Tainted Blood

Book I

Chapter 1

"Lillie, why would you decide to go on a midnight stroll? Oh who knows? You never thought the cute forest creatures could turn out to be so deadly," Lillie Ezrae muttered to herself in frustration. Then she heard the sound of rustling near her and a low growl. She tensed. "Why can't I meet the nice forest creatures? Ones that want to sing and- HOLY CRAP!"

Suddenly something had leaped out from nowhere tackling her to the ground. She could feel its hot breath over her face before she kicked it off her. Without looking, Lillie quickly got to her feet to make a run for it. She could spot her numerous pursuers coming after her as they leaped through the trees and bushes.

Lillie wasn't about to die without a fight... She skidded to a stop to face her enemies. A wolf had leaped in front of her with its glowing yellow eyes. However this wolf had its ribcage protruding on one side and a ear was missing while its one eye was left dangling. This wolf was supposed to be long dead. Other animals joined the wolf who were rotting at various decrees like the wolf was. They were closing in on her.

"I may look sixteen but I AM CENTURIES OLD! I won't die by undead forest animals," Lillie declared loudly as she grimaced when she reached in her pocket. "I seem to be missing... a sharp object to stab all of you with..."

Suddenly something metal whizzed through the forest animals coming towards her. An undead squirrel was caught in its path and now the metal object flew straight at Lillie's head. Lillie squeaked and quickly ducked. She turned to see that a pocketknife had nailed the undead squirrel to the truck of the tree. Specifically, her pocketknife.

"Don't say I never help you," an obnoxious voice echoed. Lillie groaned at the voice before she pulled the pocketknife off from the tree and looked disgusted as the undead squirrel fell limply to the ground. She quickly turned to face an undead wolf leaping for her. She quickly slashed the pocketknife and then began to twirl it between her fingers. The pocketknife began to turn into a meteor hammer. Lillie twirled the meteor hammer beside her in a circle before she swung it knocking back several of the forest creatures. However, the undead wolf she had slashed before it jumped at her and chomped on her arm. Lillie hit it back grimacing holding the wound on her arm.

"Am I going to turn into the living dead?" Lillie mumbled. Then she frowned. "Does this mean I have to eat brains for a late night snack?"

Lillie was about to attempt to throw her meteor hammer at an undead bear coming at her, but a blond handsome male had appeared before her. His gaze turned deadly at the other wolves before he disappeared from his spot. Lillie could only see a blur run through them leaving a trail of bloody dismembered animals behind within seconds.

The male seemed unfazed at the blood dripping from his hand and the splatters of blood on his clothes as he closed the distance. A crooked smirk that seemed cocky and bad boy was taking shape over his lips as he ran his other hand through his blond hair.

"Looks like I saved you in time," he said in an arrogant tone.

Lillie glared at him angrily and cried in an accusing tone," You were nearby watching, weren't you, Stark? You were amused by me running around like some crazy nut! Aren't you supposed to protect me? You're my guardian!"

Stark had taken out an apple and took a big bite out of it before answering in an obnoxious tone," You're the one who decided to take a midnight stroll… and apparently play Super Lillie with the little forest creatures. Plus I wasn't about to waste an apple just to save you. You looked like you were doing fine."

Lillie glared at him. Stark Anselm was a demon that had practically all the girls falling at his feet with nothing more than that crooked cocky smirk. It only irritated her to the brink of strangling him to death.

"I was in danger, Stark, and all you did was throw my pocketknife at my face because you wanted to finish a fricken apple," Lillie snapped irritably as she snatched the apple out of Stark's hand.

"At least I picked it up for you. You should be thanking me… and that was you in danger?" Stark gapped in mock disbelief. Then he took back his apple out of Lillie's hand, took a bite, and then questioned with an arched stare," Just out of curiosity... If that's you in danger, what would real danger look like for you? Just for my information... as your guardian."

"I was bitten by one of them! Isn't that dangerous enough?!" Lillie snapped at him holding out her arm for him to see the bite marks and the drops of blood dripping to the ground. Stark crossed his arm with that wry, cocky smirk plastered over his lips.

"Unless you have an urge to eat my brains, you're fine," Stark said nonchalantly waving it off like it was nothing. He tried to wipe his bloody hand on Lillie's shirt but she quickly moved away from him to glare at him.

"How are you such an asshole?"

"Well… I do something and you decide that's what an asshole does."

Lillie rolled her eyes at him.

"I really hope all the fangirls that chase after you trample and squish you under their combined weight! Then you'll just be a flat stupid pancake!"

"You are always such a ray of sunshine in my life with all those sweet words you say to me," Stark exclaimed with that bad boy smirk across his lips. Lillie crossed her arms at him before she turned her attention to the dead animals.

"Anyway... do you have any idea why there are undead fur balls trying to eat my brains?" Lillie inquired. Stark shrugged before he stuck his hand through one of the corpses taking out its shriveled black heart. Lillie made a face. " Seriously, Stark... couldn't you ask for a knife?"

Stark gave her an obnoxious smirk before he said," I prefer to not get my powers drained by that anti demon weapon, Lill." Stark began examining the heart. There was a peculiar symbol on the heart. "Hm... this looks familiar..." Stark seemed to be thinking it through before he threw the heart over his shoulder and gave a nonchalant shrug. "Meh... I'm sure its nothing."

Lillie raised a brow at him.

"Really, Stark? This could be a build up to something sinister! Like an adventure of epic proportions! A ZOMBIE TAKEOVER!" Lillie cried. Stark scoffed at her.

"Don't start with that... you know we have enough to deal with... With you being a Hellraine. Remember, Lillie, we're hiding from the supernatural beings that are after you," Stark exclaimed in a warning tone. Lillie frowned beginning to regret her decision.

