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Chapter Three

High school Miserable

"It's been like what ... a few hours, since you've started attending this school, and already, you've decided to test your boundaries?" Mr. Michaels, a bald headed man with a face that looked like it needed ironing, leaned towards me as I sat in a chair opposite him, trying my best not to voice my thoughts. I was already deep enough in trouble, and somehow, imagining him dressed in a drag doing the hula wasn't exactly doing much to make the situation any better.

In fact, the thought was quite scary.

He sighed. "It's always the innocent looking ones that turn out rebellious…"He was now standing, and was making his way over to the window, where he peered out at his precious sculpture, or what was left of it, I should say. And I swear I heard him sniffle.

If he'd actually allowed me the chance to explain how it all happened, I might've been graciously patting his back and rubbing his bald head till I heard a squeaking sound for added emphasis, but I guess I'd just have to remain seated on this chair and await the consequences.

"And April, you are a model student! What could've possibly brought on this atrocious behaviour?" He asked unbelievably, turning to the now sulking redhead seated a little away from me.

I'll tell you what.

It was a certain dark haired idiot that I was this close to hurting.

After the near death experience in driving with the jerk to school, he had the audacity to leave me behind in his car, without the courtesy to help me out. Well, to tell you the truth, I didn't actually expect him to help me out or anything, but after the terror I'd gone through, my brain went numb and I kind of found myself half expecting, half hoping he'd assist me.

Of course that didn't happen.

So there I was, stepping out of his car, amid whistles and stares and stuff of a group of guys I'm guessing were jocks. I flipped my hair and tried to mask my fright with a smile, attempting to make a good first impression. And it was working …till I stumbled over my own feet and plummeted forward.

So much for first impressions.

Luckily though for me, someone had caught me in time. My first thought was to commend the person, since they would've had to actually run to catch me in time. Then on the second thought, I went all gaga thinking, "What if this is like my Cinderella moment or something?"

But I fell of cloud nine as soon as my "saviour" opened his mouth.

"Seriously Malone, did you just learn to walk, or are you naturally a ditz?" If you guessed Drew 'soon to be castrated' Patterson, you're right. Before I could kick him though, he'd suddenly dropped me back down on my butt.

Like what the hell!

If he was planning on doing that all along then why the heck did he stop my fall in the first place! I was on my feet in an instant and doing this limpy, runny thing after him and somehow managed to catch up. I already had a hand outstretched toward him but he whirled around and caught me by the wrist first.

"What was that for?" I yelled, pulling my hand away from his grasp.

"You're heavier than you look, Malone," he replied quite self satisfied.

"Actually, I think she looks damn good" I literally jumped, caught off guard by the new voice, and turned to see a smirking guy with noticeably bleached blond hair, who was now totally disrespecting my personal space.

"What the… Back away bozo!" I exclaimed on an impulse, while stepping back. Who was this guy?

"Cute with an attitude, I like her already" he said nodding towards me. He was suddenly too close to me again, cupping my cheek with his hand, "Sure you don't want to crash over at my place instead; I'd really want to get to know-"

"That's enough Ryan!" Drew was suddenly between us, and looked irritably at bleached blond guy.

"No need to get so worked up man." A brown haired guy I recognized to be Tyler, a.k.a. Drew's accomplice, had put a hand on his shoulder. "Ryan's always an ass. He also takes pleasure in teasing girls, thinks he'll get recognized or some-" Probably hitting a little to close to home, Tyler received a punch in the ribs from Ryan.

"Man that actually hurt!" said Tyler, wincing and trying to glare at Ryan, which only made him look goofy. He was actually good looking though. His face had lost its childlikeness, although, from what I could see, characteristically, he wasn't any different. He was still the same blunt guy, with a smart mouth, that, with his 'friend' Ryan around, would only bring him pain.

"It was meant to," said Ryan pointedly. "Hel-lo, kitty!" He licked his lips seductively at the redhead who had approached, rolling her eyes at him. So, he was a skirt chaser after all…

"Oh, Drew hey!" she said, her mood instantly brightening. That is, until she saw me.

"Who's this?" she asked dryly.

"I'm Stella Malone," I said, "I'm uh, the new girl."

"Oh. I'm April Delaney, student body president," she said somewhat proudly, all the while her eyes never leaving me.

I felt like I was on display. Thank God the bell chose to ring then.

"You have to go to the secretary's office right? I'll take you," said Tyler. I looked at him skeptically. What was he up to? "Hey, relax. I've grown out of that stage. I wish to call a truce."

"Actually, I think I'll take her to wherever she has to go," said Ryan, "I'm feeling a little generous today."

"Or maybe you're trying to ditch a class," said Drew knowingly.

Ryan shrugged, "What can I say? You know me so well."

"As student body president, I'll take it as my responsibility to show her around," April said, but there was something in her tone I didn't like.

"You sure?" asked Drew, "She's a stubborn ditz"

I shot him a glare which was cut short as April suddenly linked her arm in mine and pulled me closer to her as she nodded.

"It's okay," she said and practically pulled me towards the school building.

About 15 minutes later, I was surprised to see her waiting outside the office for me. So maybe I misjudged her.

"So what's your first class?"

"Math," I groaned. Couldn't my school days here start out with something a little less complicating? Did life purposefully have something against me? Math was just formed by all those big shots to make them seem so intelligent by confusing the small person's brain with all their equations and formulas and stuff. Apparently, however, April was trying to conceal her laughter. So, she was one of those types. I bet she thought Physics was chirpy too.

