and making him want to throw up the hamburger he had for lunch. The fingers still stroked, and that gesture told him that the man was not angry.

"For you, I wouldn't mind losing my leg if that had happened, though the car had only struck my near my knee. Just knowing that you're alright is more important than my leg,"

Those lips that had kissed him so passionately earlier pressed against his forehead again, and Hisoka could have sworn he saw burgundy-red bangs, "Get some rest. You're in for a long ride to the hospital."

Before closing his eyes, Hisoka could hear ambulance sirens coming near. He could hear people murmuring and whispering as he was loaded onto a stretcher. He could even hear the medical talk going between the nurses and doctors in the ambulance. But what he wanted nothing more was to hear the deep tenor of the man who saved him.

To be Continued. . .

And that's the first chapter! Hope it was lousy! Here are some quick character profiles for you guys! These are for the guys featured in the chapter! This will happen every time an important character is introduced.

Name: Hisoka Strifer

Gender: Male

Signature: ·ストライフ

Age: 21

DOB: October 13

Blood-type: AB

Eye color: Dark blue

Hair color: Bright blonde. Bangs dyed black since he was thirteen.

Education: Dalacion Academy

Occupation: Hogaraka's Nook coffee brewer/cashier

Favorite subject: English

Least favorite subject: Algebra

Favorite quote: "To thine own self be true."

Name: Jun Divine

Gender: Male

Signature: ジュン 冥々

Age: 22

DOB: September 21

Blood-type: O

Eye color: Dark green

Hair color: Black

Education: Dalacion Academy

Occupation: Dalacion Academy's Disciplinary leader

Favorite subject: Physics

Least favorite subject: Art

Favorite quote: "I don't follow just anyone's justice. I follow my own. Right or wrong, good or evil, they mean nothing to me. As long there is one man last standing, then he is a true victor."

Name: Youkai Dragikoro

Gender: Male

Signature: 妖怪のドラゴン

Age: 20

DOB: February 12

Blood-type: A

Eye color: Crimson-red

Hair color: White

Education: Vincinto Private Academy

Occupation: Hogaraka's Nook coffee brewer/cashier /Harmoneta Library assistant

Favorite subject: Art

Least favorite subject: Physical education

Favorite quote: "Find a friend in everyone. Do not turn on those who cower. Smile, and open your heart.

And that's who we have so far! However, I still need another couple or three since this story will revolve around six couples, yet I've only came up with two. If anyone would like to give suggestions or ideas, let me know. I'm very open to it. All I seem to need now is one Seme and three couples.

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