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Chapter One: The Day It All Started

It all started two years ago John Wellers, a divorced man living in the U.K., had let it slip that to his nine-year old daughter, Autumn, had a twin sister named Lily who was currently living with her mother in America. After gaping for five minutes straight at her dad, Autumn had demanded to talk to Lily and her mom, so after forcing their phone number out of her father, she dialed immediately and waited for someone to answer the phone. After 8 rings she heard a small voice say, "Hello?"

Halfway around the world, Lily Helkery had been listening to music in her room when she heard the phone ring. Hurrying into the kitchen, she managed to answer the it just before it stopped ringing. "Hello? This is the Helkery residence...can I help you?"

"Oh, um, hello, um, this is the Wellers residence...actually no, I mean, yes, I do need help! Well, no, I don't need help, it's just…" Autumn Wellers stuttered, not sure what to say. She had been so caught up on calling her sister and mom that she hadn't even planned on what she was going to say to them. Autumn mentally slapped herself. Curse herself for no thinking ahead of time.

"Um, hello?" Lily asked, not sure if she should just hang up or not.

"Oh, hi! Um, this is your tw— actually, I'm really not sure what to say…" Autumn stammered, snapping out of her daydream.

"Why don't we start with telling me who the heck you are?" Lily asked, getting impatient.

"Um, I'm really not sure how to say this…" Autumn said, biting her lip.

"Spit it out or I'm hanging up!" Lily shouted into the phone, losing patience completely.

"Eesh! No need to shout! I was just trying to tell you that I'm Autumn Wellers and I am your twin sister!" Autumn yelled back, losing her temper too.

"I sorry, I'm freaking out here—wait, what did you just say?" Lily asked, freezing.

Autumn breathed deeply and said it again, this time slower: "I—am—your—twin—sister." There was silence from the other side of the line. "Lily?" Autumn asked cautiously.

Lily stood there with the phone in her hand, mouth wide open. Coming back to her senses, she asked, very slowly, "You're my twin sister?"

"Yeah, I am." Autumn said slowly, not sure what had just happened.

"And why exactly should I believe you?"

"Why? Why wouldn't you? It's not like I could accomplish anything by lying to you that I'm your twin sister! Fine. I'll prove it to you. My birthday's on May 7, 2001. How do I know? My dad told me, okay?" Autumn shot back.

"I have a dad? I mean, my dad is there, living with you?" Lily asked, surprised. These things usually always happened in books, not in real life.

"Yeah. I asked my dad—I mean our dad—what your number was and he told me, so I just called you. I didn't really think ahead of time what I was going to say, so I'm sorry if I freaked you out." Autumn apologized quietly.

"Oh, it's fine, really…" Lily replied. The two new-found sisters talked for a little more than an hour until finally, Ms. Helkery, a pretty redhead with green blue eyes got home from work and found her daughter chatting on the phone with somebody.

"Lilianne Analisa Helkery! How many times have I told you to not chat with your friends on the phone when you can just walk over to their apartments and talk to them?" Ms. Helkery scolded her daughter.

"Mom, this isn't Caroline or Rena, I'm talking with my sister—who for some reason you have never told me about—Autumn!" Lily said, her temper flaring once again.

"What?" Ms. Helkery whispered, not believing what she had just heard.

"I'm talking to my new found twin sister, Autumn Wellers, on the phone." Lily replied. Her mom shook her head disbelievingly and muttered something.

"Tell your sister to put her dad on the phone." Ms. Helkery said firmly. Lily nodded rather reluctantly and relayed the message to Autumn.

Ms. Helkery shouted at her ex-husband for one hour straight about telling Autumn without letting her know. Then she cried for another hour about how she never got to see or talk to her other daughter. Then she shouted at John Wellers again, this time for not letting her see Autumn. Finally, after a couple deep breaths and a cup of coffee, Ann Helkery said that it would be best if the two twins got to see each other and bond a bit. John agreed, thankful that his ex-wife wasn't shouting or crying at him anymore.

"So where should they meet?" Ann said, wiping away her tears and making herself another cup of coffee.

"What about our house? There's plenty of room here for everyone. You guys could come for a month since it's summer and the twins could really get to know each other, and we could get to know them too. Sound good?" John asked.

"Okay. Fine. But don't expect any bonding between us, Mr. Wellers." Ann warned.

John sighed. "Okay Ann."

"It's Ms. Helkery. " Ann said sharply.

"Okay. I will not expect any bonding between us, Ms. Helkery. Good bye and see you soon." John replied, hanging up. Ann sighed and collapsed down on the couch, wondering what she had just got herself into.

A couple weeks later everyone was at the Wellers' house. A month of 'bonding' became a summer. A summer became a year, and soon, despite their promises not to do anything, Ann Helkery and John Wellers had remarried. Ann sold her apartment in Michigan to a friend and she and Lily permanently moved into the Wellers' house.

The family was finally reunited again…for now.

