Tainted Blood

Chapter 27

Isaac took the fight between Loki and Liam to his advantage as he grabbed Lillie. However, Lillie wasn't so easy to give in as she headbutted him in the face before she whipped out her pocketknife to swing it at him.

Isaac jumped back. He chuckled low in his throat.

"Oh… so you aren't completely weak. From my vantage point, you seemed so human. When I heard you were the Hellraine, I almost laughed," Isaac remarked in a mocking tone. Lillie furrowed her brows.

"I asked you… where is Caleb," she stated firmly. If she couldn't even save Koji from his own family, at least she could get Caleb out of whatever predicament he was in. Isaac raised a brow.

"Didn't I tell you already? Suffering. I'm glad he invited me in this. It's also nice to be out of the lowest part of Hell," Isaac sneered. Lillie's eyes widened at what Isaac had just said.

"You were one of the condemned that was freed?"

"Because those useless idiots that you fought before were the only condemns released to deal with you," Isaac snorted sarcastically with a roll of his eyes.

"We are wasting time with all you're talking." A shadow cast over her at that moment. Without a second thought, she whipped the pocketknife at the newcomer mercilessly. The newcomer flipped back to avoid it and pushed off the ground at Lillie. The pocketknife began to change into a meteor hammer as she swung it beside her. With a whoosh, the ball went flying at the newcomer.

The newcomer caught the chain. Lillie attempted to pull the chain out of his hand but he didn't even budge from his spot holding firmly onto it.

"This… is a weapon that demons shouldn't be wielding," he stated in a serious tone. Lillie jumped and kicked the male across the face to flip back to nail Isaac in the head, who was coming from behind her.

Isaac attempted to slash her with his claws as she nearly avoided it with a few steps back. The newcomer cocked his head at Lillie with a scowl.

"I don't understand why you're fighting. I'm not trying to kill you," the newcomer spoke. Isaac looked back at him.

"But I am, Alexis, and I'm done playing."

Isaac began to transform as his features seem to grow more feral, and his eyes glowing with a yellow. He leaped at Lillie with his claws out ready to rip her open. Lillie was barely able to comprehend his new speed. She grimaced as she waited for it. The pain of being ripped by claws, but it never came. Lillie opened her eyes.

Stark was standing there with that obnoxious smirk plastered on his lips.

"Didn't I tell you to not close your eyes when you're fighting? It'll get you killed," Stark stated in a nonchalant manner. Lillie could hear a moan before she realized Stark had thrown Isaac up there.

"I thought you went upstairs to check," Lillie said surprised that Stark was there. Stark snorted.

"Those idiots thought they could fool me for long… After all who isn't after you?" Stark retorted in an obnoxious tone. Lillie scrunched up her nose.

"There isn't that many yet!" Lillie defended.

"Yeah, I can't wait until then," Stark said as he leaped up to the second floor leaving Lillie alone.

Lillie frowned biting her lower lip at the unconscious Mirielle and Aiden. She began to concentrate on her surroundings. Where was the other one? Alexis…

Lillie began swinging the meteor hammer over her head as she slowly scanned her surroundings. She caught Alexis at the corner of her eye and then in a swift motion swung the meteor hammer horizontally towards him. Alexis flipped back to avoid it and then raced towards her. She swung the meteor hammer around her uplifted leg and whipped it at Alexis head on.

Alexis sidestepped away and reached out to grab her, but Lillie had pulled the chain back. The ball came flying back. Seconds before it would hit Alexis in the back of the head again, Alexis had moved out of the way causing Lillie to be hit with her own weapon. She fell to the floor slightly disoriented attempting to shake off her blurring vision. Lillie was definitely out of practice to be hit twice with her own weapon.

Before she could fight back, the male bound her with the meteor hammer's chain and had scooped her into his arms.

"That's enough. I'm done playing with you, little girl. You really believe you can beat me as you are right now? Be realistic," Alexis exclaimed in a rather blunt tone. Lillie attempted to push herself away.

"Let me down, stupid! I wasn't playing! I was trying to kick your stupid ass back to Hell!" Lillie cried. She turned away into the other direction when she could feel wind whipping in her face. She was unable to see anything. Everything was a blur at the speed they were going," I feel worse than being hit with a metal ball now…"

When the wind had stopped, Alexis had literally dropped Lillie on the floor causing her to glare at him.

