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Chapter 1 : Out

Jessica P.O.V.

Almost every single girl in the world has dreamed of becoming a princess when they grow up. But I never was one of those girls. I grew up with a different dream. I wanted to be the all-star soccer player. You heard (or read) me right. A soccer player. And I'm a pretty damn good one.

Receive ball. Dribble, dribble, dribble. Reach goal. Kick. Score. Coach Lewis' whistle blew.

"Practice round is over! Jessica's team wins, again." As soon as those words flew out of coach's mouth, my fist, along with the rest of my team's, flew to the air.

"OH YEAH!" I yelled out into the air. Jackson, my opponent, clapped me on the back.

"Great job, Steven's." He congratulated with his silky British accent.

"Thanks." I replied in my low, American accented voice. I felt something drop on my nose, and I looked up to see one of the many English storm clouds quickly making its way towards the soccer grounds at Preston High School. I looked over to Coach who seemed oblivious to the fact that it'll start raining soon. "Hey, Coach!" He looked over at me. I pointed to the sky, and he looked up. Coach nodded to me, signalling me to do what I have to do. "Alright team!" Everyone in Preston's soccer team looked over to me. "It's starting to rain; we better get inside the gym pronto."

We entered the gym right on time. As soon as I stepped inside, lightning flashed, thunder roared, and the rain started pouring its guts out. By then, I had already spent a year in England, since Grade eleven, and I still wasn't used to the rain. Being the Arizonian I am, I could never get used to the rain. I flinched.

"Well, well, well. Is little itty, bitty, Jessica Stevens afraid of a little lightning?" The head cheerleader, Brianna, teased. I was still relatively still near the door, and I was the only soccer player left; the rest have dispersed to their respective cheerleader. Man, being the only girl (Not to mention captain) in an all-boys team really sucks sometimes. Brianna walked up to me, and as per usual, she towered over me. Being 5"3, pretty much everyone towers over me.

"Listen, Brianna, I have no time with your bitchiness. I have a whole team to captain properly if you haven't noticed, so go get back to your dimwitted 'friends', and teach them how to be whores." I went around her stick-thin figure, and I walked towards my team.

"Hmph!" I heard Brianna say from somewhere behind me. I also heard her stomp her foot, and I rolled my dull brown eyes. I could almost imagine her flipping her relaxed, bleached (literally) blonde hair over her shoulders.

"Hey guys! Whilst we're in here, since we only had, what, thirty minutes of practice, why don't we partner up and do some basic exercises?" I heard groans coming from my team, and I knew I had to bribe them. Again. "I'll buy the first pair any video game console of their choice." Immediately, they stood up, and started to choose their partner. Thank God my family was super loaded; otherwise, I would have problems giving them motivation. I felt someone tap my shoulder. I turned around to see Jason, my best friend.

"Partner?" I nodded, and my ponytail that held my plain brown hair swooshed around. Jason laughed, and reached behind me to stop my ponytail from moving. I clapped my hands. Loud. The whole gym, which was incredibly noisy, suddenly became so silent, it was almost deafening.

"So, people, let's go. You know the drill. Ten sit-ups, then ten push-ups." I knew that they know, we've done this a hundred times, but it never hurts to refresh their minds, you know? "Ready, set, go!"

I dropped to the ground, and so did Jason. I wrapped my feet around each of his legs and we started to do the sit-ups. We were doing it so fast that I could barely see the mop of blond hair in front of me, so I focused more on the whole sit-up and clapping hands with him thing. Once we did our ten, we detangled ourselves and started the push-ups. Down, up, clap Jason's left hand. Down, up, clap Jason's right hand. It went on, and on, and on, until we were finally done. We shot up from the ground and looked around, no one was finished yet. I rolled my eyes and shook my head in disappointment. I honestly wondered how my older brother, Damien, was able to get this team to win so many trophies last year. Finally, after a disappointing thirty seconds, Jackson and Michael stood up.

