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Before I begin this story I should say that I had nothing against the Pattersons and why should I? I mean, weren't my dad and Mr. Patterson practically brothers? They'd been childhood friends and continued the friendship throughout college and university, where my more adventurous father had chosen the unsettled life of an archaeologist while Mr. Patterson had gone to battle the business world, where, with his excellent management skills, was now the boom of the global market.

With so busy lives it's an amazement how they still kept such a strong bond, meeting at least twice a month and to fly off somewhere for some man time when they'd both found wives. And that's how my mom became acquainted with Mrs. Patterson. My mom was an only child so I guess Mrs. Patterson was like a sister to her and a best friend. That's why Mrs. Patterson apart from dad and me was so sorrowful at my mom's passing (yes she died, but that's another story). They had something no one else had with mom. No, I had nothing against them, but with their unfortunate excuse of a son (seeing the parents were okay), was another story.

Drew Patterson. We had met for the fist time probably as babies, but the time I remember from was when I was about 3 years old. Unknowing (and cute as ever I should add) I, smiling strolled up cheerfully to the young boy to re introduce myself as mom, who was alive then, had told me to. Apparently Drew was doing the opposite and earning constant glares and scolds from his mother. I didn't take it too hard when he looked at me with his rude dark eves almost piercing and he didn't care. But Mrs. Patterson had to comment on our cuteness and how great we'd be together. Well, that set it off. That summer was dreadful, with both of us constantly doing mean things to one another and I left their home with a good amount of bandages.

But it was when mom had just passed, a year or two afterwards when Drew did the unforgivable. He cut my precious long blonde hair which so much looked like my mom's. It wasn't that much but a broken hand for me and broken foot for him after I 'accidentally' kicked down his treehouse was a high price. That's when he was officially labeled 'enemy.' At a more mature age, the battle was reduced to frequent arguments and quarrels and if for each argument we had in a day I received a dollar, I'd become a billionaire overnight.

Siblings? He had two and I would feel sorry but considering Kyle was a replica of Drew… no way! I don't really have anything against him but he did get my blood boiling often. And the older brother TJ! You'd want to know how such an admirable guy could have two such brothers. Always calm and cool, TJ had been on his way to college the last time I saw him. Its safe to say that the only reason I hadn't lost it with Drew ( I mean the only reason beside the law and the thought of a heavy conscience) was because TJ was always there to offer a word and calm me down.

And the Pattersons and I would become even closer because my dad just told me that he had taken up a job in Africa and after carefully thinking it over with his usual one sided perpesctive he decided it was best for me not go. And I wouldn't mind going seeing I've moved a lot with his job but arguing would be pointless because when his mind was made up nothing could change it. And since there were no relatives around it all came down to one reality-

I'd be Living with the Pattersons

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