Tainted Blood

Chapter 35

Zero needed to rest. He still hadn't recovered and he'd nearly been severely injured by Wrath if Lillie hadn't come to interrupt. His powers wouldn't work for him because of how low his energy was. He'd forced himself to fight, but realized that he was being a hindrance instead. The state he was in… He shouldn't have been moving around like that and today it was costing him.

He'd barely been able to move from his bed. However, that wasn't what was bugging him.

Lillie Ezrae filled his mind and it bugged him about what happened yesterday. He was feeling regretful for saying the things he had to Lillie, but he also felt upset. Everything he'd done seemed to be for nothing. Zero had bought a century for Lillie to live the way she had wanted, but the way she was living was crumbling and was about to come to an end.

It didn't need an attack against or from the Sasaki family to cause any demon to find something was off about this town. It would be when one of the guardians or even Lillie used their powers to send them flooding to this location. Dark powers like that didn't go undetected and it seemed to attract demons to it like a moth to light.

Mirielle awoken to a strange apartment decorated with a pattern of black and white furniture. She was lying on a white cloth sofa.

Where am I? was her first thought that past through her mind as she attempted to remember what had happened before she ended up here. She was at the mansion that resided a group of demons, and there was her classmate, Lillie Ezrae.

Mirielle quickly stood up connecting something together. She needed to deal with them before they harmed anyone.

Out of the blue, her arm was grabbed causing her to quickly swing her arm. However, her assailant had dodged it and grabbed her wrist tightly. Mirielle upper punched but he had blocked it and had both her hands in a death grip. She was face to face with a boy, who looked to be eighteen. He had light-brownish blond short hair and had his bangs sided to the left. Strands of his hair were in his eyes but he didn't seem to mind.

"Is this how you say thanks to your savior," the boy questioned. Mirielle glared at him.

"Who are you?"

"Ashton, a new immortal hunter. I thought I was helping a fellow immortal hunter out since you seemed to be in a bit of a… jam," the boy, Ashton, exclaimed. Mirielle opened her mouth, but the boy interrupted," I know you. You're Mirielle."

Mirielle furrowed her brows somewhat suspicious. The story of how he came to save her was somewhat off.

"You beat up… three demons?" Mirielle questioned incredulously. Ashton frowned.

"There wasn't anyone when I entered to help you. They seemed to be busy," Ashton replied in a serious and slightly eluding manner," So… do you believe everything that's been going around about Jayce?"

Mirielle stared at him for a long moment before she stomped on his foot causing him to let go of her wrist and her to quickly elbow him in his ribs. Then she jabbed her knuckles into his throat causing him to cough viciously.

"I need to take care of those demons. And Jayce? There was always something off about him. There's more than what he's told us. You're an idiot if you trust him," Mirielle exclaimed viciously turning to leave. Ashton gathered himself and swept his foot under her causing her to fall to the ground. He quickly pinned her down in a quick motion almost like he had disappeared for a second.

"You're going to do what you normally do. Go to school… but this time I am walking you there so you don't do something stupid. It's the daytime. You'll risk being seen. Those demons have yet to do anything to harm any humans. Don't take them down because you want to take them down," Ashton exclaimed in an even, raspy tone. His throat hurt after what Mirielle had done. Mirielle struggled viciously under his grip.

"Get off me! The vampire tried to bite me. They wanted to torture me… with my own dagger. Do I not count as them harming anyone?" Mirielle screamed. Ashton rolled his eyes and gave her a serious look.

In a low whisper, he said in an almost barely audible raspy tone," You have other things to focus on currently. Like your life."

Stark had gotten a great deal of information about the Sasaki family from Ruby. However, a part of it he had read in a book.

An ancestor of the Sasaki family wanted to obtain power in order to be on equal grounds with the supernatural that preyed on the innocent. This ancestor decided that with every kill he would consume them hoping their strength would flow into him and he would gain it.

As he continued to kill and consume after many years, he realized little by little he was growing stronger, and that his aging seemed to slow slightly. Eventually, he had figured out how to call on the dead and he began to perfect this skill. From then on, it carried through the generations of the Sasaki family. The book had ended with that without an explanation of how this ancestor had gained their necromancy.

Ruby elaborated that the ancestor of the Sasaki family was not the only one. There were ten, including the Levin ancestor, who had made their life in hunting the supernatural and that each of them had gained their own skills. However, their goals had begun to change for each family. Currently, the Sasaki family wants to reach their power into Hell and gain information from the high ranked demons. They were trying to get their hands onto something powerful. Anything that would make it so every being would bow to them.

Stark had never expected such an elaborate dynamic for hunters but could they still be called hunters considering their goals? That means there were ten human families with different skills and trained every generation to be the best in that area. However, he felt like there was more to it.

Stark didn't end up bothering to relocate Ruby much to her dismay but she had told him she would help them. He was opening his bookstore when he heard footsteps behind him.

"I've been waiting for you to open this bookstore. You know... you're late," a voice said in a rather rude tone. Stark turned to face… Shoji? He had killed him and somehow he was here standing before him with a smug smirk over his face.

