Okay. Author's note, right? Yeah :D

So, this would be Shelby, Darren, Dalton, and Courtney's senior year. And yes, they attend Westtown. Hence the whole roommate and dorm thang :x

At this point in the story, Shelby, Dalton, Darren, and Courtney would be 17. Riker and Jeff would be 32 while Lasey is 6 and Ryan is 4. So, that's ages for you.

Also, I hope that when Shelby and Courtney read this they laugh, because a conversation like this could totally happen in our group of friends :3

Shelby leaned against the open doorway, looking outside at her two best friends. She crossed her arms over her chest as she watched them. They were both lying in the grass, hands intertwined between them as they laughed and looked up at the clouds. Shelby sighed as she watched them. From what she'd heard from their families, she could tell they were acting almost exactly like Darren's older brother and Dalton's older cousin when they had been their age, except for the fact that they were both out and proud.

"Those two still in denial?" a voice suddenly asked. Shelby turned to see their friend Courtney leaning against the other side of the door.

"Yep," Shelby replied. "It is ridiculous. Last time I talked to Riker he said it was ridiculous…well, before Lasey stole the phone. Though, even she asks if they're in love yet."

"She is officially my favorite six year old," Courtney said. Shelby smiled, shifting on her feet slightly as Darren and Dalton continued to laugh.

"It's because she is Jeff's. She is already a hopeless romantic," Shelby added. "It has even influenced Ryan. They play dress-up and pretend to swoon over princes together."

"That's adorable," Courtney snorted.

"You should see it when Darren and Dalton join the fun. That sent Lasey over the edge the first time," Shelby said.

"Please tell me they were each other's prince," Courtney said. Shelby smiled slightly and shook her head.

"Nah. Lasey made Dalton be her prince," Shelby added. Courtney snorted with laughter and shook her head.

"Were Riker and Jeff there to witness this?" Courtney asked.

"Nope. It was the weekend Darren was watching Lasey and Ryan so Riker and Jeff could go away for their anniversary. Dalton went over on Friday night and ended up staying the whole weekend. I'm still not completely convinced nothing happened," Shelby replied.

"Oh, those two," Courtney sighed. Shelby nodded in agreement, still watching the two boys lying in the grass side-by-side.

"I've been trying to get them together for, like, a year. I'm ready to use my full strength against them," Shelby said.

"Damn, they better watch out," Courtney snorted. Shelby smirked and nodded in agreement.

"You'd think they would know better by now," Shelby added.

"They never seem to learn. They still test your limits after you accidentally broke Dalton's wrist," Courtney laughed. Shelby smiled and rolled her eyes.

"That was completely his fault," Shelby said.

"I realize this," Courtney laughed. Shelby snorted and shook her head as she watched Darren and Dalton. Then, Shelby's phone began ringing. She sighed and pulled out her phone, but then smiled when she saw who it was.

"What's up, Riker?" Shelby asked.

"Where the hell is Darren?" Riker asked in response.

"Daddy! That's a bad word!" Lasey's voice exclaimed in the background, causing Shelby to giggle.

"Ignore the small child yelling at me and answer my question," Riker said.

"Papa! Daddy's being mean!" Lasey exclaimed, followed by a giggle that belonged to Ryan.

"This kid…" Riker breathed.

"Anyway, Darren is currently outside lying in the grass with Dalton," Shelby said.

"If they're not sucking face, there is no reason the little shit should not be answering his phone," Riker growled out. Shelby snorted with laughter.

"I'm pretty sure he left his phone in his dorm," Shelby said.

"Well, what the poop? It's his birthday! Why did he leave his phone in his room?" Riker exclaimed.

"Dalton kind-of forced him out of his dorm. Groping of asses may or may not have been involved," Shelby said. Courtney snorted with laughter and shook her head.

"Excuse me?" Jeff suddenly asked. "They'll grab each other's asses, but they won't kiss? What is this stupidity?"

"Seriously," Riker agreed. "They're worse than me."

"Riker, you were just stupid. We were still getting each other off," Jeff said.

"Oh-kay, too much information!" Shelby exclaimed.

"Oo, sorry. Don't tell Sabra we said that. She's still convinced you're innocent," Riker said. Shelby snorted, rolling her eyes.

