Tainted Blood

Book IV

Chapter 36

"Being here seems to have softened me up," Stark remarked in a sadistic tone as he followed a trail of blood to Kyou attempting to crawl away from him.

"Are you sure about that," Kyou managed to retort. Stark narrowed his eyes darkly at Kyou as he began to take a step closer to him dragging his thin black sword on the cement.

"Weren't you busy crawling away?" Stark questioned in a dark, sardonic manner. Kyou managed to get up and leap off of the rooftop in horror. Stark watched as Kyou attempted to run off when suddenly Wrath appeared out of nowhere slamming Kyou in the pavement.

Wrath came leaping at Stark. With his two hands together, he hammered Stark through the roof and pinned Stark with his own sword. Wrath had grabbed the blade placing the sword against Stark's neck despite Stark holding the sword's handle attempting to push it away.

"How come I wasn't invited to this party? Decided to start the fun without me?" Wrath snarled. Stark gave him a defiant glare.

"I never accepted your 'help'. Lillie did," Stark snapped as his own sword cut into his neck when Wrath pushed down on the blade slightly. Stark grimaced.

"Well… shouldn't you listen to what your Hellraine wants? You are her guardian. Not only did you nearly kill the Sasaki leader's grandson but that Werewolf went off on his own and is attacking a Sasaki family secret prison," Wrath exclaimed between clenched teeth.

Stark froze for a long moment before replying," What do you mean the Mutt is attacking a secret prison?"

Wrath let go of the sword realizing Stark had no idea about it. Black blood dripped from the palm of his hand to the floor. Wrath stared at the cut as the black blood seemed to harden stopping the cut from bleeding.

"I have an informant in there. We communicate with this whenever anything interesting happens," Wrath exclaimed as he threw a black rectangular device at Stark. Stark caught it and heard a voice speaking through it.

"We need reinforcements! There's an intruder. He single handedly took down a group of our guards at the entrance! Repeat we need reinforcements!" a voice shouted through the device," It's a werewolf attacking!" Then Stark could hear the sound of cutting air and then choking noises on the other end.

"Well… now your informant is dead. Not a very competent informant," Stark commented in an obnoxious tone. Wrath gave him a death glare.

"Watch your mouth. No one said I had to keep you alive."

Stark chuckled as a wry, cocky smirk crossed his lips.

"I beg to differ. One less against the Sasaki family will be problematic in your goal… Plus… If you really want to kill me, I would've been long gone," Stark exclaimed arrogantly. Wrath palmed Stark back into the wall hard.

"Do something about that werewolf, or I will. He's ruining plans," Wrath threatened before making his leave. Stark clicked his tongue.

Then Cerberus came racing in growling furiously. Stark frowned and said," Sorry, I don't speak Wolf."

Cerberus grunted and grabbed Stark by his sleeve with his teeth pulling him out of the store.

Kaden glanced back behind him to see if anyone was following him. A girl was leaning against the wall around the corner with a smirk across her face.

"I wasn't expecting my best friend to be in there," she scoffed.

"Thanks for helping me out, Leah, or I would've had two more to deal with," Kaden said. Leah crossed her arms.

"That's all you're going to say to me?"

"I thought you were helping me help Tobias. It's why you did that trick with the hallway," Kaden retorted with a smirk. Leah arched a brow.

"Yeah, I'm helping Tobias, not you. So... how did it go?" Leah questioned impatiently.

"Well… the Hellraine used her powers. Every demon in Hell will be fighting to get to her first. Toby is going to be really busy whatever he has up his sleeve," Kaden exclaimed with a mischievous smirk as he walked past Leah," Later, old hag."

Leah looked pissed as she cried," I'm only two years older than you!" She took off her shoe and threw it, but Kaden was already at the end of the hallway and her shoe had missed him by a few meters.

"You can't even throw a shoe properly, stupid old hag," Kaden taunted as he stuck his tongue out at her before racing off laughing hysterically. Leah groaned loudly in the hallway.


Alexis abruptly handed Lillie to Loki and mumbled," Take care of her..." With that, he walked out of the classroom without a word looking upset.

