Book III

Chapter 30

The black sword cut into Zavid's neck but he didn't flinch as he stared at Stark with a dejected expression.

"As good as a bound demon," Zavid added between clenched teeth seeing Stark's suspicions about him. Stark gave a wry, obnoxious smirk as he crossed his arms.

"Prove all that crap you just told me and I might believe you."

Zavid's jaw worked as he glared at Stark for a long moment before he lifted his shirt. A large tattoo took up the entire left side of his abdomen that Stark recognized as the elder Hellraine's mark. It was a mark that was reserved for those in servitude to him except for his guardians. Despite the multitude of demons that fought for him, very few possessed it and for good reason.

Zavid pulled back down his shirt clearly irritated, frustrated and a hint of anger.

"I should've just shown you the mark instead of all that crap I had to say," Zavid spat out grudgingly.

"Like the words enslaved? Cursed?" Stark said with a hint of amusement dancing in his emerald green eyes. Zavid let out an aggravated sigh.

"I didn't explain all that because I liked the reminder," Zavid exclaimed in a bitter tone taking a deep breath to calm himself before he continued in a hesitant manner," There is a higher demon that is coming after your Hellraine. His name is Wrath..."

Stark's expression had darkened at that statement as he spoke evenly," You came here to tell me this? You obviously led him and his army to me then."

Zavid's jaw worked.

"I'm sure that they'll come find me sooner or later. I was able to escape because his puppet wasn't exactly fully controlled. No wonder the Hellraine kept us around so we don't end up wilting away from his control," Zavid exclaimed.

The air around Stark quickly became bloodthirsty before he stabbed the black sword straight through Zavid's stomach without any mercy in his cold eyes.

"Wrath is a guardian," Stark stated in a dark, sadistic manner," You should've started with that."

Zavid grimaced in pain as his knees buckled from under him and he slowly glowered at Stark.

"No reason to stab me just because I failed to mention that," Zavid cried wincing at the pain. Then his eyes widened as he felt like the black sword was beginning to eat away at his insides. He tried to pull out the sword but failed as he muttered, "Good to know that you haven't gone soft living amongst humans."

Stark gave a rather evil smirk at Zavid before he twisted the sword in Zavid's abdomen causing him to cry out in pain.

"The more you talk, the longer I'm leaving that sword inside you and it seems to really want to eat you."

Zavid narrowed his eyes on Stark and then snorted at him.

"As painful as that is, not the first time I've been stabbed and had it torture me for days. If the black sword wants to eat me up, it's going to start eating you too," Zavid exclaimed in a surly tone.

Stark's response was to smirk with a sadistic pleasure and said," Let's see who gets eaten first."

Zavid clenched his teeth in irritation. He thought rationality would get him out of this situation but that was stupidity on his part. For self-preservation, he needed to warn the Hellraine of the dangers that were coming and what he had learned while being imprisoned. Sadly, he wasn't too fond of being inherited or owned by the elder Hellraine's remaining bloodline.

"Wrath has a plan for your Hellraine… It's not about capturing her… Kill me and you lose what I know," Zavid exclaimed. Stark clicked his tongue in irritation. In a quick motion, he'd roughly pulled out the black sword and nailed the handle against Zavid's head. Zavid fell to the ground unconscious. Stark stood over him with an unimpressed look over his face.

"All in one day... Everyone just wants to share and be friends. What a stupid town."

Zero couldn't find the strength to get out of bed and decided that he would rest his eyes thinking through what had happened to him since he met Lillie. Why was he thinking about it all now? His thoughts were interrupted when he sensed a presence nearby. He snapped his eyes open to be confronted by Seth.

"It's time to keep your promise," Seth stated in a serious tone.

"What you want will be the same as Lillie dying," Zero exclaimed and continued," Don't you feel a little bit towards her or is this about your grudge to her family for what they did?"

Seth didn't seem impressed as he narrowed his eyes at him.

"Remember what was done to you, Zero. Aren't you at least angry? Or did they tame you that much?" Seth retorted in a dark manner as he glanced towards the door. He frowned," We're in the same boat… you and I… both of us were wronged by the Ezrae family."

"Making this world fall into darkness… won't make it better for you, Seth. It won't change the fact everyone has or will wrong you," Zero exclaimed with an ominous tone in his voice. Seth's gaze darkened.

"Shut up, Zero. You can't stop me from what I will do."

With that, Seth had disappeared. Zero exhaled loudly as he slowly sat up. His body was recovering slowly but he barely had strength in him to move.

He closed his eyes trying to remember the random images that had flashed into his mind that caused him to awaken. His pale blue eyes seemed to be haunted as if he was seeing an image pass through his mind.

Wrath is here… This is just the beginning…

Lillie supported Loki, who was beginning to barely be able to walk properly. They had finally got out of school and headed home.

"I'm getting worse… I feel like… my powers are being drained from me," Loki spoke under his breath. Lillie furrowed her brows at that as she bit her lower lip with a troubled expression over her face.

Guardians… can use demons to siphon from, but usually guardians don't bother with it unless…


The voice had made Lillie leap back not expecting anyone to call her and nearly karate chopped whoever had called her. Koji was standing in front of her shielding his face with his hands. Lillie had caught herself before she hit Koji.

"Jeezus, Koji! Don't sneak up on me!" Lillie snapped sternly.

"At least you're improving on that violent tendency of yours," Koji retorted. Lillie scrunched up her nose as she relaxed calming down a degree.

"Well I did give Ethan a concussion this morning... so I thought I would take the less violent approach," Lillie exclaimed slightly flustered. Koji bit his lower lip looking slightly uncomfortable.

"Please answer me truthfully... Please just tell me that you aren't the Hellraine," Koji stated in a solemn manner. Lillie seemed surprised by what had come out of Koji's mouth. Koji seemed sure that she is the Hellraine, but... there seemed to be a part of him that didn't want it to be true.

"Wh-why would you say that?" Lillie spluttered trying to continue her ruse. Loki seemed to be weary of Koji's every action as he slowly began to pull Lillie closer.

"Don't pretend you don't know what I'm asking," Koji snapped in a stern tone. Lillie narrowed her eyes on Koji.

"I think you already know the answer… You don't need to hear the answer from me, Koji," Lillie exclaimed in a serious tone as a male that had his lower face covered in bandages had landed to her right and then a female holding a pair of sai in her hands.

Koji exhaled loudly closing his eyes trying to muster the courage that he needed.

"I'm sorry, Lill, but it's a matter of life or death… for everyone that's important to me," Koji stated as he took a step back.

Lillie grimaced at those words as she attempted to protest but the two newcomers came at her and Loki with a rather vicious look in their eyes.

Loki pulled her into his arms as a sai sliced horizontally where Lillie had been seconds ago. The male had leaped at them bring down his fists, but Loki was faster as he picked up Lillie into his arms and leaped back. The male's fist hit the ground causing it to crack apart from his strength.

Loki let Lillie back onto her feet as he stepped in front of Lillie with a cold, calm expression over his face.

"If you want her, you will have to get past me."