Lauren, Colin and Miracle

There are three children named Lauren, Colin, and Miracle. They are the best possible form of friends. Lauren Priscilla Constance is usually quiet and rarely speaks but in truth she can be very rambunctious. Colin Josephs is medium tall and has bushy black hair. He is the smartest in the group and usually is very arrogant of his knowledge but he is always pushed back by Miracle. Miracle Alison Dawson is quite tall and has long, wavy blond hair. She is always rushing and never gets things done properly. Miracle is always talking and hurries ahead but Lauren and Colin can slow her downurries ahead but Lauren and Colin slow her dows done Molin she bu. They are all renowned for being together all the time in Everstone County.

These three are always together even through the toughest of times. They knew each other since they were in kindergarten and from then they were inseparable. If one of them had to transfer to another school the other two would beg their parents to go too.


"Please! You have just got to come along! I'll die without you two! Beg your parents to come!" Lauren pleaded.

"Well, I will try but my Ma and Pa are really strict about this. It took me week of begging to even come to this school. I don't know if they'll allow it again." Miracle sighed.

"Oh, come on, Lauren, you have to grow up. We can't be together forever, you know and besides I've heard Hollyhock's is a great school; you should be honored." Colin mused.

"Shut up, Colin, you're being the least supportive." Lauren snapped.

"Lauren, I just wanted to say this but I think it would be much easier if you tell your parents you don't want to go" Miracle suggested sarcastically, knowing Lauren's parent's standards.

"Oh, shush, and ask your parents. You too, Colin" Lauren snapped again.

The three were walking down the Main Street, arguing. Lauren's parents wanted her to go to five star schools. Namely, Hollyhock's Elementary School, to get a proper education because she is, supposedly, not getting it at Madison Charter School. Colin, though acting coolly, was in truth, pretty spazzed about not being able to be with Lauren anymore. Therefore, he was planning to beg until his parents said 'yes'. Miracle, on the other hand, was thinking of a plan to bribe her parents with some cosmos that she could buy at Mala's florists. Her mom loves cosmos. Colin and Miracle said their good byes and pranced home.

Miracle dropped by to Mala's florist on her way home and bought the flowers and ran straightaway from the main street to her house where she was greeted by a pounce from Laika, her dog. She dropped to the knees of her parents and begged for half an hour until her Dad half-heartedly said 'Yes'. Miracle then skipped to the phone and chatted with Lauren for an hour about how life is going to be at Hollyhock's.

Colin ran home immediately, though, after the three talked and kept begging to his father to let him go. His father was less than lenient. He scolded him for being friends with girls instead of socializing with other boys of his age and told him off for following them all the time like a puppy. Colin was, obviously, appalled. So, he asked him why he let him come to Madison's Charter School. But, what followed was silence; then a short remark "It was cheaper, sonny boy", with his hands in his pockets. With this Colin threw an absolute tantrum and was sent to his room.

Later in the day, Miracle and Lauren called Colin's mobile phone to ask him if he was coming. But, to their surprise it wasn't Colin who answered, it was Mr. Josephs, Colin's father.

"My boy is NOT going to any expensive, posh, girl school. He needs to get more man pals. No girly, flowery business of you lot. Besides he is smart already so there's no need to gain more of that".

Lauren just stared at her cellphone and glanced at Miracle in utter astonishment. They knew Colin wasn't the richest guy in the world, but to not be able to afford a private school was just… so… well, surprising. They were even more surprised at how cruel Mr. Josephs was.

Chapter 2

The next morning while Miracle was walking Laika, she happened to overhear a conversation in the empty lot behind her house.

"Tonight, we'll get that Constance woman and her husband. They might be quite gullible but they are quite rich. That brat they have shouldn't be a problem. Get it? Newman, you worry me the most… did you understand?"

Newman replied "Um, right boss!"

"Good, Sanders, go collect the items we need, later."

"Sure boss." Sanders replied.

Sanders looked very thin though his partner Newman was fat. Neither looked very bright. But above all the Boss looked the most frightening. He was wearing all black leather and was very well built. He was also wearing pitch black sunglasses. Miracle was frightened. She had to inform Lauren immediately. She ran straight for Lauren's house.

