Tainted Blood

Chapter 28

Lillie gave him a puzzled expression at Seth's remark. What did he mean that he was there for a lot more events in her life than that? Had he been spying on her and trying to find a moment of weakness to get to her?

Meanwhile, Seth had turned her attention to Alexis, who had been standing beside Lillie staring at the floor. His expression seemed to darken as he disappeared from his throne. At lightning speed, he had tripped Alexis to the ground with his foot and restrained him.

"I never told you to leave, Alexis. We all know how easy you can betray someone," Seth snarled into Alexis' ear in a dangerous tone. A pained expression went across Alexis' eyes before he was roughly pulled up and punched across the jaw. The punch had dislocated Alexis' jaw as he grimaced. Alexis snapped his jaw back before Seth had grabbed him by the jaw tightly.

"I apologize for going against your word… I won't do it again…" Alexis trailed off. Seth narrowed his eyes on him.

"What else is there at the end of that sentence, slave?" Seth sneered in a dark, insidious manner. Alexis swallowed hard.

Shame filled his eyes before he spoke the one word that he hated," Master…"

Seth shoved Alexis away from him in revulsion," Good, Alexis. Don't forget how pathetic you are. This is what you deserve."

Alexis bit his lower lip as he turned away from Seth and Lillie curling up into a fetal position. Lillie gave him a sympathetic look before giving Seth a glare.

"HE DID EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANTED," Lillie cried angrily," He brought me here. Isn't that what you wanted?"

Seth chuckled deep in his throat.

"You can't help, but help anyone that needs it, can you?" he questioned in a bitter manner and then continued," Nothing like your father are you?"

Lillie's eyes widened. She didn't know what to say not expecting to hear anyone mention her father.

"Why are you- How do you even know my father?" she questioned spluttering over which question to ask first. Seth paused for a long moment before answering.

"Your father had risen above his enemies when they wanted him dead or alive in order to control his powers or hoping to become his guardian to gain that power that was spoken about. He ruled over them with a cruel, cold heart. He was powerful… a symbol to those that bowed at his feet," Seth explained with underlying venom in his tone before raking Lillie with a glare," Even in death, he still influences."

Lillie stared at Seth with a scared and disturbed expression at the mention of her father. Memories of him brought back every emotion she had felt back then. Vulnerable. Unwanted. Alone.

Seth continued," You're different than him. You hide from those that want you dead, or want to have your power only because they fear you and want to be what you are. Not even a drop of blood that runs in your veins is human but you want to live their life… However, there could be something in you besides Hellraine blood…"

"Of course I'm different. I would never want to be like him. He never cared for anyone… Not his own guardians… not those that served him… Nobody," Lillie cried furiously.

Seth gave a low chuckle.

"Yes, it's true, but don't act so… sanctimonious. I know about your guardians' history involving you. None of them wanted to be stuck being your guardian or having that power, but you didn't give a shit about what they wanted," Seth stated in a harsh tone. Lillie shook from all her emotions that he had kept inside her for so many years.

"You are not an expert of them or me," Lillie screamed. Seth let out a humorless laugh.

"Fine. Let's talk about your first guardian… that sadistic tengu, Stark Anselm. Your childhood friend. He never expected to be picked to be your guardian in the first place. However, your father changed his mind when he saw both of you getting along. Instead of Stark's older brother, Stark would be 'honored' to become your first guardian," Seth exclaimed in a biting, derisive tone.

"WHY ARE YOU BRINGING UP THE PAST?" Lillie cried in anger. Seth leaned closer to her.

He continued mercilessly," You knew he never wanted the life of one. He begged you to not turn him into a guardian… to convince your father, but you never listened to him. You turned an innocent, loyal demon into a sadistic, deceiving guardian."

Lillie felt completely overwhelmed by her mix of emotions. Seth had brought back a lot of old memories filled with regrets and hurt feelings.


"Lillie, why didn't you speak up?" Stark snapped at her angrily. Lillie seemed to be trying to hold up Stark. Stark was sweating profusely. Despite how angry he was at her, he was putting a little weight on her to stand upright.

"You just got over a fever… lasting two days… And attacking things that weren't there… You were screaming in pain too. Stark just rest and you can yell later," Lillie protested.

"I'm your guardian, Lillie! You can't take it back! My parents don't even give a shit about me anymore! They think I'm nothing… not a demon… Just some freak," Stark cried at her in frustration and said in a furious tone," I never wanted this!"

Lillie began to tear up.

"I know I should've… but I—" Lillie spluttered. Stark took in a deep breath trying to calm down.

"But you were scared, right? You took care of me… The only one who did… I don't even know if this is really my feelings anymore… or if this is just the black blood..." Stark said almost to himself causing Lillie to attempt to hold him up as Stark began to fall to the ground. Lillie had fallen to her knees to hold him up letting him rest his head on her shoulder. Stark seemed to have fainted. Tears ran down Lillie's cheek.

"There's nothing else to say... Just I'm sorry, Stark," she whispered to him.

End Flashback.

Lillie shook the memory out of her mind as she glared at Seth.

"You don't know what could've happened if I spoke up," Lillie shot at him in defense. Seth snorted.

"Just admit it, Hellraine. You were being selfish because you didn't want to be alone anymore. Guardians will stick by their Hellraine until the end. It's part of their instincts. It's the black blood that courses through their veins," Seth sneered with underlying venom in his voice. Lillie bit her lower lip controlling her urge to wreck this place into little pieces.

"No, that's not true," she said under her breath. Seth cocked his head and simply chuckled shaking his head.

"Let's move on then to your second guardian, the werewolf, Caleb Malphis. He led a tortured and tragic life. Even though you knew about it and witnessed a glimpse of it yourself. Despite that, you still made him into a guardian in order to 'save' his life," Seth exclaimed and then gave her a smug look," You damned him into an eternal life to being haunted by his memories so that you could feel better about yourself. For leaving him behind when he was a kid."