The summer before Lily and Autumn were going to sixth grade, Ann Helkery—now Ann Wellers—was at home checking her email for what seemed like the millionth time. The twins were at a summer camp that day, and she had a day off, so she had ended up with some free time. Of course, it wasn't really free time. Being a pediatrician, she was always getting emails about appointments and concerns of parents. She scrolled down her inbox, checking for more important emails and came across an email that wasn't from a patient. She frowned and clicked into it. It said: "Once you read this, you will be under my power!" and then a strange sign. Suddenly, Ann fell off the chair, down on her knees, her eyes blank. A minute later, she stood up again as if nothing had happened, and ran upstairs.

"John, come down and look at this!" She commanded, pulling her husband out the upstairs study and down to the computer room, pointing at the email. John quickly scanned it with his eyes and fell to his knees too. Suddenly, a woman appeared in the room. She was wearing a flowing, pure white dress that contrasted perfectly with her dark hair. The dress had long sleeves that flowed like the skirt of the dress and a waist that matched her carmel eyes. She wore a gold headpiece that made her look like a goddess. The woman was beautiful, no doubt, but her beauty was terrifying.

Ann fell down to her knees again, joining her husband in a worshipping stance. Her usual bright green eyes surprisingly dull. Ann and John spoke at the same time: "How can we help you?"

"Tell the truth. Have any of your ancestors been accused of witchcraft before?" The beautiful woman asked in a clear, commanding voice.

"I do not know, ma'am." John said, shaking his head.

"And you, girl?"

"I do not know either, your honor." Ann said flatly.

"Have you ever done something strange, like turn off a lamp without touching the switch, or blowing up a lamp when you're mad without doing anything?"

"No, your honor." Ann shook her head.

"No, but that sounds quite like Harry Potter." John said.

"This is certainly not Harry Potter!" The woman said, looking furious. Taking a few deep breaths, she calmed down. "Fine. We have other ways to find out. Ann!" She barked.

"Yes, your honor?"

"Go upstairs and find something to do!"

"Okay." Ann hurried upstairs.

"So John, we're going to test your magic." The mystery lady said. John nodded blankly. "Look at that stuffed animal!" She pointed at a stuffed bunny. John turned his head. "Now when I tell you to, point to the bunny and say 'shetroy'. I want you to use all of your strength to try to destroy that bunny, okay?" She asked. John nodded. "1, 2, 3, TRY!"

John pointed to the stuffed animal and said, "Shetroy!", and then tried so hard that he was shuddering. The woman did not look happy. "Try it again! Say it more forcefully!" John tried again, but it didn't work. "Use more strength!" The woman commanded. "I can't…your…honor…" John said weakly before fainting.

The woman spat on the floor. "No magic!" Then, frowning, she called Ann down, and did the same thing. Ten minutes later, Ann was on the floor in dead faint as well. How could this be possible? She thought, growling. Her master had told her specifically to find the relationship the twins had with magic, and come back with the information by the end of the day. Neither the twins mom nor dad had magic, so how could that be? The woman was about to leave the house when she remembered that she had left two adults in dead faint in the study. "Rise." She commanded, making a rising motion with her hand. The couple stood up. The woman paused. She decided, just in case something happened, to erase their memory. She raised her hand, and said, "Goto." Ann and John jerked back. "You will forget this ever happened. Go on with your foolish lives until I call you again." The woman snapped her fingers, and disappeared.

Miles away in his headquarters, the women's 'master' was waiting for her to come back. "Hello, Sarah Sackanah—I trust you have brought me the information?" A bald man with sunglasses asked.

"No sir."


Sarah winced. "Neither the mom or dad showed signs of magic."

"And their ancestors?" The master growled.

"They don't know."


"Yes sir!" Sackanah said, trembling.


Sackanah scurried out, mumbling to herself. Once she was out of headquarters, she took a deep breath and decided to search the Lily and Autumn's aunt from their mother's side.

The doorbell rang. Emma Helkery stood up and walked over to the door, and was just about to open the door when she sensed something wrong— something bad. The doorbell rang again. Taking a deep breath, Emma opened the door. Her eyes widened. It was Sarah Sackanah, her old friend. Ex-friend. Now she was the assistant of Lestrangeo—master of the dark arts.

Sackanah's eyes widened too, and then narrowed. "Emma Helkery. I should've known." She growled.

"You should have known many things Sarah, but you didn't." Emma said shortly, before disappearing with a snap of her fingers. Sackanah stood there for a second, and then disappeared too, heading back to the headquarters.

"Back so soon?"

"Master, I have found the information."

"Then what's the relationship?"

Sarah paused. "They are the nieces of…"


"Nieces of…Emma Helkery."

The bald man stood up sharply. "The Emma Helkery? The sorceress who has been following me, weakening my forces?"

"I'm afraid so, sir."

"Very well. Go to the parents. Give them the information. We'll be meeting the nieces of Emma Helkery very, very soon." Mr. Lestrangeo said evilly.

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