"Lauren! Lauren!" Miracle breathlessly panted. "Come on, open your gate!" She heaved into the intercom.

"Miracle? What are you doing here? It's 8 o'clock!" Lauren stammered as she opened the lock.

"Lauren! You have to… to" Miracle couldn't breathe, her asthma was kicking in. She felt her chest clenching. Lauren came out, grabbed her arm, hoisted her on to her shoulder and walked towards the entrance. Lauren's family was rich and they owned a mansion. Lauren's cat, Mishka, was meowing like mad. Miracle was placed in one of the extra soft guest beds and slowly recounted what she heard to Lauren and Mr. and Mrs. Constance.

"Dear, Pierre, what shall we do?" Mrs. Constance exclaimed in fright.

"Lucille, calm down, if what this girl says is true, which I do not doubt… Jacqueline, enter." Mr. Constance yelled.

A little woman no older than twenty scuttled in and, in surprise, squeaked.

"Yes sir? Would you like your tea now sir?"

"No, no get the guards to do double duty tonight is that clear, darling? Good. Go now."

"Oh, my sweetie, Lauren, don't be scared… That's it! Miracle, dearie do you have your mother's number? Good!" Mrs. Constance picked up the phone and dialed the number.

"Mrs. Dawson? Ah yes. Oh. Is that so? My, my. Well, I was thinking if Lauren could come over for tonight? Yes? Good I shall drop her now with Miracle. Thank you!" Mrs. Constance clapped her hands and said, "Laurie, go on with Miracle and have a, what is the recent term? Ah yes! Have a sleep over! Bye now! Have fun!"

Lauren and Miracle's hearts skipped beats! What fun they will have! But… what of Colin? Colin always got invited to their slumber parties and he would feel left out if they didn't let him come. But, nevertheless, he was grounded. Oh, what to do? Miracle flipped out her cellphone and dialed Colin. Miracle tapped her screen to speaker phone. Their hearts sank once more as the clean, snobbish voice they were expecting did not come. Not even the gravelly, cold voice of Mr. Josephs. It was a high, shrilly voice that practically squeaked "Who is it?" she dragged the 'is' really long. Lauren gaped. The lady, whom they thought to be Mrs. Josephs, repeated herself, this time drawling the 'who'. "Who is it?"

"Um, hi. This is, um, Miracle, I was, um, wondering if I could speak to, uh, Colin. I need to urgently, um, speak to him. So I was wondering if I could talk to him, Mrs. Josephs. Your son. Ok. Thanks. If that's a, um, yes. Yeah" Miracle stuttered.

"Ugh, little people of this age are so vulgar. First of all I am called Miss Victoria Von Hampshire; not that plain Josephs woman. And Colin is grounded so NO I do not allow you to speak with him. Thank god I took his cell or he would be chattering to the end! Ha! I praise myself in this great idea!" Miss Victoria laughed across the phone and hung up.

Lauren sighed. Miracle closed her phone. They glumly strolled by Linola Junction, absently wandering about. Miracle broke the unusual silence with a short sentence of "Where are we?"

"Um, I thought you knew where we were going, Miracle, I just followed you!" Lauren gasped.

"What? So you don't know where we are?"

"Not an inkling"

" I am so, totally calling my Mom"

"Don't! We weren't even supposed to come here! Imagine the scolds!"

"Oh yeah…"

"What do we do?"

"Let's call Daisy! She lives in the Magnolia Cul-De-Sac! She'll definitely know where we are! She, like, knows where everything is!" Miracle exclaimed.

She flipped out her phone and dialed Daisy's number. Daisy picked up and they had a minor conversation and understood they were walking down Twin lane and headed straight. Lauren tugged on Miracle's sleeve. There were two paths. One headed to a forest and another to a big building. They ran back Twin lane all the way to the Main road. Lauren leaned on the wall of Newman's Mall. They still had two hours left to play in the park as Miracle's Mother said. 'Don't go out past 5 o'clock' was a strict rule at Miracle's house. Lauren took out her light blue, star sticker covered wallet out of her pocket, opened it, looked at the contents and grinned. Miracle dug into her jacket's pocket, took some cash out and smiled from ear to ear. Miracle's number one hobby was shopping. Lauren always bought from catalogs and magazines so she was excited to go to the mall for a change.