"She still thinks I'm completely straight too," Shelby added.

"Okay, anyway, I need you to go break up their love fest so I can tell my little brother happy birthday," Riker said.

"That I can do. C'mon, Courtney," Shelby said. Courtney smiled and then took off. Shelby giggled and followed suit.

"Darren!" they both exclaimed. Darren looked up and his eyes widened.

"Shit!" he exclaimed, jumping up and starting to run away.

"You can't escape me, Darren!" Shelby exclaimed, launching herself at Darren and pulling him to the ground. Darren let out a groan as Shelby giggled and rolled off him. Then, she shoved her phone at him. "Now, talk to your older brother."

"I hate you all," Darren groaned, grabbing Shelby's phone.

"I love you," Shelby giggled, kissing Darren's cheek before walking over to Courtney and Dalton.

"That was uncalled for," Dalton said. Shelby and Courtney shrugged.

"So was you running into Darren's room and grabbing his ass. What's your point?" Shelby added, causing Dalton to blush. Shelby smiled and nudged Dalton. He just made a stubborn noise and shoved her away.

"You are in such denial, Dalton. Just kiss the kid already!" Courtney exclaimed.

"It's not that simple," Dalton mumbled.

"Bullshit!" Shelby exclaimed. "It is that simple. Even Riker thinks you two are ridiculous! From what I've heard, Riker and Jeff got together faster than you two and he's thought he was straight. You don't even have that excuse!"

"Shut up," Dalton grumbled.

"Oh, grow a pair, Dalt," Courtney snorted.

"Seriously. And then get rid of all this sexual tension between you and Darren," Shelby said, causing Dalton to blush again. "Oh please. Stop acting like a blushing virgin. We all know you've had a dick in your mouth."

"Shelby!" Dalton exclaimed as Courtney roared with laughter.

"Oh, come on! We all know Darren has too! You're acting like it's a big deal or something!" Shelby exclaimed.

"What the hell is going on?" Darren asked as he walked over to them and handed Shelby her phone back.

"Dalton is being a blushing virgin," Courtney snorted.

"Which we all know he's not," Shelby added.

"Seriously?" Darren snorted. "Come on now, Tonny, it's not that big of a deal."

"See, Dalton? Darren has no problem with it!" Courtney exclaimed.

"You need to just get over it so you can such each other," Shelby said.

"Shelby!" Darren and Dalton exclaimed in unison as they slapped her arms. She and Courtney just laughed.

"That was uncalled for!" Darren added.

"It was so called for. Your whole family agrees, including Miri," Shelby said.

"Yeah, well, no one in my family has boundaries," Darren replied. "Speaking all my older siblings supply me with condoms and lube all the time. I probably have enough stocked up for a few years."

"That is hilarious," Courtney laughed.

"We should play pranks with condoms since you have so many," Shelby said, smirking over at Dalton.

"You have fun with that," Darren said. "Though, Pete has already said he doesn't want to fall victim to anything."

"Lame. You have a boring roommate," Shelby breathed.

"I think he's just tired of our antics. I mean, he did walk in on you half naked once trying to pull Darren's pants off," Courtney said.

"What?" Dalton exclaimed as Darren chuckled, pushing his hair out of his face.

"It is easier not to ask," Darren added.

"Dalton's just jealous he wasn't the one pulling your pants off," Shelby snorted.

"Fuck you, Shelby," Dalton grumbled.

"Sorry, Dalton, it doesn't work that way. We're both gay," Shelby replied as Courtney snorted with laughter.

"You are awful, Shelby," Darren told her.

"Just because you want to rip his clothes off too…" Shelby said, shrugging.

"Shelby, I love you," Courtney laughed. Shelby smiled widely and then pushed up from the ground.

"C'mon, Courtney, let's leave these two alone," Shelby said. Courtney smiled and rolled her eyes before getting up.

"Bye, you two," Courtney said.

"True not to strip each other out here. That's indecent exposure," Shelby called over her shoulder.

"Bye, Shelby!" Darren called out forcefully as both he and Dalton blushed. Shelby and Courtney just laughed, giving each other a high-five as they walked back into the building.