Within Hell, there existed a powerful demonic race that was called Hellraines that resembled gods to the demons. Their powers were dark and deadly capable of manipulating shadows and controlling demons to do their bidding. However, their numbers dwindled from being hunted by every preternatural beings.

The only Hellraine that was left in existence was spared by a god interested in the powers they possessed and wanted to control this powerful being for himself. He was held under the god's control for over three thousand years until he broke free. The Hellraine spent ten thousand years instilling terror and compliance within the supernatural beings he met. Eventually, he met his end leaving his remaining child wanted by many, who were fascinated by the Hellraines' power, and the enemies he had made during his reign.

Tainted Blood

Chapter 1

The girl raced through the streets at an incomprehensible speed. Her honey brown shoulder length hair was tussled by the night breeze that blew against her face. Her heart was pounding rapidly and her breathing ragged. She turned into a corner to find herself faced with a dead end.

There was a lingering smell of death that overtook her senses as she quickly turned around to find two pairs of glowing yellow eyes narrowed hungrily on her. The two wolves possessed pitch-black fur that were mottling in various places on their bodies and dried blood matted down their fur.

Lillie Ezrae wasn't surprised or scared by the enemies before her. She knew what truly existed out there that lurked in the shadows more powerful than the humans and preyed on the innocent. They were the supernatural beings. She was one of those supernatural beings pretending to be a sixteen-year-old high school.

Except she was not amongst them that preyed on the innocent.

The wolves enclosed on her growling furiously. In a quick motion, she whipped out a pocketknife from her jacket and spun it between her fingers as it began to change into a single-headed meteor hammer.

The larger wolf leaped at her on the left. She whipped her weapon towards it. The metal ball hit the larger wolf in the muzzle causing it to fly meters away. Lillie jump kicked the smaller wolf that had leaped at her from the right knocking it back.

Lillie smiled in satisfaction continuing to swing the meteor hammer in a circular motion beside her eyeing both of the wolves in offensive mode.

The two wolves shook off the disorientation and rushed at her again. Lillie whipped the meteor hammer towards the larger wolf once again but this time it dodged and pinned her to the ground causing her to lose grip on the chain. Lillie attempted to push the wolf off her as she kept glancing at the other one. It was skulking hungrily towards her.

The larger wolf snapped his teeth at her as she attempted to hold it away from her.

"Crap," she mumbled trying to reach for the chain to her meteor hammer with her free hand. Her fingertips were a few millimeters from reaching it. The smaller wolf was getting closer to her and she couldn't hold off the larger wolf any longer.

Lillie could feel the metal at her fingertips and she quickly made a grab for it. In a quick motion, she wrapped the chain around the wolf's neck just as it was about to bite down on her she tightened the chains. The wolf let out a painful whine. Lillie quickly looked overhead to see the smaller wolf attempting to slash her with its paw. She quickly moved her head to the side narrowly missing it.

"I could really… use some help… about now," Lillie muttered under her breath holding off the larger wolf as best she could while keeping an eye on the other wolf. A blond blur came out of nowhere slamming the smaller wolf into the concrete. The concrete cracked from the impact.

Lillie had the chance to deal with the larger wolf overtop of her and began to tighten the chain around its neck even more. The chains began to cut into the wolf's skin. The newcomer had stabbed his hand straight through the wolf and took out its heart in a swift motion.

The large wolf collapsed on her as Lillie pushed it off her grimacing at the blood splattered over her face. She looked up to see a male was looking down at her with amusement dancing in his emerald green eyes. A crooked smile that seemed cocky and bad boy was beginning to take shape over his lips as he ran his fingers through his blond hair.

"When someone saves you from an ugly wolf, the polite thing to say is thank you," Stark Anselm said in an obnoxious tone. Stark was a tengu and he was the centre of every girls' affection for his good looks and charisma. If they only knew what an asshole he was...

Lillie gave him an aggravated look getting up from the ground. She dusted herself off as she glared at him and began to yell," What the hell, Stark!"

Stark closed the distance between them as his smirk looked almost devious and mischievous, and said in a flirtatious manner," You could tell me how charming I am later."

Lillie had made an odd squeaking noise looking like she was molting at his words.

"Charming? You just stuck your hand through some wolf," Lillie retorted and added in aggravation," You were probably watching from some rooftop entertained by me running away from dead ugly wolves."