Loki had Lillie in his arms letting her rest on his shoulder as Camila plopped beside him. She had been quiet up until now.

"Tell me what just happened," Camila demanded loudly into Loki's ear causing him to glare at her.

"You should use your inside voice. I'm missing an eye, not an eardrum," Loki retorted icily," Don't ask for something you don't want to know about and its probably better you are kept in the dark."

"Kept in the dark? What if I went out there and told everyone that Lillie had these shadows surrounding her and some guy tried to kill us," Camila cried in a shrilly tone.

"I hope a strait jacket looks good on you," Loki retorted with a patronizing smirk.

"The classroom is a mess! There's proof," Camila argued. Camila froze as she looked around and her eyes widened. The classroom looked exactly like it had been before the fight had begun. The desks were set in neat rows. She slowly turned to look back at Loki, who still had a patronizing smirk over his lips.

"What mess?" he questioned coolly staring at her with his piercing silver eye. Camila gapped. She was about to say something, but Loki covered her mouth with a hand as the door to the classroom opened. Mirielle had walked into the classroom looking confused.

"I swear I sensed something. That stupid Ashton has been keeping an eye on me… what is with him? He's so suspicious," Mirielle muttered under her breath. Camila attempted to speak through Loki's hand. Mirielle paused as she stared at the spot where they were for a long moment in suspicion," I swear I heard something."

Mirielle began to head out taking one last look before closing the door behind her. Loki scowled at how much energy it took him to hold up the illusion to make everything corporeal. It had caused the illusion he kept over the tattoo on his right hand to be seen.

"I never noticed that before," Camila remarked staring at the tattoo on the backside of Loki's right hand. Lillie began to stir.

"Juice… I want juice… You… can't deprive me of juice," Lillie mumbled. Loki gave a droll stare at the sleeping Lillie.

"Don't tell me she's dreaming about a gross cafeteria drinking her juice again," Loki said dryly. Camila looked confused.

"What gross cafeteria? Why would anyone dream about that?"

Caleb slammed a guard's head into the wall as he walked past. A group of guards came racing at him. With a quick swift swing of his claws, he had taken down a quarter of them.

Then an upbeat rock ring tone began to sound causing Caleb to freeze.

"I forgot to silence that," Caleb mumbled in irritation as he took out his phone and dodged in succession from numerous attacks from the guards," Hello?"

"Mutt." An obnoxious voice greeted on the other end.

"Pretty boy. I'm busy," Caleb snarled into the receiver smashing a guy's face into the wall. Then he roundhouse kicked back a couple of guards coming at him. He ducked away from incoming bullets.

"Sounds like it. What are you beating up? Did you ever think I wanted in on the party?" Stark questioned. Caleb rolled his eyes.

"This is my party. You're not invited!" he growled maliciously as he snapped a guard's neck and then turned to slash a couple of guards. He dodged away from another attack and upper punched a guard in the jaw.

"Mutt, I heard you could understand a second language. Its called Wolf speak… Want to translate what Cerberus is trying to tell me?" Stark questioned in an obnoxious tone. Caleb could actually picture Stark's wry, cocky smirk across his lips as he heard growling noises on the other end. Caleb punched a guard in the face hard causing him to fly across the hallway.

"I'm not translating," he snarled dangerously. His grip on the phone began to tighten," Didn't I tell you I was busy?"

"Translating won't take that long, Mutt. Anyway, I know where you are but I don't know where it is. You're at the Sasaki family secret prison… or whatever it is. Tell me where it is," Stark exclaimed in a demanding tone. Caleb kicked back a guard coming at him as he caught a bullet in his grip. He raced through the last few of the guards taking them down with his claws. They all collapsed on the floor.

"Pretty Boy, you can shove it!" Caleb growled in irritation," You're not ruining this. I haven't had this much fun in ages."

"Too late… I'm going to crash your party, Mutt," Stark said in his obnoxious tone. Then the other end clicked causing Caleb to glare at his phone.

"That asshole!" Caleb growled maliciously.

"You will end here, Werewolf," a voice sneered at Caleb as Caleb quickly turned his attention to the voice.

Caleb smirked in a sinister manner.

