This is the story of obsession,
But it's not a confession.
I didn't do this thing -
It just popped into my brain.
And although I seem to know
How it feels to be so
In love with someone vainly,
This is ONLY (mainly)
How I think it feels;
For me, this isn't real.
But for some distressed girl
Whose heart a jerk did hurl,
This is the greatest pain,
To be jilted in the rain,
To be left alone to cry,
To want, to lose, to lie
To all her family and friends,
Especially her mom who tends
To blow things out of proportion,
Calling her love distortion.
But I want you to know
Her feelings sank her low
And caused her all this pain,
This grief and her disdain
For stupid, lying men
Whom you can recognize when
Your love is not enough
To get shine through all the stuff
That cages their cold hearts.
So listen to this part:
That girl that I am not
Who you might think is hot
Is still a person, creep,
A person you should keep.