Tainted Blood

Book III

Chapter 29

Koji raced at the masked man attempting to punch him but the masked man had dodged causing him to hit the floor instead. A crater formed from the impact of his punch. In a quick motion, he round house kicked the masked man across the face.

"To escape… you would use the monster part of you that killed your family. Are you accepting what you are," the masked man inquired. Koji gave him an emotionless look ignoring his question and leaped up to kick him. The masked man ducked.

"Unable to control that side still? Every member of your family has learned how to… eventually," the masked man remarked grabbing Koji's leg and brought his other arm down on his leg. A crack could be heard causing Koji to stumble but he didn't seem to register the pain.

Suddenly two undead appeared behind the masked man grabbed him restraining his movements. The undead had killed most of the henchmen that had come to stop his escape and were rising from the dead again. They began to limp towards the masked man passing Koji. Koji seemed to disappear amongst the crowd of the undead causing the masked man to look around.

"You can't escape this place," the masked man cried as the undead begun to attack him mercilessly looking like they were engulfing him. He could feel their nails digging into his skin clawing at him and attempting to sink their teeth into him.

Koji had landed behind the masked man glancing over his shoulder at the masked man one last time before running off. However, he stopped in his steps when he couldn't get through an invisible barrier. He seemed to come back to his senses when he had touched the barrier.

Koji saw an image of a girl in a white robe racing out of this same hallway. Then multiple gunshots rang through his mind. The girl fell to her feet bleeding profusely. Then he returned to reality feeling all the darkness clouding his judgment was fading.

Did he just learn to control… that side of him? He had been so scared to be that side of himself… He never thought it would be possible.

And that girl he saw… what was that? Did a girl die at this spot he stood at? He'd always been able to see things no one else could see… See images if anyone died tragically in a place he was in, but it had stopped when his family died.

Koji was distracted by his thoughts when suddenly an undead grabbed him from behind pulling him away from the barrier.

"You shouldn't get lost in thought," the masked man spoke as the undead began to drag him back towards the room he had been trapped in.

"How did you gain control over—" Koji began. The masked man leaned in inches away from Koji's face.

"You don't know anything about your family, Koji. You… have a long ways to become the heir to this family."

Zero had the male restrained holding his throat tightly. The male gasped for air as he gave Zero a glare. Zero saw a black haze past through the male's eyes and he realized a guardian was controlling the male.

"Wrath wants the Hellraine," the male said simply. Zero furrowed his brow knowing full well who was behind this. The dark god was already acting. Freedom and chaos was the only thing on the dark god's mind.

"Is Wrath doing this for the dark god," Zero questioned causing the male to stare blankly at him.

"I won't tell you. I… can't," the male spoke slowly. Zero's pale blue eyes glinted mysteriously. He seemed to be deep in thought for a second. The male got the chance to fight back kicking Zero away and leaping to his feet.

Zero didn't bother moving from his place. The male stared at him for a long moment as if trying to see through to his true form. He could see golden wings and an ethereal light surrounded Zero.

"I heard of you. Silver hair… pale blue eyes… In Hell… you were spoken about as much as the Hellraine," the male exclaimed. Zero listened to him intently," No one knew what you were neither god nor demon. They only knew you were… powerful."

Zero remained quiet for a long moment looking slightly sullen at what the male had said to him.

"Speaking of me… isn't going to save you," Zero whispered. In a flash, he had his hand on the male. The male's eyes widened horrified. He felt his life force beginning to leave him. The very essence that made him exist was leaving flowing into this… being. He was fading… He stared at his hands as it began to slowly crumble into dust.

"Stop! I'll tell you everything! PLEASE STOP! I can be useful to you!" the male pleaded desperately. However Zero wasn't listening to him too concentrated on what the male had said to him previously.

"Powerful?" he whispered. A haunted gaze flinted pasted Zero's pale blue eyes," I'm not powerful… I'm only a used up being."

The male became nothing but dust at Zero's feet.

Wrath had stomped out of the temple after Lillie had refused him leaving Alexis to stand guard. He kept glancing at her sitting there unmoving staring blankly into the ground. He had diverted his gaze every time she noticed him looking.

Lillie needed to find a way to escape but she was too distracted by what Wrath had said to her. It disturbed her and yet some part of her wondered if he was right. There was some truth in Wrath's words. No matter how harsh it was… she knew… She felt like she was such a horrible person. The darkness that was inside her… She never let it control her… It was wrong and she knew it.

