Rocky, icy, small, dense.

Relative of the solar system, dwarf planets, outer planets.

Lover of the Roman god Pluto that Pluto was named after, the Hubble Space Telescope that gave its information to humans, its 3 moons Charon, Hydra, and Nix.

Who feels sad because it's not considered a planet; it needs to be closer to the sun, proud of being bigger than asteroids.

Who needs a ring of its own like Saturn, to be able to support life like Earth, to be big like the other planets who aren't midgets like himself.

Who fears how the mission New Horizons will go, its atmosphere will collapse as it moves farther away from the sun, Earth's moon for being even bigger than him.

Who gives Clyde W. Tombaugh fame for discovering him.

Who would like to see inner planets, volcanoes on some planets, humans walking on him.

Resident of outer space.