Tainted Blood

Book III

Chapter 27

"Did you ever think maybe this house is too big?" Caleb questioned in a deep, husky tone. Stark gave him a side-glance.

"No… it's just you, Mutt," Stark said absently like he was focused on something. Caleb seemed to be just as distracted like he was trying to locate something.

"Yeah, well, we wouldn't have rats sneaking around," Caleb said deep in his throat. Stark gave him a wry, cocky smirk.

"Since we moved in Lillie has made friends and sooner or later you're going to find the house getting smaller," Stark retorted.

A saber came swinging at Stark from behind just as he seemed to disappear from his spot. The saber missed him. Caleb had grabbed an arrow flying towards him.

Two males had confronted them. One was holding a saber and had messy light brown hair. The second male was holding a bow and arrows he carried in a pouch on his back. He had distinct cat-like eyes.

A whip hit Caleb in the back causing him to wince in pain slightly before turning slowly to glare sinisterly at a woman with a smirk over her smug face. She had her waist length hair in a ponytail.

"I'm guessing these are the rats that's been wondering around," Stark remarked obnoxiously. Caleb heard a commotion downstairs and attempted to go back towards the stairs to check it out but an arrow whizzed past him barely grazing him causing him to stop dead in his tracks.

The male with the bow and arrow leaped in front of Caleb pointing an arrow at him.

"You can't go," he said simply," The Hellraine… will be brought to Wrath."

A black haze past through the male's dark green eyes causing Caleb to furrow his brows. The male let go of the string on his bow as the arrow flew at Caleb. It cut Caleb's cheek causing to him to glare at the male.

"You're fucking dead," he cried in a malicious manner before swinging a punch at him. The whip wrapped around Caleb's arm as a saber was brought down behind him. Caleb sidestepped and pulled his arm causing the woman to trip forward. The saber hit the whip instead and Caleb used his other fist to punch the male across the face hard.

"Mutt, you almost lost an arm," Stark said in an arrogant manner. He had been standing there with a bad boy smirk.

Caleb dodged the combined attacks of the female and the male with the saber, who had recovered from the punch, to attempt to kick Stark in the face.

"Let's see if you can smirk when I bruise up your face," Caleb snarled sinisterly as he chuckled low in his throat. Stark's smirk disappeared.

"If you bruise my face, Mutt, I'm going to kill you," Stark said in a dark tone. An arrow came flying towards Stark's face as he grabbed it. Stark slowly turned to glare at him and snapped," Do you mind?"

A dark, sinister aura was beginning to surround both Stark and Caleb.

"We're still here," the male with the saber cried in frustration.

"Then wait your turn," Stark and Caleb said simultaneously. The female attempted to slash them with her claws as it narrowly missed Stark and Caleb leaving a huge claw mark on the wall.

"Do not treat us like we aren't worth your time," the female said in a dangerous tone.

"Do you ever get the feeling the weak cluster together… kind of like sheep to annoy us," Stark remarked in a sardonic tone. Caleb turned to look at him.

"It must be in their nature. This really isn't a fair fight... for them."

Zero was surprised as a male came at him with a mace in hand and swung it. He quickly rolled to the floor to avoid it.

With quick reflexes, the male pushed off of the floor for Zero slamming the mace at Zero. However, an invisible force seemed to knock the male back to the other side of the room. The male had bounced back up and raced at Zero. Zero was still sitting on the floor keeping himself up leaning on his elbow. He could hear the others fighting from somewhere within the room and a fight going on outside.

"So you have friends too," Zero mumbled under his breath. The male was about to bring down the mace on him, but then the air around Zero became heavy causing the male to face plant into the ground. Zero was unable to hold it for long as he quickly grabbed a glass on the nightstand and broke it into pieces.

The male felt the air become normal again causing him to quickly get up and bring down the mace on Zero. However, the broken pieces of glass began to rise from the floor and fly into him at his face. Zero quickly tripped the male to the floor and used the heel of his foot to slam into the male's stomach. The male grimaced as Zero had a hand around his neck. The male could feel his energy leaving him as Zero closed his eyes looking healthier.

"Thank you for your energy! I'm feeling a little better. Now… tell me why you're attacking."

Loki appeared behind Liam and brought down the throwing axe onto his back causing Liam to grimace as he attempted to hit Loki away falling to the floor trying to hold himself up with an arm. Liam attempted to use his other arm to take the throwing axe out but couldn't reach it. Loki had leaped back with a wry, patronizing smirk.

"Want me to take that out of your back? You might feel better," Loki said coolly. Liam gave him a death glare as he reached for the throwing axe embedded in his back. However, Loki had faded away. He appeared in front of him and upper punched Liam in the jaw. Liam attempted to counter attack but Loki had faded away before he could do anything. Loki appeared behind him and jabbed the axe further into his back with a palm causing Liam to fall to the ground.

