Tainted Blood

Chapter 49

Alexis had to get away from Loki so he wouldn't go back into his mind to pry any further. He wasn't ready to know what he'd done. As much as he'd like to fight against Radon, Radon was a powerful entity and there would be no way that Lillie and her allies would be capable of defeating him.

Alexis had fallen to his knees holding his head flashing back to the memory that Loki had glimpsed into. He had a bad feeling about it… This memory involved Caleb too. Didn't he owe it to him after betraying Caleb a hundred years ago to the dark god?

"Hey, you! What the hell are you doing?" a deep, husky voice snapped at him. Alexis slowly looked up to see Caleb glaring at him.

"Caleb, what are you doing here?" Alexis questioned back.

"This is a sidewalk, Alexis. Everyone walks here. You're lucky I didn't accidentally kick you in the face," Caleb said in a dark, sinister tone. Alexis frowned as he looked down to see that the sidewalk was cracked. He saw a black shadow seem to disappear into his veins. He'd use the guardian powers without realizing it.

"Caleb, do you remember what happened a hundred years ago," Alexis questioned with a slightly disturbed look in his eyes. Caleb scratched his head with his middle finger.

"Yeah. I met you," he said grumpily at the reminder," You ended up betraying me. I was being too trusting that time."

"I never thought you were the Hellraine's guardian, but you were recognized by one of Radon's guardian I had to serve then," Alexis exclaimed.

"Who might that be?" Caleb questioned deep in his throat.


Caleb had an odd expression over his face. He had no idea how this Seth would know anything about Lillie. It wasn't like everyone announced who her guardians were to the entirety of Hell.

"Her father knew Seth and was an assassin to anyone who threatened his place, but there is more to that story," Alexis elaborated in a serious tone," He hates the Ezrae family… but he can't kill them."

Caleb glared at him.

"That just adds more questions than answers, Alexis," Caleb snarled. Alexis frowned at Caleb.

"I never said I was trying to answer any of your questions," Alexis stated bluntly. A tic worked in Caleb's jaw.

"I don't know why I bother talking to you. I can't even stand being around you."

Alexis frowned and stated bluntly," You can't stand me because I'm the only one that knows what you did."

Caleb's gaze darkened in a rather sinister, threatening manner he took a step towards Alexis.

"I think there's a bit more to that."

Zero had some time to recover despite everything that had happened. He felt better than he had in the last century. Now that he was recovered he needed to find the one person that he had put at the back of his mind. Mikaela.

He ended up tracking him to an old rickety house. Mikaela lay against a wall in cold sweat looking like he was having a pretty bad nightmare with his face contorted in pain and tears ran down his cheek. When Zero closed the distance, Mikaela had shot up looking tense and somewhat disoriented. He relaxed realizing that it was Zero, but there was still a slight haunted look in his amethyst eyes.


"Have you been here since I gave you your memories back?" Zero questioned with a frown looking up to find there was a hole in the ceiling. Mikaela bit his lower lip.

"You broke their control over me, which was good… but I could do without it," Mikaela exclaimed in a slightly disoriented manner. Zero gave a rather sympathetic look.

Zero caught sight of the mark of the Hellraine on the right side of Mikaela's neck that was slightly hidden by his white blond hair. Being marked came with the many horrors that it entailed.

Fierce ownership.

The elder Hellraine had rarely marked any demon and every demon that served him willing or unwilling always wondered why Mikaela had been treated so harshly to fall into such a fate. It had made Zero feel worse for making Mikaela relive all the horrifying memories again.

"I wasn't looking out for your feelings back then and even now… I was thinking of Lillie and I'm sorry for that."

Mikaela had given Zero the most deadened expression before he spoke," It doesn't matter… I'm just property bought and owned by the Ezrae family. I would be the last demon anyone would think of."

Zero exhaled loudly.

"Please stop talking in that way," he said in an exasperated tone," It won't help."

Mikaela narrowed his eyes at Zero.

"Did I say something wrong, Z? Does it hurt your feelings more than it does mine? Do you feel… guilty about restoring my memories now?"

Mikaela only seemed to be trying to rile Zero up. Zero had forgotten about Mikaela's special ability to be able to read minds. He had to block his thoughts from Mikaela before Mikaela found out something about him that he didn't want anyone knowing.

"You aren't going to chase me away, Kai," Zero stated in a stern tone. Mikaela sighed as he diverted his gaze away from Zero.

"You must've forgot about my ability for a moment... Can't I just wallow in misery for once in my immortal life?" he muttered more to himself. Zero seemed to be trying to gather his thoughts before he spoke again.

"There's no time for you to be doing that. Isn't there something that we should talk about? Like Lillie?"

Aiden stood up slowly amidst the rubble from the wall he had destroyed. He gave a deranged grin towards Auryn.

