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Nancy led the seven with her 5 inch platform high heels outside, where it was already dark. Well, actually, not exactly. Streaks of light from the deadly spells being shot around lit up the clearing in front of the school. Nancy looked back at the seven friends who were gaping at the ongoing war.

"I have to go help Emma. Stay hidden, won't you? Don't get hit with a spell, it's most likely going to kill you." The posh woman whispered quickly to the seven friends. Before the kids could answer, Nancy had already left, dodging spells to get where Sackanah and Emma were fighting in.

"Guys, we can't just stand here!" Paulina hissed at the others. Despite the throbbing cut on her leg, she was not going to 'stay hidden' and safe while others were dying. Seth nodded.

"Let's go out there and blow up some scum, shall we?" He said, grinning. Autumn rolled her eyes at her friends enthusiasm to get killed, but Angela nodded grimly.

"We shall. Come on guys!" Angela called as she ran into the middle of two armies.

"Is she freaking nuts?" Nate asked, eyes wide. Natalie smiled so wide her face almost split apart.

"I think Hermione's been rubbing off on her. She's completely cuckoo. And so am I!" Natalie grinned, jumping into the war too.

"What the heck am I getting into?" Paulina asked herself under her breath as she too ran into the chaos. Autumn and Lily looked back at Seth and Nate and nodded. It was suicide, but it was worth it if they could save even a few lives. Together, the four sprinted into the humungous crowd, dodging spells and shooting a few of their own.

It's quite clear which army is which… Lily mused to herself as she zigzagged through the many magicians. It was true. Sackanah and Lestrangeo's army were all wearing black, which was probably meant to hide them, but it didn't. You could see each and every one of the 'soldiers' in the bright light the spells created. Emma's army was basically anyone who wasn't wearing a black mask on their faces. It was clear to Lily that Sackanah's army had more people, but were much less skilled than the people her aunt had gathered. Shooting a few spells to her right, Lily ran on, attempting to find her aunt and Sackanah. That's when she tripped and fell right in front of someone from Sackanah's army.

It was a man. He took off his mask and grinned evilly, looking at Lily. "Lily Wellers…just the person I was looking for." Then, grabbing her by the neck, he dragged her off towards Sackanah.

Well…on the bright side, looks like I've found Aunt Emma and Sackanah. On the not so bright side, I'm being dragged by some evil guy to my doom. Hmmm… Lily thought sarcastically as the man neared Sackanah and Emma. He shoved Lily to the ground and froze her. Crap! Lily thought as she felt a shiver run down her spine. She lay there, frozen, trying to find out what was happening. She could see the man walking towards a fighting Sackanah and Emma out of the corner of her eye. A spell hit him and he toppled over. Lily felt a warming sensation run through her body and she was able to move again. Despite the spell coming off, Lily felt sick. That man had just died! Or else, how would the spell have come off? Grimacing, Lily massaged her neck, which was still sore from where the man had grabbed it. She looked over at Emma and Sackanah.

Spells flew through the air. It was impossible to tell who's spell was who's but somehow, neither got hit. It was clear that Emma and Sackanah were both tiring, but they didn't give up. Lily should've moved right then—it could have saved her a lot of pain—but she was mesmerized by the spells flying between the two women. Red, white, silver, green, blue, purple—even pink lights flew around them. If this doesn't stop soon, Lily thought, it'd go on forever! At that moment, Sackanah shot a deadly spell out of her wand. Emma's eyes widened realizing what it was. A small, nuclear bomb. Very small. But powerful. Sackanah's eyes widened too when she saw what she had just done. But there was no way to take it back. Emma tried to transport, but no luck. The bomb's magic kept them there. They couldn't even run. The bomb exploded and every single person stopped fighting to look at the explosion, gaping. It was like a miniature sun erupting from the ground, shining brightly for a few seconds. It exploded once more, the sun shattering into hundreds of pieces and flew out in every direction. One landed on Lily's arm.

"Ow!" Lily gasped, shaking the sun out. The burning piece fell off of her arm, but the harm was done. There was a spectacular, horrifying, angry red burn mark on Lily's right arm. She sat there, trying to heal it for a few seconds before giving up. That bomb Sackanah sent at her aunt…HER AUNT!

