Book III

Chapter 27

Deep within the depths of Hell, the screams of condemned rang through the entire realm crying out for someone to help them from their eternal agony, pain and suffering. A hot, humid air constantly surrounded the dreary, dark place.

Lucas trembled from the pain in his entire body as he sat within the darkness of his prison. His frame was bony and thin and his stomach rumbled for food while his throat was parched. If only he could get some water…

Footsteps could be heard as a rather large, menacing shadow cast over the prison Lucas resided. The rather large, menacing figure's face was covered by the darkness but his hand reached out to touch the bars blood red with black tattoos that covered his entire arm.

"The wretched smell of death…" the large menacing figure began taking a big inhale of his surroundings," Isn't the agony and pain just make you miss it during your time away?"

Lucas limped to the mysterious figure in curiosity and clearly bitter by what was being said to him. His hair was matted with blood and his eyes squinted to get a better view of the figure.

"What sort of sick joke is that?"

The large menacing figure laughed in his face. Suddenly he reached in to grab Lucas by the throat and smashed him face first into the vertical bars.

"You will answer when I ask you a question… failure of a condemned," the large menacing figure growled sinisterly at Lucas. Lucas glared at the figure for a long moment before he nodded slightly to show he understood. "Tell me who freed you from this place… and why."

Lucas bit his lower lip.

"I-I heard… that he worked for a higher demon… who was after the Hellraine… You know… to gain an advantage. He had amber eyes… He promised all the ones he freed if we succeeded to defeat the Hellraine… we would be freed…" Lucas managed through the tightening grip on his neck. The large menacing figure smirked in a rather insidious manner.

"So… a higher demon has found… her… And his… right hand man is dealing with it…"

On the shadows that cast over the wall, the large, menacing figure had ripped Lucas apart blood splattering across the walls of the prison. The figure was breathing raggedly as he looked at his surroundings.

"This lower layer of Hell is rather disgusting… Now… to find Killian's trusted demon."

Ruby followed the address on the piece of paper Stark had given her leading her to an apartment building on the third floor. She stopped in front of the door with an eight on it and knocked on it.

A pale skinned boy, who looked to be seventeen, answered the door with nothing but a towel over the lower part of his body causing her to gap at him. He had crimson eyes and navy blue, medium length hair that was spiked and tussled slightly damp. He had at least six piercing on his left ear and the other had eight. He also had a tattoo over his chest that had a cross through an odd star sign. He had a rather deranged smirk over his lips as he stared at her.

"Do you want the towel off so you can get a better view?" he teased though there was an underlying indifference in it. She quickly snapped her attention to his presence.

"Oh… I… Stark said I could stay here," Ruby spluttered. The boy's gaze darkened slightly as he messed up his hair thinking it through. He turned away from the door to walk into the living room grabbing his phone from the couch. The boy pressed the send button standing there in a relaxed manner leaning against the couch waiting for whomever to pick up the phone on the other end.

Ruby slowly stepped into the apartment. It was an open design apartment in which the living room and kitchen was connected and an arch leading to a small hallway not far from the entrance.

"Why did you send this human to live with me, Stark," the boy questioned. The indifference in his tone and his deranged smile he had greeted her with had disappeared. He was listening to Stark talk looking slightly anxious by what was being said to him.

"Aiden might not be able to control his blood urges and take a bite out of her for a taste test," the boy retorted. His eyes seemed to become redder than they already were. It looked like the red was bleeding into the white area in his eyes. He was clearly aggravated.

Aiden began to calm down after something being told to him over the phone. With that, he hung up and gave that deranged smile towards Ruby. He leaned in closer to her.

"You better not get in my way, or I'll decide you'd like to contribute yourself to become my blood donor," he sneered and then stepped away from her. Then added with an indifference in his attitude," Other than that… Welcome roomie."

Ruby swallowed hard watching Aiden walk away before she exhaled loudly not realizing she had been holding her breath all this time.

"Scary… what did I do to deserve this?"

