Tainted Blood

Chapter 27

"I'm not the Hellraine! He's a weirdo that broke into my place and his hair kind of looks like feathers," Lillie protested loudly while pointing at the male, Liam. Loki grimaced at her volume.

"One day I'm going to go deaf. Partially blind and deaf. That's just great," Loki muttered under his breath as he turned to give Lillie a droll stare," No, I'm sure he just decided to break and enter for fun because everyone just think its 'cool'!"

"You've just been in hell for hundreds of years so you wouldn't know," Lillie whispered loudly. Loki glared at her.

"Oh sorry I was in Hell for hundreds of years getting tortured. Shame on me for being so clueless about what's in or not," Loki said sarcastically. Lillie frowned.

"It's not what I meant," Lillie squeaked as Loki continued glaring at her. Lillie added in a small, meek voice," I love you, my awesome protector?"

"Nice try," Loki said dryly. Liam rolled his eyes in irritation.

"I'm still here, you stupid Hellraine and her bound demon," Liam snapped. Loki slowly turned to look at Liam sending deathly waves of hate.

"Will you quit calling me bound demon?" he snapped in an icy tone as a blade slid from underneath his sleeve.

"I'm not stupid!" Lillie cried at the same time as Loki. Liam gave Lillie an odd expression causing Lillie's eyes to widen," Well I guess the cats out of the bag." Loki slowly turned to give her a droll stare.

"You're not good with lying, are you?" Loki said dryly as he faded away from the place he stood and appeared behind the male to slash him. However, Liam had turned and parried it with a throwing axe that appeared out of thin air in his hand.

Lillie was standing there staring unblinkingly at the fight. Loki was slammed back into a wall, but had recovered to attempt to stab the blade into Liam. However, Liam grabbed the blade to keep it from stabbing him.

"Lill, weren't you trying to find—" Loki was cut off as he was nearly beheaded by a throwing axe. He avoided it and finished," …Someone?"

Another throwing axe came slashing down at him. Loki faded away like an apparition and ended up behind Liam to thrust the blade into his shoulder. Lillie snapped out of it.

"Oh, right, Jayce," Lillie muttered as she began playing with the phone to find the contacts list. Then she pressed send. It rang a few times before it went to voice mail causing her to roll her eyes," ANSWER YOUR STUPID PHONE! That's why you have this cell phone… at least I think it's a cell phone… Your stupid immortal hunter is going to die! Wait! That's not a threat! It's a fact! She got stabbed by her dagger and is bleeding... a lot… I'm not sure if that was Stark's fault. I should apologize for him. He's an asshole. I'm bad at voice mails… ANYWAY… Answer your phone so I wouldn't have to leave this unbeliev-" Then she was cut off as the call clicked. She groaned and hung up.

Lillie turned her attention to Aiden looking sympathetic at how he seemed to be in pain.

Maybe he'll heal… if I feed him my blood… but… I can't do that… My blood has weird effects on others…

She then turned to the unconscious Mirielle with a frown.

She's going to know I'm not a human... and she's my classmate... I wonder... what I'm going to do?

Lillie ducked to avoid a flying throwing axe. Loki had skid back after being punched across the jaw and kneed in the stomach. He twirled the blade in his hand as he began walking towards Liam leaving afterimages behind. Then they seemed to flicker out as he disappeared.

Once again Loki appeared beside Liam attempting to behead him, but Liam avoided it and had thrown his axe at Loki. Loki disappeared and reappeared in front of the male slashing Liam across the chest. Liam slashed the axe at Loki but Loki had already faded away. Loki appeared behind Liam as Liam recklessly threw the axe at Loki. However, that was only an illusion.

Loki had roundhouse kicked Liam sending him flying out the window and the wall partially crumbled.

"I'm going to send you to Hell," Loki said coolly and continued icily," That's what you get for calling me bound demon, you stupid feather head." He raced after Liam while grabbing an axe embedded into the wall.

A shadow cast over Lillie causing her to slowly look up as her eyes widened meeting a pair of orange-yellow eyes.

"While Liam is busy with your bound demon, I can get you," the male, Alexis, spoke.

In a swift motion, Lillie had whipped out the pocketknife as it began to transform into a meteor hammer as she swung it. However, Alexis caught the chain causing Lillie to groan. Lillie took a step back as she attempted to pull the chain out of his hand but it didn't work. He didn't even budge.

