Author's Note: This has been a story I have been working on for a very long time and I am always looking for ways to improve it. I know that I am not the best writer but I am hoping that I'll be able to make it better every time I edit through this story. You might find some inconsistencies that I didn't catch while I was revising through the story. If you find any, feel free to let me know.

I hope you all enjoy the story for both new and old readers! =)

Complete Summary: Lillie Ezrae looks to be a normal 16 year old teen, but is a powerful rare being that has been highly sought after by the supernatural beings. She can't help but save the innocent that prey on them. How long can she continue to hide?

As a powerful being ruled by darkness and shadows, demons will kneel at your feet, or you will kneel at theirs…

Book I

Chapter 1

Her honey brown hair was tussled by the night breeze as she ran at full speed down the deserted street. Her breathing was ragged and her heart was beating rapidly. She stopped abruptly and cursed under her breath. She had reached the end of her path.

Lillie Ezrae heard the sound of wings flapping before a pair of red eyes was seen before her as it struck viciously at her. Lillie quickly ducked. The attack left a huge gash on the wall. Her teeth chattered and her limbs were shaking.

Her attacker was a winged monkey-like creature with beady eyes and serrated teeth. Something any human would fear.

"Please don't hurt me," she squeaked in an almost fearful tone. Lillie could hear the stuttering in her voice. The creature seemed amused by the fear it was instilling as it leaned closer.

"Little innocent girl… running away just like the other one… You'll die… and I'll go back for the other."

The claws were brought down on her. In a quick motion, Lillie had whipped out a sharp metal from her jacket and thrust it into the creature's stomach. Her demeanour had completely changed from a fearful innocent to a fearless warrior.

"I'm not dying but you are," Lillie said as she kicked back the creature. She began to twirl the pocketknife in her fingers as it began to turn into a meteor hammer swinging it beside her in a circular motion.

The creature's eyes widened.

"Are you one of those immortal hunters?" the creature inquired in shock. His food didn't seem like food any more but a predator.

Lillie didn't fear this creature. She was too used to running away and fighting creatures like these because supernatural beings existed unknown to most humans.

"No, I'm not. I'm just someone that can't stand watching when someone is in danger," Lillie answered.

She took a step forward and let the ball fly straight towards the creature. The creature shot into the sky to avoid it and dived straight towards her. Lillie pulled the chain causing the ball end to come straight to her. She swung it beside her before she swung it around her leg to change the direction letting the ball fly upwards hitting the creature in the face. The creature came tumbling down as Lillie dived out of the way.

However the creature stopped its fall landing on all fours and pushed off the ground aimed at Lillie with its outstretched claws. Lillie quickly swung the meteor hammer overhead in a circular motion and then swung it in a horizontal motion. The chain wrapped around the creature's neck as it struggled to get it off. Before it could Lillie had pulled the chain tightening it. The creature gasped for air as the chain tightened even more drawing blood and he was dragged closer and closer towards her.

"Wh-what the hell is… is going on?" a shaken horrified voice questioned. Lillie's attention had turned towards the voice seeing a blond haired girl gapped in terror at the scene before her. It was the other 'food' the creature was attacking before her. She had led the creature away from her.

"It'll be alright… Just... calm-" Lillie tried to soothe her. However, the girl couldn't be soothed as she let out a loud scream. Lillie snapped her attention back to the creature realizing that she had loosened her grip on the meteor hammer.

The creature sliced down on her causing her to close her eyes waiting for the pain to come but it didn't. She slowly opened her eyes. Those beady eyes seemed to glaze over lifelessly. A sword end was sticking out of its chest as it was pulled out from behind. The creature fell hard onto the ground.

A rather handsome male around the age of eighteen stood there with a wry, cocky smirk that seemed to be always plastered across his lips.

"Well, well… look at who's playing Super Lillie, the vigilante of the night to save humans from their own stupidity... again. What did I tell you about that game?"

This handsome male was Stark Anselm. Despite his appearance to seem human, he was a demon, who was arrogant and selfish with a scarier side to him.

