Tainted Blood

Book V

Chapter 49

Stark hurriedly walked out of Valentia's hideout as he adjusted his clothes and hair. He had a mischievous smirk across his lips. Valentia thought Auryn was a bargaining chip to get him to her side. She could think what she wanted about his motives.


Stark froze at the voice of his little brother behind him. He turned over his shoulder to see Auryn standing there with a solemn look over his face. Stark gave him an arched stare.

"What is it, Auryn? Is there a problem?" Stark questioned in an obnoxious tone. Auryn stared blankly at Stark.

"What are you up to, Big Brother?"

Stark clicked his tongue in irritation over that question. He was beginning to really hate that question.

"Does it matter if I was up to something? Don't tell me you've developed a soft spot for Valentia, who was nice enough to lock you up in a tiny room. Little Brother, maybe you've developed a liking to small spaces," Stark retorted with a roll of his eyes. Auryn exhaled loudly.

"That's not it," Auryn said trying hard to not snap at Stark. "You told me that you were trying to help me be free from Valentia, but I find that hard to believe. There has to be something more to this. I wasn't a good brother to you to warrant your help."

Stark still continued to smirk at Auryn but his emerald green eyes held an indecipherable glint in them.

"Maybe I wanted to gain a servant I could boss around. Maybe he can even babysit the obviously crazed vampire that wants to cut off Valentia's digits," Stark exclaimed in a dark, sardonic tone and then added as an after thought," It would definitely save me a lot of time trying to stop him from biting 'happy meals' on the street."

Auryn grimaced. He felt like he had just given Stark a great idea that he was now considering, or he already thought about that. However, that was not what bothered him.

"That's not it! You always have a bigger plan in place," Auryn said in an accusatory tone. Stark's smirk faded from his lips. What was the point of all this if Auryn had doubts about him. With that thought in mind, he narrowed his gaze on Auryn.

"I don't want to end up being a servant to a master my entire immortal life, like you," Stark said with underlying venom.

Auryn grounded his teeth as he cried angrily," You screwed us all over to this fate of slavery, Brother! Don't patronize me!" He launched himself at Stark raising his claws about to strike down when he sensed something coming from the town centre. Stark glanced to the town centre before a devious smirk began to cast onto his lips. In a blink of an eye, he had Auryn in a chokehold.

"You should be paying attention when you start a fight... or this could happen," Stark said into his ear harshly. His gaze darkened. "All I did was put my loyalty in my family. All I got was disgust, a slap to my face, and abandoned to my fate. All of you got what you deserved for what I was put through." Stark shoved Auryn away as he gave his little brother a deathly glare. "Now I have somewhere to be if you're done talking."

Caleb took another step to Alexis with his head lowered like a predator. Alexis took a step back to keep his distance from the angered werewolf before him.

"There was more to that village burning down and the fact you were there makes me wonder what that dark god did to me!" Caleb snarled in a dark, sinister tone. Alexis swallowed hard.

"Then why are you threatening me?" Alexis managed to question.

"Like I said, there was more to this that involves you," Caleb growled darkly. Alexis furrowed his brows as bits and pieces of a memory flashed in his mind. The screams of horror reverberated in his mind disorienting him slightly.

"The past is in the past… Why bring it up now?" Alexis cried. Caleb's gaze flashed crimson in anger.

"You betrayed me back then! I won't risk it on her! She's too trusting to think you wouldn't do what you did to me!" Caleb snarled maliciously slicing down with his claws as shadows gathered around it. Alexis took a step back narrowly dodging Caleb's claws from slitting his throat. Caleb slashed a second time aiming for Alexis' heart. Alexis leaped back.

"If she found out what you're doing, she would be angry at you," Alexis cried.

A murderous aura began to surround Caleb that Alexis could barely breath from the deadly air. He snarled maliciously," I won't stand back and wait until you betray her like you did me! We can't keep guessing how much of a hold that dark god has on you!"

Caleb sliced viciously aiming for Alexis' jugular. Alexis dodged but Caleb was already slicing again causing Alexis to barely be able to dodge it getting a cut on his shoulder. However, a shadow followed after Caleb's attack causing Alexis to be knocked back several meters away uplifting pavement.

Caleb pushed himself off the ground. At lightning speed, he upper punched Alexis but Alexis had quickly side flipped to avoid it. Caleb had kneed Alexis in the stomach and palmed him in the chest as shadow entities followed soon after. Alexis grimaced as he tried to take a breath from the strength behind the attack. He felt like all his ribs had been broken and was barely able to stand upright stumbling back.

Caleb thrust his hand at Alexis' chest. Alexis couldn't dodge in time and waited for the pain that would stab straight through his chest. However, Caleb flinched his hand stopping inches from Alexis' chest when he sensed something towards the town center. A dark power. Not only that, Lillie was at the center of it.

Seth slashed viciously at Loki with a shadow-like spear. Loki was about to dodge it but he hesitated when he realized Lillie would take the blunt of the attack. He attempted to make a shadow blade but it barely parried Seth's spear before dissipating. It sliced down Loki's chest diagonally. Then Seth had stabbed the shadow spear straight through Loki mercilessly.