"Seriously dude? Took you long enough." I rolled my eyes at them. Yes, I do that a lot.

"Well, sorry that we aren't as good as you, Captain." Jackson said, his voice dripping with sarcasm.

"Yes, you should be sorry." I ended the conversation there, as everyone had just finished. I turned to the rest of the team. "Let's go. Hit the locker rooms." I dismissed the team, and we went to our respective locker rooms.

Growing up with three brothers and no sisters taught me how to take a shower and get dressed in less than ten minutes. When I got out of the shower room about five minutes after I got inside, the cheerleaders were already there, gossiping in their annoying high-pitched voices.

"Did you hear? Prince Avery's coming back!" I heard a cheerleader screech excitedly. I honestly thought that they didn't have this in England; it was the reason I agreed to move. They piss me off.

"Hey, guys!" I yelled as soon as I burst through the boy's locker room doors.

"AH! What are you doing here?" Michael hastily covered his naked body with his towel. I lay down on the bench as the fraternal Montgomery twins—Jackson and Jason—started laughing.

"Dude, at least she has better timing now!" Jackson said in between laughs.

"Yeah, last year, she caught Jackson totally exposed." Jason added. Jackson stopped laughing instantaneously, and turned to glare at his younger twin. Jason shrugged, but continued laughing.

"Meh. I don't really care." I got myself comfortable on the bench, as all the other boys proceeded in whatever they were doing. Poor Michael, despite being on the senior team, he's new. Moved earlier this year. I stared at the ceiling. "Dudes, you better hurry. School's closing in half an hour." I glanced at my watch for conformation, and sure enough, it was four-thirty.

"I'm home!" I threw the keys to my Ford into the 'Car Jar', the jar that keeps our keys, on the table in front of our penthouse's private elevator. It was pressed against the wall in the narrow hallway that gives us somewhat a little bit more privacy.

"Hi, honey." Dad greeted me. He kissed my forehead. I looked behind him and saw he had his suitcase again. I sighed.

"Ireland or Netherlands?" I asked him.

"Ireland this time." I sighed again and nodded. After Nana died a year ago, Dad has been managing the family company, which happens to be the biggest shipping company in the world, Stevens Shipping Company. That's the main reason why we moved here; majority of the biggest shipping ports are in Europe.

"When are you leaving?"

"Now." He leaned down again and kissed my hair.

"Ok. Stay safe."

"Will do. Love you."

"Love you too." I watched Dad as he got into the elevator and the doors slammed shut. I turned back to the rest of the apartment. "Colby! Liam! Where are you?" I watched as two blond haired fifteen year old boys started walking down the stairs that was facing the hallway.

"Yes?" They both asked innocently. The twins were amazing liars, but as their older sister, I could see the mischief hidden in their dark green eyes.

"What are you both up to?"

"Nothing," Colby, the older one, said.

"Just looking at old pictures of Mom." Liam finished.

"Really?" I asked, shocked. They nodded their heads.

"Want to see?" They asked me. Colby and Liam started to make their way up the stairs, and I followed them into Liam's bedroom. There it was, laid out on Liam's bed: pictures of Mom. Mom was a very beautiful woman when she was alive. She died giving birth to the twins, but at least they got her blonde hair and green eyes. You would expect me, as her only daughter, to be the look-alike, but I wasn't. The only thing I got from her was her gender, and short stature.

"She's beautiful." I said as I observed a picture of Mom on a bicycle, cycling in what looked like the city of Sydney, judging by the bridge behind her.

"Uh-huh. I know." Colby said.

"Too bad we didn't meet her. Only her vagina." Liam added. I turned around so I was facing the boys. They both had their hands in their pockets, and they were looking intently at the photos.

"Hey, hey, don't blame yourself for her death!" I scolded them.

"Who said we were?" Liam asked.

"Dude, if she didn't die, I would have a sister that's addicted to shopping. Dad said she loved that activity." I smiled at Colby, then at Liam. Other boys would've blamed themselves if they were in this situation, but these boys seemed to always look at the brighter side of life.