"Hey! Be gentle! I'm fragile," Lillie snapped at him.

"You are far from being fragile, Hellraine," Alexis scoffed at her. Lillie frowned.

"Wow, you're such a gentleman. I bet you charm all the girls you encounter with that attitude," Lillie said her tone dripping with sarcasm. Then she looked around at where she was. She was sitting on a tatami mat that lined the floors in the room and walls were decorated with cream-colored wallpaper.

A few meters away in front of her, there was a chair placed in the center in order to resemble a throne. A male with distinct amber eyes was sitting in a relaxed manner as he raked Lillie with a loathing glare. A devilish grin began to take place over his lips as he quirked a brow at her.

"The very being that is supposed to instill fear… the Hellraine… Seriously? I'm quivering in your presence already," he mocked as he stood up from his throne-chair.

Lillie furrowed her brows at him as she remembered why he seemed so familiar to her.

"You were there when I was trying to save Zero," Lillie stated slowly. Seth snorted.

Then he retorted in a restrained manner," I was there for a lot more events in your life than that, Hellraine, but that's beside the point."

Liam had punched Loki across the face. Seconds later, 'Loki' had faded away. Then in the distance he saw Alexis leave with a girl in hand causing him to scowl.

"This is annoying," Liam cried in frustration. An evil laughter began echoing around Liam causing Liam to grind his teeth.

"What's wrong? Getting frustrated because you can't find little old me?" Loki said in a patronizing tone. Suddenly he appeared behind Liam and thrust his blade into Liam's shoulder causing Liam to quickly turn to slash his axe at Loki. Loki dodged it.

"Obviously that's not it," Liam snapped. Then a throwing axe seemed to teleport into his other hand and he brought it down on Loki. Loki parried it with his own blade and kicked Liam in the side. Liam stumbled back several steps as he threw the axe at Loki.

Loki had almost dodged it but it scraped his left shoulder as it past. In that second, Liam had pushed off the ground towards Loki as he began turning into his demon form. His skin was beginning to grow what seemed to be a light shade of brown feathers. Fangs protruded from his mouth as his eyes seemed to resemble a bird's. His talons sharpened and elongated turning a black color.

One of the axes had disappeared from his hand as he attempted to slash Loki across his front but had missed when Loki took a step back. Then Liam attempted to slash a second time with the same hand but a throwing axe appeared in his hand. Loki was caught off guard using his hand to grab Liam's wrist. Then Liam attempted to slash upwards with his other axe but Loki had caught his wrist.

Liam was smirking causing Loki to give him an odd look as he could sense something in the air behind him flying towards him.

Loki scowled. He bit his lower lip: dodge the axe or hold back Liam's weapons. Liam had an odd look cast over his face like he was listening to someone that couldn't be heard. Then Liam had leaped back at the last second. In a swift motion, Loki quickly dove out of the way of the axe. Liam caught it.

"It looks like I have no more reason to stay and fight," Liam said between clenched teeth and turned to run off causing Loki to look puzzled stopping in mid attack.

Did they get what they came for?

Crap! Lillie.

The black sword appeared in Stark's hand as he closed the distance between him and Isaac. Isaac wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth as he glared his hatred at Stark.

"Are you sure you should have left that Hellraine down there?" Isaac questioned. Stark had barely made a glance over the banister to check on Lillie.

"She'd be fine. Right now, I'm busy dealing with a Mutt infestation. One was enough in this house," he spoke in a dark, sardonic tone. Stark swung the sword at Isaac with such force the floor began to crack. Isaac grimaced as he barely dove out of its way. He leaped at Stark holding back the sword from striking a second time grimacing under Stark's strength.

"I take it you aren't a fan of werewolves," Isaac managed to remark. Stark gave a wry, bad boy smirk at him.

"I've lived with one for far too long with his destructive tendencies and his psychopathic ways that I'm just a little sick of werewolves," Stark exclaimed in an obnoxious tone and then his gaze darkened," I might take out my frustrations on you instead."

Isaac literally shivered from the killing intent that was directed at him by the demon before him. He'd never been confronted with such a bloodthirsty, sadistic demon before that it almost choked him.

"Th-then you might be happy to hear he's currently being tormented," Isaac said with a small laugh. Stark had an indecipherable expression over his face.

"Is that so?"

