Book III

Chapter 29

Within the forest, a seemingly neglected lone house stood deep within the forest. However, this house was only an illusion. To a strong being, they could see through the illusion. In reality, it was a grand, intimidating house that overshadowed over the forest.

Within its walls, Wrath sat in one of its room in a rather foul mood on a platform made to look like a throne. With every pour of his being, he had a menacing and dangerous air and those that stood before him were even more intimidated from his large build. He hit the ground with his fists.

Two males were kneeled down before him causing them to flinch from Wrath's anger. One of the male had distinct orange-yellow eyes as a black haze passed through them who seemed to have an underlying hint of nervousness.

Wrath had narrowed his menacing eyes on the male.

"You obviously have become an idiot from being smacked around all these centuries that you would let a prisoner escape from under your nose, Alexis!" Wrath growled angrily. Alexis diverted his gaze to the ground.

"You could… control me fully then… this wo—" Alexis trailed off.

"ENOUGH! I don't have time to deal with this. I should end you," Wrath boomed. Alexis' eyes widened.

"I can search for the elder Hellraine's warrior. I'm sure he wouldn't have gone too far... He doesn't have anyone except for the Hellraine," Alexis spoke in a desperate manner. Wrath glared at him before he seemed to have a sudden realization as a small, insidious smirk began to cross over his lips.

"I suppose you haven't become that stupid... after all. Our prisoner would have no where to go except for the one being that he can turn to for self preservation," Wrath exclaimed before he turned his attention towards the other male and commanded," Liam, go find the Hellraine and bring the Hellraine to me!"

Liam seemed to be uncomfortable as he bit his lower lip before he asked," How will… we know where the Hellraine is… her exact location?"

Wrath looked irritated at the question posed before him as he muttered," Minions... at least I'll be done with this one soon."

Liam was staring at him looking for an answer. Wrath narrowed his eyes at Liam.

"Once you find that escaped dog you'll be able to find her," Wrath snarled in impatience. Liam swallowed hard as he nodded slightly.

"Y-yes I understand, sir."

Lillie was relieved when she heard the bell sound, which meant that it was lunch time. She went to look for Loki wondering where he would have gone. She ended up going to the one place where it was quiet. Loki was lying on the rooftop soaking in the sun and looked to be sound asleep. He must have dozed off waiting for her. Lillie snuck up to him and kneeled down beside him about to poke him. Suddenly Loki's piercing silver eye snapped open and grabbed her wrist.

"Stop with all the poking," Loki said dryly. Lillie gave him an innocent smile.

"But you always wake up when I do. It's my magical touch," Lillie commented. Loki sat up grimacing.

"Yes, I always wake up at your touch," Loki retorted followed with an eye roll," How magical."

Lillie seemed to be observing Loki for a long moment as she furrowed her brows. Without a second thought, Lillie had lifted Loki's shirt as her eyes widened in shock at what she was seeing.

"You really are quite straight forward aren't you? You could have just asked," Loki said coolly. Lillie glared at him. Loki's wounds were looking worse than the actual injuries that shadow being had caused. His skin around the wound were changing into a dark grey and his veins were turning black around the area.

"This is serious. Why didn't you say anything?" Lillie cried at him. Loki's expression turned to ice.

"I was going to figure it out on my own. I was planning on finding that thing that attacked while we were saving Zero and make it tell me what it did to me. Instead I fell asleep." Lillie smacked him across the shoulder. Loki scowled," I'm injured here."

"I could've told you! You're going to die, Loki! If this continues in your body, it'll destroy every part of you. You won't go to hell. It'll shatter your essence... what makes you exist in this universe!" Lillie cried in frustration. She was truly concerned for Loki. Lillie had to do something to heal him...

However, only the one that had done this could undo it. Her powers were severely weakened and she wouldn't be able to help but Caleb and Stark were fully capable of it. They could find him.

"When I hear anything involving that elder Hellraine, my mood tends to get pretty foul," Stark exclaimed darkly twirling his black sword in his hand. He had disappeared from where he had been standing and then appeared behind Zarek slashing the black sword down on him. However, Zarek rolled away as the black sword hit the ground uprising the dirt and causing a scar on the ground in its path. Zarek clenched his teeth staring at how far the scar on the ground went. The strength behind that black sword was pretty amazing, but he could sense a darkness about it.

