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Tainted Blood

Book I

Chapter 1

Her feet pounded into the dirt as she ran at lightning speed weaving in and out of the trees. Her hazelnut brown eyes darted around her surroundings in alert trying to spot her assailant.

Suddenly, an unseen force tackled her to the ground from above. Lillie Ezrae kicked her assailant off her and leaped to her feet to see a snarling wolf with a missing ear. Then the wolf began to prowl in a predatory manner without taking its eyes off of Lillie. One side of its body had an exposed ribcage with the skin around it rotting off. From the stench wafting to Lillie, the wolf was supposed to be long dead.

Suddenly she heard the sound of metal whiz through the air heading for her. She quickly ducked to find a pocketknife embedded into a tree a few millimeters from her head.

"Don't say I didn't help you," an obnoxious voice echoed around her distracting her. It caught the wolf's attention as it began to growl aggressively.

Lillie seemed to be slightly irritated muttering about guardians as she pulled the pocketknife out of the tree. The wolf began racing towards her with a deadly gaze set on her while it howled into the night air. Lillie furrowed her brows as more undead wolves began to stalk out from behind the trees and bushes rushing towards her.

Lillie began to twirl the pocketknife in her hand as it turned into a meteor hammer and then swung it at the first closest wolf. The ball end knocked back the wolf causing it to fly into a tree. However two others were coming at her rear. She quickly twirled the chain around her leg to switch its direction. She slammed the ball end down onto them uprising dirt around her.

Before she could whip the ball end, she was tackled to the ground. She shielded herself with her arms and felt a pain shoot through it. She screamed to see a stray wolf had taken a bite out of her arm. Its jaw tightened her blood dripping down its jaw to the ground. It was going to break her arm.

The wolf let out a short whimper as its jaw loosened around her arm. Blood began to drip from its head onto her, its eyes glazed over lifelessly, and collapsed on her.

Lillie groaned from the dead weight on her as she managed to push it off with all her strength despite the pain in her arm. She gapped at the familiar face that stood over her with amusement dancing in his emerald green eyes.

Then the male had turned on the other wolves with a deadly gaze and then he had disappeared from his spot. Lillie could only see a blur running them through leaving a trail of dismembered corpses behind him within seconds.

However, a wolf jumped out towards her. With quick reflexes, Lillie had done a flip and leaped on top of it in mid air. She beheaded it with her butterfly knife. Its headless body skidded against the dirt with Lillie sitting on it. Lillie scowled as she got off it expelling a sigh of relief.

The male seemed unfazed at the wolf's blood dripping from his hand and the splatters of blood on his clothes as he closed the distance. A crooked smirk that seemed cocky and bad boy was taking shape over his lips as he ran his other hand through his blond hair.

"Looks like I saved you in time," he said in an arrogant tone.

Lillie glared at him angrily and snapped," You were nearby watching, weren't you? Just letting me run around like a crazy person... Aren't you supposed to be protecting me? You're my guardian!"

Stark had taken out an apple and took a big bite out of it before answering in an obnoxious tone," You're the one who decided to take a midnight stroll… and apparently play Super Lillie with the little forest creatures."

Lillie glared at him. Stark Anselm was a crow demon and her childhood friend that had practically all the girls falling at his feet with nothing more than that smirk. It only irritated her to the brink of strangling him to death.

"I was in danger, Stark, and all you did was throw my pocketknife at my face," Lillie snapped irritably as she snatched the apple out of Stark's hand.

"At least I picked it up for you and gave you a fighting chance… and that was seriously you in danger?" Stark said in mock disbelief. Then he took back his apple out of Lillie's hand, took a bite, and then questioned with an arched stare," Just out of curiosity... If that's you in danger, what would real danger look like for you? Just for my information... as your guardian."

"I was bitten by one of them! Isn't that dangerous enough?!" Lillie snapped at him holding out her arm for him to see the bite marks and the drops of blood dripping to the ground. Stark crossed his arm with that wry, cocky smirk plastered over his lips.

"Unless you have an urge to eat my brains, I'm sure you're fine," Stark said nonchalantly.

"How are you such an asshole?"

Stark shrugged and said in an obnoxious tone," Well… I do something and you decide that's what an asshole does."

Lillie rolled her eyes at him.

"I hope all the fangirls that chase after you trample and squish you under their combined weight!"

"You are always such a ray of sunshine in my life with all those sweet words you say to me," Stark exclaimed with that bad boy smirk across his lips. Lillie let out an aggravated groan.

"How do you have fangirls?"

"My good looks and charm and my obviously good timing to save the day," Stark answered with a bad boy smirk casting onto his lips. Lillie rolled her eyes at him.

Stark seemed to be entertained at her irritation towards him before he turned his attention to the wolf corpses littering the forest. His expression had quickly turned serious as he examined the corpses before he stuck his hand through one and ripped out its shriveled black heart.

Lillie wrinkled her nose at him as she said," You could've asked for the pocketknife instead of using your hands."

Stark gave her a smirk before he said," I don't like my powers getting drained by that anti demon weapon you carry around."

"It lets me hide in plain sight so I really don't mind," Lillie said before she looked at the heart in Stark's hand. She frowned at the peculiar marking engraved into it. "What is that?"

"I swear I've seen this symbol before…" Stark trailed off. He seemed to be trying to remember what the symbol was for, and where he had seen it for a moment. Then he dropped the heart in disinterest and shrugged nonchalantly. "Meh. I'm sure its nothing."

Lillie gave him a droll stare.

"What did I expect from you? You really don't care why someone would be creating smelly pets," she stated in an aggravated tone. Stark snorted at her closing the distance between them.

His expression became more stern before he spoke," You wanted to live a boring ass peaceful life and decided to drag me into it. Now its like you don't want your boring ass life here." He paused before he added," You're wanted by every supernatural being in existence and you're worried over what a necromancer is doing with smelly pets? Worry for yourself."

Lillie silently mocked him under her breath before stomping off in frustration over the reminder of her predicament. Stark still had a smirk plastered over his lips watching Lillie walk away as if he was waiting for something to happen. Then she began to slow to a stop before turning back to him. "I'm going the wrong way, aren't I?"

Stark pointed to his right and said in an obnoxious tone," See the lights, genius? That's the direction you want to go."

"I knew that! I was going to head that way! I was just… exploring the forest a little bit!" Lillie cried stubbornly. Then she snatched the apple once again out of his hand. With that, she stomped past him before she turned over her shoulder and chucked the apple at Stark's head. Stark ducked.

He laughed in amusement as he followed close behind her out of the forest taking out another apple from his jacket.

"Don't worry, Lill. I always have an extra apple in case I misplace one... or if it gets thrown at my head."

Lillie let out a loud aggravated groan.

"Shut up."

A few meters away, a man crawled through the forest towards the town. Blood smeared in his wake. Unbearable pain shot through his mangled body with every move he made and all he could think of was he didn't want to die. He was terrified those pair of crimson eyes would come for him.

Then a shadow loomed over him blocking his path. The man swallowed hard as he slowly looked up to find a pair of mismatched eyes, one being light brown and the other being red. The figure had a hood darkening his face.

"Help… me…" the man pleaded desperately reaching out to the figure. The figure only laughed at his weak state.

"Why should I? If you survive, you'll only tell them what you saw. I'd be punished for it. You see how that doesn't work in your favor," the figure sneered as he took out a knife from under his jacket. "You can be part of my next step, but first... you have to die."

The man attempted to cry out but, in a quick motion, the figure slit his throat. He held no remorse in his eyes as he watched the man slowly gasp for his last breath.