Book III

Chapter 27

"I should've just went back to Hell… That is better than this! You just brought me into the human variety of hell!"

Lillie had dragged Loki into the school while he made his smartass remarks. She turned to look at Loki with a droll stare planted over her face.

"Because demon variety of hell was any better than this?" Lillie retorted with a hint of sarcasm.

Loki didn't need to even think about it and answered bluntly," Yes. Even becoming a fricken pirate is better than coming to this stupid square building of human teens."

"What do you have against human teens?" Lillie questioned with a frown. Loki pointed behind him.

Lillie looked over Loki's shoulder to find girls had literally stopped in their tracks to stare at Loki and whisper to their friends. Some looked like they were making a small pond of drool at their feet.

"It must be the silver eye… or the eyepatch. Maybe pirates are in!" Lillie cried. Loki's response was to give her a droll stare while he adjusted the eyepatch over his eye.

"My dream is coming true... Now if only I had a ship."

Lillie rolled her eyes at Loki's sarcasm. Then Lillie spotted a suspicious looking figure that looked to be Tobias trying to hide his face behind the hood of his sweater.

"Tobias, I CAN FRICKEN SEE YOU!" Lillie cried. Tobias flinched as he let go of his hood with a loud exhale.

"Hey… Lillie…" he greeted awkwardly.

Lillie crossed her arms at Tobias.

"So… did you bring your handy knife in case you wanted to make a sandwich in class?" Lillie questioned. Tobias scowled at the lame excuse that he had used yesterday and had quickly taken off after that.

"What about making a sandwich?" Riley had walked up to them and arched a brow at Tobias. "You going to share this sandwich Tobias? Because our school cafeteria is really lacking in edible food."

Tobias nearly face palmed as he groaned out loud and walked away. She won't ever forget about that lame excuse I made last night.

Riley looked confused as he looked at Lillie and then at Tobias walking away. He turned back to Lillie and said," Clearly, he's not doing a good job about stashing away those sandwiches!" Riley ran after Tobias and cried," I'll give you 20 bucks if you let me in on your secret sandwich stash! I am not eating grey mush for lunch, Toby!"

Loki arched a brow at Tobias and Riley and then commented to Lillie," You have really weird human friends."


Lillie jumped at the voice. With a quick motion, she elbowed whoever it was and then threw him over her shoulder onto his back. Loki had to sidestep to avoid being hit by its legs.

Ethan lay on the ground groaning in agony with a hand reaching out towards the ceiling. "I-I… think I see the light… The pain…"

Lillie's eyes widened.

"I didn't do it," Lillie cried quickly. Loki arched a brow at her.

"Clearly… It was someone that just looked like you… but had the strength of the she hulk," Loki retorted dryly. Lillie gave him a droll stare.

"Shush. Do your job," Lillie cried. Loki frowned.

"You mean the distracting fangirls while you throw a guy to the ground like the she hulk job," Loki said in a droll tone. He swept an arm to indicate the girls who stared unblinkingly at him and added dryly," Your welcome."

Lillie rolled her eyes at him as she checked on Ethan.

"Ethan? Are you okay?" Lillie questioned.

"… I think I'm in too much pain to even feel it any more. Maybe… It must mean I'm dying? Maybe… I'm in heaven… I think I see the light," Ethan exclaimed as he stared at the ceiling. Lillie gave him an odd look before following Ethan's gaze.

"Th-that is the light. Like… the school light," Lillie elaborated. Ethan finally turned his attention to her.

"I'm not dead?"

Lillie slowly shook her head.

"No… but I think you may have hit your head pretty hard," Lillie said wincing at the damage that she had caused Ethan. Ethan slowly sat up wincing and then he put his hand on Lillie's shoulders.

"Why won't Krystal stop talking about those horses? Those sparkling blue eyes are not natural, Lill!"

"We're going to the nurses office," Lillie stated helping Ethan to his feet just as the bell sounded.

"Maybe next time you could respond by screaming if anyone scares you," Loki said dryly. Lillie scrunched up her nose.

A male with changing colored eyes walked past Lillie with a sinister look in his eyes as he headed down the hallway. His lips began to quirk into a faint smirk. Loki seemed to sense the male's rather bloodthirsty presence as he turned his attention down the hall staring unblinkingly at the male.

What the hell... is that guy?

Stark looked at the damage that Ruby had done to the back of his hand. He could see the bones in the back of his hand as a stinging unbearable pain throbbed from the injury. He glared at Ruby clearly irritated.

"This better be a good deal," he spoke darkly.

"Have you heard about the hunter families?" Ruby questioned. Stark arched a brow at the questioned.

"What demon hasn't heard about the hunter families?" Stark retorted," Quit wasting my time and tell me what you want from me."

"I need your help on the Sasaki family. They captured a bunch of condemned in their confinement," Ruby exclaimed. Stark snorted in amusement at the request.

"Why should I help you? You do realize what I am and who I'm associated with," Stark said. Ruby's eyes narrowed on Stark.

"You should know the head of the Sasaki family is desperate to find the Hellraine at all costs. She thinks that the condemned will be able to provide her with the answers that she seeks," Ruby explained in a serious tone," Your Hellraine is in trouble."

"What about you? You, Sebastian, and the rest that aligned together wanted Lillie to be free from Hell. You aren't free from Hell just yet… I don't get how all this is even close to a deal," Stark exclaimed as a mischievous smirk crossed his lips. "Unless this ends with you selling your soul to me..."

Ruby glared at Stark looking unamused by what was being said to her.

"I will never sell my soul. I guess this hasn't been a deal, but a request to save my comrades and maybe a roof for me to live under."

Stark gave a small laugh at what Ruby was saying to him in complete disbelief.

"Do you take me for a fool?"

"I know a lot about the hunter families and the dark god that you seemed to be interested in," Ruby pointed out. Stark seemed to be thinking through everything before he took out a piece of paper writing down an address.

"Tell that idiot I told you you could stay there," Stark said. There was an evil glint in his emerald green eyes but Ruby didn't seem to notice. Ruby took the piece of paper looking satisfied.

"Good choice, handsome," she said flashing Stark a smile and turned around to leave. Stark was standing behind the counter with a rather evil, mischievous glint shimmering in his emerald green eyes.

"I hope it'll be more comfortable," Stark said causing Ruby to glance over her shoulder to give him an odd expression. Then she continued on her way out the bookstore. A wry, cocky smirk cast over his lips as he murmured under his breath," You're going to regret burning my hand."