Book III

Chapter 27

Koji had a hard time absorbing everything that had happened since he moved here. He met a friend, who turned out to be not so normal. He was beginning to think that he could never run away from the life that he had so easily.

And speaking of trying to be normal, he was going to be late for school. Koji was about to race out the apartment when he felt a pair of eyes glaring at his back.

"Koji, take a moment to observe your surroundings."

Koji's stomach dropped at that stern, even voice as he slowly turned around to see an old woman sitting in a chair in the far corner of the living room. He swallowed hard. He was dreading this would happen.


The old woman glared at Koji in displeasure and spoke coldly," Leaving without telling your grandma is quite… irresponsible."

Koji narrowed his eyes at her and curled his lip.

"I was done playing your games, Grandma. I wanted to be left to a normal life with my twin brother… without your influences," Koji exclaimed in a stern tone. The old woman glared at her grandson.

"The necromancy that was done in this town can't be ignored. If you wanted a normal life, you wouldn't be practicing it," the old woman spoke in an even tone. Koji was about to argue but he stopped himself. He would get his brother in trouble.

"I didn't think… you would find out about that…" Koji trailed off. A male in a black outfit and a mask covered half his lower face walked out from the kitchen to hand his grandmother a cup of tea.

Koji caught a black bag that lay beside his grandmother as his jaw dropped and his eyes widened in horror of what could be in there. He had dived towards the body bag with the worst in mind. When he unzipped the body bag, his face went pale and completely horrified at what was looking back at him. Koji could barely breath as he hyperventilated.

"I know that you are lying for your brother, Koji. I know my own grandson's powers enough to know it was not yours. It would be much more advance than that. Shoji needs to be punished for what he has caused in this town. He's endangered civilians," his grandmother exclaimed without any emotion in her tone. Koji glared at her.

"How could you do this?! HE WAS YOUR GRANDSON! HE WAS MY TWIN!" Koji cried infuriated at his grandmother's heartlessness. His grandmother gave a stern look at his grandson.

"Have you forgotten the rules? You will be punished for covering for your twin," his grandmother exclaimed. Koji's jaw worked unable to respond back to his grandmother. His grandma continued," However, I might... leave you alone if you do something for me..."

Koji's jaw worked.

"What would that be?"

"There was something else in this town… a being that possessed dark powers… I want you to find this being for me without having to kill it," his grandmother spoke. Koji furrowed his brows.

"Does it have something to do with… that Hellraine being that you wanted to find so badly?" Koji inquired. His grandmother gave a small smirk.

"Yes, it is that being. I want to let you know that refusing this will send your little friends that you abandoned back home to imprisonment. They're still quite loyal to you and never once tattled on you. Then again you aren't safe from being imprisoned either. Now… I'm sure you will make the right choice."

Koji bit his lower lip as he curled his hands into fists. He had lost his only family to his grandmother. Was he going to let his grandmother rule his own by imprisoning him and his friends in that morbid place if he didn't accept this request? He couldn't let that happen.

"Fine! I'll bring that being to you. This means you will leave me and the others alone?"

His grandma inclined her head at him and replied," Yes, that is correct."

Lillie was dragging Loki through the hallways of her school after registering him as a new student. Loki wasn't too happy with this as he kept making sarcastic remarks.

"I never expected to be over a thousand years old in high school. I must be the oldest here. I look really young for my age to fit in this place," Loki exclaimed with an underlying bit of sarcasm. Lillie gave him a droll stare.

"You make it sound like I'm forcing you into another hell. It's just high school. A normal thing," Lillie retorted as Loki feigned contemplation.

"Yeah, you kind of are leading me into another hell," Loki said coolly and then said," When you define normal, you define it on a human standard. You're not a human, Lillie."

Lillie stopped and turned to look at him.

"I may not be human, Loki, but this… is the normal I want," Lillie said in a quiet tone before continuing down the hallway. Loki still had his usual calm, cool expression glancing to the side as if a thought passed through his mind before he followed after her grabbing her wrist.

"Don't be so sure you can live the life you imagine. One minute its there, the next it could be gone in a second," Loki exclaimed icily. It was like he was speaking out of experience.

Lillie looked down at the ground and then at him. She gave him a smile.

"Then we should enjoy it while it lasts… before it's gone in the wind," Lillie exclaimed and began to pay attention to her surroundings. Girls were staring at Loki intensely as they whispered to their friends and some were drooling unable to form words. Lillie cocked her head at Loki dragging him once again down the hallway towards the classroom he was assigned to," See! You fit in! You're becoming popular already and all you did was walk into the building!"

"It must be the eyepatch," Loki muttered. Lillie frowned.

"It might be your silver eye," Lillie said. Loki was aware of his surroundings without even having to look. He could sense the glares of the girls towards Lillie.

"They're all glaring at you," Loki said managing a smirk before indicating Lillie's grip on his wrist. Lillie quickly let go.

"I don't need any more people hating me..." she mumbled.


Lillie jumped at the voice that came out of no where. With a quick motion, she elbowed whoever it was and then threw him over her shoulder onto his back. Loki had to sidestep to avoid being hit by its legs.

It was Ethan, who was obsessed with vampires and usually went around the school ranting about them. He was lying on the ground groaning in agony with a hand reaching out towards the ceiling. "I-I… think I see the light…"

Lillie's eyes widened.

"I didn't do it," Lillie cried quickly. Loki arched a brow at her.

"Clearly… it was just the gravity," Loki retorted sarcastically. Lillie gave him a droll stare.

"Shush. Do your job," Lillie hissed at Loki. Loki responded with a frown.

"You mean the distracting fangirls while you throw a guy to the ground like the she hulk job," Loki said in a droll tone. He swept an arm to indicate the girls who stared unblinkingly at him and added dryly," Your welcome."

Lillie patted Loki on the shoulder and smirked. "Good job!"

Loki gave her a droll stare.

"Anything for you, babe," he said dryly.

Lillie turned her attention on Ethan as her expression turned to concern for him.

"Ethan? Are you okay?" Lillie questioned.

"… I think I'm in too much pain to even feel it any more. Maybe… It must mean I'm dying? Maybe… I'm in heaven… I think the light is getting closer," Ethan exclaimed as he stared at the ceiling. Lillie gave him an odd look before following Ethan's gaze.

"Th-that is the light. Like… the school light," Lillie elaborated. Ethan finally turned his attention to her.

"You mean... I'm not in heaven?" he asked sounding slightly disappointed.

Lillie slowly shook her head.

"No… but I think you may have hit your head pretty hard," Lillie said wincing at the damage that she had caused Ethan. Ethan slowly sat up wincing and then he put his hand on Lillie's shoulders.

"If I went to Heaven, maybe I'll finally get to see those damn horses that Krystal keeps obsessing over... With those stupid doe-like blue eyes and that horn in the middle of their forehead! It's messed up, dude!" Ethan screamed at her sounding completely delirious.

"Their unicorns and... We're going to the nurse's office," Lillie stated helping Ethan to his feet and made him wrap his arms around her shoulder for support. Loki decided to help as he supported Ethan on the other side and cast Lillie meaningful glare.

"Maybe next time you could respond by screaming if anyone scares you and you wouldn't have this issue," Loki said dryly. Lillie scrunched up her nose.

"It was an accident..."