"And I was only getting started," Caleb snarled. Then he paused as the guards he had killed were beginning to rise from the ground. Caleb began to smirk sinisterly," Want to point me in the right direction and tell me where Koji is? This place is a maze."

The masked man ignored him. With a nod of his head, the undead guards dove at Caleb. Caleb fought them off relentlessly as he glanced behind him to see more dead guards coming towards him. Caleb groaned loudly. He flung the undead guards off him and kicked back ones swinging at him with their arm.

I need to get rid of that asshole…

Caleb realized the masked man had disappeared within the undead guards but he attempted to make his way to where the masked man had been standing. However, it was getting harder to fight off what seemed to be more than a hundred undead guards. After he had swung them off him, they would recover and come racing at him again. Their attacks got vicious and hungry.

Caleb's eyes began to glow red as he began to transform into his werewolf form. His dark hair began to grow slightly longer and his features were feral. Several bones could be heard cracking as he began to look like a large black wolf standing on his hind legs.

"You're all dead," he growled in a feral manner. He slashed through ten of the guards with a swing of his claws. Then he bit into a guard flinging him across the room as he began to get on all fours to attack them with his fangs. Out of nowhere, the masked man appeared from above and stabbed Caleb in the back causing Caleb to growl and reach onto his back to throw the masked man off him.

When Caleb was about to attack him again, the masked man was gone again. The undead guards continued to attack him and Caleb ravaged them brutally out of irritation.

"Get out here and fight me properly… Stop sending out your undead minions," Caleb snarled maliciously as he knocked the undead guards away from him. The masked man appeared when Caleb was preoccupied with several guards and slashed him in succession. Caleb turned quickly to attack him but the masked man had leaped back and disappeared into the crowd of undead guards. Black blood was dripping from Caleb's wounds onto the floor.

Caleb wasn't able to use his heightened sense of smell considering the numerous undead guards around him. He could only hear the guards' groans and moans as he mauled them into pieces. He'd realized he had to rip them into pieces or they would get up again to attack him.

The masked man would appear every time he was busy shoving the guards away from him and slashing them with his claws. Caleb was getting tired of slashing and hacking as he had been wondering through the maze-like basement for at least an hour or more with guards constantly coming to stop him.

Caleb was losing a lot of blood from the numerous cuts, stabs, and slashes the masked man delivered in his few seconds of appearing.

He mauled an undead guard down and flung him into a group of undead guards coming at him. His movements were becoming slower.

Caleb had no choice to take down the masked man and all the annoying undead guards he had to use the guardian powers.

As the shadow entities began to gather at his feet, someone came racing past Caleb taking the undead guards down one by one. Rain came at Caleb as the masked man appeared in the opposite direction. Caleb's eyes widened as Rain's sword came at him and the masked man had brought down the sword on the other end.

Rain parried the masked man's sword, and then stabbed the masked man straight through the chest with his other hand.

"Wh-what is this Rain?" the masked man questioned in shock. Rain ripped out his hand from the masked man's chest roughly causing the masked man to fall lifeless to the floor in his pool of blood and the undead guards began to fall to the floor like rag dolls.

Caleb began to transform back into his human form as he stared at Rain suspiciously.

"I could've handled it," he snarled under his throat in a dangerous tone. Rain threw the sword onto the floor with a cold expression.

"You are one of the Hellraine's comrades. My name's Rain and I want to help," Rain exclaimed. Caleb furrowed his brows.

"You know why I'm here?" Caleb questioned. Rain nodded slightly.

"You're here to save Koji," Rain answered without any hesitation. Caleb was weary of Rain's true intentions. Rain seemed to know Caleb was suspicious of him and continued," Cerberus... you can understand him right? He would be worried about Koji's disappearance and seek the people he knows. That would be the Hellraine and her comrades."

End Note:

Alexis tends to know a lot about Hellraines and guardians simply because he's been surrounded by guardians. However, he seems upset and I'll get to why he is next chapter. Though it was said in the previous chapter he hated guardians. Caleb is well on his way to rescuing Koji with the help of Rain. This chapter got super long despite me wanting to add a little more to it. Anyways hope you enjoy this chapter!