With a quick motion, Stark had kicked Isaac across the face causing him to fly through two walls and landed in an empty room.

Isaac was barely able to sit up as he hacked up blood. He watched Stark slowly walk towards him.

"I never said I hated that Mutt. Frankly, he provides me some entertainment with how easy I can press his simple minded buttons," Stark spoke with a devious tone. Without warning he stabbed Isaac in the hand and twisted the blade. Isaac gave out a painful cry as he attempted to slash Stark with his other hand but Stark had grabbed it and snapped his wrist. "How did you know who I was talking about?"

"Caleb… I had a grudge on him… so I poisoned him and now he's going to be tormented and suffer…" He breathed raggedly. Stark gave an evil smirk causing Isaac to shiver at the look that was given to him as he pulled the sword out slowly from Isaac's hand. Before Isaac could blink, Stark stabbed the sword into his gut.

"That didn't really answer my question… Where is he now?" Stark questioned darkly.

"Someone by the name of Seth has him and he'll put all her guardians on a wall like a trophy," Seth spat as he clenched his teeth at the sword twisting in his stomach.

"Where is Seth?" Stark inquired. Isaac grimaced as he attempted to attack Stark to get out of this mansion. Stark twisted the sword and had an iron grip on Isaac's throat.

"Torture me all you want… but I highly doubt you'd do better than Hell," Isaac snapped viciously.

Before Stark could say anything, Isaac fell to the floor with a hit over the head from behind. Loki was standing there with a droll stare.

"You were enjoying that a little too much."

Stark gave him a small, evil smirk.

"I was trying to get information out of him. The whole stabbing thing was out of my control. I can't help it if they don't spit it out right away," Stark said followed by a nonchalant shrug. Loki rolled his eye at him.

"Wow. That is the perfect picture of guilt written all over that sadistic face while you make a pincushion out of the werewolf," Loki exclaimed dryly and then added," So much for being a better person..."

Stark snorted.

"It's a slow process towards becoming a better person," Stark retorted in an obnoxious manner. Loki rolled his eye at Stark.

Koji spent the entire time trying to find a way out and he had killed more than a few dozen guards along the way. He felt like he was going in circles. This was only causing him to be more exhausted.

As he left corpses in his wake, he froze as something caught his attention. The corpses behind him were beginning to rise again causing him to quickly turn around to hit a corpse diving at him away.

The masked man was standing a few feet away as he stalked towards him.

"No one told you to get out of your room, Koji," he said in a sinister tone.

Through his haze of blood lust and lack of emotion, he was still capable of thinking in a more rational way without his feelings getting in the way. Running would be futile… He might as well get rid of this asshole so no one else would suffer at his hands in this confinement.

Koji kicked away another zombie coming at him. Before he could defend, the masked man came through the zombies and Koji quickly reacted by attempting to punch the masked man. However, the masked man had dodged causing him to hit the floor instead. A crater formed from the impact of his punch. In a quick motion, he round house kicked the masked man across the face.

"To escape… you would use the monster part of you that killed your family. Are you accepting what you are," the masked man inquired. Koji gave him an emotionless look ignoring his question and leaped up to kick him. The masked man ducked.

"Unable to control that side still? Every member of your family has learned how to… eventually," the masked man remarked grabbing Koji's leg and brought his other arm down on his leg. A crack could be heard causing Koji to stumble but he didn't seem to register the pain.

Suddenly two undead appeared behind the masked man grabbed him restraining his movements. The undead had killed most of the henchmen that had come to stop his escape and were rising from the dead again. They began to limp towards the masked man passing Koji. Koji seemed to disappear amongst the crowd of the undead causing the masked man to look around.

"You can't escape this place," the masked man cried as the undead begun to attack him mercilessly looking like they were engulfing him. He could feel their nails digging into his skin clawing at him and attempting to sink their teeth into him.

Koji had landed behind the masked man glancing over his shoulder at the masked man one last time before running off. However, he stopped in his steps as brutal images flashed violently into his mind.

Koji held his head as a pain assaulted him that he had crippled to the ground when suddenly an undead grabbed him from behind pulling him towards the masked man.

"You shouldn't get lost in thought," the masked man spoke as the undead began to drag him back towards the room he had been trapped in.

"How did you gain control over—" Koji began. The masked man leaned in inches away from Koji's face.

"You… have a long ways to become the heir to this family."