"This is a weapon… that demons shouldn't be wielding," Alexis said. Lillie swallowed. Alexis was right about the pocketknife currently in her hand. It caused her to be drained of the demonic part of her.

Then Lillie could see a black cloudy haze past through Alexis' eyes causing her to take a step back. She knew why now.

Lillie jumped up and kicked the male across the face. Alexis had grabbed her leg.

"I don't get why you're trying to fight me… I'm not trying to kill you," Alexis said," The one I serve just wants to speak with you."

"I don't like talking to someone whose trying to use force to get me to do what they want," Lillie spat.

"If you expect help, I highly doubt it will come. Everyone is too busy to save you," Alexis stated in a frank tone. Lillie quickly spun in the air as she used her other leg to kick off of the male causing the male to let go of the chain of the meteor hammer.

"I'm not expecting help. I'm not a defenceless little girl," Lillie retorted as she took a step back swinging the meteor hammer beside her and swung it toward the male.

Zero had been resting his eyes thinking through what had happened to him since he met Lillie. His thoughts were interrupted when he sensed a presence nearby. He snapped his eyes open to be confronted by Seth.

"It's time to keep your promise," Seth stated in a serious tone.

"What you want will involve Lillie's death," Zero exclaimed and continued," Don't you feel a little bit towards her or is this about your grudge to her family for what they did?"

Seth didn't seem impressed as he narrowed his eyes at him.

"Remember what was done to you, Zero. Aren't you at least angry? Or did they tame you that much?" Seth retorted in a dark manner as he glanced towards the door. He frowned," We're in the same boat… you and I… both of us were wronged by the Ezrae family."

"Making this world fall into darkness… won't make it better for you, Seth. It won't change the fact everyone has or will wrong you," Zero exclaimed with an ominous tone in his voice. Seth's gaze darkened.

"Shut up, Zero. You can't stop me from what I will do."

With that, Seth had disappeared. Zero exhaled loudly as he slowly sat up. His body was recovering slowly but he barely had strength in him to move.

He closed his eyes trying to remember the random images that had flashed into his mind that caused him to awaken. His pale blue eyes seemed to be haunted as if he was seeing an image pass through his mind.

Wrath is here… This is just the beginning…

When the door to Koji's room opened, a man dressed all in black, shirt and jeans, with sunglasses came in to find it was empty.

"What… Koji?" the man questioned. He could spot shadows moving inside and they seemed to be coming closer towards him. The man's eyes widened when he saw the chain and lock that had kept that darker side of Koji locked away.

Then he was tackled down to the floor by what seemed to be a rotting corpse as it attempted to take a bite out of his face. Koji appeared in the darkness as he punched the man straight through the chest and casually walked out. The man rose from the ground looking blankly ahead.

Koji began to make his way out of the maze-like prison. From the commotion just now, a group would surely be coming straight for him. However, he didn't seem to care. His mismatches eyes continued staring blankly and emotionlessly ahead of dimly lit hallway ready to defeat anyone who got in his way as a group of five came at him.

"We cannot let you escape Koji-sama," a male stated but Koji ignored him and kicked off the wall to slam his other feet into his face. The male flew into the wall causing an indent with his head and fell to the floor bleeding.

Another came at Koji attempting to punch him but missed. Koji had leaped over him and grabbed his neck kneeing him in the spine hearing it break. He picked back a third male attempting to attack him with a stun gun. However, he dodged out of its line of fire and slammed the male's head into the ground as a fourth attempted to round house kick him. Koji grabbed his leg and twisted it causing the fourth male to cry out loudly as it cracked. The fifth male looked scared as he stood there for a long moment before taking a step back to run off. Koji slammed his fist into the fourth male's chest before taking off after the fifth male. He caught up to the fifth male as the fifth male was reaching for the alarm, and snapped his neck but it was too late. The alarm began blaring.

The others that he had killed were beginning to rise from the dead as more henchmen began coming towards him. He let the undead he rose attack the others coming towards him as he made his way through the massacre while hitting the henchmen. Koji was on his way to escape though it didn't seem to register through him. Only the bloodlust seemed to cloud his judgement. Then his path was blocked by the masked man.

"You won't escape this place, Koji... not unless our mistress tells me you can."