Author's Note: This has been a story I have been working on for a very long time and I am always looking for ways to improve it. I know that I am not the best writer but I am hoping that I'll be able to make it better every time I edit through this story. You might find some inconsistencies that I didn't catch while I was revising through the story. If you find any, feel free to let me know.

I hope you all enjoy the story for both new and old readers! =)

Complete Summary: Lillie Ezrae looks to be a normal 16 year old teen, but is a powerful rare being that has been highly sought after by the supernatural beings. She can't help but save the innocent that prey on them. How long can she continue to hide?

As a powerful being ruled by darkness and shadows, demons will kneel at your feet, or you will kneel at theirs…

Her shoulder length honey brown hair was tussled by the breeze of the cold night as she raced at an incomprehensible speed through the darkness. Her surroundings could barely be seen around her except for the dark crimson skies overhead. She looked back at the glorious, beautiful home that she knew now in chaos and mayhem. This was because of her.

She had to concentrate. She could sense them coming after her.

"Lillie! Stop looking back! Hurry up!" a voice snapped urgently at her. Lillie Ezrae turned back to the voice. A handsome boy around the age of eighteen was giving her a stern glare with his emerald green eyes. He raked through his blond hair with a hand glancing in both directions in alert.

"Stark… where are we even going?" Lillie questioned with a twinge of worry in her tone and then asked holding back her tears," Where did Caleb go? Where are the others?"

Stark Anselm stopped abruptly causing Lillie to nearly crash into him.

"Don't worry about Mutt and anyone else! Right now this is about you surviving. You're the Hellraine! We were stupid to think you could hide and live normally. You'll never be that," Stark snapped. Lillie furrowed her brows at him.

"It doesn't matter. They're still coming for me and I'm the cause of everything," Lillie stated in an ominous tone. Stark glowered at her.

"You were only found out because you involved yourself in something you shouldn't," Stark said as he turned about to keep going but stopped in his tracks. His eyes darkened at what confronted him. Then everything became dark.

Book I

Chapter 1

Six Months Earlier...

Lillie Ezrae whipped out her pocketknife twirling it between her fingers as she skidded to an abrupt stop. A shadow nearly struck her overhead as she dived seconds before it could behead her. In a swift motion, she whipped around and sliced her pocketknife at her attacker causing it to let out a loud painful screech as it tumbled to the ground before her.

A dark blue winged monkey faced her with its black beady eyes glowering at her. One of its wings was torn from the pocketknife and his mouth was covered in blood.

Lillie was accustomed to seeing things that most humans would never have thought existed... Then again... She wasn't human either.

"Yoooouu… rrrrripped myyyy wing… Howww could yooou?" the winged monkey hissed showing its serrated teeth as it raced at Lillie with lightning speed. Lillie sliced the pocketknife horizontally as it began to slowly change into a chain and a metal ball appeared hitting the winged monkey back.

"You gutted a man alive a few seconds ago. Who's the mean one now?" Lillie retorted swinging the meteor hammer beside her before she whipped it towards the monkey as it once again attempted to attack.

The winged monkey grabbed the chain and yanked it roughly. It grabbed Lillie by the throat and slammed her against the building wall. The winged monkey looked at her closely as it seemed to be twitching and shook its head. It was struggling against something in its mind.

"He ssssaaaayyssss… yoooouu aaarrrre the Hellraine… He speeeeaaaks… He talks to meeee in myyy miiind…. Whyyy woon't iiiit sssstop?" the winged monkey hissed shaking its head vigorously as it let go of her and stumbled back holding its head.

Hellraine. That one word had caused Lillie to literally freeze in mid strike.

Suddenly a blur landed behind the winged monkey. Before Lillie knew what was happening, she was face to face with the tip of a thin black sword and blood splattered across her face. The winged monkey's eyes became lifeless as it collapsed to the ground.

A rather handsome male with short blond hair was standing before her with a rather wry, cocky smirk plastered across his face. The thin black sword dissipated.

