If only I could turn back time

Rewind the clock

To the time when we were still best friends

Now you have someone else

You don't need me anymore

But I still need you


I made a deal with the devil

In order to travel through time

Back to the past for a day

I must give up my soul

To relive those days I had with you

I will do anything

The drop of blood on the contract

Seals my fate


The happiest thing ever

was me seeing you again

But I will lose my soul at the end of the day

It doesn't matter now

Without you,

my life would be worth nothing

So all I want

is to be with you one last day

Then my goal will be completed


You laugh

I smile

Everything is back to normal


I still have not told you

what I wanted to say all these years

It's just three words


The clock ticks away

The day is coming to an end

Those three words

echo in my head

The sun is setting

Time is running out

Once the sun sets

I lose everything

My soul, my chance, my hope



My legs crumble away like sand

You watch, silently crying

Nothing can be done

My time is up

I reach for you

my right hand turning into dust

"I love y-"

And my heart crumbled away