A/N: 'Kay, I'm back! Thanks for you review Roses are redx! So...in the last chapter the war started and ended, Emma and Paulina died, and so did Sackanah. All the people that were previously under the spell suddenly stopped functioning after Sackanah's death. They're still alive though. Apparently, Sackanah locked the spell in with a password that maybe Lestrangeo knows, but he's dead as well. Hope that clears things up :) !

Chapter 13: Hope: It's all we've got now

After the war had ended, Nancy, Seth, Natalie, Angela, Lily, and Autumn, as well as the remaining people of Emma's army, buried all the dead and treated the injured.

"So what does this mean?" Autumn said suddenly as they were burying a masked man from Sackanah and Lestrangeo's army.

"What does what mean?" Natalie, Angela, Lily, and Seth said simultaneously.

"Well, we fought the war, didn't we? And this whole war is about the school, Sackanah, and Lestrangeo, isn't it? And now the school has been demolished, and Lestrangeo and Sackanah are dead as well, but the thing is, so is Aunt Emma. What do we do now?" Autumn asked quietly, her voice cracking a little.

"We...we figure this thing out." Angela said, sounding a lot more confident that she felt. Everyone nodded as Lily waved her wand and the man was buried.

"Come on, we're finished here. Why don't we go see Nate?" Lily suggested as the five walked over to the 'Injured' area, where Nancy had set up a big tent and many hospital beds.

The tent was quite organized thanks to Nancy. On the left side were all the remaining people from Sackanah's army. They were being examined by various magicians. On the right side were all the seriously injured ones. The small group of five kept walking until they reached the very end. This is where the already treated people or not-so-seriously injured ones were staying. Natalie spotted Nate first and ran over to him, the rest of the group following.

"Hiya Nate. How's it going?" Seth greeted quietly upon looking at his best friend. Nate smiled weakly and patted his left knee, which was heavily bandaged.

"Been better. It doesn't hurt much anymore, but I can't exactly walk on it either. They gave me this..." Nate gestured to his black, fancy wheelchair with some kind of remote control on the left hand side. "Apparently, I'm not supposed to get off this thing at all." Nate said, sighing and leaning back. Lily's eyebrows rose.

"So, you've given up going to the bathroom?" She asked. Nate rolled his eyes and pointed to a button on the remote control. It said 'Bathroom.'

"If I press that button then a stall will pop out of the ground and I'll somehow be able to go to the bathroom. I'm not sure how, Nancy hasn't really gotten to the er...finer details."

Lily looked a bit queasy, but recovered quickly. "Did Nancy tell you anything?" Lily asked.

"Well, no, but I heard something like a bomb out there, and then everything was quiet. I was afraid you all died." Nate whispered the last part. No one knew what to say.

"Well...we didn't die. At least...we didn't die." Seth said awkwardly. Autumn shot him a glare, but Seth just shrugged. It was time Nate knew what happened.

Nate narrowed his eyes and looked at the group. "1...2...3...4...5...Hermione and Sophia are still under the spell, that's seven, I make eight...where's Paulina?" He asked suddenly. Nobody answered. "Where's Paulina!?"

Natalie took a deep breath. "You heard the bomb thing, right?" She asked. Nate nodded slowly. Natalie took another deep breath. "That was Sackanah's work. The bomb thing was some kind of very advanced magic. As soon as it is shot out, there's no taking it back. It pinpoints people, in this case, Emma and Sackanah. They can't move. Then, it explodes and shatters out a million little particles, like burning slices of glass. Angela only got one in her arm, but Paulina, who was standing near...she wasn't so lucky. It went all over her. She...Nate, she...she died."

Nate gasped. "No!"

"Yes." Angela told him sadly. "We were going to bury her when we...realized that everybody, parents, students, teachers—everyone who had been put under the spell are now not functioning. Nancy believes it's some kind of ancient magic, locked with a password that nobody but Sackanah, and maybe Lestrangeo knows."

Nate shook his head disbelievingly. "I...god! I can't believe so much happened while I was being put into this insufferable wheelchair. Poor Paulina...I can't believe she's gone. Can I go with you to bury her?"

