Book III

Chapter 28

"Holy shit! What did you do to Ethan? Or did he just finally lose his marbles over his vampire conspiracies?"

Lillie and Loki turned to the voice to find a dark haired boy running up to Ethan to check on him and frowned.

"We'll go with he went crazy," Lillie said followed with a nervous laugh as her eyes widened in bewilderment at the boy," Wow Tobias… you're in school…"

The boy scrunched up his nose.

"It hasn't been that long. I missed only five days of school," the boy said in a nonchalant manner as he flicked Ethan in the forehead.

Ethan didn't seem to react for a long moment staring off into space before he suddenly reacted with a loud," OUCH! TOBY?!"

Tobias smirked at Ethan and annouced," He's okay!"

Loki turned to look at Lillie as a wry, patronizing smirk began to cast over his lips.

"You're lucky that he didn't end up stupid," Loki remarked to Lillie. Lillie glared at Loki in response while Tobias snorted at the comment.

"Yeah right. He's already hit his head one too many times before Lillie got to him," Tobias retorted causing Ethan to glare at Tobias and Lillie to gap at him.

They both simultaneously proclaimed out loud to Tobias at their frustrations.



"Everyone witnessed it," Tobias said in a droll manner at Lillie as he crossed his arms and said," Unless they became blind for a few seconds or were distracted by him..." as Tobias arched a brow at Loki and questioned," I've never seen a Cyclops in school before. Are you new here?"

Loki rolled his eye at that comment.

"Yes, I'm the new kid," Loki responded in annoyance. Lillie's attention was diverted as Koji had come up to her glancing at each of the others.

"Could I talk to you before class... alone?" Koji questioned looking slightly nervous and determined. Lillie frowned.

"Sure," Lillie said. Tobias had a glare cast on Koji causing Koji to give him an odd look. Koji turned his attention back to Lillie.

"Maybe... later," Koji said as he walked away. Tobias had snapped his attention to Lillie. His expression had changed instantly from joking around to completely serious and stern.

"Don't trust him. Just stay away from him," Tobias stated evenly before walking off in the opposite direction of Koji. Lillie frowned at Tobias' quick change of mood as she gave a questioningly look to Loki. Loki shrugged. Ethan had run after Tobias.

"I seriously don't know what just happened," Lillie said blinking in confusion. Loki frowned. Then the bell rung signaling classes were beginning. Loki began to walk away from Lillie.

"Have fun in class."

"Aren't you going?" Lillie inquired. Loki laughed at that.

"If you're going to drag me into this building from 9 am to 3pm… you are sorely mistaken that I am going to sit in a class."

Michaela stood over Zero, who was still unconscious lying in the bed. He had snuck into the house hoping no one would discover him. His expression didn't give away what he was about to do as he tilted his head to the side to observe Zero for a long moment.

Why… won't you wake up? He wondered to himself. His memories were slowly returning to him what he had done while he wasn't in his right mind. Zero had drained him to snap him out of control but it wasn't for him. What was Zero's main objective when he used the last of his powers? Didn't Michaela's energy charge Zero?

Michaela touched Zero's forehead feeling like he was being ripped away from his body. He frowned scanning his surroundings to see a garden with flowers wilting away in front of a mansion.

Michaela turned sensing a pair of eyes watching him. Zero was standing there with a small smile over his lips.

"Kai, it has been quite a long time," Zero greeted in a friendly manner. Michaela furrowed his brow at Zero in suspicion.

"Zero…" he greeted hesitantly. Zero cocked his head at Michaela.

"You clearly have some questions you want me to answer… However, I can only answer them in here," Zero exclaimed indicating his surroundings. Michaela frowned.

"You took my life force… and you caused me to lose myself. You know how I need it to survive."

"I apologize for that. However, I was in a desperate situation. The condemned were after Lillie and I needed some protection. I wasn't about to let them take me away so easily or get to Lillie. I wanted to dwindle their numbers," Zero explained.

"You were using me as a shield… Your plan could have gone wrong. I could have drained you."

"I knew that you wouldn't. You always go for the strongest because it would last you longer," Zero said. Michaela diverted his gaze from him reflecting on a memory of him draining two humans.

"Not when I am... desperate."

Zero cocked his head at Michaela as he seemed to be listening to something in the air before a indecipherable glint past through his blue eyes and had a critical expression marring over his face.