"You don't like Math do you?" she asked.

"Is it that obvious?"

"Not really. It's just that I've always thought that Drew's type was a smart, well rounded girl… like me."

Ok-ay. So, somehow we went from Math to Drew. Why did that not surprise me? I was trying my best not to be judgmental but she was making it really hard for me. She had stopped walking and was looking at me sympathetically, something I hate.

I turned around in an effort to avoid her gaze and received a sharp blow on the side.

"Shit! I 'm sorry." Almost immediately, some random guy was straddling me as I lay on the ground. Okay, maybe it was partly my fault since I'd sort of pulled him down with me. But he was a cute random guy. He stood and offered me a hand.

"Sorry," he apologized again, when he had helped me up.

"Its okay, I think I'm fine." He was staring at me quite intently and probably didn't even realize he was still holding my hand still April butted in. Literally.

"What do you know?" she bumped me closer to the guy with a huge smile on her face. "Evan this is Bella-"

"Actually, it's Stella." I cut in.

"Yeah that." She waved me off.

Evan shook the hand he was already holding. "Nice to meet you. I'm sorry, it's just that I was late and I-"

"It's okay." I reassured, my smile getting a little stiff.

"See, isn't he sweet, nothing like Drew." Well, that's true, but I felt like she was trying too hard. "And he's a DJ. So you won't have trouble relating right?"

I gave her a sarcastic smile and turned around. "Thanks, but I have to get to class." See, just a few moments ago, I would've gladly spent the entire period walking around with her, but I actually wanted to go to class.

Math class.

And that scared me.

"What a great idea!" she said clasping her hands together. "Evan you have math with Mr. Samuels now right?" she asked as he nodded and stuttered,


"Great. You can take her. I have AP Calculus now, " she said, "with Drew," kind of, almost gloating. About what though I couldn't understand. And I didn't have to turn around to know she was smirking. I could feel it. Something about that girl's manner just made me want to kick something.

"…It's great to see you getting along with my sister. It doesn't work out with other girls" Evan was saying.

"She's your sister?" I asked looking at him carefully. Now that I think about it they did look alike, identically alike.

"T-twin," he stuttered again. "We're, uh, here," he said looking away as he held open the door.

So, Math class was … Math class. We were both berated by the teacher for missing almost half the class before he realized I was new. Evan's excuse was something about the greenhouse. It turned out he was in most of my classes till Lunch period, and he was a great help when it came to the best seats according to teacher. I was just thankful that since the car thing I hadn't actually seen Drew.

"Hey I'm so-Oh, it's you" I turned to see Drew, looking majorly stressed. I decided to let that hard bump he gave me slip.

"Hey Drew, you gonna invite your home girl to come eat with us, or do I have to?" shouted Ryan. He was sitting on a table on a ramp near the famous and feared sculptor of Mr. Michaels, the no nonsense principal of Hilton Prep, with Tyler, a bunch of other students I'm guessing formed the top of the social hierarchy, and April.

"Actually, we're full." said April.

"Not if you move your bag," said Tyler a little agitatedly. And they all turned to Drew for a decision.

"Whatever." I said, turning to leave. Knowing Drew, he'd just say no. Surprisingly, however, he'd caught my wrist and held me back. From the corner of my eye, I could see April stand. Trying my best to hold back a smile, and mainly for the sake of getting at April of course, I said. "Drew, okay. You don't have to get so physical. I'll sit with you."

He dropped my hand like if it was infected, but retained his demeanor, even though I'm sure I saw his eyes flash. "Who's the desperate one Malone?" He had the attention of everyone now.

"Funny, 'cause if I recall, Patterson, you were just desperately holding me back!" I shot at him. With the resounding 'ooh' from the clearly intrigued students, my stance heightened. Before I could open my mouth though, April was suddenly standing between us.

"Listen, his answer is no. So just back away, and leave us alone," April said as if she was talking to a three year old, going all gestury.

"I wasn't talking to you!" I said forcefully, out of annoyance and anger, and I threw up my hands in frustration.

If I had remembered I was still holding my tray, I wouldn't have done it. While most of the contents fell down, the tray went directly towards the sculpture. And you can guess what happened next.

Now, about an hour later, sitting in the principal's office thinking this over, while April goes on about how it wasn't her fault so she shouldn't be here, I'm realizing that the idiot Drew should be here as well.

So, why isn't he here?

"Mr. Michaels, sir, one of the students would like to speak with you," interrupted the secretary.

Mr. Michaels sighed, "Before I do anything drastic, it's probably best to take a breather. Send 'em in," he told the secretary.

As April and I stepped outside, I was surprised to see Drew heading in. So, the little scamp was going to confess. About time!

"What?" I asked again, to be sure my ears weren't deceiving me.

"For the tenth time she said, that we can go," April lost it and shouted at me. "The principal decided." And with that April was gone. But I was curious.

"So, there're no penalties or anything?" I turned to the secretary, who smiled, amused at my disbelief.

"No Ms. Malone, at least not for now. Apparently someone got the principal to go easy on you."

Okay. It couldn't have been Drew, could it?

"What'd you do?" I asked as I saw Drew, leaning coolly against his car.

"Just explain what happened. Why?" he shrugged, his smirk slowly growing.

"No reason." I was not about to boost his ego.

"By the way," he said leaning over towards me as I fastened my seatbelt. I froze as he placed a finger on my chin. "You owe me a favor."

I was going to need a miracle to survive this high school miserable.

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