"Alright, let's play," he said as he raced at Auryn without any hesitation. Aiden attempted to swing his arm at Auryn but Auryn had caught his wrist and then he tried again. However, Auryn had grabbed his other arm holding him back from hitting him.

"I'm not playing with you, Aiden. I won't let you pass," Auryn said in a stern tone. Aiden cocked his head at Auryn in confusion.

"But it is a game, Auryn. I'm having fun."

Aiden pulled away from Auryn's grip and thrust his claws at Auryn. Auryn took a step back as the claws brushed against his cheek and shoulder. Aiden attempted to go around Auryn but Auryn quickly kneed him in the stomach and elbowed him in the back causing Aiden to slam into the ground. Aiden quickly recovered and whipped his leg at Auryn causing Auryn to fall to the floor. Aiden quickly attempted to direct a fatal blow on Auryn but Auryn quickly blocked it with both his hands.

"You had your chance to run off," Auryn stated.

"Why would I run away from this? You'd just come after me anyway until you sleep," Aiden exclaimed still having that deranged grin on his face. He could smell the faint scent of blood causing him to become bloodthirsty.

"It's called fainting."

Auryn kicked Aiden away from him seeing Aiden's hungry eyes as he watched Auryn's blood trickle down his cheek. Aiden landed on his feet stumbling back slightly.

"It's the same," Aiden said absently as his eyes began to glow crimson and added," Maybe you could... donate some blood too."

Auryn gave him an emotionless expression unfazed by the comment.

"It seems… you can't focus on an objective for very long, can you?"

Aiden smirked at Auryn.

"Blood is very important to me… It trumps all Stark's commands," Aiden said in an indifferent manner.

"Is that so? Then I wonder... why I bother to keep you around," an obnoxious voice spoke from behind Aiden. Then Aiden's neck snapped loudly causing Aiden to collapse to the ground. Stark was standing there with a devious, arrogant smirk. Valentia rested her head on Stark's shoulder as she attempted to lean in to kiss him, but Stark moved away from her. Valentia just smiled at him.

"Always playing hard to get, aren't you? But you should play nice. I do have your brother."

Loki stared at his hand where the shadow entity had touched. It was bruised and his skin was beginning to turn black. He'd seen these powers before but he still never could comprehend what it fully meant.

"What… is this?" he questioned icily.

"It's one of the changes that happen when a Hellraine gives you their blood in death. Didn't Lillie give you an explanation?" Seth inquired with an underlying venom as he glanced at Lillie," It seems she never likes to explain things."

Lillie looked troubled by that statement as she bit her lower lip directing her gaze at Loki's back.


Loki glanced over his shoulder at Lillie.

"Obviously I knew something was wrong with me after you got me out of Hell. Who the hell bleeds black? I asked you about what a guardian was… but you never did tell me anything," Loki exclaimed in an even, calm tone," So now it's the perfect time to tell me about this."

Lillie took in a breath before she spoke," Guardians… usually demons describe it as… you become a shadow of yourself… that bars death."

Koji's brows furrowed looking puzzled yet curious at the explanation of guardians even though he didn't know what it meant. Loki frowned at the explanation, but before he could speak Seth was the first to intervene with a rather devious smirk planted over his lips.

"I suppose that would be a perfect explanation… Destroy a guardian's body… doesn't mean you fully destroy their essence, but that's not exactly what your demon is asking."

Lillie swallowed hard.

"Those shadow powers that he's using… You can use them too, Loki. You just need to focus on them."

Loki raised a brow.

"What kind of blood do you have? It should come with a warning label. Don't drink Lillie's blood. Has irreversible side effects."

Lillie gave him an annoyed look.

"Such a smartass! I shouldn't have gotten you out of Hell!" Lillie cried at him in frustration.

"At least I won't be a freak that bleeds black."

Seth's left eye began to twitch from irritation and anger at being ignored.

"You need to pay more attention to your surroundings," Seth said dangerously just as shadow-like spears rained down on Loki. A patronizing smirk appeared over his lips. The spears struck at Loki mercilessly creating a cloud of dust around him.

Lillie and Koji's eyes widened expecting Loki to be severely injured from the surprise attack. When the dust cleared where Loki had been standing, Loki wasn't there anymore. Loki appeared behind Seth with a patronizing smirk over his lips.

"Who says I wasn't paying attention?"

End Note: The next chapter is taking a bit to write since I am having writers' block for it. I decided that the new scene I put in with Mikaela and Aki was kind of... well... random. It didn't seem to serve a purpose. I decided that Zero would be more suitable in kind of reintroducing Mikaela, which I added as a new character. He first appears in... I believe Chapter 14 and 19 and then kind of disappears into obscurity. I thought I would give a bit of a reason why he disappeared in this chapter. Mikaela knows a lot about Lillie's father, good and bad, and he'll be the one to kind of open a can of worms that can complicate things.

I hope all of your enjoy the change in this chapter!