"It's not a game and no matter how many times you tell me I'm going to continue to do it. You can't stop me," Lillie exclaimed rolling her eyes. Stark's emerald green eyes seemed to dance with amusement.

"You even found yourself a hysteric buddy too. What are we supposed to do with her huh?" Stark questioned indicating the blond haired girl with a tilt of his chin," Take her home like a lost little kitten?"

"She's not my buddy," Lillie snapped as she observed the girl for a moment, who seemed to be frozen in fear, and frowned. "I think she's from my class."

Stark clicked his tongue at her as he used his fingers to brush through his blond hair and began to close the distance between him and the blond haired girl. Lillie cocked her head at Stark wondering what he was going to do. Stark's claws had sharpened causing Lillie to race over there at top speed to grab his wrist.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?" Lillie cried loudly.

"I told you before... no witnesses. You can't be normal with a witness seeing what you've been doing," Stark stated in a low dark tone. The blond haired girl seemed to finally find her legs as she took a step back and then literally zoomed away. Lillie glared at Stark.

"Look what you did? You scared her!"

Stark gave her a bad boy smirk as he put an arm around her and pulled her closer to whisper into her ear," Who said I was trying to scare her?"

Lillie shoved Stark off her and snapped in an accusatory tone," You were really trying to kill her!"

Stark crossed his arms as he spoke in an obnoxious tone," Serves you right for not listening. You wanted a peaceful life... It's here... and you seem to want to sabotage it every single night when you go out to save idiots you don't know."

Lillie bit her lower lip with a trouble expression lining over her face. She wasn't human and was highly sought after by all the demons that resided in Hell. In other words, it was like all of Hell was after her. This town was her refuge... her hiding place until she couldn't hide anymore.

Lillie snapped out of her thoughts as she felt herself land on a hard rough surface. Stark had tackled her to the ground furrowing his brows over his shoulder. He didn't turn his gaze as he slowly stood up reaching to wipe blood from the cut on his cheek. Lillie seemed confused as she saw a man with his back hunched and his bloodshot eyes staring hungrily at them.

"Wh-what the-"

Before she could finish her sentence, the man had ran at them and swinging its arm straight at Stark. Stark stepped back easily avoiding it as he took the chance to grab its arm and pulled roughly. The arm was ripped form the man's shoulder, but the man didn't even react. Lillie furrowed her brows as the smell of death permeated her senses.

A corpse that moves?

Lillie's eyes widened as she was pulled into Stark narrowly becoming sliced in half. Lillie was looking into another man but this man looked like he'd rolled in dirt and was rotting in various parts of his body. Stark had grabbed the second man by the head throwing him into the other one before he punched straight through their skulls consecutively.

Lillie scowled as blood splattered on her. Stark had a rather mischievous glint appeared in his emerald green eyes.

"Oops. I didn't mean to get brains on you," Stark said. Lillie glared at him.

"You did this on purpose! You were using me as a shield to keep you from getting it on your clothes!"

"Well who wants brain matter on their clothes?" Stark retorted. Lillie groaned at him.

"Well now its on me! You suck like that stupid ugly monkey!"

As Lillie and Stark bickered with each other, a boy around the age of sixteen watched on from a building rooftop. He reached up to take off the hood covering the upper half of his face to reveal distinct bluish-green eyes. His medium length white blond hair looked almost silver as the moonlight shone overhead. His expression didn't give away any emotion as he continued to watch Lillie. A winged monkey-like creature seemed to land beside him and cocked its head.

"A corpse issss able to mooove around? Is thaaat you're dooooing?"the creature questioned elongating some of his words.

"No. That would be... a human's..." he trailed off looking below to a figure running off after seeing the undead die once again. Then he glanced at the creature as a faint devious smirk began to cross onto the boy's lips.

"It seems your brother lost to her."

The winged monkey-like creature's beady eyes widened at the state before its expression quickly darkened.

"She'll regret it. I won't be defeated."