Tainted Blood

Chapter 35

Lillie had walked into the hallway of the school with Tobias.

"Well, I'll see you around. I gotta get my schedule from the office," Tobias said beginning to walk ahead of her.

"Wait! Do you need help?" Lillie questioned. Tobias laughed turning to look at her.

"I'll be fine. I'm good with finding my way," Tobias said in his stoic manner and walked off down the hall.

"Who bought those clothes for you?" a shrilly female voice sneered nastily.

"How old do you think you are with that lunchbox? It makes you look like you're five," another taunted. Lillie looked towards where the female voices were coming from. She saw two girls with Krystal pulling at her clothes and then grabbing at her lunchbox. Krystal shrunk against the locker shriveling up every minute the girls taunted her clothes and her possessions.

Lillie never realized that the other girls in school were bullying Krystal. She missed the fact Krystal was an oddball and possibly the loser of the school. Her heart sunk at the fact she had no idea about Krystal. Lillie had been so caught up in her own world she had neglected to see Krystal.

The two girls' laughter carried through the rest of the hallway as they walked away from a very upset, distraught Krystal. The students around her just glanced at her and walked past without showing any care for her. Some were whispering loudly to their friends while pointing.

Lillie walked up to Krystal cautiously as she picked up Krystal's lunchbox that had been knocked out of her hand by one of those two bullies.

"Are you alright?" Lillie questioned in concern. Krystal seemed slightly surprised.

"I… I'm fine," she answered managing a forceful smile. Lillie handed the lunchbox to her as Krystal quickly snatched it out of her hand," I gotta head to class. See you Lillie."

Before Lillie could speak another word, Krystal had run off causing Lillie to be slightly taken aback. Truthfully, Lillie had never experienced being friends with girls and being part of their cliques. For as long as she could remember, she never liked the drama and the cattiness that seemed to surround the girl world.

Tobias had stopped around the corner leaning against the wall as Krystal zoomed past him towards the washroom. He had a smirk over his face and a mischievous glint in his eyes as he glanced at Krystal and then turned his attention to Lillie.

"Let the fun begin," Tobias said under his breath as a shadow cast beside him causing him to glance at the new arrival," For once you're not late for something… because you were beating up immortal hunters. You wanna help me with my new project?"

Tobias waited for a nod from the individual and then added," I thought she could hide better than that. How the hell did Hell not find her for a century?"

Loki had been frustrated over the fact Lillie had told him nothing about what a guardian was this entire time since defeating the condemned. He was on the roof of the school lying down looking at the clear blue sky as he randomly took out a throwing knife. He sliced his palm to see black blood.

"I'm pretty sure that's not normal," Loki remarked dryly.

"Guardians do bleed that color and… they have more immunity to things that demons are usually affected by," a voice exclaimed causing Loki to turn to see Alexis standing there.

"I already did have immunity to most things that demons are affected by," Loki retorted dryly," That's useless to me."

Alexis seemed to be quiet for a long moment before speaking.

"Guardians… are a former shadow of themselves. They bar death. They don't die. Always having one foot in the door, but never fully stepping through to the other side."

"Why do you keep saying 'they'? You do know starting from yesterday you're one too."

Alexis remained silent for a moment not wanting to answer the question. Truthfully he hated guardians since all they ever did was command him around or essentially expect him to be their slave. Now that he was a guardian he didn't know how he felt. Possibly a little self-hatred…

"I know about you. You were thrown into the depths of Hell because you fell in love with a girl who didn't feel the same way you did. She used you up and tossed you away. Then laughed about it in your face," Alexis exclaimed changing the topic, and asked," Did you really sell your soul to simply escape Hell... or did you come here to seek revenge on her?"

Loki raised a brow at Alexis, and his facial expression remained cool and calm before he turned away from Alexis.

"Are you stupid? Of course I'm here to kill that bitch. I didn't come here to admire the sunny skies and birdies and rainbows."

Alexis absently said," I wonder what Lillie would say... I bet she had no intention of helping you with your revenge." causing Loki to become silent.

Valentia was still furious over the fact someone had freed Loki from the depths of Hell. Loki would kill her if she were found. Then her attention was caught at the pale red hair lying on the school roof that she was looking over from a taller building not too far. Her eyes widened when she recognized the distinct silver eye and the familiar cool, cold expression on the boy's face.

The boy had an eyepatch over his left eye and he had piercing silver eye. Her heart literally skipped a beat from fear. Valentia quickly ducked. She didn't need a second look to realize who that was because of those silver eyes.

"Loki," she breathed with contempt. She ground her teeth in frustration and her anger began to build up within her. It was time she sent someone to get rid of him for good before he found out where she was and kill her. He'd probably make her suffer before killing her for payback.

Valentia never expected to find Loki so fast after the talk with Seth and it scared her how close Loki was from her. If he discovered her, she would be dead and it made her scared. She hated this feeling that Loki had caused her.

When she had been there to laugh at his idiocy to think that she loved him, he had vowed to take his revenge on her for what was done to him and he would have no mercy on her. She had to do something about him before he did anything to her. She needed someone to kill him first.

A devious smile slowly began to cast over her lips. It was perfect timing. With all the activity with demons and supernatural creatures that was beginning to flood into this town, it would be easy to find an assassin having equal or better skills than Loki.

Stark had gotten a great deal of information about the Levin family from Ruby. However, a part of it he had read in a book.

