Book I

Chapter 1

A sixteen-year-old girl came face to face with it's glowing crimson eyes glaring at her. A large shadow that cast over her. She felt like she was the prey under the presence of her enemy. She could smell the rotting flesh permeating all her senses as it stalked towards her.

Her enemy growled loudly at her before it narrowly took off her head. She quickly made a dash in the opposite direction.

She arrived at a clearing but she came to an abrupt stop quickly whipping out a pocketknife from her jacket. She furrowed her brows in confusion as she was staring at trees beyond trees. In the distance, she could see the lights of the town and how they lived there unbeknownst of what lurked in the night.

Lillie Ezrae froze as she heard numerous growling behind her causing her to slowly look over her shoulder cautiously. Her eyes widened in horror at the dead animals that littered the ground when seconds ago it had been empty. Larger forest animals began to rose causing Lillie to take a step back from the horrendous scene. Those animals were dead but they were still moving. It was like horror show about evil forest animals.

"What the hell… is this?" she muttered under her breath. There had to be someone behind this. Someone that was dangerous who knew how to raise the dead. She began to twirl the pocketknife between her fingers as it began to change into a meteor hammer as an undead bear came racing at her and soon others followed.

Lillie let the chain end fly straight towards the bear. The bear was knocked back as a wolf leaped towards her. Lillie attempted to pull the chain back to hit the wolf but it missed by millimeters. The wolf tackled her to the floor snapping its fangs at her.

Lillie scowled as she tried to move her head away from it and attempted to grab hold of the meteor hammer that she had dropped. Lillie managed to see a glimpse of what was coming towards her. There were more and they looked hungry.

"I'm in trouble… so much trouble…" she repeated as she managed to grab the chain. In a quick motion wrap it around the wolf's snout and kick it off her. A bird came flying straight towards her with a loud shriek. She hit the bird back with her arms, but smaller creatures attacked her. She tried to fling them away from her with her arms but she could feel the teeth knawing into her skin.

Lillie squealed. At the corner of her eye, she saw a blond blur run past her. It was as if time had stopped for a moment as she heard numerous strikes of metal cutting through the air. She heard the agonized screams come from the undead animals around her as they were dismembered. Then everything began to pass normally. Lillie swallowed as she saw the blood staining the tree trunks and soaking into the dirt. A handsome male stood in the center of the clearing. He had a wry, cocky smile cast over his lips as he ran his fingers through his blond hair and held an unperturbed air about him while being surrounded by the dead corpses of animals. He held a black sword that began to dissipate from his hand.

"This is what happens when you decide that you've become a vigilante of the night to save humans from their own ignorance and wonder into a forest," the handsome male spoke in an obnoxious manner. This was Stark Anselm. He was a demon with a very dark twisted side to him and had every girl in the town swooning over him because of his good looks. Lillie glared at him.

"I heard noises. I heard a scream," Lillie said defensively. Stark snorted.

"I'm guessing… that girl behind you was the source of that scream," Stark said indicating with a point of his chin. Lillie snapped her attention behind her to find a girl on her knees shaking in fear. She had blood on her sleeve.

"A-are you hurt?" Lillie questioned in concern at the girl. The girl just stared at them as if they were an anomaly and didn't even given an answer.

"That's what you're concerned about? What you should be concerned about is what she just saw," Stark retorted. Lillie shot a death glare at him.

"Can't you at least care about someone's safety? Even though I'm sure you could care less about mine while I was being chased by an undead bear and rabid forest animals but at least care for her," Lillie snapped at Stark. Stark closed the distance stopping inches from Lillie with a rather bad boy smirk.

"I should be the one lecturing you about running into a forest at night by yourself. Then finding yourself a bunch of undead forest buddies to play with. I should be getting a thanks Stark for saving me," Stark exclaimed with an underlying dark tone," We're hiding from demons and anything supernatural… Just to remind you in case you've forgotten. Let's add more to our problems too while we're at it... like the stray you found."

Stark had pointed to where the girl had been and then frowned. Lillie wondered why Stark had an odd expression lining his face as she turned to see the girl was gone.

"Looks like the stray… ran away…" Lillie trailed off as she said," Might be a good time to tell you that... she is a classmate."

Stark stared at her for a long moment with those emerald green eyes as he seemed to be contemplating over something and then seemed to give a slight shrug.

"Lucky that the town is a distance away. Maybe we'll get lucky and the girl will be so traumatized she'll be a mute or even better... get lost and die," Stark exclaimed in a nonchalant manner. Lillie gave him a stern glare.

"Can't you have a little more compassion?"

"Can't you be more weary?" Stark retorted causing Lillie to groan in aggravation and had stomped off. Stark didn't budge from where he was as if waiting for something to happen.

Then Lillie stopped in her tracks to turn around and began laughing nervously," Say… where's the house?"

Stark snorted at her.

"I'm beginning to wonder how you were going to find your way home. Isn't it lucky I came for you?" Stark said in an obnoxious manner. Lillie crossed her arms pouting.

"Shut up."

"Did you need me to walk you to school too? I know how much trouble you have," Stark teased.

"I didn't get lost that much! It was only… two… three... ten times or so…" Lillie trailed off scrunching up her nose.

"I think it'll be more accurate if I triple that!"


Lillie threw the pocketknife aiming for Stark's head but missed. Stark only laughed evilly in response.

Blood soaked into the pavement as a man attempted to crawl his way into the well-lit streets hoping someone would help him.

A path of blood smeared in his wake. The pain in his stomach was unbearable... and terror filled his eyes hoping his attacker wouldn't be near. He remembered the smell of death before glowing red eyes attacked him...

A shadow loomed over him blocking his path. The man slowly looked up into a pair of mismatched eyes, one being red and the other was light brown. The figure had a hood darkening the lower half of his face.

"H-help… s-somebody... m-my friends..." the man pleaded in a hoarse voice reaching at the figure. The figure bent down over the man.

"Hm... I can't let you get away. What if you tell others what you saw? I'd get in trouble," the figure said darkly as he took out a knife," Say goodbye… to this world. Don't worry. I'll add you to my little experiment."

In a quick motion, he had slit the man's throat. He held no remorse in his eyes watching the man slowly gasp for his last breath. Then he began to drag the dead man away.