Tainted Blood

Book IV

Chapter 35

Caleb had made Cerberus lead him to where Koji was being kept and ended up in the basement of a rundown magic shop. He was surprised to find that the basement was a maze with guards walking throughout the place. The security to enter into the basement was lax, but he was pretty sure these guards would kill any intruder that entered. He knew he should make some elaborate plan, but he was never one for plans. Kill whoever is in the way. That was his only plan.

"Why didn't you tell me about this?" Caleb hissed dangerously at Cerberus. Cerberus began to shrink away," You better be scared! Now go back to the house. You're going to be a liability."

Without any warning, he came racing at a guard that was walking towards where he was standing. Before the guard could pull out his gun, Caleb stabbed his hand straight through the guy. He roughly pulled out his hand along with the guard's heart. Caleb gave malevolent smile as he watched at the guards in the hallway began to scream for help and raced towards him.

The alarm began to blare as others came to join the group of guards gathering around Caleb. Caleb began to chuckle deep in his throat seeming to be entertained by the chaos, and the alarm ringing throughout the place.

"C'mon! Let's have some fun," Caleb coaxed waving his hand for them to come. The guards began to shoot at him creating dust in the spot Caleb was standing.

Through the cloud of dust, Caleb came racing out and grabbed a guard by the throat and snapped his neck. Then he disappeared into the dust again to strike at another guard breaking their necks or stabbing them through the chest.

One by one the guards began to drop like flies and bones could be heard cracking. Screams of pain ignited the hallway. When the dust dissipated, the guards had fallen dead at Caleb's feet.

Caleb uncurled his fists as compressed bullets began to drop to the ground. He walked through the corpses with a dark, sinister aura beginning to surround his being. However, Caleb seemed to have missed one of the guards as he used his last remaining breath to point the gun at Caleb's back and shoot.

Caleb quickly turned to grab the bullet from hitting him. The guard clenched his teeth as he exhaled his last breath and collapsed. Caleb looked less than happy as he stared at the bullet. There was a symbol carved on the bullet that resembled a bird with swirls and curves and what seemed to be a sun in the background. These bullets sent an alarm through him.

"Guess I should make a mental note not to get hit with this. It can't be good," Caleb growled as he threw the bullet over his shoulder.

Then Caleb's attention was caught when he heard a guard speaking through his talkie from around the corner.

"We need reinforcements! There's an intruder. He's single handedly taken down a group of our guards at the entrance! Repeat we need reinforcements!" the guard cried. Caleb could hear the guard's footsteps hitting the floor rapidly. The guard was running away. Caleb continued smiling evilly as blood dripped to the floor from his bloodied hands.

"That's right. Run from the big bad werewolf."

Stark had a wry, cocky smirk planted on his face as Kyou struck at him desperately to get in a hit. However, Stark kept dodging or taking a step back to avoid Kyou's every strike.

"Is this the best you can do?" Stark questioned as he yawned loudly," I'm sort of bored."

Kyou groaned.

"I'm destroying your stupid store," Kyou snapped. Stark looked around at the fallen bookshelves and the books lying wrecked on the floor.

"Oh… no… this is tragic. All the books… my store," Stark said in a droll manner rolling his eyes and added in an obnoxious tone," Was that supposed to hurt my feelings? Or is that an excuse to hide the fact you just suck at aiming at the real target?"

"SHUT UP!" Kyou cried angrily. Stark disappeared before Kyou's eyes causing him to look around confused. Suddenly he reappeared inches away from Kyou upper punching him in the jaw.

Kyou went flying through the roof. Stark jumped through the hole Kyou had created watching him land onto the rooftop. He gave a sadistic smirk towards Kyou causing Kyou's eyes to widen.

"I hope you can do better than what you've been showing me," Stark said in a dark tone. Kyou glared at him.

"Of course I can! Stop looking down on me!" Kyou cried in a stubborn manner, and began to smirk slyly. Suddenly zombies came leaping at Stark from above tackling him to the ground. Stark threw them off him but the rabid zombies had recovered.

Kyou was laughing triumphantly as Stark seemed to be struggling against the zombies coming at him savagely without any room to rest.

"Ever since I became a zombie, my powers over the dead seem to be increasing than when I was human," Kyou exclaimed proudly. A zombie got in an attack on Stark slashing him and then another zombie swung its arm at Stark causing Stark to skid back a few meters. Kyou continued," I will kill you!"

All the zombies came diving at Stark to attempt to slash him. Then suddenly a slash struck from the center of the zombies ripping them apart causing guts to fall around Stark. Kyou stopped his laughing as he swallowed hard. Stark had a dark, sadistic smirk across his handsome face as a bloodthirsty, wicked aura began to radiate from him.

"Did you have fun watching that?" Stark questioned sardonically. He outstretched his left hand to the side as a black thin sword appeared in his hand. Stark began to walk towards Kyou as Kyou attempted to race at him attacking recklessly. With one swing of his sword, Kyou was slash to ribbons falling to his knees.

"You can't kill me! My family will kill you! They'll seek revenge for what you're going to do to me," Kyou screamed. Stark's eyes remained cold and seemed to glint in amusement.

"Really? I want to see if that'll happen. At least I won't be so bored anymore," Stark said with a sadistic manner as he brought down his sword over Kyou.

Blood splattered across the roof soaking into the cement.

