Tainted Blood

Chapter 36

Stark had a wry, cocky smirk planted on his face as Kazu struck at him desperately to get in a hit. However, Stark kept dodging or taking a step back to avoid Kazu's every strike.

"Is this the best you can do?" Stark questioned as he yawned loudly," I'm sort of bored."

Kazu groaned.

"I'm destroying your stupid store," Kazu snapped. Stark looked around at the fallen bookshelves and the books lying wrecked on the floor.

"Oh… no… this is tragic. All the books… my store," Stark said in a droll manner rolling his eyes and added in an obnoxious tone," Was that supposed to hurt my feelings? Or is that an excuse to hide the fact you just suck at aiming at the real target?"

"SHUT UP!" Kazu cried angrily. Stark disappeared before Kazu's eyes causing him to look around confused. Suddenly he reappeared inches away from Kazu upper punching him in the jaw.

Kazu went flying through the roof. Stark jumped through the hole Kazu had created watching Kazu land onto the rooftop. He gave a sadistic smirk towards Kazu causing Kazu's eyes to widen.

"I hope you can do better than what you've been showing me," Stark said in a dark tone. Kazu glared at him.

"Of course I can! Stop looking down on me!" Kazu cried in a stubborn manner, and began to smirk slyly. Suddenly zombies came leaping at Stark from above tackling him to the ground. Stark threw them off him but the rabid zombies had recovered.

Kazu was laughing triumphantly as Stark seemed to be struggling against the zombies coming at him savagely without any room to rest.

"Ever since I became a zombie, my powers over the dead seem to be increasing than when I was human," Kazu exclaimed proudly. A zombie got in an attack on Stark slashing him and then another zombie swung its arm at Stark causing Stark to skid back a few meters. Kazu continued," I will kill you!"

All the zombies came diving at Stark to attempt to slash him. Then suddenly a slash struck from the center of the zombies ripping them apart causing guts to fall around Stark. Kazu stopped his laughing as he swallowed hard. Stark had a dark, sadistic smirk across his handsome face as a bloodthirsty, wicked aura began to radiate from him.

"Did you have fun watching that?" Stark questioned sardonically. He outstretched his left hand to the side as a black thin sword appeared in his hand. Stark began to walk towards Kazu as Kazu attempted to race at him attacking recklessly. With one swing of his sword, Kazu was slash to ribbons falling to his knees.

"You can't kill me! My family will kill you! They'll seek revenge for what you're going to do to me," Kazu screamed. Stark's eyes remained cold and seemed to glint in amusement.

"Really? I want to see if that'll happen. At least I won't be so bored anymore," Stark said with a sadistic manner as he brought down his sword over Kazu.

Blood splattered across the roof soaking into the cement.

The newcomer had thrown Riley at Lillie like a rag doll and followed with an eye roll," But that's such a stupid cliché to play by. Obviously, he loves the stupid clichés."

Lillie bent down to check if Riley was all right concerned filling in her eyes before she narrowed her eyes at the newcomer.

"What do you want?" Lillie questioned. The boy simply smirked.

"First, you need to know me. My name's Kaden. Second… you do know that human you seem to be concerned over has his own secrets..." the boy, Kaden, trailed off leaving Lillie to question what he was getting at about Riley.

"This is obviously not about Riley," Lillie snapped at him. Kaden gave her a small smirk.

"No… it isn't," Kaden said as he took a step forward.

He left after images behind as he raced towards Lillie causing her to narrowly dodge an incoming knife swung at her. Lillie was barely able to sense the boy behind her to duck another slash from his knife.

"Is that all you have?"

It caused Lillie to snap her attention to find Riley had grabbed Kaden's wrist that was wielding the knife. In a quick motion, Kaden had took out another knife and slashed at Riley. Riley leaned back to avoid it and attempted to kick Kaden back. Kaden had disappeared again before Riley's foot could make contact with his stomach.

"I didn't know you could fight like that," Lillie commented. Riley winced at the pain that went through his head as he reached to touch it to find his hair was matted with blood.

Lillie caught Kaden at the corner of her eye as she shoved Riley out of the way when a knife had narrowly sliced Riley across the chest. She took a couple of steps back to avoid it too.

