Okay, I'm rushing for time now. But still I really want to up this one before rushing to work. Simply put, I've attended Break The Silence parade last Sunday and certain events in my past have inspired me to do this one. Emjoy. And yes, I still suck at poetry. T_T


Piercing words and rivers of blood was my childhood yoke

Knuckles and belly railed by knavery bared

Taunts without worth exiled me forth

A path of failure and a flickering flame

Fortitude unrivaled despising senseless games

Unknown to loss, yet known to life

Upon the hill I swore my oath

Decade passed and a blaring horn

Cowardice the prey of baying hounds

Despair a rune carved upon the spear of storms

Bow of strength strung by laments heard

Hails of arrow sundered a craven fort

Under the lunar skies I wed a maid

Her hand worth a million crowns

Cared not her riches yet loved my lack

A beauty far beyond the mortal black

As I draw my last I know my life

Valour a debt claimed by none

Testimony proven beyond doubt

Let my soul mock the truly poor

For Eden itself is our rest