They entered the big mall and looked at the wide variety of stores. Even though all the shops were appealing, one shop caught their eye. They needn't make a second thought when they dashed toward Abigail's Gift Shop. They pondered on what to buy for poor Colin who was grounded for a week. At the shop they met Rhea Millers, their school friend.

"Hey Rhea! What are you doing here? Buying a present for Quinn?" Miracle sarcastically added.

"Oh! Hi Lauren! Hi Miracle! Well maybe I am buying a present for him. Why are you here? Are you buying a present for Colin?" Rhea retorted.

There was a rumor that Rhea and Quinn Stanley quite liked each other. Rhea always said they weren't but Miracle always sneered on love affairs. They added Rhea in on their little Colin secret. Rhea snorted but she found the perfect present. She was always good at finding good presents for people. That was why she was always invited to Birthday parties. They bought Colin the quiz book and Rhea bought a little date book with cars on it. Then they said their good byes and headed back home.

Miracle exclaimed in surprise "Aw, come on, 4:30 Already? Oh for crying out loud we've got to head back to my place" Lauren smiled. She knew that Miracle's house was very small in contrast to her house (The Constance Manor). She also knew how messy Miracle's house is. They were just passing the hospital when they saw another one of their school mates, Sylvia Khan, was running in the street waving one arm and holding Kathy, her sister, in her other. She wasn't waving hello though. She was screaming, "Thief, Crook, Devil" and many other insults to a man who was holding a black, leather purse. Miracle noticed it to be Newman. He was bounding ahead pushing the people around him. Sylvia was running behind him wailing "Unhand Mum's purse, you mongrel!" Lauren and Miracle joined the chase. Sylvia is a very fast runner but Kathy was slowing her down. Lauren, who wasn't as fast, volunteered to take Kathy back to Sylvia's house and call the police. Newman was chuckling as he searched through the contents and threw many things aside. It was practically raining lipstick, make-up and pens. He kept bounding all the way unto Twin lane. Miracle met a moment's hesitation as she ran towards the left lane. Sylvia started chucking rocks and stones at Newman. He was yelping in pain as the rocks hit his huge body. He ran faster and stopped, confidently. He yelled, "Sanders! Boss! I got two kids and a purse!"

"Newman, is that you? Keep the purse. Give me the girls." The Boss was sinisterly chuckling as he forced them into an old warehouse.

"Let me go, you big buffoon!" screamed Sylvia. Miracle shrieked and yelled as they were tied up on a big pole. The Boss lowered his glasses to get a better look; but only just a smidgeon so he was not recognized. Miracle stuck her tongue out. Suddenly, a little boy opened the door and whispered, "Daddy, I'm hungry." he gasped when he saw the girls were tied up. "Daddy?" his eyes welled up with tears. "I though you said you've given up crime. You… you lied to me" he screamed. He ran and jumped on the Boss's back. This Miracle grasped this opportunity and started to gnaw on the rope. One rope… two ropes… three ropes… she was free! She cut through Sylvia's rope.

"We have so totally got to get out of here" Sylvia said as she ran off.

The little boy was already thrown off and the Boss was aiming a hit at his forehead. Miracle threw the only thing she could find and threw it at the Boss.

Oh well, it was worth a cellphone she thought as she ran with a little boy under her arm. The little boy was beat to a pulp and looked like he had been done worse. He was unconscious. Miracle's eyes welled up whenever she looked at him. He looked about 5 years old. She went to the first place she could think of… Molly's Hospital on the main road. She hoisted him up on her back and wept as she fast walked towards the main road. He stammered with eyes closed "Th…Thanks" Miracle walked into the Hospital, handed the boy to the nurse and sat next to him during the casting and plastering. It was already night time. Miracle spent the time thinking of Lauren and Kathy and if they were okay. She had no means of calling home because of her heroic cell phone throwing act.

She ended up going home at 8 o' clock with plans of seeing the boy the next day. Lauren was furious and scared. Way even more so was her Mother. "Ma! I saved a little kid! Now let me get some rest!" she screamed as she slept in her sleeping bag next to Lauren.

