Tainted Blood

Chapter 29

Alexis was sitting there a few meters from Lillie with a slightly concerned expression in his bluish-green eyes, but he stayed silent.

Lillie was staring at Caleb unblinkingly. Despite the turmoil within her, she needed to find a way out of here with Caleb. Her thoughts kept going back to Seth's words about Caleb and it made her wonder if she had been selfish bringing back Caleb from the dead with her cursed black blood. Was it all just instincts for her no matter how much she wanted it not to? She would always have that darkness inside her… but she tried to never let it control her actions. With Caleb… she didn't seem to care what he wanted.

Caleb had wanted to die… He wanted to get away from all the pain he had suffered from for far too long, but she wouldn't let him even have that peace.

With that, loneliness and guilt swept through her, and finally glanced at Alexis, who diverted his gaze away. Seth had mistreated him yet there he was… still here… Guarding her.

"Why are you even still here?" Lillie asked in a small voice causing Alexis to look at her slightly taken back.

"I… just know I have to stay here…" he trailed off in a hesitant manner. The black haze past through his eyes and then faded away. He was fighting against the shadows that were controlling a part of him.

Lillie knew that those shadows were capable of controlling a demon partially or fully. A demon fully controlled would decay in mind faster and their body would follow. However, a demon that was partially controlled would barely have their mind affected. It would be a very slow process before it would decay their mind...

Lillie could still free him. Maybe she had regained enough power by now…

Lillie had gotten up from her place to close the distance between her and Alexis. Alexis seemed slightly surprised looking at her with a puzzled look.

"Whatever hold he has on you… I can help you break free. Then… we'll get out together."

Lillie bent down in front of Alexis as she cupped her hands against Alexis' face. Alexis seemed to be weary of her but he didn't flinch away. After a while, nothing happened.

Alexis stared at her for a long moment waiting for something to happen and then he cocked his head in confusion.

"Are you… having trouble performing?" Alexis asked with a frown. Lillie scrunched up her nose.

"It happens to everyone sometimes!" Lillie cried defensively. It was that stupid pocketknife. Her desire to keep her powers hidden had totally come back to bite her in the butt. In some ways, Lillie had seen her powers as a different part of her… the darker side.

Currently she could hear it whispering to her. Without the pocketknife, her powers were coming back very slowly.

"Were you… there when Seth did this Caleb?" Lillie questioned trying to ignore her internal conflict. Alexis nodded slightly. "Did… Caleb get a chance to fight back?"

Alexis frowned.

"He was barely capable of moving. The poison had already been in his system for a while, but he put up a good fight despite that. Seth nailed him to the wall before he could cause any more damage," Alexis explained. Lillie managed a small absent smile.

"He always did fight until the bitter end…" Lillie trailed off as she turned to look at Caleb. She could hear the voice in her consciousness speaking to her.

Ignore him… He is more than capable of freeing himself. His will is strong… but the other one… Lillie turned her attention back to Alexis. He can help us out of here…

Her instincts were telling her what she should do to get out of this place. It agitated her that she was trapped in here.

"But… there is another way to free you," Lillie stated. Alexis seemed even more puzzled by her change of topic back to him," He has a hold of your weakness. It's why he is controlling you… Eventually, you'll be a shade of yourself."

Lillie stared at him conflicted on her decision that was floating in the back of her mind. She didn't need a lot of her shadow powers to infuse it into her blood. It was what made the black blood. It was what flowed through her guardians.

He'll be able to help you… You are trapped in this place… Who knows what could happen to you. He's capable of helping you… Make him one… the voice continued.

Alexis couldn't register what she was saying. It was as if darkness was blocking that part of his judgment telling him he had to be loyal to Seth... Obey him. He was attempting to register that memory fighting through the darkness despite how painful it felt the closer he got to it. It made him feel guilty and shame…

The darkness made those feelings disappear… but from time to time he could fight it. Then he would let it control him again because he didn't like those feelings.

Suddenly Lillie shoved him through the sliding door catching Alexis off guard as she ended up sitting on him pinning him to the ground.

"You might forgive me… you might not… but I can't let you be controlled for your weaknesses or pain," Lillie said as she shoved her hand into Alexis' chest squeezing his heart causing him to be unable to do anything against her.

Alexis grimaced at the pain that was sent through his entire body unable to even push Lillie off him. He could feel the tug of his heart. Before he could grasp what was going on, he had blacked out.

