Tainted Blood

Chapter 30

Caleb could hear the sounds happening around him, but he was unable to move. The poison was causing his whole body to become numb, cold, and tormented by memories of his past. A particular memory had assaulted him remembering how weak and vulnerable he had been.


A small figure was hunched on the ground in front of Lillie, who was bending down to be leveled with him, as she reached her hand out for him. Lillie looked to be still just a child that looked to be eight in appearance. However she stood out in terms of her fancy attire. She was in front of a large house that seemed to loom over them.

There was concern in her eyes at how scared the boy before her was.

"Please… I-I didn' mean t' get in y-your w-way! D-don't hur' me!" the figure pleaded. He spluttered over his words hiding his face in his arms shaking in fear. Lillie blinked at him completely bewildered.

"I won't hurt you… Not for bumping into me. That would be stupid," Lillie said in disbelief at the thought of being so cruel for only bumping into her accidentally," It's really okay…"

"Y-you… aren' goin' t-to hit me?"

Lillie shook her head and realized the boy may not have seen it. She said," Of course not… It was an accident."

Suddenly a whip sounded landing on the boy's back causing him to flinch. Lillie looked up to see a tall, middle-aged male staring down at her with a curled lip.

"Was he doing anything to bug you, young one," the male questioned her in a gruff manner. Lillie got up from the ground shaking her head.

"No sir. He wasn't causing me any trouble," Lillie answered in a polite tone putting her hands behind her back as she looked up at the towering male before her innocently. The male kicked the figure on the ground roughly.

"Get up, boy!" the male snarled viciously. The boy slowly got up despite the pain in his stomach to reveal his face. He was horribly disfigured by beatings he seemed to have received but was never treated. Lillie had given him a sympathetic look towards him too shocked by the male's cruelty before her to say anything.

The commanding presence had made Lillie take a step back. The middle-aged male had grabbed the boy by his clothes and roughly shoved him forward with a foot. It caused the boy to nearly lose his footing but caught himself before he fell again.

"Get a move on, good for nothing," the male's voice boomed at him. The young, disfigured boy glanced over his shoulder at the girl, who was the only one in his entire life that showed him any hint of kindness. He was going to remember her even if the young girl would forget him he had thought absently to himself.

End Flashback

No one had ever given him any mercy even though he had been a child. They lashed out at him out of fear of how he had looked because of all the beatings he had taken. Except for Lillie.

Caleb had promised himself that he would never be that weak anymore and he would be able to protect the very few things important to him. That he would never let anything reduce him to that again. He fought against what the poison was doing to him. Any normal person would have never been able to resist its effects.

Caleb blinked his eyes open grimacing at the pain in his chest when he tried to breath. He felt pain in his shoulders as he looked down to find daggers. He grimaced as he pulled both daggers out roughly. He finally remembered what had happened before he was nailed to the wall with the daggers as he grumbled loudly," Damn them…"

Caleb fell to his knees unable to hold himself up. He winced before he heard a loud noise from outside. He could sense Lillie and then the same shadow powers that he possessed. Caleb had scowled.

Lillie might have created another guardian but how? Didn't she need her blood combined with her powers? She had that pocketknife with her…

Caleb could hear a heartbeat beating faster and faster from worry and fear. It was Lillie's… Confused and a little worried Caleb rushed to stand up as he tried to make his way to the sliding door but fell back to the floor. He clenched his teeth in frustration.

"Once I get my hands on Isaac or that bastard… I'm going to kill them both."

The scythe cut through the ground destroying the surrounding forest from the strength behind it. A crater was formed from the perimeter where the scythe had struck.

Lillie had barely been able to dodge from the devastating attack that just happened. She had no weapon to defend herself. Alexis seemed to be slashing at things that weren't there and it was like he had a grudge against it.

Lillie didn't even have a weapon to defend herself. Alexis had dumped the pocketknife when they had arrived to this place not wanted it to drain him.

Alexis was coming towards her at a speed she could barely comprehend ready to bring down the scythe on her. Lillie quickly dove out of the way. Alexis swung the scythe against causing Lillie to quickly grab the handle of the scythe taking the blunt of the attack as it picked up dust.

Lillie had ended up with a cut down her left shoulder causing her to wince. Alexis had put more strength behind it causing Lillie to skid a bit. His strength was crippling as she dug her foot into the ground. Lillie quickly let go and rolled away as the scythe cut straight ahead a few meters.

Alexis could only see his enemies flooding towards him as he slashed at them mercilessly with his scythe cutting them down. However, his enemies came at him engulfing him into the darkness.

Lillie watched on in horror as Alexis slashed wildly at something that wasn't there narrowly hitting her with the blunt of his attacks uplifting the dust and cracking the ground apart. The shadows were now fully surrounding him. Lillie could tell that Alexis was fighting against something she couldn't see.

Until the red tattoos began to show, Alexis was still on the verge of being ripped apart by the shadows or becoming an insane creature attacking anyone he saw fit. Alexis came towards her. When he swung the scythe, shadow-like curved blades seemed to ripple off from it. It didn't create as much damage hitting the ground lightly.

Lillie could only remember the numerous demons that had failed to overcome the shadows to become a guardian. If the shadows ever went against Alexis, she'd have to find a way to end him and in her current state she wasn't able to do that.