Liam nearly popped his shoulder to pull out the axe from his back and glared at Loki," You're dead."

"That's what everyone says to me. My heart is breaking," Loki said dryly. Liam went racing at Loki with a vengeance as he threw the axes in his hand at Loki. Loki dodged out of the way of the axes racing towards Liam. Then he ducked out of the way of an axe flying at him and kicked Liam in the stomach then roundhouse kicked Liam back causing him to be flown back several meters.

Lillie swung the meteor hammer at Alexis after it gained momentum. Alexis dodged it but, in a swift motion, pulled the chain back causing the ball to fly back towards in line with the male. The ball hit the back of Alexis' head. He grimaced.

Lillie began swinging the meteor hammer beside her again and slammed the ball down at Alexis. Alexis rolled away barely recovering from being knocked over the head.

"I forgot how meteor hammers were," Alexis muttered. Lillie began swinging the meteor hammer over her head and swung it horizontally towards him. Alexis flipped back to avoid it and then raced towards her. She swung the meteor hammer around her uplifted leg and whipped it at Alexis head on.

Alexis sidestepped away and reached out to grab her, but Lillie had pulled the chain back. The ball came flying back. Seconds before it would hit Alexis in the back of the head again, Alexis had moved out of the way causing Lillie to be hit with her own weapon. She fell to the floor slightly disoriented attempting to shake off her blurring vision.

Before she could fight back, the male had scooped her into his arms.

"That's enough. I'm done playing with you, little girl. You really believe you can beat me as you are right now? Be realistic," Alexis exclaimed in a rather blunt tone. Lillie attempted to push herself away.

"Let me down, stupid! I wasn't playing! I was trying to kick your ass!" Lillie cried. She turned away into the other direction when she could feel wind whipping in her face. She was unable to see anything. Everything was a blur at the speed they were going," I feel worse than being hit with a metal ball now…"

"Alexis, it didn't take long to bring me her. I thought I asked Liam to do this. You must be fighting against the shadows," a deep male's voice said in a sinister manner. The male Lillie had been fighting, Alexis, put her down on the floor roughly.

"Hey! Be gentle! I'm fragile," Lillie snapped as she rubbed her head," Ow…"

"She was weakened by her own weapon so it was easily done since her comrades were busy with Liam and the others so I decided to take it upon myself to capture her, sir," Alexis exclaimed in a direct, serious tone while on one knee bowing. Lillie began to focus on her surroundings to realize she was sitting on a wooden floor in a large room. It looked to be a temple with the sliding doors. Lillie looked in front of her to see a rather large, menacing male staring at her.

The male was leaning on a cushion in a relaxed manner and an evil smirk cast over his face as he slowly got up from his place. "What do you want from me," Lillie snapped at him but the menacing male had gone to Alexis and hit him across the face dislocating Alexis' jaw.

"I didn't ask you to go, Alexis. I asked Liam. Don't ever do that again," the male had roared causing Alexis to snap his jaw back in place.

"I won't ever again go against your word..." Alexis trailed off. The male grabbed him by the neck lifting him to eye level.

"What else is there at the end of that sentence," the male snapped. Alexis scowled.


The male threw Alexis onto the floor," That's right, Alexis. Don't forget who I am."

Lillie furrowed her brows clearly disliking how the male was treating Alexis despite him kidnapping her. She exclaimed," He may not have been asked to go get me... but he did end up succeeding. So... are you going to keep beating up your subordinate, or are you going to tell me why you got him to capture me?"

Wrath turned to Lillie's attention as he bent down in front of her with that rather evil, malevolent smirk over his face.

"Didn't Alexis tell you? To talk."

A boy looking around eighteen casually walked into the mansion while the fights could be heard going on outside and upstairs.

"I don't think they mind if I don't knock. They're too busy to answer the door anyway," he said to himself. The boy began walking over to Aiden passing Mirielle. Aiden was sheet white moaning unable to wake himself of whatever nightmare he was having.

"I wonder… who you know that's so special to Jayce that he would make me come here," the boy questioned to himself as he took out a vial of what seemed to be a crushed white herb. The boy poured it over Aiden's wounds. The wounds began to heal slowly. The festering around the wound began to heal up and it began to heal to just a cut. Skin healed over it. The boy stood up and made his way to Mirielle as he bent down in front of Mirielle," Jayce thinks everyone can be saved… even if it could cost him."

He observed Mirielle for a moment to find only her arm was injured.

"I hope you aren't the ones that were convinced that Jayce is the bad guy," the boy mumbled," So help me… I'll be the one to end you."

Ashton… I want you to look after Mirielle… I sent you because you understand the immortal hunters better than anyone… A voice spoke in his mind. The boy didn't seem to be surprised by the voice. He knew who it was. The voice was the only few he ever had to communicate with.