Loki and Stark snapped their attention towards the window sensing a dangerous, bloodthirsty aura coming towards them at a lightning speed.

"I have a feeling you know a lot more about this than me," Loki exclaimed icily.

"I do know a lot more about this than you. You don't even know half of it," Stark said in a wry, cocky tone. Loki glared at Stark.

"What do you mean by that? You might as well spit it out. I'll be around for a really long time," Loki said in a cold, cool manner. Stark gave a bad boy smirk.

"After Lillie got you out of Hell, she made a sort of blood pact with you. It means you're her guardian… All the rumors about a Hellraine capable of giving their powers to demons… Well that isn't a rumor," Stark exclaimed.

Loki had slightly cringed as he knew what Stark was getting at. Every demon knew the Hellraine was capable of giving them power but it meant there would be a sacrifice in it. Free will. Not only did he sell his soul… now he was her 'guardian'.

Loki's thoughts were distracted when a blur came crashing through the window straight towards Stark. Stark quickly manifested his black sword to parry a sharp object coming down on him. He looked into a pair of amber eyes in front of him.

"Seth," Stark greeted in an intimidating tone. Seth gave a wry, wicked smirk.

"Stark, it's been too long."

A wry, arrogant smirk began to cross onto Stark's lips.

"It has… from kicking your ass."

Alexis slowly opened his eyes inhaling a deep breath. He attempted to get up but his limbs felt weak. He directed a gaze at Lillie causing her to flinch.

"What did you do to me?"

Lillie bit her lower lip. Alexis seemed to roll into a ball clenching at his chest painfully. He screamed out in pain holding his head with his other hand. He began to reach out towards her.

Lillie's brows furrowed as she shuffled back cautiously from Alexis.

"My body feels like it's being swallowed by… something," Alexis said in a hoarse tone as he glanced at her," What did you do to me?"

Lillie swallowed hard at what Alexis was saying. Before she knew it, Alexis was beginning to slowly become engulfed by the shadows and began to slowly get up. In a blink of an eye, he was in front of her. Half of his face enveloped by the shadows causing his eye to glow crimson while his other eye remained his normal color.

He brought his claws down on her causing Lillie to roll out of the way as the shadows extended his reach causing him to destroy the path in front of him.

All his attacks barely missed her but Lillie could tell… he seemed to be losing it.

The shadows weren't easy to grasp. It was an inner battle to gain control over them. Most of the ones that had taken her blood would die or turn insane.

Lillie got up attempting to get away. Alexis, who was now fully engulfed by the shadows, came at her closing the distance. Alexis had red tattoos beginning to appear covering his left arm, neck, and the left side of his face and his left side of his stomach. It resembled swirls of a snake tail taking shape into vines and intricate pictures.

Lillie had reached the edge of the clearing but realized she had ended up back in the same spot. She couldn't leave this place. There was possibly a barrier around this goddamn place.

Alexis might be one of the ones able to come and go freely. Turning Alexis into a guardian may not have been the best idea, but she hated seeing anyone be controlled like a puppet by the powers that were given from the Hellraine blood.

With her weakened, Lillie needed Alexis to control his new dark powers… or she was dead.

Alexis could see the shadows appearing before him like they were about to attack him. He attempted to slash them apart before they would get a chance. He outstretched his hand as a scythe appeared. He sliced the scythe horizontally viciously at the shadows.

They seemed to slash apart but they appeared as they were again. Alexis was barely able to register his surroundings. Reality was blurring for him. His insides felt like they were burning and he could feel darkness engulfing him slowly. His surroundings began to change into a battlefield making him tense. Within the battlefield, armies of dragon-like demons appeared around him causing him to gaze out in shock. Wasn't his race dead? He'd betrayed them to the dark god.

His breathing grew ragged. There was a pained expression over his face. Then someone clapped a hand on his shoulder. He slowly turned to see a familiar face smirking at him. He would recognize this face anywhere. It haunted him like a ghost for a long time. His best friend…

Regret filled him.

"Lex, what are you daydreaming about? Don't tell me you're getting scared. We have to win this war."

Then he could hear war cries as legions of demons came flooding towards his army towards him as his army began dropping like flies. He was nearly blinded by the rush of his enemies as he prepared to battle them.

Author's Note:

I know some events are the same but I really liked them in the other version. Hopefully I can deal out chapters more frequently… and catch up to where the old version is. Enjoy the new chapter!