"You looked like you were doing just fine. Plus I wanted to finish off this tasty apple," Stark exclaimed nonchalantly as he took out an apple and bit into it. Lillie gapped at him and the apple he was eating. Then she snatched it out of his hand as he was opening his mouth to take a bite. He scowled at her as she responded by glaring at him.

"You were too busy eating a stupid fricken apple to save me from two ugly wolves?! You're my guardian! That means you're supposed to protect me from danger," Lillie cried in frustration. Stark snorted at that snatching back the apple from her hand.

"In danger? That was you in danger?" he questioned incredulously arching a brow," Are you sure? I wonder how you'd look when you really are in danger."

Lillie's eyes widened spotting glowing yellow wolf eyes, and her mouth dropped. She began pointing furiously and said in a slow, warning tone," Stark… behind… you!"

With quick reflexes, Stark turned and threw the apple into the wolf's open mouth causing it to stumble slightly making choking noises. Then Stark flipped into the air slamming the heel of his foot into the top of the creature's head, and then stabbed it straight through its skull with his hands.

Stark pulled his hand out roughly dripping blood and brains onto the pavement.

"From what I know, wolves don't come back to life," Stark remarked more to himself as he seemed to be deep in thought. Then out of nowhere shoved his hand into the wolf and pulled out its heart, which looked to be a normal, live heart pulsing in his hand.

Lillie's eyes widened.

"How many times do you have to do that," she cried looking slightly perturbed as she stared at the heart Stark was holding while he examined it and then picked up the heart he had thrown on the ground. He had a critical expression over his face.

"A beginner necromancer carves a mark or a symbol into the heart in order to borrow power from a more stronger… force," Stark explained and then gave her a small, arrogant smirk," You would know these things if you got out more."

Lillie frowned as she saw a faint outline of a symbol with swirls and curves resembling a bird with a sun in the background on the both hearts.

With that, Stark dropped the two hearts on the ground.

"Did you ever think... you could maybe use a pocketknife instead of digging your hand in there," Lillie inquired. Stark smirked.

"I have claws... Its sharper than your pocketknife," Stark remarked arrogantly. Lillie sighed loudly before walking away from Stark.

Stark stood in his place watching her leave as an amused smirk appeared over his face.

"Where are you heading, Lill?" he questioned. Lillie glanced over her shoulder at Stark in irritation.

"Where else? Home!"

Stark rolled his eyes as he waited until Lillie finally came to a realization. Lillie abruptly stopped as she gave a nervous laugh at Stark.

"Oh, right, my bad. Wrong direction," Lillie muttered as she began heading in the direction Stark was pointing. Stark snorted at her before walking along beside her.

"What a nice night stroll huh? I hope you knew how to get back home. Oh! Do you need me to walk you home from now on in case you get lost or... attacked by undead wolves," Stark teased causing Lillie to let out an aggravated groan.

A man attempted to crawl his way into the well-lit sidewalk hoping someone would help him. A path of blood and guts smeared in his wake. Tears gathered in the man's eyes as he clenched his teeth from the pain in his stomach and the terror that filled him. His attacker was coming. The foreboding footsteps coming closer behind him…

A shadow loomed over him blocking his path. The man slowly looked up to see those mismatched eyes… Why had he taken the alley? Why did this person gut him? The figure had a hood darkening the lower half of his face.

"Mercy," the man pleaded in a hoarse tone. The figure bent down over the man.

"Mercy? If I let you crawl away, you're going to tell whoever you can and I'd be in trouble," the figure said darkly. Something caught in the moonlight glinting in the figure's hand. The man realized it was a knife as his eyes widened.

"NO! Please!" he cried as loudly as he could.

"Say goodbye to this world," the figure said sardonically. In a quick motion, he had slit the man's throat. He held no remorse in his eyes as he watched the man gasp for his last breath," Don't worry. You're going to a good cause. To better my powers."

Author's Note:

I hope everyone enjoyed the first chapter of the newly revised Tainted Blood. I know there isn't a lot of difference in the beginning of the chapter from the old version but I felt action catches the attention. I just love the action and fighting. Anyway... the next few chapters may take a while before gaining momentum! Lol... so I hope you enjoy my newly revised edition of Tainted Blood! Reviews are deeply appreciated! I love hearing readers' opinions!