"I can hear you, honey," Aiden's voice trailed out in a rather sing songy tone. Ruby's eyes widened as she flinched.

"Oh my god… I can't live here."

Aiden reappeared from his bedroom looking at Ruby with that deranged grin over his face. He had put on a sleeveless black shirt and dark grey sweatpants.

"But I'm so loveable. I don't understand how you wouldn't want to live with me," Aiden remarked. Ruby stepped back away from him.

"Let me phone Stark! I want to talk to that asshole," Ruby demanded. Aiden pressed the send button on his phone and handed it to Ruby.

"What is it? Don't tell me you killed an innocent human again because her blood tasted good or some stupid crap," an obnoxious voice answered on the other end.

"Stark, how can you make me live with this insane idiot? He seems like he's lost a couple of marbles… He just isn't right in the head," Ruby screamed. Aiden still had that deranged grin over his lips as he listened to her and might be able to hear Stark on the other end.

"It's better than living in foreclosure houses and abandoned buildings," Stark retorted with a small chuckle.

"You're doing this out of spite," Ruby cried.

"You did burn my hand. It's still healing you know," Stark retorted and added," Have fun with Aiden."

Ruby gapped as she heard a click on the other end causing her to silently scream.

"You're stuck with me until further notice. We're going to get along great."

Ruby threw the phone at Aiden. The phone hit his forehead forming a red circle where it had hit. Aiden had caught the phone before it dropped to the floor.

"I would be as crazy as you if I end up getting along with you," Ruby retorted as she walked past him to explore the rooms in the apartment. Aiden smirked in a psychotic manner.

"She seems nice."

Valentia had her arms crossed looking irritated at the nineteen-year-old boy, who had dirty blond hair and distinct amber eyes. They were on the roof of a building looking down at the town.

"Seth, what are you up to for Killian? You've disappeared from Hell for a long time. You know that Killian's position is in jeopardy unless he gets an advantage," Valentia exclaimed and gave a smug smile," You picked the wrong side, Seth."

Seth chuckled.

"Not unless you take away the one advantage everyone is after... Then what can they use to gain the upper hand? I'm the only one that knows where this advantage is. So... while I've been busy, what have you been up to, Val?" Seth questioned in an intimidating tone but before Valentia could answer he continued," Making out with some handsome guys so you can screw them over? It must be a fun game to you. Don't you get bored after doing it so many times?"

Valentia bit her lower lip as she glared at Seth and then it was like a light bulb flashed through her mind. She began smiling proudly.

"Besides helping Killian, I swear you're up to something else. You were the one who freed the condemned without any permission. You are going to get in trouble," Valentia said threateningly. Seth laughed darkly.

"What are you going to do? Tattle on me?" Seth scoffed.

Valentia furrowed her brows. Seth wasn't even scared by her threat. That never happened before. He seemed so calm even though he could end up being punished for the crime of secretly releasing the condemned. It was a extremely difficult task that was nearly impossible and it made her wonder how powerful he was. Seth smirked at her.

"By the way, I may have accidentally freed this boyfriend of yours. Wait… ex-boyfriend. What was his name? Oh yeah, Loki. I'm sure you remember him. You were the one who screwed him over into Hell and then… decided to torture him too," Seth exclaimed causing Valentia to swallow hard.

"H-he won't be able to stay for long…"

Seth shook his head.

"Not if he got bargained out of it," Seth said as he turned to walk away and then stopped in his tracks as if thinking of something. He looked over his shoulder towards Valentia smirking deviously," I wouldn't waste my time wondering what I'm doing while your boytoy is out for revenge. He's not too happy about what you did to him."

Valentia's lip began to curl as her anger began to rise. Contempt was written all over her face as she began throwing a fit. She screamed in a shrilly, infuriated voice stomping and kicking at the ground.

"WHO THE HELL BARGAINED HIM OUT? He's supposed to stay and rot in Hell forever just how I planned it! He's going to find and kill me! I won't let that happen and whoever helped him is going to suffer suffer SUFFER!"