"Thanks." I started walking towards the door, but not without messing up their longish hair. "You better start getting some sleep. Dad's gone, and it's only Thursday tomorrow. We still have school." I shut the door and made my way to my room.

It was Saturday night, and the guys just left after playing video games in my room. I was sitting on my black bed—yes, black—and reading a book when Dad burst in through the doors. He looked more exhausted than usual.

"Dad? What's wrong? Your home early." He was. Usually, he was away for a week. He walked over to the foot of my bed and sat down.

"Hon, you remember King Alfred, right?" I nodded.

"He's the King of Farussia, Nana's best friend, and Grandpa's old roommate, right?"

"Yes. Unfortunately, yesterday, he passed away." My heart sunk. Although Nana and Grandpa died years ago, they were still the best of friends. "To pay respects to the royal family, we're flying over there next week to attend the funeral." I nodded my head.


"We're leaving Friday morning. The new King, his son, will be coroneted on Monday. What was his name? Ah, Alexander. Anyway, I came home as soon as I can, just to tell you."

"Thanks, Dad." He leaned over and kissed my forehead.

"You're welcome, hon. I have to go tell your brothers. Goodnight."

"'Night, Dad."

Monday the following week, Prince Avery was MIA. You're probably wondering who Prince Avery is right now. Well, he's the Crown Prince—King as of that day—'s son. I went to a fancy, private, elite school in the center of Oxford. Because Farussia's educational system was still developing, for generations, the royal family attended school in another country. Because Farussia is located in between France and Belgium, and is along the English Channel, Farussia's aristocrats frequently chose either France or England to go to school, considering that they're not that far away. Although some people do chose the other neighboring country, Belgium, people still prefer the other two. To my delight (not), Prince Avery was sent to school in England. So I was stuck with him. Thankfully, we never actually met. He's an arrogant bastard. I'm sure.

"Hey." Jason greeted me once I walked through the front doors.

"Hi." I said as I fixed my knee-length grey skirt. Being a private school, uniforms, unfortunately, are required.

"Hey, Stevens." My head whipped up at the sound of Jackson's voice. Despite being my best friend's twin brother, he doesn't normally talk to me. I saw him standing next to Jason, his head of dark brown hair contrasting against the only thing he shares with his brother: his green-blue eyes.

"Jackson? What are you doing here?" As I said those words, I studied him. He looked very different when he's wearing his uniform. This white polo crisp and clean with his blazer over it. His grey slacks looked pressed, and I was, to say the least, shocked.

"Like what you see?" He said when he caught me studying him. I looked up at him.

"Dude, when did you get so clean? I thought Jason was the clean one." It was true. Jason was the one whose soccer uniform was pressed. Every single practice.

"Eh. I took one of Jason's this morning." He shrugged. Jason stopped looking at me and looked to his right; to his brother.

"What the hell, dude?" Jackson looked at his brother with a smile on his face.

"Relax. We're the same size. Just, borrow mine tomorrow."


"Well, too bad." By now, Jason was seriously pissed off. No one touches his stuff without permission except me. I took a step towards Jason, and I reached up to his shoulders.

"Calm down, Jason. Calm down." I soothed him. Under my touch, he seemed to loosen up a little. I decided that maybe a change of topic would do good. "Hey Jackson, why are you here?" Jackson shrugged.

"Avery's not here." Of course.

"Then why don't you hang out with your other best friend? What's his name?" I removed my left hand from Jason's shoulder and started to snap my fingers, hoping it would help me remember the other guy's name.

"You mean Neil?" I stopped snapping.

"Yes! Neil! Why don't you hang out with him?"

"He's got the flu."

"Aw, poor you. But you can't hang out with us. Sorry." I wasn't not really. Jackson hangs out with Avery, he doesn't hang out with me.

"Fine. I'll hang with the cheerleaders." He turned around and started to walk away.

"Have fun with your sluts!" I yelled at him. He flipped me the bird as the bell for first period rang.