Tainted Blood

Book III

Chapter 28

Liam punched Loki across the face but, seconds later, 'Loki' had faded away. Then within in the distance he saw Alexis leave with a girl in hand causing him to scowl.

"This is just getting annoying," Liam cried in frustration. An evil laughter began echoing around Liam causing Liam to grind his teeth.

"It must be the pain in your back. It's making your temper worse," Loki said in a patronizing tone. Suddenly he appeared behind Liam and thrust his blade into Liam's shoulder causing Liam to quickly turn to slash his axe at Loki. Loki dodged it.

"I recall you stabbing my axe into my back," Liam spat. Then a throwing axe seemed to teleport into his other hand and he brought it down on Loki. Loki parried it with his own blade and kicked Liam in the side. Liam stumbled back several steps as he threw the axe at Loki.

Loki had almost dodged it but it scraped his left shoulder as it past. In that second, Liam had pushed off the ground towards Loki as he began turning into his demon form. His skin was beginning to grow what seemed to be a light shade of brown feathers. Fangs protruded from his mouth as his eyes seemed to resemble a bird's. His talons sharpened and elongated.

One of the axes had disappeared from his hand as he attempted to slash Loki across his front but had missed when Loki took a step back. Then Liam attempted to slash a second time with the same hand but a throwing axe appeared in his hand. Loki was caught off guard using his hand to grab Liam's wrist. Then Liam attempted to slash upwards with his other axe but Loki had caught his wrist.

Liam was smirking causing Loki to give him an odd look as he could sense something in the air behind him flying towards him.

Loki scowled. He bit his lower lip: dodge the axe or hold back Liam's weapons. Liam had an odd look cast over his face like he was listening to someone that couldn't be heard. Then Liam had leaped back at the last second. In a swift motion, Loki quickly dove out of the way of the axe. Liam caught it.

"It looks like I have no more reason to stay and fight," Liam said between clenched teeth and turned to run off causing Loki to look confused stopping in mid attack. What was Liam and the other attackers really doing here? Unless... they already got what they came for.

The male with the saber came at them fiercely pulling back his saber to slice it at Caleb.

Caleb ducked out of the path of the saber cutting horizontally through the air over his head. However, arrows came towards him causing him to roll out of their way as they nearly struck him. He was getting pissed at the arrows as he slammed his fist into the ground causing the floor to crack open tripping the archer.

Stark had flipped with one hand on the ground hitting the female's chin with his feet as he pushed off the ground with his hand landing on his feet. Then the male with the saber came at Stark instead, but Stark seemed to fade away.

Stark manipulated the energy around him causing him to seem like he had disappeared from the male's vision. The male with the saber seemed confused as he stopped in mid slash, which was an inch away from hitting the female going after Stark.

"Watch it," the female scolded. Stark appeared behind the male with the saber and shoved his hand through him. His hand had gone through the center of his chest. Stark had a rather dark, sadistic crooked smile across his face as the male fell at his feet. He was holding the male's heart in his hand.

"You guys shouldn't have broke into the house. I have the right to defend myself," Stark said in a sardonic tone as the hand that was holding the heart began to become engulfed with shadow entities," Who's next?"

"Yeah, why didn't you do that at the beginning?" Caleb snarled. Stark turned to look at him as the shadow entities disappeared. He gave a wry, cocky smirk.

"Advice from me to you. Watch out."

The archer attempted to use his bow as a sword slashing diagonally at Caleb. Caleb dodged it and caught the bow in his hand. It cut into his hand but he ignored it and used his other hand to dug his claws into the archer. The archer had grabbed an arrow from the pouch he carried behind him despite struggling. He ignored the pain and attempted to stab at Caleb. However, Caleb quickly stabbed his hand into the archer's heart causing the archer to let go of the arrow collapsing to the ground.

Stark had dodged the female's attack swiftly as he kneed her in the stomach and then elbowed her in the face disorienting the female. Out of nowhere, Aiden had appeared behind the female and stabbed him on the left side of her back. Stark raised an eyebrow at Aiden. Aiden had a deranged grin cast over his face as he began to lick the blood off his fingers.

"I feel refreshed like I haven't been in the last few hours," Aiden remarked taking a breath in. The female had fallen to the ground grimacing. Stark crossed his arms at Aiden.

"Weren't you dying about a few minutes ago?"

"I was feeling better when I woke up after you snapped my neck," Aiden said.

"Huh. Maybe I should've just snapped your neck when the immortal hunter stabbed you. Would have saved me all the trouble."

Caleb frowned when he looked at the spot where the archer, the female, and the male wielding the saber should be lying dead but they were gone.