Koji had his head resting on his knees as he hugged his legs in pure depression. He had failed at his getaway. He was thrown back in this place. What was his own family trying to do to him?

Was this the way his grandma expected to change him so he could be a great heir? What was a great heir?

Koji didn't want to become heir after his parents and little sister had died. He ran away from the family so he wouldn't be harassed into it. He had a hint of what his grandmother was capable of, but he had no idea of the extent his grandmother would go. His mother had warned him of his grandmother and he had ignored her words ever since he was young. Miyabi seemed like a pawn in his grandmother's grand scheme.

Koji just wanted to shut out the pain and the sadness he bottled inside him.

Then his attention was caught as he heard cries coming from outside and heavy footsteps racing by his door.

He turned his attention towards where the door should be through the darkness of his prison. He slowly rose from where he had been sitting leaning against the wall for support as he made his way towards the door to hear what was going on.

"Someone is attacking the place! I've never seen a werewolf like that!" a guard had cried in fear.

"Stop being a wuss! Get out there and stop him!" another guard snapped. Then he heard them race away. Koji furrowed his brows as he slid back down to sit on the cold floor.

What's going on? Who would find this place? Lillie?

Koji shook his head at the thought it would be Lillie.

"It can't be her… Why would she risk herself to rescue me? We hardly know each other. There's no way…"

Loki was the first to race off the roof. He could sense Lillie was fighting. How he knew that he assumed was the fact he had sold her soul to her. Alexis was following close behind Loki.

They turned into a hallway towards the classroom Lillie was in. When Loki had reached to turn the handle of the classroom door, he found himself back at the beginning of the hallway. Alexis stopped from reaching for the door as he took a step away from the door. He stretched out his hand with his palm up as blue flames appeared. Alexis threw the flames at the door causing the door to begin to ripple and the barrier to be shown for a second before the flames disappeared.

Loki ended up walking back stopping beside Alexis.

"Are you going to share what you just did?" Loki questioned icily. Alexis directed a troubled look at Loki.

"Someone is… distorting this hallway… so no matter what we do we can't enter through this classroom."

Loki frowned.

"What are we going to do? Keep trying until a different result happens?"

"... We can stand here and hope the next time we touch the door it will open to our destination," Alexis exclaimed. Loki gave him a droll stare.

"Let's stare at the door and hope our willpower will make whatever is happening disappear," Loki said sarcastically," Good idea, genius. Should I have brought popcorn?"

Lillie shoved Camila out of the way from the range of needles coming at her and jumped out of the way.

I can't hide my powers and fight at the same time. I've never been able to perfect that like Stark and Caleb have.

Camila was screaming hysterically. Lillie turned to glare at Kaden.

"She has nothing to do with this," Lillie said sternly," Let her leave."

Kaden ignored her and raced at her as he took out a throwing knife and slashed her. Lillie ducked as Kaden threw the knife at Camila. Camila had tears in her eyes as she had her face buried in her hands shaking. Lillie's eyes widened as she attempted to run to Camila.

However, Kaden had used his nails as they sharpened to cut into Lillie's neck blocking her off with his arm causing Lillie to attempt to swing a punch at Kaden. Kaden flipped back to avoid it. The throwing knife had missed Camila by only a millimeter causing her to stare fearfully at the knife embedded into the wall.

Lillie had exhaled in relief as she avoided another strike of Kaden's sharpened nails. Lillie attempted to strike him aiming for his shoulder hoping he would stop throwing knives and needles. Kaden had leaped back to dodge it.

"Is this all you can do? I don't understand the big deal about you," Kaden said in an obnoxious tone blowing a raspberry. He began to take a step closer towards Lillie. After images of himself appeared behind him surrounding Lillie.

Lillie scanned them in alert as she was cut on her left shoulder and then sliced across her stomach. She attempted to locate which of the Kadens were real attacking her amongst them but she couldn't determine which direction Kaden was coming from.

Cuts marked most of her body as the images of him faded. Kaden was heading towards Camila. Lillie wouldn't be able to get there before Kaden to save Camila. She bit her lower lip as suddenly shadow entities began to surround her and engulf her.

Kaden brought down his sharpened nails on Camila. Camila closed her eyes tightly waiting for her life to end right there.

Lillie appeared within the shadow entities between Camila and Kaden. She used her shadows to knock back Kaden into the wall. Loki and Alexis had nearly fallen into the classroom looking somewhat surprised that they hadn't ended up back at the beginning of the hallway every time they attempted to enter the classroom.

Without any hesitation, Lillie had attempted to strike at Kaden with her shadow entities that were beginning to engulf her entirely.

Alexis had wrapped his arms around Lillie before she could strike, and spoke," Lillie... snap out of it. You're scaring the little human."

The shadow entities began to dissipate around Lillie. It looked like she had snapped out of a trance staring at Alexis for a second before she fainted in Alexis' arms.

Kaden had dashed out of the classroom with a smirk over his face. Loki went after Kaden but when he had run out into the hallway, Kaden had disappeared. Loki had a troubled look over his face.

What was that brat's real goal? Whatever it was, he accomplished it.

End Note:

Caleb attempts to rescue Koji though it seems more like he's liking the fact he's causing a riot and panic. It seems like the guards have some interesting bullets and Caleb seems to think it could affect him negatively if he got shot. It seems like Kaden had accomplished what he was meant to do or he wouldn't be smirking over his failed attempt to kill Lillie. Anyway hope everyone enjoys this chapter!