Fantasy Series

Rapunzel: Damsel in Defense

Every girl has a dream, and while most of them include a knight in shinning armor sweeping them off their feet, mine has always been to be the said same knight.

It's not that I'm some mentally unstable girl who wants to be a guy (although I'm seriously considering the option). No, being a girl is fine, but being a girl where I live is what's sad.

We're expected to be timid, mild, and delicate enough to break with the slightest whip, but what's most unfair is that we're expected to just sit back in wait for our 'prince charming' to come defend us. So for generations, girls have had to abide to just being inferior, while the guys get to have the adventure, the drama, and the adrenaline rush.

For example, the 'young maiden' Madam Bertha was going on about as we sat in literature class, who, she claimed, was a model for her bright optimism. She was never allowed to even glimpse the outside world, but she had always had a burning hope that one day her prince would come, and come he did one day. He fought gallantly to win her favor, and after just one meeting, she was ready to succumb to him and be the perfect bride.

Talk about gag-worthy.