"Did you know the Sasaki family are deeply connected into the supernatural world? As far as reaching Hell," Wrath began with a deep, sinister voice. Lillie frowned.

"Don't tell me you kidnapped me to tell me a story about the Sasaki family," Lillie remarked in a droll tone. Wrath glared at her.

"Because they're after you. They seek to control your power and guardians. What better way to gain a powerful group of demons than control a Hellraine. Their power… Their guardians…"

Lillie's brows seem to come together as she frowned at Wrath looking disturbed and becoming serious.

"You don't need me to help you kill the Sasaki family," Lillie stated.

"Despite my name, I cannot go into a powerful family recklessly. Some high ranked demons in Hell tend to get angry when you mess with their… liaison of sorts. If you don't want the Sasaki family to get a grip on you, then you better deal with them fast," Wrath exclaimed and continued," What better way than using my… power and subordinates."

Lillie began to shake her head slowly.

"They haven't done anything to me yet. I can't do that to Koji... I don't to make him suffer," Lillie said. Wrath glared at Lillie for a long moment before sending a menacing air towards her causing her to be taken aback.

"You are nothing like your father," Wrath stated with a malicious tone. Lillie's eyes widened in surprise.

"You knew my father?" she questioned.

"Your father rose above his enemies when they wanted him dead or alive so they could control his powers or become his guardian to gain that power they spoke about. He ruled over them with a cruel, cold heart. He was powerful… a symbol to those who bowed at his feet. It's too bad he's gone now," Wrath exclaimed. Lillie looked scared and disturbed at the mention of her father like a memory flashed into her mind staring blankly into the floor.

However, Wrath continued in a slightly revolted tone," You're different than your father. You hide from those that want you dead, or want to have your power only because they fear you… and want to be what you are… No drop of blood that runs through you is human yet you want to live their life… Pathetic! However, there could be something else besides Hellraine blood in you…"

"I don't want to be like him. He didn't care for anyone… Not his guardians… Not those that served him. No one," Lillie cried furiously. Wrath gave a low, evil chuckle.

"I don't think you should be acting all sanctimonious. I've heard of your guardians. Their history with you. Let's just say none of them wanted to be your guardian or the power that came with it. Truthfully usually guardians do want the power... They are drawn to it," Wrath sneered at her. Lillie was shaking with all her emotions she had kept inside her.

"You don't know anything! Don't act like you're an expert!" Lillie screamed causing Wrath to grin at the anger that curled off her.

"Your first guardian never wanted to be your guardian… though he never expected it since he wasn't picked to be one in the first place. He was your childhood friend. Someone you knew all your life… Despite you knowing he didn't want to live the life of a guardian, you still made him become your guardian," Wrath exclaimed.

"You make it sound easy! You don't know what could've happened if I spoke up," Lillie's voice shook. Wrath leaned closer to her.

"Admit to it… deep inside, you didn't want to be alone anymore and you wanted him to stick by you. It's what a guardian does. It's part of their instincts. You were being selfish," Wrath stated in her ear. Lillie bit her lower lip controlling the urge to wreck the entire place into pieces.

"It wasn't true," she said under her breath.

"Your second guardian… now that… is interesting. An advice to you… you should've learned when a dog should be put out of his misery or they could go rabid… Want to know the reason why he left a century ago? You should ask Alexis," Wrath exclaimed indicating Alexis with a gesture of his hand. Lillie glanced at Alexis and Alexis had a troubled expression over his face.

"Hellraines never care for their guardian's feelings… whether they wanted to be turned or not… They listen to their instincts… Will that person help me survive longer? Is he powerful enough to protect me from my enemies? They are a chess piece capable of succeeding my goals is those instinctual thoughts. You know it deep down… Your instincts told you to make them your guardians and you followed it."

"It wasn't my instincts… I wanted to help," Lillie's voice shook. Why did it seem like she was just convincing herself? She'd always had those questions racing through her mind.

"You must've also wondered if your guardians genuinely cared for you or was it because of the tainted black blood that was given to them. I'll tell you it's only the blood you gave them that they care about you," Wrath exclaimed pausing for a moment to let Lillie absorb what he had said. Lillie was staring into the ground with a conflicted look in her eyes. "After everything I told you, are you going to take action on your enemies because you should keep in mind… for how much longer will the Sasaki family leave you to your life before they attempt to control you?"

Lillie's gaze hardened.

"No matter what you say to me, I won't destroy the Sasaki family," Lillie cried sternly into Wrath's face.

"Maybe your guardians will be more willing... since I have you."