"You should be careful, or at least… try to stay out of the range of my sword," the handsome male remarked in an obnoxious tone as his glowing crimson eyes turned back to emerald green, and shadow entities dissipated from his hand that was holding the sword. Lillie had an aggravated look on her face.

"Stark Anselm, are you trying to kill me?"

"Is that any way to treat someone after he threw away a good apple to save you?" Stark questioned. He put an arm around Lillie's shoulder, who quickly took a step away from him. Stark gave an amused look as he randomly took out an apple and took a big bite out of it.

Despite his appearance to look like an eighteen year old human male, he was in reality a demon, who was rather arrogant and selfish, but had a dangerous and scarier streak to him if you ever got his bad side.

"You don't save someone by nearly stabbing them in the face," Lillie retorted before adding," I am a girl after all. I need to look beautiful."

Stark's response was to snort in disbelief. Lillie crossed her arms glaring at him.

"I don't have any of my powers or senses because of the pocketknife! You should be protecting me like you're supposed to," Lillie cried holding up the pocketknife.

Stark stared at her with an incomprehensible glint in his emerald green eyes as he crossed his arms and arched a brow at her.

"You were the one who decided to go on a grand adventure in the night to play Super Lillie, a vigilante of the night to save the stupid humans from their own stupidity of walking into dark alleys."

"Hah-ha. Funny."

Stark gave a small, bad boy smirk as he spoke," And I'm the one that has to run around at night chasing after you."

Lillie began to stomp away from the jerk that she seemed to have known almost all her life.

"Where are you going?" Stark asked with a mischievous smirk.

"HOME! Far, far away from you!"

Stark stood in his place as if waiting for something to happen. He took a huge bite from his apple as he waited.

Lillie finally stopped in her footsteps to whip around to face him. Her cheeks were flustered as she said in a quiet tone," I don't know how to get home."

Stark snorted. "Figured."

Lillie smacked him across the shoulder causing him to frown at her.

"Do you have to be an asshole?"

"My fangirls can't be the only source of amusement in this boring town," Stark retorted arrogantly. Lillie scrunched up her nose.

"How the hell do you have any fangirls? You only own a bookstore!"

"My good looks and charm don't go unnoticed… and my obviously good sense of direction… or that's just because you have inhumanly bad sense of it," Stark said with a smirk still plastered over his lips. "You actually make me feel like I'm a god."

"Argh! I hope you die from a painful disease of- oof!"

Lillie had tripped over something in the darkness of the alley that they used as a shortcut to the house. She slowly turned to see what she had tripped over to see a familiar pale man staring back at her with his bloodshot eyes.

"What the- That crazy monkey… killed him," Lillie said under her breath as she slowly began backing away from the dead man. The dead man lunged at her violently attempting to scratch at Lillie. Lillie held it off from injuring her.

Stark grabbed the dead man by its skull before it could take a bite out of Lillie, and slammed his head into the cement causing it to crack from the strength. His blood and bits of his brain spilled onto the cement and partially on her. Lillie grimaced as she gave a disgusted look before shooting a glare at Stark.

"Why'd you do that?" Lillie cried. Stark still had a wry, cocky smirk across his face.

"When someone saves you from a winged monkey and a dead guy, you should be thanking him and throwing yourself onto him not asking stupid questions," Stark exclaimed obnoxiously. Lillie responded with a roll of her eyes. Stark continued crossing his arms," About that comment about painful disease? That's too cruel."

Lillie glared at him and exclaimed in irritation," How the hell is that cruel? You're a fricken demon. There's barely any disease that could possibly come close to killing you."

"Yeah but you'd be depriving all the fangirls of this," Stark said in an obnoxious tone pointing at himself. Lillie groaned in aggravation at his arrogance as she began to stomp off. "Lill, you're going in the wrong direction again!"

"Shut up!"

As Lillie and Stark bickered with each other, a boy around the age of sixteen looked on from nearby with an emotionless pair of teal eyes under his dark hoodie with his white blond hair peeked out from it. A faint insidious smirk seemed to cross onto his lips before pulling the hoodie over his eyes and walked away.