I have to run. I have to run or he'll get me. The corridor looks the same as it did before I dashed around all those corners. I feel like I've been running in circles. Maybe I have.

I end up at a dead end. Sort of. There was a door at the end of the corridoor, but all the doors I had passed so far were locked. Still, I inched forward, grasping the doornob. Without even turning it, the door magically swug open. I saw that room. The one I was running from to begin with.

Without giving me time to flee, the world around me spun. It felt like an earthquake with spinning walls. Feeling dizzy, I made a mistake. One I still regret 'till this very day. I closed my eyes.

Immediately, all movement ceased. Opening my eyes, I found myself in a different room. The room was pitch black. No light shone through the window- not like there were any in the first place, no light shone anywhere. Luckily, my eyes soon adjusted to the darkness.

I tried to sit up, but I was tightly bound to a surgical-bed-thing I was lying on. 'Wait, SURGICAL BED?' This meant I could only move my neck, but that wouldn't do me amy good.

Then, a dark shadow cast over me. He looked at me, eyes full of madness. Even though he had a surgical mask on, I could tell he wqas smirking evilly.

Something's not right. 'Yea, nice one Captain Obvious. But still…' Why am I on a surgical bed? Why is creepy guy wearing a surgical mask?...

What is that on the table?

I stretched my neck as far as possible and caught a glimpse of it. My blood ran cold.

The hand shifted on the table. 'Wait… THAT THING'S ALIVE?' The ring on one of its fingers was so covered in blood it was almost unnoticeable. But I'd recognise it anywhere.

My best friend gave it to me.

My face ghost-like, I twisted my head to where my right arm is. Or where it was supposed to be.

You know the phrase 'blink in surprise'? Not a good idea now. With every blink, a part of my body was ripped off.

The scary part was not that my body was being torn apart but the fact that I could feel no pain. None. I tried to convince myself that this was just an illusion. It wasn't real. But I failed. Seeing your own blood spew across your very eyes does that to you.

I screamed, struggling. The man merely said, "My dear, is something the matter?"

I begged to wake up from that dream, saying nothing can hurt me. "I can offer you momentary respite, after all, you can't escape fate." There was a sharp pain in my neck and my surroundings faded away.

I felt no pain. Saw no illusion. I felt nothing. I saw nothing. I was strolling in a world of white. Not a speck of colour anywhere. ' How long have I been here? How long more do I have left?'

I don't know.

Me and my big mouth. The moment I thought that, black splothes dotted the wall, as if eating them.

My whole body started fading. And I was scared-for the first time since I set foot in this place. Before I fully disappeared, the white floor gave way and I fell into eternal darkness.

I opened my eyes. I was in a pitch black room.

And I swear, on the table beside me, something just moved.