The next morning was school. She packed her things and got ready her skateboard and IPod. Lauren took the lead easily and laughed as Miracle made a joke. As they approached Madison's Charter school, (Lauren forced her parents to let her stay there until Colin moved) they saw that the entrance was bustling more than usual. The police and the TV reporters were shoving microphones into Miracle and Lauren's faces. After an hour of answering questions they found their seats in Ms. Lola's class. Ms. Lola apparently as bewildered as they were because she kept nervously glanced outside and at Sylvia and Miracle. At lunch, the normal group of Colin, Miracle and Lauren gathered, Sylvia, and Rhea joined them. It seemed that the evil trio had been arrested last night because Lauren tipped the Police off about the Lost Forest where the trio had been taking refuge. The Boss, it seems, was a man named Tristan Gardner. His son Timmy Gardner was taken in by a new family, Mr. and Mrs. Hoffman. For now everything seemed fine and dandy… for now…


Two weeks later and Colin was admitted to go to Hollyhock's by his kind Mother as opposed to his mean father. Lauren was delighted. Miracle was hopping with joy. Today was their first day at Hollyhock's. Lauren got a new, pale blue, backpack and Colin bought a dark green shoulder bag with his pocket money. Miracle, on the other hand, just an old hand-me-down backpack from her Ma.

They entered the room. A girl named Lia Sanders stood up and greeted them loudly. Her Best Friend, Alena Lancaster, took the hint and greeted them too. Ms. Helen entered the room and everyone lowered their voices. The teacher cleared her throat and ordered everyone to say their names to Lauren, Miracle and Colin. Alena swished her wavy, brown hair and introduced herself. Lia mimicked by waving her straight, blond hair and did the same. Darryl, Rose, Olivia, Lara, Luke, Michel, Yu, Violet, Danny, and Lilly did the same. By the time it was over, everyone was in a fit of giggles for Danny had long hair so when he swished his hair he looked like a girl. The next class, after homeroom, was Math. The teacher was Ms. Sanjuna and everyone in the class seemed to adore her. She taught with stories and she was very humorous. Colin raised his hand to answer a question about thirty times. Ms. Sanjuna took a liking to Colin and always let him answer.

After the fun Math period was Science. Science was moderate though Lauren kept yawning. The teacher, Ms. Patricia was very old and kept scolding Lauren.

The day past quickly, and so did the next week. Colin woke up to the sound of birds chirping out his window. It was Sunday and he promised Lauren he would go see the movie Little Time Left with her. Miracle couldn't come because of a sudden fever and she had to stay at home, sulking. Lia and Alena were also planning on coming. Lauren suspected Lia because she recognized the name Sanders to the thief who tried to rob her house. She tried to get some information out of her but she kept avoiding that subject. As they were walking, Lia remembered that she left her purse at home and she decided to go home and fetch it. Lauren grasped this opportunity and said that she forgot something too and she hid behind the building in the corner. Colin and Alena decided to wait at the nearby donut shop. Lauren slowly tailed Lia, hiding behind things as necessary. She left behind her a trail of jacket lint, as that was the only thing she had, so after she finished looking around at Lia's place she could come back.

After about 5 more minutes, Lauren was starting to get tired and her jacket lint was becoming scarce. Lia stopped. Lauren hid behind a tree. She hadn't noticed how far they had ventured into the forest. Everywhere was green. She noticed a cottage, just up ahead. Lia ran towards it and shut the door behind her. Lauren heard her muffled yells.

"Mum! I forgot my purse! Can you fetch it? Oh! Hi, Jasmine! Who's a good girl? Yes you are! Thanks mum!" Lia ran out the door, clutching her purse. But, she was stopped by a thin, foxlike man with an ax.

"Daddy! Um, hi. I am sort of in a rush, can I get past? Please, sir." Lia pleaded to the ax man.

"Oho! What's my girl doing in such a hurry? And I've got some chores, honey daisy, surely you can do them? That's my girl, and make sure Jasmine gets out before my visitors come. Here's a list of chores, baby darling, they must be done in one hour, okay my beauty?" the man asked sternly.