"Aunt Emma!" Lily screamed, running towards the place where the 'sun' had been. "Aunt Emma! Where are y—" Lily gasped at what she saw and fell down sobbing. Autumn, and Angela burst out from the crowd, hearing Lily's shouts. Angela's jaw dropped in horror. Autumn collapsed. Sackanah and Emma lay there. Sackanah was all bloody, chunks of her flesh missing. Her black hair flew out in all directions and her usual beautiful pure white dress was blood stained and ripped. It was absolutely disgusting to see, so disgusting that as soon as Angela saw Sackanah's corpse, she puked. Emma, fortunately, didn't look as bad as Sackanah. Her Disney T-Shirt and jeans weren't ripped at all. She had a few deep cuts on her arms and one on her foot, but other than that…she didn't even look dead. But the three knew she was. Angela let out a choked sob. She hadn't known Emma very well, seeing that she had only just met her today…god! How could so much happen in a day? And September wasn't even over yet! It was still…Angela did some mental math…September 15? They had met each other on September 3. God. It was only freaking September 15! How could so much happen in 12 days? Angela let out a growl of frustration as she looked down at Emma again, who appeared to be sleeping peacefully, despite all the scrapes and stuff.

"She's somewhere better than here guys. She'll be fine." A faint voice came from behind. There was Paulina, lying on the grass, bleeding everywhere, crying just a bit.

"NO! NO PAULINA! Paulina! Paulina, please don't die! PLEASE! Emma's gone, you can't…"Autumn sobbed even harder than before. Paulina smiled bit as Angela and Lily ran over to her too.

"I'll see you again sometime. Hopefully not soon of course, but still. And I'll tell Emma everything that happened. And as I said, I'll be in a better place than this poor excuse of a world." Paulina said, looking around in disgust. Angela gave a watery chuckle. Suddenly, Seth came running—well…limping, more like—over to the girls. He saw Paulina and burst into tears.

"Whoa! Seth! What's wrong?" Paulina asked faintly.

"Not you too!" Seth managed to choke out between sobs. Lily stood up.

"What do you mean, by too?!" Lily demanded.

"Nate…Natalie…not dead…but…" Seth started crying all over again. Paulina frowned.

"You should go to them. They still have a chance at living, you could save them! Please, go!" Paulina urged softly. The three girls sighed.

"I'm sorry Paul. I'm really, really sorry! I should've never ran into the crowd. I'm so sorry! This is all my fault!" Angela cried. "I should be the one who's dying! I—"

"SHUT IT!" Paulina screamed faintly (if you can do that). "Not your fault! You couldn't have seen it coming. Don't say that…" Paulina trailed off, her voice becoming fainter and fainter. "Bye guys. If you get to my mom and dad…tell them I love them, won't you?" Autumn, Angela, and Lily nodded sadly, tears running down their cheeks and onto Paul. Paulina smiled, closed her eyes, and…well, left. The three girls and Seth stood up and ran through the crowds to Natalie and Nate. Autumn had found it weird that during the exchange between them and Paulina, the evil army hadn't done anything. Emma's army were collecting corpse and mourning over lost ones like Paulina, but the evil—well not evil, but the ones under the spell, they didn't do anything. Autumn looked around. All of the enchanted people were sitting, cross-legged on the ground, staring into space. Autumn turned to Lily, Seth, and Angela and saw that they had noticed to. But they didn't have time to think about that at the moment. They had reached Nate and Natalie. Angela and Autumn ran over to Natalie who was unconscious and Lily ran over to a moaning Nate with Seth.

Natalie turned out to be okay, but was so incredibly tired that Autumn and Angela just placed a sleeping spell so that Nat could rest a bit. Nate, on the other hand…wasn't okay. The four tried everything they could, but the wound just wouldn't stop bleeding. Natalie, who had woken up by now, raised her silver wand up to her mouth. "Nancy…err…Emma's second in command!" She said into the wand. Autumn, Lily, Angela, and Seth turned to Natalie who was attempting to call Nancy.

"Hello? Natalie Brown?" Nancy's voice came from Nat's wand. Natalie smiled in triumph but the smile dropped as soon as she remembered why she had called.

"Hi Nancy. You see, we have…a bit of a problem here." Natalie said, wincing when she remembered that they weren't supposed to go out in war. Nancy, who had been mourning over her best friend's death stood up sharply.

"You went in the war, didn't you?!" Came Nancy's strict voice from Natalie's wand. Natalie took a deep breath.

"Yes. We did. Nate's really hurt right now. Could you please help us?" Natalie asked pleadingly. She heard Nancy sigh from the tip of her wand.

"Yes I will. Shoot up a jet of light from your wand, won't you? Just raise your wand and think of a jet of light." Nancy said, standing up from her best friend. Natalie shot up a jet of turquoise light that lit up the entire area. Nancy quickly made her way over and kneeled down next to Nate and started trying to heal him.