An ancestor of the Levin family wanted to obtain power in order to be on equal grounds with the supernatural that preyed on the innocent. This ancestor decided that with every kill he would consume them hoping their strength would flow into him and he would gain it.

As he continued to kill and consume after many years, he realized little by little he was growing stronger, and that his aging seemed to slow slightly. Eventually, he had figured out how to call on the dead and he began to perfect this skill. From then on, it carried through the generations of the Levin family. The book had ended with that without an explanation of how this ancestor had gained their necromancy.

Ruby elaborated that the ancestor of the Levin family was not the only one. There were ten, including the Levin ancestor, who had made their life in hunting the supernatural and that each of them had gained their own skills. However, their goals had begun to change for each family. Currently, the Levin family wants to reach their power into Hell and gain information from the high ranked demons. They were trying to get their hands onto something powerful. Anything that would make it so every being would bow to them.

Stark had never expected such an elaborate dynamic for hunters but could they still be called hunters considering their goals? That means there were ten human families with different skills and trained every generation to be the best in that area. However, he felt like there was more to it.

Stark didn't end up bothering to relocate Ruby much to her dismay but she had told him she would help them. He was opening his bookstore when he heard footsteps behind him.

"I've been waiting for you to open this bookstore. You know... you're late," a voice said in a rather rude tone. Stark turned to face… Kazu? He had killed him and somehow he was here standing before him with a smug smirk over his face.

For some reason, Stark wasn't surprised considering what the Levin family specialized in.

"Kazu… I thought I got rid of you for good. Who knew you could come back to life? Was it, by any chance, the reaper decided you could be useful to him?" Stark questioned obnoxiously. Kazu smirked.

"My grandmother couldn't take a world without me in it," Kazu answered. Stark snorted at that.

"Right… You do know there is someone that looks like you and is possibly a better version of you… I highly doubt she would miss you… much," Stark exclaimed as a wry, cocky smirk began to cross over his lips," Someone like you coming to kill me is a real laugh."

"I came here by myself. I wanted revenge for the fact that you killed me," Kazu said nastily.

"Are you going to talk me to death?" Stark questioned in an intimidating tone as he took a step forward. Kazu took a step back trying to hide his fear. Stark said in a rather dark, devious tone," You know I can hear it. Your pulse… your breathing… You want to make a move but your body won't listen to you. You're scared out of your mind and you want to kill me?"

Kazu clenched his teeth as he attempted to swing a fist at Stark. Stark grabbed Kazu's fist and then dug his claws into Kazu's stomach. Kazu seemed to crumble unable to stand as Stark held him up. He was scanning the area cautiously in case anyone passed by.

"Next time, get an army," Stark said darkly. Kazu's eyes flared with anger as he suddenly pushed Stark through the bookstore breaking the door down. Stark kicked Kazu back and rolled to his feet. Kazu didn't seem affected as blood soaked through his shirt where Stark had injured him. He smirked.

"I'm a zombie. Pain is the least of my concern."

Stark smirked evilly.

"Well then… Maybe ripping you apart will be the end for you. I mean Humpty Dumpty couldn't be put back together again. I'm pretty sure the same concept applies to you."

Loki had become quiet after Alexis' remark. He was staring up at the clear blue sky with Alexis standing over him staring straight ahead. Then Alexis seemed to think of something and looked at Loki.

"You're lazy with your illusions," he stated bluntly," It fools humans and weak demons, but others can see your tattoo. I'm not sure if the cause of your weak illusions is the lose of your eye."

Loki glared at Alexis.

"It was a lot quieter up here before you came," Loki said icily. Alexis took out a pair of glasses and put them on. Then he snapped his fingers causing the piercing on his lip, brow, and the eight on his ears to disappear. Loki arched a brow at him," What are you doing?"

"I'm blending in with the other students. It makes one look sophisticated in glasses," Alexis stated in a serious tone. Loki gave him a droll stare.

"You look like a dork."

Alexis directed a serious gaze at Loki.

"You're in a bad mood. This must be because you're still upset over losing your eye," Alexis stated. Loki glared at him.

"You seriously find ways to piss me off on an entirely new level," Loki remarked dryly," Have you ever thought I just don't like you?"

Alexis became quiet for a long moment before saying anything," Can you sense all the demons that are around and inside the school?"

Loki paused and quickly sat up to direct a serious look at Alexis. He questioned," This had nothing to do with you or Seth?"

Alexis shook his head slowly.

"Not me… I don't know where Seth is or what he may be up to. He doesn't have this many minions to beat up."

"Then… someone must be putting on quite a show."

Lillie froze as she made her way to her first class. Every part of her was screaming at her that there was something wrong. The hallway had become empty and there was an eerie air that lingered.

Lillie's eyes widened as a shadow flitted behind her causing her to turn to see a boy around the age of fourteen staring at her with a pair of eyes that were as blue as the ocean and his hair colour was silver with light violet colour highlights when reflected in the light.

"Let's see… what a big deal you truly are, Hellraine."

Lillie furrowed her brows at the newcomer looking cautious.

"What do you want?" Lillie questioned and feigned cluelessness," I-I don't understand."

"To put on a show… for all Hell to see… I know every being would die to get their hands on you," the newcomer spoke.

Lillie grimaced trying to calm herself from the rising fear she had from inside her.

"I'm just a normal girl…"

The newcomer let out a small laugh as he held up someone from behind him that he seemed to be dragging along. Lillie's eyes widened to realize it was Riley. Blood trickled down the side of his face as he grimaced slightly.

"There's no use in denying what you are. It's you or him. It's your choice."