"Yes papa. Yes sir" Lia answered, looking at the floor.

"Good girl! I know my Lia Sanders is always up to the job! Eh? I hear something from over in that there tree… Honey Suckle, go check it out? For old pappy?" Sanders ordered.

"Yes sir." Lia mumbled as she walked towards the tree Lauren was hiding behind.

"Excellent! Remember the chores, Sweet Dumpling, oh, and by the way, uncle Gardner and Junior are coming tomorrow so don't muck it up. And if you dare say a word about this, you're as good as dead, got it Sugar Plum? You better keep it in." Sanders snarled ferociously.

"Yes sir." Lia whispered.

Lauren flinched. Lia approached the tree. That's it! I'm done for! She'll know I followed, tell Sanders, and then the robbers! She thought as Lia looked behind it. Lia gasped. Lauren smiled sheepishly. Lia heard her father calling her.

"I thought I could trust you, Lauren… I'm calling Alena" Lia whispered sadly.

Lia took out her phone and dialed Alena's phone number. Lauren looked at the floor guiltily.

"Hi, Alena? Yeah. I can't come to the movies, sorry. Really? No jokes. Colin? Ok. Yes? No it's cause you-know-what, get it? Good. But I still can't believe what happened with Colin! Can you meet me in front of the Mall tomorrow? Sure, I'll fill you in." Lia closed her phone. She glared scathingly at Lauren and snarled,

"You still here? Beat it. You aren't my friend for sure."

"I'm sorry! Lia wait! No! Please!" Lauren pleaded.

"GO!" Lia screamed.

Lauren, frightened, ran off, following the lint trail she left. She ran to the Constance Manor. While running she was bumped into by a dark haired girl. Her hair was deep purple and was tied into a long ponytail. Her eyes glistened like jewels. She wore a long indigo trench coat and leggings.

"Sorry!" Lauren exclaimed.

The girl raised her eyebrows.

"Sorry… My name is Allegro Melodia. What's your name?" Allegro asked.

Lauren paused a moment before answering,

"My name is Lilly Poland Chester."

Lauren didn't want a stranger to know her name.

"Well, Lilly, you are the only person who actually talked to me in the past five weeks!"


"Everyone else hates talking to gothic, scary, eye-lined me… I thought you would just hit me or push me away when I bumped into you…" Allegro sobbed.

"Um, right, I'm sort of in a hurry right now, I've got to meet my friends!" Lauren half screamed.

"Okay, can I come with you?" Allegro pleaded.

"Um… okay?" Lauren tentatively answered.

Allegro squealed with joy. Lauren sighed. She didn't know this kid, what if she was some sort of stalker? Lauren stayed with her faux-name, Lilly, until she reached where Colin and Alena were eating donuts. Colin and Alena were in a deep conversation and when they saw Lauren, both blushed furiously. Alena said good-bye and ran off as Colin stared at her from behind. Lauren took Alena's chair and sat in it. Allegro took another. Colin stared, puzzled, at Allegro. Lauren introduced and winked at Colin. Colin smiled, he understood.

"Hey, I'm Chris Johnson. Lilly is my Best Friend!"

Lauren suddenly felt a rush of gratitude for Colin's ability to lie. Lauren just nodded her head to Allegro. Allegro sucked it all up. Allegro paid for her donut and left the shop happily.

"Phew, God, that girl was annoying." Lauren sighed.

"Yep, you do attract weird people don't you, Lauren" Colin replied.

"Don't push it, Colin" Lauren retorted.


"So, sorry, you know, it must have been awkward for you, sitting here with Alena, I mean. Actually, I didn't just go home." And Lauren explained where she went and why.

Colin whistled slowly,


"Well, what should we do?" Lauren asked.

"What we should do is tell Miracle"

"Yeah, I'll dial her." Lauren agreed.

Lauren flipped out her phone, called Miracle, and explained the day's events. Miracle listened with sharp ears.

"Sanders right? The short dude?"

"Yeah… I think we should call the police" Lauren suggested.

"Hmm, okay, maybe… oh, medicine time got to go!"

"Kay, Bye"

Miracle hung up.