Alexis could see the dark god before him speaking but he couldn't hear what it was. The cruel smile lingering on the dark god's face sent a chill through him.

Alexis stopped in mid-slash as he let out a painful cry. The shadows were trying to rip him apart as shadow-like blades came outwards towards them.

Lillie stared in horror as shadow-like blade came straight at her. She couldn't defend against this… not in her current state. Lillie closed her eyes.

When nothing came at her, Lillie opened her eyes slowly to see someone had come in shielding her from the shadow-like blade. Her eyes widened.

"C-Caleb? H-how-"

Caleb had fallen to one knee as he scowled. Blood dripped from the stab wounds that he sustained on his shoulder.

"Lillie, don't close your eyes… Hasn't anyone told you that?" he growled deep in his throat. Lillie looked in concern at him. Her attention was caught as she heard Alexis' scream a few meters from them. Alexis was in pain and completely overwhelmed with a mixture of emotions. The injustice of whatever he was seeing.

"No more… No more… Make all of the pain stop," Alexis spoke in a demonic tone. Lillie swallowed. She wanted to make her way to Alexis. Caleb grabbed her wrist.

"He's losing… to the shadow powers when he started to attack wildly," Caleb growled at her maliciously. He seemed to be barely capable of holding himself up with a hand as he gave her a stern glare," He needs to be killed."

Lillie bit her lower lip looking at Caleb with a conflicted expression as she attempted to think of what she should do.

"No… I did this to him, Caleb, and I am going to try to help him control those shadows before you kill him. He can still be saved," Lillie exclaimed in a serious yet desperate tone.

Caleb managed to get to his feet stumbling backwards as Lillie helped him from falling back to the ground. He narrowed his dark eyes at her.

Caleb spoke in a rather low, ragged tone, "Then… Just hurry before I either give in to this damn poison... again, or I regret letting you drag me into helping you… again."

Stark shoved Seth away from him and then sliced horizontally causing Seth to take a step back to avoid it.

"I was never weak, Anselm. Don't make it sound like you've always beat me," Seth snarled in a biting tone. Stark gave a bad boy smirk towards Seth.

"You still believe that I never beat you. It's okay to live in your delusion, but I know the truth," Stark said in an obnoxious tone. Seth looked angered as the shadows began to engulf onto the long spear that he held in his hand. Stark's gaze darkened and spoke," Are you an idiot, Seth, to get that power?"

A smug smirk played onto Seth's lips as his amber eyes glinted dangerously.

"Now we're on even ground. Don't give me that shit. You have this power too," Seth sneered. Stark snorted.

"I never used it to kick your ass back then. I thought he taught you better."

Seth's jaw worked at the person Stark was referring to. It enraged and rattled him to his core and made his blood run cold.

"Don't you dare mention him in front of him, Anselm," Seth snarled viciously between clenched teeth. Without warning, he raced at Stark and swung his long spear at him. Stark jumped back skidding to the edge of the broken window. He arched a brow at Seth and with the arrogant smirk that was across his lip it almost seemed like he was challenging Seth.

"Is that all you have, Seth? I thought by now you would be better than this," Stark said with an intimidating manner leaping backwards out the window. Seth bit his lower lip looking outraged as he followed after Stark.

Seth swung his long spear into the ground causing the ground to crack trailing towards where Stark stood. Shadow followed the crack and burst apart where Stark was. Stark flipped backwards away from the attack barely able to dodge it as he felt the blunt of it against his throat. Before Stark could recover, Seth had appeared in front of him swinging the shadow-engulfed spear at him. Stark dodged it and used his black sword to deflect the shadow that followed close afterwards.

The blade of the black sword began to slowly crack and seemed to leak an ominous black air from it as it wrapped around the crack.

"You shouldn't have done that. You're making it angry," Stark said in a dark, sardonic manner. Seth looked at the black sword in disgust.

"That was never supposed to belong to you!" he said darkly.

"Those blood suckers were weaklings," Stark said in an obnoxious tone.

Seth had swung the long spear down at Stark causing him to try to block it with his black sword. However, it seemed to hiss and vibrate in Stark's hand attempting to eat away at his hand cracking apart. Stark scowled as he used his bare hand to quickly block the long spear from splitting him in half. Blood trickled from the palm of his hand. Seth smirked looking satisfied. Stark grimaced looking suspiciously at Seth.

"What is with that smug smirk of yours?" Stark questioned.

"You're going to find out soon enough."

Stark's eyes widened as he stared at his injured hand. The veins were becoming black trailing up his arm to the rest of his body. Poison. What kind of poison was this?


He was going to keep attacking until it rendered him unable to move. Stark shoved the long spear from his grip and then roughly swung his black sword down on Seth. Seth was flown out of the window and Stark followed after him.

Stark had a rather sadistic smile over his face. This was definitely becoming interesting for him… He hadn't been this excited for a fight in ages.

"Let me give you a fight you won't forget Seth. Not even the poison you coated on your spear will stop me," Stark exclaimed in a dark tone as he felt himself becoming weaker by the minute and his one arm was becoming paralyzing. At least his sword arm was still good as the shadows began to engulf up his arm.

Seth ran his tongue through his teeth and sneered," Just like that werewolf. You both are messed up barbarians. That werewolf and you never deserved those powers."