"Do not play on his side, Kai. Hatred won't win wars... You can't always be the one to sacrifice a piece of yourself. You never gain anything from it. The elder Hellraine is no longer here to rule your life," Zero exclaimed and paused for a moment to add," She needs to know your existence."

Michaela bit his lower lip as he shook his head.

"I don't care for glory or recognition," Michaela stated and let out a loud sigh," I will not be added as another burden to her that she'll regret."

Zero furrowed his brows as he spoke in a gentle tone," You know that isn't it."

Michaela had a solemn expression over his face. This was a sore subject for him as he attempted to change the topic.

"I didn't come in here for this... Seth is making his move... I'm sure he'll come to you soon. You know his hatred for-"

Zero narrowed his eyes on Michaela causing him to stop in mid sentence.

"Like I have told you time and time again, do not put yourself in the middle of this," Zero stated in a warning tone. Michaela's eyes seemed to deaden.

"No. I was in the middle of it from the time I was brought into the Ezrae family."

Stark sat outside of the house on the front porch to get some fresh air. It was better than standing in the bookstore where he was through being distracted.

Stark was examining the book watching as the pages changed into a subject that he wanted to know more about.

Across the page, it began to tell a story about a hunter who wanted to obtain power in order to be able to defend his village from the supernatural creatures that preyed on them. This hunter decided that every dead supernatural creature he would consume them hoping their strength and power would flow into him and he would gain it.

As he continued to kill and consume after many years, he realized little by little he was growing stronger, and that his aging seemed to slow slightly. Eventually he had figure out how to call on the dead and he began to perfect this skill. From then on, it carried through the generations of his bloodline. The story had ended.

Stark was left with even more questions than answers. The story had been more of an old tale to tell to children than the real story of how hunter families had come to possess their powers.

"You lead quite a tedious life here, Anselm."

Stark had a weary look over his face as he glared at the male that looked to be around seventeen taking a step closer to him. He sensed the underlying bloodthirst and sadistic air that crackled around this menacing male.

The male's lips began to quirk into a small, mischievous smirk as he took a step closer towards Stark. The male had streaks of green and blue in his black hair. His eyes seemed to continue to change colors from purple to green to blue and repeating once again.

"Once leading armies of demons to war… and now look at what you've become. Just a mundane existence…" the male gestured around them in an intimidating manner," Don't you want more than this?"

Stark forced a bad boy smirk as his gaze darkened on the male.

"And what business is it to you how I choose to live? How do you even know about me?"

"Your Hellraine is pretty naive. She's naive to believe that she can lead a peaceful life amongst humans without being hunted… She'll always be hunted... just like her predecessors," the male sneered. Stark's gaze had darkened at the male's words.

"You should just spit out what you came here to say. I tend to get bored easily and I might decide that your head would be better off detached from your shoulders."

The male chuckled low in his throat putting his hands into the sides of his pant pocket.

"Allies are important just so you know before you go around beheading every demon and god you see," the male said. Stark's gaze darkened as he slowly stood up from the steps he'd been sitting on.

"Allies? I don't know who the hell you are. You haven't given me any reason to trust you either," Stark exclaimed in a dark, sardonic tone. The male gave a small, insidious grin at Stark.

"Zarek, one of the Dogs to the elder Hellraine."

Without any hesitation, Stark swung his arm as his black sword appeared in his hand millimeters from beheading Zarek. Zarek leaped back still with that smirk over his lips.

"I take it… you don't like the elder Hellraine. The feeling's mutual, Anselm."

Seth was staring out of the balcony door of his apartment with a stoic, stern expression over his face as he saw a reflection on the door. A dark, largely built, cruel looking man was staring at him as he pushed his glasses up from his nose. Seth quickly turned around and was smashed into the balcony door causing it to crack by the man.

"Seth… You found where the Hellraine was, didn't you?" the man spoke in a raspy voice. Seth swallowed.

"I freed Zero... He should be with her. I was going to tell you, Wrath…" Seth trailed off as Wrath threw him across the living room.

"Don't tell me… you were off trying to fulfill your own vendetta with the Hellraine, Seth," Wrath spat as he made his way closer to Seth. He grabbed Seth by his jaw. Seth could feel Wrath's grip tightening as Wrath whispered into his ear," Your loyalties still lie with him. It's no wonder he says you're useless."

Wrath slammed Seth's head into the wall and walked out of the apartment casually. Seth began to slowly sit up wincing leaning against the wall away from the hole Wrath had made with his head. He had a blank expression cast over his face.

"Useless... huh?"