Seth hesitated. "We have a bit of free time right now, but are you sure you can go on that, I quote, 'insufferable wheelchair'?"

Nate laughed, despite the situation. "I'm sorry I insulted it. This wheelchair is actually pretty cool. Watch—" Nate pressed a button and the wheelchair lifted up about half a foot off the ground. He then moved a round, red button back and forth to move the wheelchair. "Wheelchairs are in the past. Presenting...the Flychair!"

Everyone laughed. "Okay then, let's go...bury Paulina." Seth said. The temperature of the small room seemed to go down several degrees. The group walked—or in Nate's case, flied—out the room and into the field. Nate looked around in horror at all the bodies being buried. They quickly found Paulina and Seth carried her. The group held hands, getting ready to transport when suddenly, a voice yelled "STOP!" It was Nancy. Everyone turned around.

"Guys, you can't bury Paulina right now, we have more important things to do!" Nancy snapped. When she saw the looks on the group's faces, her expressions softened. "I'm sorry...I'm, I guess I'm just a bit cross. Anyhow, we are burying all the war's heroes in one place, and the other army in this field, which will now become a cemetery. Would you like to bury Paulina with the heroes?" Nancy asked kindly. They all nodded. "Good, we will place her in the waiting area." Nancy waved her wand, and Paulina was transported elsewhere. "I have found your other two friends—Sophia and Hermione, no?"

"You've found them!?" Natalie asked.

"Yes, they have been placed with the others under the spell, if you would like to see them."

"Yes!" The six said in unison. Nancy had a ghost of a smile on her face as she led the group back to the tent. They walked almost to the end of the hospital beds when Nancy stopped.

"Here they are." Nancy said. She then addressed the magicians investigating Sophia and Hermione. "Ellen, Maia? Could you investigate those men over there? I'll take these two girls." The two magicians nodded and hustled away. The group of six exchanged raised eyebrows. Nancy was obviously the boss now.

"Come, children." Nancy beckoned them to the two hospital beds. There lay Sophia and Hermione, staring off into space. "Here they are. Let's do some research, shall we? Maybe we can figure this out. Do you guys want to?" Nancy asked. Everyone nodded and the young woman smiled. "Good. I'd prefer it if we'd split up, though. Two of us study Sophia and Hermione, two of us go look in the school's library, as well as Emma's house, for books on ancient magic, and three of us try to find out any secret password Sackanah could've used to lock this spell in. What do you think?" Nancy asked, looking excited to be able to start figuring the situation out. The group exchanged glances and nodded.

"Sounds great." Nate answered. Nancy smiled.

"Now, who wants to do what?" Nancy asked.

"I'll study Hermione and Sophia." Autumn offered, deciding that flipping through books and looking for something that might not even exist was not what she wanted to do.

"I'll go with Autumn." Lily said quickly. She didn't want to be separated from her sister, especially after the war. Nancy nodded.

"I'll look through books, seeing that moving around a lot to look for a password may not be that convenient with this whe-flychair." Nate said, grinning. Seth nodded.

"I'll stick with Nate." He said. Nancy smiled and looked at Natalie and Angela.

"I guess us three will be looking for the password then." She said kindly. Natalie and Angela beamed at each other and nodded. "Okay then! Let's start before it's too late!"

"Too late?" Seth asked Nancy. Nancy frowned sadly.

"The people, under the spell, they'll...they'll be gone soon if we don't do something fast. They won't eat, they won't drink, their hearts are hardly beating—we need to find this answer, fast." Everybody gulped.

"Is anyone else looking?" Natalie asked.

"No, we only have so many people, and we've decided that investigating what happened to these victims, as well as trying to get them to eat, was most important." Nancy said. "So we have no time to waste, children. Let's go."

Nancy, Angela, and Natalie walked out of the tent, Seth and Nate following them. Autumn sighed and glanced at her sister.

"This, sis, is worse than I thought. What about the parents? What if they're too late?" Autumn asked. Lily swallowed.

"We'll just have to hope for the best Autumn. That's all we have now: hope."