After about half an hour with his friends waiting anxiously, Nancy stood up. Her hair was as neat as it was when the war had just started, and so were her clothes, shoes, and make-up. How she had done this, they would never know.

"Well…the spell was deadly. If he had been treated immediately, which was impossible, Nate would've been 100% able to live. Since he wasn't…only time can tell girls and Seth." Nancy told them. "I suggest you go around, helping heal others as I call one of my friends to watch over, Nate, no?" Nancy asked. The five nodded and set off.

"Let me see Paulina." Natalie said quietly. Angela, Seth, Autumn, and Lily bit their lips but led Natalie to where Paulina was. Natalie knelt down by Paulina and sighed.

"Let's bury her." Angela whispered.

"Where? Not here, surely!" Seth hissed, motioning to the school.

"Of course not here!" Natalie said darkly. "Back where she lives. In the nearest cemetery."

"Sounds good…now?" Autumn asked weakly. Lily gulped.

"Now. Hold hands. I'll show you a trick we learned whiled we were gone." Lily told Natalie and Seth. Seth pulled Paulina in a sort of piggy back ride way and held hands with the girls, feeling a bit self-conscious.

"Transportatia wherever Paulina lives!" Angela whispered even though she didn't need to. The five and Paulina were whisked away from the school. They landed in front of a rather big brown house.

"This is it. Should we—" Natalie started.

"We should! Now!" Angela finished and the five walked up to the house and rang the doorbell. Nobody. The rang again. Still nobody.

"Someone has to be in there! The lights are on!" Seth said, shifting his weight as he struggled to keep Paulina up. Autumn sighed and unlocked the door, pushing it open.

"Hello? Mrs. Nkansah? Mr. Nkansah?" Lily asked cautiously, walking in the house with her wand ready. The five made their way into the living room and frowned.

Mrs. And Mr. Nkansah were sitting cross-legged on their loveseat, staring into space as the TV blared out commercials.

"Err…Hello?" Natalie asked rather rudely. No answer. "Guys…this is how the other guys who were under the spell were like! And since all the parents were under the spell…" Everyone frowned, thinking of their moms and dads.

Angela walked up to the two and poked them. Nothing. "Um…get up!" Nothing.

"That's weird. When somebody dies, all the spells they put on people usually come off!" Lily said, thinking back to all the textbooks she and her friends had read before they 'escaped'.

"Unless it wasn't Sackanah's spell?" Autumn asked, confused.

"It has to be. When Lestrangeo died, everyone was still fine, and it has to be either Lestrangeo or Sackanah. You saw how those people just suddenly went, well, weird right after Sackanah died." Natalie said, turning the TV off.

"But then, why didn't the spell come off?" Angela asked.

"Unless it wasn't a spell. Maybe it was some kind of…well, something else, like…like a potion!" Seth exclaimed.

"Seth, you're thinking Harry Potter. We never learned potions in the school." Autumn said. Seth frowned. Suddenly, Lily's wand shot up.

"Nancy Levane here! Lily, Autumn, Angela, Natalie, and Seth. Report back to the school now!" Came Nancy's sharp voice.

"Sir, yes sir!" Lily replied in an equally sharp voice.

"Not funny." Nancy said in a warning tone.

"Quite the contrary, my dear Nancy." Lily replied in a fake posh voice.

"You sound like you're constipated when you speak like that." Seth whispered to Lily, grinning slightly as the five (and Paulina, who they still hadn't buried) held hands and transported to where Nancy was.

Nancy sat next to Nate with a bunch of weird objects in her hands, injecting stuff into Nate. She saw the others there, and stood up.

"Nate's alive. Confirmative. But he's going to be handicapped and in a wheelchair. Someone shot a rather nasty spell at his legs and hip, and it's absolutely unfixable. I see you haven't buried Paulina yet." Nancy said, looking at Seth.

"Err…no. You see, we went to her parents house and found them just…sitting there.

"Ah, yes. That's the problem, isn't it. All the people who were under that spell are in some kind of trance because there's nobody commanding them to do anything. It seems Sackanah has locked the spell in with an extremely powerful amount of magic, plus a secret word. A word only she, and perhaps Lestrangeo, knows." Nancy said, running a hand through in perfect hairdo, messing it up and untying it so that it tumbled down her back.

"Then how do we fix that?" Seth asked worriedly. Nancy, for the first time in her life, looked down resignedly and shook her head.

"Seth. I…I don't know. I just don't know."

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