"Do you even know what the Dogs of the Hellraine are? That you would attempt to kill me?" Zarek questioned in a low tone. Stark snorted in a derision.

"Know? Of course. Dogs are warriors. Warriors that were trained to kill any that opposed him. Warriors that are eternally bound and cursed to his bloodline. In other words, they're enslaved morons who were fooled," Stark exclaimed in a cruel tone with a small, wicked smirk cast over his lips.

"Morons?" he spat in anger. "You don't know anything about us!" as Zarek swung a punch at Stark. Stark leaned back to avoid it as he was nearly hit with Zarek's other fist. Stark grabbed his wrist and twisted it as he heard it crack. Then he kneed Zarek in the stomach and in a quick motion had stabbed the black sword into him. "Most of us... were imprisoned after that war..." Zarek managed to say as he grimaced from the stab wound. His knees buckled from under him from his waning strength as he managed a bitter smirk at Stark and added with underlying venom," Left to rot because of our forced alliance... to him."

Stark still had a rather dark, sadistic smirk plastered over his face as he twisted the sword in Zarek and said in a dark, satirical tone," Well... we all have our cross to bear but its pathetic you believe I would sympathize."

Zarek coughed up blood. He shouldn't be this badly injured from a stupid sword. This was no ordinary sword. He narrowed his eyes on Stark.

"What... is your sword...?"

Stark gave a small laugh.

"You're going to find out..." Stark trailed off as he let go of his black sword and took a step back to watch. He continued in a sadistic manner," You'll be asking for mercy. Its actually quite thirsty. After all, it seems my mundane life doesn't involve a lot of enemies to kill."

Zarek's eyes widened as he felt like he was beginning to get swallowed by the sword embedded in his chest. He attempted to pull it out but failed miserably. The black sword wasn't going to let him go from its darkness. Then he could hear voices whispering to him. A punch across his face snapped him out of it as he focused on the devil before him. Stark had bent down to be at eye level.

"Tell me, Dog, you said you were imprisoned. How the hell did you escape?" Stark inquired darkly. Zarek's entire body was weakening by the minute.

"If I answer, will you pull this sword out of me?" he asked between clenched teeth.

Stark seemed slightly amused.

"Sure. I'll put you out of your misery if I like your answer," Stark replied deviously. Zarek held an unsure look in his eyes hesitating for a long moment.

"I was able to escape fr-" Zarek was interrupted when he ended up with two curved blades against his throat in a V shape. The black sword had been pulled out roughly and tossed aside. Michaela stood over Zarek with an emotionless look over his face.

"I wouldn't trust what he has to say," Michaela stated to Stark. Stark clicked his tongue out of irritation.

"Kai, you have such good timing," Stark greeted in a dark, sardonic tone. Michaela gave a blank stare at Stark.

"It has definitely been a while, Anselm."

Zarek scowled as he turned to Michaela with hatred filling his eyes. "What the hell are you doing, you bastard?"

Michaela cut his double curved blades into Zarek's neck.

"Whatever way you used to escape, you are an idiot to come running here... You obviously have a death wish, Zarek."

Sebastian slowly opened his eyes to find himself locked in a cage as he quickly sat up. He slowly observed his surroundings in complete shock. There were others locked up in cages, who looked worse than him considering he lost his arm and was in agony. He could barely move. His entire body was screaming at him to stay still.

"Is this… Hell?" he muttered to himself. It sure as hell sounded like hell with painful moans coming from the numerous cages.

"Hell?" a weak, raspy voice questioned with an underlying bitterness form beside him as it began to chuckle humourlessly and then cough heavily. Sebastian turned to the voice to find a male that was wearing a rather bloody t-shirt and seemed to have been tortured from the numerous cuts and bruises marring his body.

"Who are you?"

"Me? I was released from Hell… A condemned like you. I was captured by a bunch of… odd things that smelled of death. I've been here since then and so have the others," the male explained in a rather quiet tone enough for Sebastian to hear. Sebastian furrowed his brows. He had wondered where the other condemned had gone and why they hadn't been searching for the Hellraine.

"Where are we? What is this place?"

The male had leaned in closer to the bars separating him and Sebastian. His gaze had darkened. Sebastian shivered at what the male had said to him next in an ominous tone," A place where you wish you were in Hell or anywhere else instead of here."