Within one of the many realms of hell, a dark, bleak palace loomed in the distance. Hordes of demons could be seen marching the vast red desert with the blood red sun shining down on them. The sight could strike fear in anyone as they waged a war to bring evil to its knees. They fought against darkly clad shadowy figures striking them down as they carried forward towards their destination.

Suddenly a dozen shadow beings broke out from the palace landing in the midst of the hordes of demons. The demons were overtaken by these ominous shadow beings clad in armour soaking in their blood within minutes. Demons fell around these shadow beings like flies as sinister looking shadows swept through them.

These shadow beings were Guardians, and they fought for the survival of a rare powerful sinister being called a Hellraine. This mysterious dark being was why the armies of demons fought… To enslave it. To destroy it. To end the being of all evils.

For centuries, ever since the Hellraine came to existence, demons and other supernatural beings came to fear it and hate its existence...

The Hellraines were capable of their enslavement and destruction... and so if the demons were able to get their hands on a Hellraine, their fate would be an eternity of damnation.

However, a particular Hellraine escaped the suffering unlike the ones before her because of those that would die to protect her than see her meet that same fate...

Tainted Blood

Book I

Chapter 1

Her heart pounded rapidly from the adrenaline beginning to kick in from the danger that was currently chasing her through the forest. She'd nearly tripped on her feet when she saw a shadow flit in the corner of her hazelnut eyes. She bit her lower lip.

"Screw it," she muttered as she slid to a stop to confront whatever danger was awaiting her from the shadows.

Lillie Ezrae wasn't going to run. She was all to use to fighting for her survival. Then again she wasn't human at all...

"Never again am I going to take a midnight stroll," she said under her breath as she whipped open a pocketknife from her jacket pocket just as something leaped out of the bushes to attack her. She slashed it with her pocketknife causing it to growl and leap away from her.

A wolf shook itself as it barely landed on all fours growling in anger over the attack. It didn't seem affected by the deep gash on its stomach. Then again... it didn't seem to realize it was supposed to be long dead. The stench of death alone had nearly made Lillie empty her contents and seeing the falling pieces of loose skin on its underbelly... just didn't help it in the least.

Lillie twirled the pocketknife in her hand as it began to transform into a meteor hammer and swung it beside her in a circular motion. The wolf raced towards her as she swung it straight towards the wolf but the wolf dodged causing her to twirl the meteor hammer around her leg and whip it straight for the wolf a second time.

It hit the wolf in the jaw making it fly straight into a tree. Lillie made a ran at the undead wolf as the meteor hammer converted back into a pocketknife as she brought her pocketknife down straight through its chest causing it to howl into the night and then fell limply to the ground.

Lillie scowled when she looked down at her clothes to find it covered in undead dark red blood and grumbled, "I really liked this shirt."

Suddenly she heard a low growl that set her on alert. Then without warning she felt pain go through her arm. Lillie screamed in pain as the wolf that she thought was dead for good had locked its jaw on her arm. Lillie desperately struggled to shove the wolf away from her as it gnawed aggressively refusing to let go. She could see the other animals glowing eyes coming out from the shadows to attack. Before she could blink, a handsome male had appeared ripping the wolf off her arm with one hand on its muzzle and threw it back. His gaze turned deadly seconds before he disappeared from his spot.

Lillie could only see a blur flitting through the undead animals leaving a trail of dismembered corpses behind. The handsome male stood amidst it when he was done as if to admire his handiwork before closing the distance to her.

Blood dripped from one hand as a slow crooked smile that almost seemed cocky and bad boy began to take place of his lips while running his other hand through his blond hair.

"Looks like I saved you. Where's that thank you for my good timing?" he questioned in an arrogant manner. Just like her, this male, Stark Anselm, wasn't human either, but a demon, who had been a commander of legions of demons... and her childhood friend.

"More like you were watching from somewhere nearby and being amused by me running away from undead critters!" Lillie cried in an accusatory tone with a finger shaking in his face. Stark's emerald green eyes glinted in amusement over her reaction.

"You know I wouldn't let you be hurt," Stark said in a flirtatious manner leaning closer. Lillie gapped before shoving him back.

"I was in danger of being mauled to death!" Lillie cried and held up her arm to show him as blood dripped to the ground. "Look! I feel like this classifies as being hurt, Mr Guardian, who's suppose to protect me!"

Stark crossed his arm with that wry, cocky smirk still plaster over his lips.

"Unless you have a weird urge to eat my brains, you'll be fine."

Lillie gave him a droll stare.

"How are you such an asshole?"

"Hm... I do something and you decide that's what an asshole does."

"I hope all those fangirls that gather outside your stupid bookstore and chase after you trample and squish you under their combined weight!" Lillie cried letting out a frustrated groan.

Stark was entertained over her words as he spoke, "You're such a ray of sunshine in my life with all those sweet words you say to me."

Lillie rubbed her temple turning her attention to the undead wolf dead at her feet... Hopefully for good.

"Who was resurrecting dead fur balls in this forest," Lillie muttered under her breath as she toed at a wolf corpse. Stark seemed to have an indecipherable glint in his emerald green eyes before he stabbed his hand straight through it. He pulled out the wolf's heart and saw the symbol of swirls and curves of a bird-like carved on it.

Stark threw the heart over his shoulder with a nonchalant shrug. "Who cares? I'm sure it doesn't mean anything."

Lillie gapped at him. "Don't you care if this could harm someone? This could be the beginning of the zombie apocalypse!"

Stark scoffed at her. "Don't tell me you don't remember why I have to wallow in this human boringness."

"I hope one of these undead animals come back alive to eat you," Lillie muttered disgruntled over the reminder of their pact as she began to walk off ahead. Stark had an apple in his hand rubbing it on his jacket before he took a bite from it.

"Mmm... I can't get enough of these apples! I'm glad you were still running while I finished my previous apple, or it would be a shame to have to throw it away," he said to himself. Lillie turned around with a deathly glare on him as she slapped the apple out of his hand and stomped away. Stark chuckled at her actions as he followed after her and called, "Do you know where you're going?"

"Shut up!"

A few meters away, a man crawled through the forest towards the town. Blood smeared in his wake. Unbearable pain shot through his mangled body with every move he made and all he could think of was he didn't want to die. He was terrified those pair of crimson eyes would come for him.

Then a shadow loomed over him blocking his path. The man swallowed hard as he slowly looked up to find a pair of mismatched eyes, one being light brown and the other being red. The figure had a hood darkening his face.

"Help…" the man pleaded desperately reaching a bloodied hand out to the figure. The figure chuckled as he shook his head slowly and a glimmer of something flashed in his hand.

The man's eyes widened attempting to get away from the figure as a knife was plunged into his neck from behind. The figure began to drag the man away while whistling an eerie tune as a trail of blood was left behind.