Book III

Chapter 30

Valentia was still furious over the fact someone had freed Loki from the depths of Hell. Loki would kill her if she were found as she mulled over what she would do next. She needed to kill Loki before he did the same to her. Then it was as if the universe was helping her as she glanced down into the streets. Her eyes widened and she gapped at the familiar face.

The male had an eyepatch over his left eye and he had piercing silver eye, who was walking alongside a girl coming out from the school. Valentia quickly ducked. She didn't need a second look to realize who that was because of those silver eyes.

"Loki," she breathed with contempt. She ground her teeth in frustration and her anger beginning to build. It was time she sent someone to get rid of him for good before he found out where she was and kill her. He'd probably make her suffer before killing her for payback.

It was perfect timing. With all the activity with demons and supernatural creatures, it would be easy to find an assassin having equal or better skills than Loki.

Lillie put her hand over Loki's forehead. Loki scowled at her while reassuring her," I'm fine."

"FOR NOW!" Lillie cried loudly. Lillie decided she wasn't going to go back to school for the other half of the day considering she had more concerns now. Loki looked to be fine at the moment but, in reality, he was hiding how sick he really was. Loki's forehead had been insanely warm. "You're burning up. It's a fever!"

Loki literally scoffed at the word fever and said coolly," Demons don't get fevers. Demons don't get sick."

Lillie shot him a stern glare.

"Clearly you don't know!"

"I clearly don't because that's all you've been telling me," Loki retorted icily as he cleared his throat. Lillie snapped her attention on him in a cautious manner. Then Loki coughed again. This time it sounded worse. Loki glanced at Lillie's overly worried expression. "Don't look like that. I'm alright," he spoke in a hoarse tone as his voice cracked slightly before he went into a coughing fit. Blood covered his hand and dripped down the side of his mouth. He grimaced. "Shit... I'm beginning to see a lot of blurry Lillies. This is... some sort of... nightmare..."

"Good to know how you feel about me. So much appreciation... after getting you out of hell," Lillie said in a droll tone. Loki convulsed like he was going to throw up as he felt nauseous. It felt like his insides were coming up.

Lillie literally jumped as Loki threw up onto the sidewalk and fell to the ground holding his head. He groaned. "I feel... like... I got... hit by a truck... then... backed over... twice..."

"Is he okay?" a voice questioned sounding concerned. Lillie turned to see Koji walking up to them.

"He's sick," Lillie answered simply attempting to help Loki stand. Koji ran to the other side to help support Loki.

"But... isn't he a demon? Can they even get sick?" Koji questioned looking completely confused and aghast.

"He is a demon..." Lillie trailed off. Loki groaned.

"You two... Quit talking about me. I shouldn't even be sick," Loki said under his breath slightly delirious. Lillie frowned at Loki, who had ended up resting his head on her shoulder. "I feel... so... human."

Koji seemed to be troubled over something. He couldn't stand here making small talk. He narrowed his mismatched eyes on Loki and gave her a critical gaze.

"That reaper... referred to you as... a Hellraine. Are you really what it said you were? Please tell me if its the truth."

Lillie seemed to be surprised for a long moment at the change of topic as she narrowed her eyes on him. "I believe you already know the answer to that."

Koji bit his lower lip as his gaze diverted to the ground.

"That's..." Then he was interrupted as three others landed behind him. Loki pulled Lillie behind him gently as he took a few steps away from Koji with a calm, cool expression over his face. He was observing Koji's and the newcomers' every move.

"What's going on?" Lillie cried in shock. Koji gave Lillie an apologetic look.

"I don't really have a choice. My grandmother wants me to bring her the Hellraine, Lillie. I know what you are... That boy called you by it. This is... life or death..." Koji trailed off in a solemn tone.

"There's no need for any explanations, Koji. Today the Hellraine dies," one of the males had stepped forward, Byron, proclaimed. Without any hesitation, him and the other two newcomers raced at Lillie aggressively withdrawing their weapons. Loki had stepped forward while stumbling a bit shielding Lillie from them as he prepared to fend them off.

Loki fought the other three coming at them. He crouched lower to the ground as he closed his eyes to concentrate on his surroundings instead of his current state. Then his eyes snapped open as he swung his arm. Before it hit a male with the lower half of his face covered in bandages, a handleless blade slid out from under his sleeve narrowly slashing the male across the chest. Byron brought down a mace on Loki seemingly slicing him in half. However, the huge sword went straight through him hitting the ground forming a small crater. Loki's apparition faded as he appeared behind his third assailant, a female. The female had ducked when the male swung a large sword straight at her. Loki was almost sliced in half if he hadn't used his handleless blade to counter.

"A sickly demon... isn't going to beat us," Byron cried as he wildly swung his mace straight at Loki. Loki scowled as his eye began to glow violet. Byron seemed to look disturbed as he stopped in mid swing. "Wh-what the-"

Loki kicked back the male before he used his handleless blade to stab Byron in the stomach. The female had taken the chance to come up behind Loki attempting to stab him in the neck with two sais. However, Loki had turned over his shoulder with his eye still glowing violent causing the female's eyes to widen.

"What's going on... Where-" the female trailed off as Loki slit her throat and threw the handleless blade at Byron racing at him. Byron had stepped to the side as his eyes widened when the handleless blade was coming straight at him. It was too late to dodge. The handleless blade went straight through Byron's head causing him to collapse to the ground at Loki's feet.

The male had stopped fighting midway through the fight. Lillie stood behind Loki with a frown. She couldn't believe what Koji was trying to do. She felt betrayed so easily by someone that she had helped.

Koji had a rather solemn expression over his face as the male clasped his hand on his shoulder.

"I got your back and the others do too, Koji. You should know that," the male spoke. Koji exhaled loudly as he glanced at Lillie before he slowly turned to Miyabi.

"I can't do this. I won't become this person... Whatever she wants... I'm being selfish... I'm sorry, Miyabi," Koji said feeling like crap. He was letting people that were on his side down for one person but she didn't deserve this either. He dreaded what was coming for him because of his inaction to capture her.

Lillie furrowed her brows at that. She was thoroughly confused at what Koji was doing. He was hesitating. What was he planning to do?

Ashton needed Mirielle to focus on other things besides this Lillie Ezrae. He could actually sense the growing presence of more and more demons and supernatural beings in this town. Something was attracting them here... or someone. He needed Mirielle to understand the situation at hand besides her own personal vendetta.

Ashton also had other things to worry about... like the condemned. He had yet to encounter them since his time on the human plane. Jayce had been virtually quiet since sending him here with only a warning about avoiding the darkness.

Without speaking a word, Ashton followed beside Mirielle in a quick pace. Mirielle was desperately prowling the town in search of that Lillie Ezrae and her male friend to get answers at what they had done. Ashton had tried to convince her from it but she was too consumed by her curiosity and a bit of revenge for, in her words, scrambling her brains.

Ashton decided he would follow her in case she did something irrational, or stumbled onto something she shouldn't know about the supernatural world.

Mirielle stopped abruptly as if sensing something as she cocked her head into the air, which reminded him of a dog who had caught a scent of interest. Ashton focused in the area around them to realize there was a fight going on. Before he could say anything, Mirielle had raced off leaving him behind.