For some reason, Stark wasn't surprised considering what the Sasaki family specialized in.

"Shoji… I thought I got rid of you for good. Who knew you could come back to life? Was it, by any chance, the reaper decided you could be useful to him?" Stark questioned obnoxiously. Shoji smirked.

"My grandmother couldn't take a world without me in it," Shoji answered. Stark snorted at that.

"Right… You do know there is someone that looks like you and is possibly a better version of you… I highly doubt she would miss you… much," Stark exclaimed as a wry, cocky smirk began to cross over his lips," Someone like you coming to kill me is a real laugh."

"I came here by myself. I wanted revenge for the fact that you killed me," Shoji said nastily.

"Are you going to talk me to death?" Stark questioned in an intimidating tone as he took a step forward. Kazu took a step back trying to hide his fear. Stark said in a rather dark, devious tone," You know I can hear it. Your pulse… your breathing… You want to make a move but your body won't listen to you. You're scared out of your mind and you want to kill me?"

Shoji clenched his teeth as he attempted to swing a fist at Stark. Stark grabbed Shoji's fist and then dug his claws into Shoji's stomach. Shoji seemed to crumble unable to stand as Stark held him up. He was scanning the area cautiously in case anyone passed by.

"Next time, get an army," Stark said darkly. Shoji's eyes flared with anger as he suddenly pushed Stark through the bookstore breaking the door down. Stark kicked Shoji back and rolled to his feet. Shoji didn't seem affected as blood soaked through his shirt where Stark had injured him. He smirked.

"I'm a zombie. Pain is the least of my concern."

Stark smirked evilly.

"Well then… Maybe ripping you apart will be the end for you. I mean Humpty Dumpty couldn't be put back together again. I'm pretty sure the same concept applies to you."

Loki had become quiet after Alexis' remark. He was staring up at the clear blue sky with Alexis standing over him staring straight ahead. Then Alexis seemed to think of something and looked at Loki.

"You're lazy with your illusions," he stated bluntly," It fools humans and weak demons, but others can see your tattoo. I'm not sure if the cause of your weak illusions is the lose of your eye."

Loki glared at Alexis.

"It was a lot quieter up here before you came," Loki said icily. Alexis took out a pair of glasses and put them on. Then he snapped his fingers causing the piercing on his lip, brow, and the eight on his ears to disappear. Loki arched a brow at him," What are you doing?"

"I'm blending in with the other students. It makes one look sophisticated in glasses," Alexis stated in a serious tone. Loki gave him a droll stare.

"You look like a dork."

Alexis directed a serious gaze at Loki.

"You're in a bad mood. This must be because you're still upset over losing your eye," Alexis stated. Loki glared at him.

"You seriously find ways to piss me off on an entirely new level," Loki remarked dryly," Have you ever thought I just don't like you?"

Alexis became quiet for a long moment before saying anything," Can you sense all the demons that are around and inside the school? Something must be happening."

Loki paused and quickly sat up to direct a serious look at Alexis. He said," I thought it was Wrath and his demons so I was waiting to see what you were up to."

Alexis shook his head slowly.

"Wrath is too busy smacking his minions around at his temple house. I came here to become a student and look after Lillie."

Lillie stood in front of Camila, who was a red headed girl that was one of Krystal's bullies. They were standing in a deserted classroom. Camila was leaning against one of the desks with her arms crossed and what seemed to be an annoyed expression over her face.

"What do you want from me, Lillie?" Camila questioned with derision under her tone.

"Stop bullying Krystal," Lillie said in a stern, serious tone. Camila raised a brow.

"Why should I? My friends think it's fun," Camila said as she looked away from Lillie. Lillie gave her a pointed look.

"You said your friends. That means you don't think its fun, Camila," Lillie stated. Camila turned to give her a defiant glare at her.

"You don't know me, Lillie! Maybe I do think its fun!"

Lillie bit her lower lip.

"You can't make fun of Krystal because she's different and she doesn't fit into your mold of what's normal. So what? It's wrong to make her a target for your amusement. Krystal has feelings too, Camila," Lillie cried at her angrily. Camila seemed to be trying to keep her smug expression over her face but the words seemed to be getting to her.

Suddenly the classroom door opened. A boy around the age of fifteen strolled into the classroom closing the door behind him. He had messy, spiky light violet hair that almost seemed silver in color. He smirked.

"Well I didn't expect there would be an extra. I was only told one… Guess it doesn't matter," the boy said more to himself.

"Who are you? You look like you shouldn't be in high school," Camila snapped. The boy ignored her. His reddish brown eyes seemed to be directed only at Lillie as he took out needles holding them between his fingers. With a swing of his arm, he let the needles fly towards Lillie and Camila. Lillie quickly tackled Camila to the ground as Camila gave a loud scream.

Lillie looked up to glare at the boy," Who the hell are you?"

"It's Kaden. It's nice to meet you, Hellraine, after all the talk about you," the boy said with a smirk as he began advancing closer to her.

Lillie's eyes widened looking surprised at the name he used. Hellraine.

How did he know what I was? she thought to herself. Is he part of the Sasaki family?