Chapter 26

Stark froze in mid step towards Ashton. He could sense a dark air from where Mikaela had been. He grimaced as a black silhouette tackled Ashton to the ground. Ashton quickly threw it off him as the black silhouette rolled to a crouching position glaring at Ashton. The black silhouette was revealed to be Mikaela as the entire left half of his face was covered in black veins. Mikaela was concentrated on Ashton's every move.

"Immortal hunters… don't flash from one point to another," Mikaela breathed. He coughed violently hacking up blood. Ashton scowled at what was happening on the ground that Mikaela was on. The grass around him was beginning to shrivel and shadow-like entities were beginning to encroach onto the dying grass traveling towards Ashton.

Ashton could hear Jayce's words going through his mind as he began to take a step back. However, the shadow entities sped up to attack him at a faster speed. Ashton quickly flashed from one point to another to try to get out of reach of these shadow entities. However, it didn't seem like he was fast enough as the grass that he was on was wilting away faster than he could flash out of the shadow entities range. Ashton grimaced as he felt the shadow entities beginning to crawl onto his feet and begin to travel up his leg. He could feel himself weakening while a cold chill seemed to paralyze his feet before he flashed himself away.

Mikaela had a cold expression over his face watching the immortal hunter flash away from the scene. He couldn't feel the immortal hunter's presence any longer. The black veins on the half of his face seemed to dissipate a bit. Stark clicked his tongue clearly not amused by what had happened.

"Well… you ruined my fun and let that immortal hunter get away," Stark remarked darkly. Mikaela collapsed onto the ground breathing raggedly. Stark bent down to examine Mikaela as he commented," You really are starting to look like crap."

Mikaela attempted to stand but he stumbled back to the ground as he spoke in a raspy tone," Do whatever you want with me... I don't know anything you may think I know..."

A rather dark, devious smirk crossed Stark's lips.

"That's what anyone would say... I know you were the one who manipulated that human to kill his brother," Stark exclaimed and questioned," What's your real motive for being here?"

Mikaela seemed to be contemplating on his answer as he looked away from Stark.

"It's about Lillie..." Mikaela couldn't finish as Stark whacked him over the head. Stark's gaze had darkened.

"That's all I needed to know."

Lillie dragged Loki through the hallway of the school. Loki was clearly aggravated by this as he kept making smartass remarks.

"I can't believe I escaped one hell to end up in a human variety of one," Loki said dryly. Lillie stopped to look at Loki with a frown.

"Is school really that bad?" Lillie questioned. Loki gave her a droll stare.

"Because every human in this building comes to school ecstatic and excited when they come here at 9 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon," Loki retorted sarcastically.

"I'm sure there is someone that likes it here," Lillie said innocently causing Loki to give her a pointed look.

"Let me guess… the one who thought I could be fangirl distraction while you make your grand getaway?" Loki said arching a brow causing Lillie to scowl at him in response.

"Does this mean I'm stuck with a smartass talking demon for eternity," Lillie muttered under her breath. Loki smirked at her as he crossed his arms.

"And I'm stuck with a highly sought after being who thinks she's a sixteen year old human teenager for eternity," Loki retorted. Lillie groaned.

"Has anyone told you that you're a smartass," Lillie snapped. Loki continued to smirk at her in his rather patronizing manner.

"Yeah… I recall you calling me one this morning when you thought that somehow I was a life sized GPS," Loki exclaimed. He glanced at his surroundings to find every girl in the hallway was glaring at Lillie, and added," The girls in this school are glaring at you."

Lillie began to realize her surroundings and groaned. Girls were staring at Loki intensely as they whispered to their friends and some were drooling unable to form words.

"I should've thought that if you were able to distract fangirls… you would attract them," Lillie muttered under her breath. Loki rolled his eye at her.

"Obviously you never thought that plan through."

Suddenly a hand grabbed Lillie's shoulder causing her to jump slightly. With a quick motion, she elbowed whoever it was and then threw him over her shoulder onto his back. Loki had to sidestep to avoid being hit by its legs.

Koji was looking up at her scowling and then glared at her," What is wrong with you? Ow… My back…" Koji groaned as a jolt of pain was sent down his back from the hard impact. Lillie's eyes widened.

"I didn't do it," Lillie cried quickly. Loki gave her a droll stare.

"Which part? Where you mercilessly elbowed him in the stomach or threw him to the ground like the she hulk?" Loki retorted dryly," Because I'm pretty sure a hundred pair of eyes witnessed it all."

Lillie followed Loki's gaze to see the students in the hallway staring at them unblinkingly, but most of them were girls who seemed to be more focused on Loki.

"I think… they're too busy admiring you to see what I did," Lillie whispered into his ear. Loki frowned.

"I'm glad I could provide you with distraction while you throw a guy to the ground," he said with underlying sarcasm. Koji groaned as he glared at Lillie.

"Next time, I'll remember to call your name from far, far, far away," Koji said beginning to slowly get up and gave her a rather evil, obnoxious smirk. "And I'm not Koji."

Caleb stood in the centre of the game room wearing nothing but a pair of black sweat pants. He was holding a sword in each hand inhaling and then letting out a long breath of air. His eyes became dark as he began twirling the sword in a circular motion before he thrust the sword in a swift and fierce motion. The sword looked slow at first and when it struck it had been fast, quick, and merciless like a predator… a killer.

His movements became more aggressive as he was becoming absorbed in his thoughts. He was gritting his teeth as he swung more viciously and hostile and his breath was becoming ragged. Whatever thoughts were running through his mind was making him angrier. It made his strikes seem to hit harder before he sliced in half a pool table and a bookshelf as it cut through it to the wall. A long jagged cut was left on the wall of where the bookshelf had been.

He was sweating profusely as he wiped it away with the back of his hand as he snarled in frustration," I can't keep this to myself any longer!"

Caleb threw the sword into the wall with enough strength to crack the wall vertically out of frustration.

"Hello Mutt… I see you still can't control those destructive tendencies. It wasn't enough to break a window and the counter at my bookstore you had to destroy this room too, stupid Mutt."

Caleb snapped his attention towards the entrance of the doorway to see Stark leaning against the entranceway with that wry, cocky smirk across his face.

"Aren't you supposed to be at your bookstore not here?" he snarled in irritation pulling the sword out of the wall roughly. A mischievous glint passed through Stark's emerald green eyes.

"Since it looks like you're not doing anything important except destroying everything in sight… maybe you could babysit a demon," Stark exclaimed in an obnoxious manner. Caleb's lip curled at him as his gaze turned dangerous.

"What are you talking about, Pretty Boy?"

Mikaela revealed himself as he walked around to beside Stark and collapsed to the ground. His wrists were bound together by chains with runes on them but he remained emotionless and uncaring. Blood rolled down the corner of his mouth and his skin was deathly looking except for the black veins that was going through his body.

"He looks more like he needs to be killed to put him out of his misery," Caleb growled in a dark, sinister manner pointing the sword at Mikaela's throat. Stark grabbed the blade of the sword shoving it away from Mikaela.

"He won't die from that sword, Mutt. If you used those Mutt senses of yours, you would have known that."

Caleb turned his gaze on Mikaela as his expression began to look dumbfounded by what he had sensed and he snarled viciously," That's not possible!"

"Lillie may not be the only Hellraine around after all."