Author Note: This story has been written in a skeletal format after Chapter 1, more description will be added later. The purpose for this is because I have yet to finish a story I started, so I decided I'd write out the story before adding in the detail...This so far leaves it open to you to decide some of the image characteristics of the characters, but any comments you have on the general concept of the story is appreciated.

UPDATE: Chapter 1 has been edited a little to add more detail, all other chapters are still in a Skeletal Format.

Chapter 1

It was a pretty normal day when General Toms found himself strutting through the corridors of the Déu space station research bay. He was a small balding man, having started his military service at the age of 17, he was now looking forward to his retirement after 60 years of service. It had been his son Abner, who was now entering the Academy for his first year. General Toms chuckled as he thought about it, his son Abner much like himself was light brown haired, it was often suggested by others that in this day and age, having a child with such pale hair was indeed a blessing, and for it to have happened in two generations was even more so. It had been morning of his departure while Toms had bid farewell to his son that the incident which made him finally decide to retire happened. If it wasn't for what Abner had said that day, he probably would never have thought about retirement, after all the military had been his life and he had never once thought he may want to leave it.

"I don't think you should go." Abner had said, it was a simple thing, and most people would probably have dismissed it as him being selfish in not wanting to leave but to Toms it was not a phrase he had ever expected from Abner, up till then Abner had always supported him when he had said he was going away. However when he had thought about it later, he felt surprised that Abner hadn't ever asked him to stay home before. Toms had always left Abner behind while he was working as a child and he felt he wouldn't have been surprised if Abner resented him for never being there when he was growing up. After his retirement he felt he should make it up to him, if not only for Abner, but for himself.

"Professor Iggins!" Toms bellowed as he entered the laboratory which was situated at the end of the hallway, he shook his head as he waited for Iggins to respond, it wasn't the time for him to be thinking about that right now, while he was here he had to work, there would be plenty of time to reminisce about his past mistakes later. As he finished focusing his mind he took the chance to look around the room he was now, his eyes fell upon the many flashing lights and the odd creatures now floating in tubes ready to be dissected at a later date. Toms couldn't deny that the very sight of this place was enough to give him the creeps, but as a military man he couldn't let his emotions faze him so his face remained quite taciturn while he removed his eyes and stared at the doorway on the other end of the room. A few minutes had passed before a tall lanky middle-aged man, quite stereotypically dressed in a long knee length white coat, appeared in the opposite doorway. The young professor was very different to Toms, other than his height and greying blonde hair, Toms couldn't help notice that the man was considerably thinner than himself, Toms had never considered himself to be overweight, and the sight of this man made him think that the guy was suffering from some kind of wasting illness. As the man approached he lifted his greying blonde hair out of the back of the coat this clearly indicated to Toms that the man had only recently put his coat back on, this was a court-martial offence, but as Iggins was in charge here, Toms pretended not to notice. Standing only a few paces in front of Toms the man placed his heals together and saluted.

"At ease Iggins, no need to be so formal with me. I don't have much time to waste shooting the breeze, so can you take me to what you are supposed to be showing me." Iggins nodded and turned to walk back to the room he had just left indicating for Toms to follow. Toms thought the man was acting a little strange, but he guessed that was what happened when you grew up on a station which had been cut off from the rest of the world for the last 80 years.

"How much do you know about what's going on here?" Iggins asked stopping in front of a large black screen.

"Only that this is classified, I haven't been told much else."

"I see." Iggins stepped back and placed his hand on a button whilst Toms took a seat facing the screen.

"I assume you have heard rumour about the SH project, the biggest budget research department in the Sol." Toms nodded in agreement, "And I wouldn't be surprised if you were wondering what it's for." It was common knowledge among the men that many millions of credits were being invested into this facility, and it was said that most of the budget was taken up by a program code named SH. Of course, as is often the way with the military everything that went on in Déu, was top secret, but Déu was probably the only place where the scientists were never allowed to leave, those that visited were not allowed outside the cargo areas or to converse with those within the science department. Because of this high security Déu had become a place of rumour within the army. It was probably safe to assume that the only ones who actually knew what was going on in here were the scientists and the politicians responsible for its operations. Toms having heard many of the rumours couldn't deny his own interest in finding out what was going on here, but he hadn't suspected that he would be the first to enter the main facility in the last 80 years. The scientists here now were mainly the descendants of those who had arrived at the beginning, and they had probably never seen much less talked to anyone from outside the station before, it made Toms feel like an animal wandering in a land of vultures constantly staring at him as he walked through the corridors as if waiting for him to suddenly keel over at any moment.

"In the 80 years since this project started, there has been nothing but one failure after another. But then about a month ago we finally had a success, not just 1 but 2." This was something that Toms had often wondered about, through the records from his investigation, in the last 80 years there had never once been anything released from Déu, usually the military would have already cut the funding by now, but the fact it hadn't had been somewhat suspicious. "We managed to create 2 of them." Iggins smiled smugly, Iggins' eyes looked distant as he spoke, as if remembering happiness from long ago. "However…It seems one of them wasn't quite as stable as the other..." He pressed the button and a light flicked on behind the screen. The sudden brightness in what was before a dimly lit room blinded Toms for a few seconds, the first thing he saw when his vision returned was a white padded room. Toms eyes made their way across the room becoming clearer untill they fell upon a small shape chained to the back wall.

"A Girl?" he exclaimed. As his eyes had finally come into focus it had become apparent that the shape was that of a young girl, he estimated she was about 10 years in age, apart from her pink hair, purple iris' and pointed ears, he couldn't see her as anything other than a human child. "What is this?" He shouted turning to look at Iggins, his gun had left its holster and he now had it pointed directly at Iggins' chest. No matter what the reason, Toms didn't think he could agree to a facility which would chain up and experiment on a child, even if it was the military.

"I can understand your concern, but this child isn't human. She was created here and is the first..." Iggins began to explain shaking with fear at the sudden rush of anger now emanating from Toms and the situation where he now found himself staring down the barrel of a gun pointed in his direction, his sentence was cut short however and he stood open mouthed staring at the glass which was now behind General Toms. When Toms turned his head to look at what seemed to have scared Iggins more than his gun, he was surprised to see the girl was now stood at the opposite side of the glass staring at them, the chains were gone and he noticed the girls eyes staring straight at them were full of hatred. "...Oh no..." Iggins exclaimed, but he never had time to finish what he was saying, as at that very moment the facility was suddenly enveloped by a large explosion leaving nothing behind but debris, no one alive knew the cause of the explosion and the military would be sure to make sure that no one ever would.