Kaden threw his other knife straight at Riley. Riley had quickly reacted by catching the knife by its blade with his hand and flipped it so he held the handle of it instead. Lillie grimaced at the blood dripping from the palm of Riley's hand to the floor.

"You're only proving… how un-human you are in front of the Hellraine," the boy sneered.

Riley's eyes widened in complete shock at the word 'Hellraine' as he looked to Lillie masking the shock and apprehension that he felt. Lillie looked back at Riley to see Riley's reaction. Riley did not show any hint of knowing what a Hellraine was. He held a blank look in those lavender eyes.

Kaden began to take a step closer towards Lillie. After images of himself appeared behind him surrounding Lillie.

Lillie scanned them in alert as she was cut on her left shoulder and then sliced across her stomach. She attempted to locate which of them were real attacking her amongst them but she couldn't determine which direction Kaden was coming from.

Cuts marked most of her body as the images of him faded. Lillie couldn't keep up with Kaden's movements.

Kaden suddenly appeared in front of Riley and whispered something in his ear. Riley's lavender eyes looked like he was in a nightmare leaving him shaking unable to move. Kaden was about to use his remaining knife to slice Riley's throat.

Lillie's eyes widened. She had to do something. Riley didn't seem capable of reacting as he shook from what Kaden was whispering to him. It was like he was in his worst nightmare and he didn't even see the knife that Kaden was about to plunge into his neck.

Shadow entities had shot the knife away from Riley's neck. Riley's eyes widened at what Lillie had done to defend him.

Loki quickly stood up when he sensed those dark powers and it felt like electricity had gone through him as a scene slammed into his mind. Lillie was defending a human from a boy. Lillie had used her powers and knowing that was definitely not part of selling his soul.

"You sensed that too," Alexis stated. Loki was the first to race off the roof closely followed behind him was Alexis. They turned into a hallway towards the direction Lillie was in. When he entered into a hallway in which Lillie was in, he froze as a surge of power went through him. Someone had made a dimension to act as a battlefield that no one would be able to enter or leave for that matter.

A blast shot millimeters from hitting Loki. The blast had only seemed to waver the walls of the dimension for a split second. Loki shot a glare at Alexis who lowered his hand with a frown.

"Trying to hit two birds with one stone?" Loki questioned icily. Alexis directed a puzzled look at Loki.

"Why would I want to harm a bird unless it was poking out my eyes?"

Loki arched a brow at Alexis.

"I don't even want to know if there is more to that comment than that," Loki retorted dryly and turned back to the barrier blocking them from getting to Lillie trying to think of a way to get in.

"Maybe… we can stand here and hope the invisible wall will eventually disappear," Alexis exclaimed. Loki gave him a droll stare.

"Yeah… let's stare at the empty hallway and hope with all our willpower will make this disappear," Loki said sarcastically indicating the invisible wall with the point of his thumb," Good idea, genius. Should I have brought popcorn?"

"Being here seems to have softened me up," Stark remarked in a sadistic tone as he followed a trail of blood to Kazu attempting to crawl away from him. Kazu turned over his shoulder to glare at Stark.

"Are you sure about that," Kazu managed to retort. Stark narrowed his eyes darkly at Kazu as he began to take a step closer to him dragging his thin black sword on the cement.

"Weren't you busy crawling away?" Stark questioned in a dark, sardonic manner. Kazu's eyes widened as he struggled to get to his feet to get away. A rather evil smirk crossed Stark's lips when he got an idea. Then Stark pinned Kazu to the ground with his foot on Kazu's back in a not too gentle manner," Actually, I've had a change of heart… Instead of letting you crawl away, we'll see how useful you can be to me."

Caleb had walked into the bookstore and was surprised to find the bookstore was in a wreck. Stark had Kazu pinned beneath his foot like an insect.

Saving himself from the frustration and anger of trying to read the blueprints that Cerberus had given him, he decided to bring it to Stark even though he hated the idea of asking the asshole for help.

"Why wasn't I invited to this?" Caleb snarled as he gave an arched stare at Stark, who was pinning down Kazu with a foot.

"Mutt. What?" Stark greeted in an obnoxious manner.