Lillie held her head as she remembered the moment when she 'saved' Caleb.


Lillie slowly walked towards the bed where Caleb was sitting staring at the blankets on him slightly bewildered and confused. He seemed to be trying to remember how he had got here. He hadn't noticed Lillie in the room.

"You were… dying... You're my guardian now..." Lillie spoke carefully causing Caleb to jump at the voice and turn to Lillie. Caleb furrowed his brows as he finally remembered what had happened. He literally winced as if remembering how painful it was mentally and physically.

"I… died," he breathed. Then his gaze darkened on Lillie and growled," YOU SHOULD'VE LET ME DIE! FOR GOOD!"

Lillie bit her lower lip flinching at the torturous expression he was giving her at this moment. She could hear the underlying tiredness in his voice of living.

Caleb thought he had found peace… that he was dead… for good. There was nothing in his life to look forward to but the pain and suffering brought onto him. No one cared about him. At least in death… he wouldn't have to face it anymore.

"I'm sorry," Lillie whispered quietly realizing she didn't save him… Why hadn't she save him when he was a child?

The horrible scars that went down to his soul would never heal and it would haunt him every single day in his sleep.

Just one action and it would have changed it all… but… she didn't… It took her so long to come back to him…

Caleb swallowed hard staring at her for a long moment biting his lower lip turning away from her.

"No, I'm sorry," he said bitterly.

End Flashback.

"Th-that's not true," she managed to say under her breath pushing the memory away.

"Hellraines don't care about their guardians' feelings. It only matters whether they want to turn them or not. They listen to their instincts. Your instincts told you to turn them so you did."

"It wasn't my instincts… I just wanted to help," Lillie cried. Why did it seem like she was convincing herself more than Seth?

Seth stepped away from her view of the throne. Lillie hadn't noticed because Seth had been in the way and the room was dimly lit, but there was a shadow of something behind the throne. She stared harder and her eyes widened. She was unable to move from her spot too shocked as she realized who it was.

It was Caleb, who was nailed against the wall with a knife in each shoulder and his skin was a deathly grey. His veins were black.

Lillie's eyes filled with tears at the state Caleb was currently in. Seth bent down beside her.

"An advice from me to you… you should've learned when a dog should be put out of his misery. You should thank me for doing your job," Seth whispered into Lillie's ear. Lillie could only see anger clouding her judgment as she shoved Seth away from her.

"If you have a grudge against me direct it towards me," Lillie cried.

"Your werewolf wronged someone… and he only wanted revenge. I only handed him the weapon," Seth spoke in a sinister manner. He stood up to begin to walk out. Then he stopped by the sliding door and spoke in a sinister, cold manner," Don't worry, Hellraine. I'll soon have that tengu strung on the ceiling before you. He liked to fly didn't he? That is… before your father wrecked his wings."

Koji was dragged back towards where he was kept captive in that dark, dank room. He couldn't stand that he had been overtaken by the zombies. The masked man had won.

Koji was exhausted from everything he had been through and could barely continue to fight… He did his best. It took all the energy he had left.

However, he was brought back to the memory when Miyabi was lecturing him before he moved away to this town. Ditching his friend to face his cruel grandmother.


Miyabi shook Koji trying to get Koji to snap out of it. Koji had shut himself inside his room for months and telling from the stench he hadn't come out to shower… or even bothered to clean his room.

"Snap out of it, Koji! Quit trying to blame everything on yourself! This happened because you didn't know your powers were capable of this. Haven't you ever realized you could learn to control these powers? At the end of the day, its still you… even if that part killed your family!" Miyabi had paused to observe Koji. Koji didn't give any reaction as he sullenly stood there. "Where did that arrogant son of a bitch go? He was confident in his powers. He was proud of what he accomplished in his age. Now you're just… Scared, Koji. Scared and terrified like a baby who thinks he can't beat his powerful family by himself. Why am I the only one who thinks you could?"

Koji brushed Miyabi away from him. He didn't want to hear this.

"Miyabi… I don't need to hear this. Just leave me alone and let me mourn," Koji said in a quiet tone.

"Because a year and half wasn't enough? I didn't come here to lecture your pathetic ass. You want to know the truth, Koji, because you need to hear this," Miyabi snapped. Koji glared at Miyabi.

"No I don't fucking want to hear it! Just get out and leave me in peace," Koji cried shoving his friend out the door.

"Koji… your grandmother is a cruel son of a bitch to go to that extent to get you on her side," Miyabi muttered from the other side of the door. Koji threw open the door to confront Miyabi.

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?"

"She fooled you… Yuzuyu…"

Koji was feeling faint as he heard the name. He felt dizzy as the room spun. All he could see was blood.


End Flashback

Koji had been so traumatized back then after learning what he'd done to his family. He had barely been able to function when he heard about his parents or his younger sister.

Now he heard Miyabi's words loud and clear. Like a haze was broken in that memory.

She's alive.

Alive. His younger sister was alive? What would bring Miyabi to say something so insane? Then again… his grandmother was harsh in trying to get through to him. To make him that perfect heir to the family.

Before the zombies could throw him into his prison, Koji slammed the zombies holding onto him into each other. Despite how numb his limbs were, he fought with the zombies. The masked man grabbed a hold of Koji as the other zombies began to hold on tightly with their boney arms.

Koji was dragged inside the room. Too weakened to even attempt to struggle anymore, the masked man chained him with a thick iron collar around his neck.

Before the door shut Koji managed a dark, defiant smirk that was unlike him and declared," If I ever get out of here, I will crumble the syndicate my grandmother is so proud of. This time… I will follow through with it!"