In a Minute

All at once
It has ceased
All my dreams

Life on earth
Life in heaven

If God were to come
A second time
Within the next Minute
What good will my life have been?

I will have finished my life,
Yet left it uncompleted

In heaven I will be given
A new body
Many earthly attachments

But since some people don't
Know my thoughts
They might as well be

I do not want my life
To continue
Without the presence of a
Soul Mate

A friend and love that
Proceeds to the next life
Following astride,
A tie in the Kingdom

But when Satan's reign arrives
And I have not acted?
Even though I am young
Surely I will forget as eternity endures

But what if they don't know?
And life ends in a minute
What if I told them, instead of risking separation
For multiple lifetimes?