"Pretty Boy, you know how we said we weren't helping her with Koji?" Caleb questioned deep in his throat. Stark clicked his tongue at Caleb.

"We don't have all century, Mutt. Get to the point. As you can see, I'm a little busy."

"You might not need that if I have this," Caleb said throwing the blueprints that he had in his hand at Stark. Stark caught it looking at Caleb with a questioning look and began to unfold the blueprints with a frown. He looked at Caleb.

"You know… you're ruining my fun, Mutt," Stark said darkly as he grabbed both of Kazu's wrists forcing him to his feet and shoved him at Caleb," Hold him… He might still be useful."

Kazu glared at both of them struggling from Caleb's hard grip on his wrists, and cried," Let me go!"

"I can always snap off both your arms… I'm pretty sure undead don't grow missing limbs back," Caleb snarled in a sinister tone causing Kazu's eyes to widen. Kazu stopped struggling from Caleb's grip.

Stark had laid out the blueprint on the floor as he examined it with a serious look over his face.

"What the hell was Koji planning against his grandmother? It looks like he had plans laid out on how to attack," Stark muttered more to himself. Caleb turned his attention to Stark.

"So that kind and stupid human isn't actually all kind and stupid?" Caleb questioned deep in his throat. Stark snorted at Caleb's comment as a bad boy smirk began to cross his lips.

"Apparently not, but he's all kinds of stupid if he thought this plan would work. Plus this was awfully drawn."

Kazu let out a loud snort as he sneered," Koji and his group of friends were planning on ending my grandmother's reign before our parents and sister were killed. First target was where my grandmother held her prisoners but it's too bad now since he's one of them. By the way, Koji looked like crap."

Caleb and Stark had a rather evil glint in their eyes as they turned their attention on Kazu causing Kazu to scowl at his big mouth.

Riley watched as shadow entities began to surround and engulf Lillie and her eyes seemed to turn black ringed with red causing her to look more dark and sinister. Riley had quickly gone into offensive mode as he deflected a loose shadow entity coming at him with the rings he wore on his left hand. Whatever they were made of, they made a good shield.

Lillie having to use her powers… This was his fault. How could let Kaden's words rattle him? How did he even know about his past? Or anything about him for that matter? Riley tried to regain himself from Kaden's words.

"You pissed off a girl, who happens to be the Hellraine… good job," Riley snapped at Kaden. Kaden shrugged his shoulder in a nonchalant manner.

"Hey… I was promised a truckload of candy for doing this," Kaden retorted before he slowly turned to Lillie.

"Who wouldn't be able to turn that down," Riley muttered under his breath.

Lillie didn't seem herself as she narrowed her eyes on Kaden with a deadly gaze.

Without hesitation, she raced at him a bloodthirsty aura surrounded her being as her nails sharpened and was about to slash down on the boy. Riley had quickly gone in between them and grabbed Lillie's wrist trying his best to hold it back.

"Please Lillie… Don't do something you'll regret… like killing someone you wouldn't want to," Riley said trying to get to Lillie through the darkness. His words had no effect on her. From what he knew, guardians had a bigger change of getting through to their Hellraine than any other.

"I can kill you as easy as an insect if you don't move," Lillie said in a demonic tone. Lillie could only feel the bloodthirsty and killing intent that grew within her.

I have you now… a voice spoke in her mind. Like I said I would…

An evil smile began to cross her lips before she stabbed Riley in the stomach causing him to grimace in pain. Before she could do any more damage, arms wrapped around her from behind gently pulling her back away from Riley.

"Lillie, this isn't you… You aren't like this... This isn't you," a soothing yet stern voice spoke in her ear. Lillie was about to use her shadow entities to hit Alexis away.

The shadow entities began to dissipate around Lillie. It looked like she had snapped out of a trance staring at Alexis for a second before she fainted.

Alexis had caught her before she hit the floor. He quickly turned his direction towards where Kaden had been standing to find he wasn't there. Loki had walked up to him at that moment to glance at Lillie to see if she was alright.

"That boy… he's gone," Alexis stated.

A tic worked in Loki's jaw.

"He obviously got what he wanted."