Stark and Caleb had been there for her and protected her from danger but she could never help wondering… Was it them that wanted to protect her and be there for her? She always suspected that it was being her guardian that kept them from living their own life. Maybe Wrath was right... It brought back her memory of how upset and angry Stark had been at her when he first turned into her guardian.


"Lillie, why didn't you speak up?" Stark snapped at her angrily. Lillie seemed to be holding up Stark. Stark was sweating profusely. Despite how angry he was at her, he was putting a little weight on her to stand upright.

"You just got over a fever… for two days…. And attacking things that weren't there… Stark just rest and you can yell later," Lillie protested.

"I'm your guardian, Lillie! You can't take it back! My parents don't even give a shit about me anymore! They think I'm nothing… not a demon… Just some freak," Stark cried at her in frustration and said in a furious tone," I never wanted this!"

Lillie began to tear up.

"I know I should've… but I—" Lillie spluttered. Stark took in a deep breath trying to calm down.

"But you were scared, right? You took care of me… The only one who did… I don't even know if this is really my feelings anymore… or if this is just the black blood..." Stark said almost to himself causing Lillie to attempt to hold him up as Stark began to fall to the ground. Lillie had fallen to her knees to hold him up letting him rest his head on her shoulder. Stark seemed to have fainted. Tears ran down Lillie's cheek.

"There's nothing else to say... Just I'm sorry, Stark," she whispered to him.

End Flashback.

Lillie believed that Stark had never truly forgiven her for not fighting more for him because she was too afraid to stand up to her father.

Then her stomach dropped as her thoughts turned to Caleb. Caleb had a tragic past and they had crossed paths when they were children. She had regretted leaving him behind. Her regret had made her find Caleb and he had been beaten severely to the point of dying. She decided to turn him into a guardian to save his life.


Lillie slowly walked towards the bed where Caleb was sitting staring at the blankets on him slightly bewildered and confused. He seemed to be trying to remember how he had got here. He hadn't noticed Lillie in the room.

"You were… dying... You're my guardian now..." Lillie spoke carefully causing Caleb to jump at the voice and turn to Lillie. Caleb furrowed his brows as he finally remembered what had happened. He literally winced as if remembering how painful it was mentally and physically.

"I… died," he breathed. Then his gaze darkened on Lillie and growled," YOU SHOULD'VE LET ME DIE! FOR GOOD!"

Lillie bit her lower lip flinching at the torturous expression he was giving her at this moment. She could hear the underlying tiredness in his voice of living.

Caleb thought he had found peace… that he was dead… for good. There was nothing in his life to look forward to but the pain and suffering brought onto him. No one cared about him. At least in death… he wouldn't have to face it anymore.

"I'm sorry," Lillie whispered quietly realizing she didn't save him… Why hadn't she save him when he was a child?

The horrible scars that went down to his soul would never heal and it would haunt him every single day in his sleep.

Just one action and it would have changed it all… but… she didn't… It took her so long to come back to him…

Caleb swallowed hard staring at her for a long moment biting his lower lip turning away from her.

"No, I'm sorry," he said bitterly.

End Flashback.

Lillie bit her lower lip so she wouldn't cry at the reminder of the day she had turned Stark and Caleb. Both of them reacted in anger and frustration towards her, and she understood why. They had never asked for this…

Maybe those two did stay with her because of the black blood she gave them that had made them guardians. With that, loneliness swept through her. She turned her attention to Alexis for a long moment. Wrath had treated him badly and here he was doing what was asked of him.

"Why are you doing what he asks after treating you like that? Are you masochistic," Lillie questioned causing Alexis to seem taken aback.

"I... just know I have to obey," Alexis said hesitantly. The black haze had past through Alexis' eyes and then seemed to disappear. Maybe she could... free him... save him... Lillie got up from her place and began to walk closer towards him as she slowly reached out to him.

"Whatever hold he has on you… I can help you break free from it!"

Wrath had walked through the front door of the large house with a devious smile over his face. He stepped in the center of the entrance foyer and looked at the curved staircase leading upstairs.

"Knock, knock… I have your Hellraine," he called out loud enough for the entire house to hear. His attention was caught at a presence behind him.

"Loud enough?" Loki said dryly. Wrath raised a brow looking curious and surprised.

Loki could sense something weird about Wrath. He couldn't understand the feeling... A dark, chilling feeling... He could feel the shadows inside him. A power... dark and chilling just like what Wrath was surrounded by.

"You… are a guardian," Wrath stated and began laughing deep in his throat," I didn't know she made another one… He never mentioned it."