"Well as long as I don't use my powers... I can't help what I was born. It's not like I had control over who my parents were. I choose to hide, Stark... though I'm beginning to wonder about that idea..."

"It was your genius idea, Lill. You dragged me into this human boringness so don't complain to me," Stark retorted in an obnoxious tone as he rolled his eyes at Lillie and added, "You should be more worried for yourself than some smelly pets."

Lillie silently mocked him under her breath as she began to walk off. Stark still had a smirk plastered over his lips watching Lillie walk away as if he was waiting for something to happen. Then she began to slow to a stop before turning back to him. "I'm going the wrong way, aren't I?"

Stark pointed to his right and said in an obnoxious tone," See the lights, genius? That's the direction you want to go."

"I knew that! I was going to head that way! I was just… exploring the forest a little bit more because I didn't get to when the forest animals went all evil dead on me!" Lillie cried stubbornly. Then she snatched the apple once again out of his hand. With that, she stomped past him before she turned over her shoulder and chucked the apple at Stark's head. Stark ducked. He laughed clearly amused by her failed attempt as he followed close behind her out of the forest.

A few meters away, a man crawled through the forest towards the town. Blood smeared in his wake. Unbearable pain shot through his mangled body with every move he made and all he could think of was he didn't want to die. He was terrified those pair of crimson eyes would come for him.

Then a shadow loomed over him blocking his path. The man swallowed hard as he slowly looked up to find a pair of mismatched eyes, one being light brown and the other being red. The figure had a hood darkening his face.

"Help… me…" the man pleaded desperately reaching out to the figure. The figure chuckled as he shook his head slowly.

"If you survive, you'll just blubber about everything. I'd be punished for it. You see how that doesn't work in your favor," the figure sneered as he took out a knife from under his jacket. "Don't worry. Your death won't be in vain. It'll go to making me better!"

The man's eyes widened attempting to get away from the figure as the knife was plunged into his neck from behind. The figure began to drag the man away while whistling an eerie tune.

Next Morning...

At School

"I dreamed about bookstore guy last night. He saved me from the evil unicorns that took all the rainbow magic away. Then he swooped me off my feet and we flew towards the sun on a winged unicorn for our happily ever after."

Lillie was at school waiting for classes to start. She went to school so she wouldn't cause any suspicion considering her appearance was a sixteen year old human. When she showed up at school, Lillie was literally bulldozed by Krystal, who was a human that didn't seem to take no to being friends. 'Bookstore guy' was actually Stark, who had opened a bookstore in the town to somewhat relieve his boredom of being among humans entertained by the females falling at his feet and the males obvious jealousy at what he was capable of reducing females to. Krystal had no idea that Lillie knew Stark.

"Well if you two keep heading towards the sun your happily ever after might end up crash and burning. Literally."

Krystal's eyes went bug eyed and her mouth dropped open.

"How could you ruin my dream?" she pouted," You're so cynical, Lillie!"

Lillie rested her head on her hand giving Krystal an arched stare. "Why can't you just call him Stark rather than the bookstore guy? I mean you do know his name."

Krystal bit her lip.

"B-but it just feels wrong to call him by his name when I didn't get the courage to talk to him. When I do, that's when I shall call him Stark, which will be today," Krystal declared with determination. Lillie didn't understand Krystal's infatuation with Stark but then again... Krystal was a little bit weird with her obsession for unicorns... and Stark.

"And every other day you've declared that," Lillie retorted.

"But today will be the day! I'll go into that bookstore and walk right up to him... and then I'll-"

Krystal was too busy giggling to herself to notice Lillie wasn't paying attention to her anymore. The classroom had erupted into whispers with their attention on the door. It was concentrated on someone that had walked in. An unfamiliar face. It was a boy with a pale complexion, raven black hair, and his dark eyebrows that made him look serious and unfriendly. He wore a black top and jeans with a chain around his neck with a lock on it. He could be categorized as a Goth through the way he dressed.

Lillie wasn't admiring the odd dark charm that seemed to linger around him like the other girls in the classroom. She could sense something rather off about him that sent a tingle down her back. He was also staring at her intensely with his heterochromia eyes, one being red and the other a light brown, as if he was trying to look past the fact she looked human.

"Isn't he... from back then?" someone had whispered nearby. Lillie had caught some of the whispers as she frowned.

"Did you hear what happened to his family a few years back?"

"He's the reason their dead."

Ignoring the whispers, the boy made his way down the aisle towards her. He seemed to pause for a second to look at her with suspicion before he took his place in the desk behind her. Lillie noticed a piece of paper flutter to the floor beside her chair that had fallen out of the boy's backpack.

Lillie's eyes widened at what was on the piece of paper. A symbol with swirls and curves of a bird with a sun in the background was drawn on it.

Just like the one on the wolf's heart that Stark had pulled out of its chest.

Lillie slowly turned to look at the boy behind her as he arched a brow at her.

"Is there something you want?" he questioned.

"No… just… I've never seen you before..."

"It's because I'm new here… sort of," the boy stated with a frown. Lillie grabbed the piece of paper off the floor and slipped it to the boy. The boy seemed to swallow hard.

"This… symbol is pretty. What's it mean?" Lillie questioned curiously. The boy's cheeks turned a bright red clearly flustered and was about to say something when the teacher walked in.

"Morning class! Today we have a somewhat new student! His name is Koji Sasaki! Some of you may know him since he attended this school a few years ago and has decided to return," the teacher exclaimed with a bright smile on her face. The boy, Koji, quickly stood up from his desk as he turned slightly pink in the cheek.

"This… is stupid," he muttered under his breath before storming out of the class. It surprised the teacher and the entire class. Lillie raised an eyebrow as she glanced at the desk. Koji had ripped up the piece of paper into tiny pieces.