Loki choked on blood as he wrapped his hands around the blade of the shadow spear attempting to stop Seth from stabbing it any further. It wasn't helping that it felt like the spear was burning his hand.

"And here I thought it would have a better fight before you died in front of your Hellraine," Seth sneered evilly. Loki glared at him.

"Guess shit doesn't always go your way," Loki retorted dryly. He could barely support himself as he felt like the energy was draining out of him. His head hung low and his knees began to buckle.

Lillie's eyes widened looking on in horror at the way Loki was hunched over and motionless like he was dead.


Then suddenly Loki's eyes began to glow iridescent violet. He could feel a darkness within him awaken but he felt... more powerful. He looked down to see his hands beginning to engulf into shadow entities and his blood looked like it was coagulating around the shadow spear. The shadow entities began to gather around him furiously turning him into a shadowy demon form. Nine tails whipped behind him as crimson ancient tattoos began to appear on his left shoulder, upper arm, and side.

Loki blasted Seth with the shadow entities as he pulled out the dark spear out of his chest looking angered making the dark spear dissipate. Seth was flown a mile away landing on his feet. A slow, evil smirk began to cast onto his lips as he laughed maniacally.

"Two down and—Wait I didn't mean to say that out loud. You weren't suppose to know about the other one even though his secrets could kill you," Seth sneered derisively.

Lillie gapped unable to speak for a moment out of shock at that revelation. Seth was aiming for her guardians. Was it Stark… or Caleb… or Alexis that he had got to? Her breathing was beginning to become uneven from being worried for her friends.

"What did you do? Who else did you get to before you got here?" Lillie cried at Seth in a demonic tone as her eyes flashed crimson in anger. Koji took a step back from her.

Seth only continued to laugh in response to her anger. "Oh you must've thought he died. Your father was quite adamant on keeping that a secret from you. I suppose he wanted that one to suffer…"

"Who are you talking about?" Lillie inquired in a restrained tone trying to keep from giving in to her powers darkness. Her claws began to sharpen and elongate and her fangs appeared in her mouth. Seth gave a taunting smirk.

"Wouldn't you like to know? But don't think the answers come that easily."

Lillie launched herself at Seth tearing up the pavement as she went to bring down the side of her palm at him. Seth could barely dodge it. However, Lillie swept her arm horizontally straight at Seth. Seth was thrown back miles away. If it had been a weak demon, he'd been beheaded from the sheer force.

"What did you do?! Answer me!" Lillie demanded in that demonic tone as she aimed at Seth's jugular with her claws. Seth took a step back from her as he clenched his teeth.

"What he was meant to do," he managed to say. Lillie thrust her claws straight at his jugular in anger.

Suddenly a white blur came between them grabbing her by the wrist as the tip of her claws cut into Seth's neck. Lillie furrowed her brows at the newcomer with those emotionless amethyst eyes as her senses were trying to tell her something about the newcomer but she couldn't quite put her finger on it.

Seth smirked snidely as he realized who defended him. Mikaela had finally succumbed over to his side.

"It took you long enough, Kai. I told you to stop fighting against it and you'll gain some peace," he sneered sinisterly. This Mikaela only held onto Lillie's wrist tightening his grip as she attempted to stab him with her claws.

"Move aside!" she cried with the full weight of her demon powers behind her voice as she used her other arm to stab Mikaela.

Before her claws could connect, Mikaela was tackled down by a blond blur.

"How dare you show your face!" Stark cried at Mikaela. His eyes glowed crimson in fury before he stabbed his claws into Mikaela's shoulder. Mikaela retaliated with a punch. Stark moved his head to the side to avoid it. However, shadow entities followed straight afterwards knocking Stark back.

Stark rose to his feet amidst the debris with his head lowered like a predator as he faced against Mikaela. His emerald green eyes held a dark, sadistic glint in them as a bloodthirsty air began to permeate from him. Stark launched himself head on straight for Mikaela as his black sword appeared in his hand.

"I still haven't forgotten what you've done, Kai! I'll return it ten fold onto you."

Koji's eyes widened at this Lillie and shivered at the darkness that enveloped around her aura.

It had always slipped his mind what Lillie truly was. She was a feared dark being, a Hellraine, and wanted by every preternatural being. They'd whispered her kind in fear and what the Hellraines were capable of. It was the reason why they were hunted.

However, Koji began to take several steps back when he realized that Loki had turned his attention away from Lillie and Seth's fight. He'd turned his attention on him. There was a blank look in those iridescent violet eyes. He didn't seem to care that Koji was on their side and that he should be fighting Seth. Loki looked like a predator sizing up his prey with his head lowered and then launched himself at Koji.

Koji scowled as he quickly unlocked his necklace around his neck. He could barely see what Loki was going to do as he rolled out of Loki's attack seconds from being cut in half. However, Loki had quickly turned to slice down on him with a dark blade in his hand.

Koji already knew that he wasn't powerful enough to win this fight but he wasn't about to die. The pavement under Loki's began to crack open as rotting hands shot out from beneath grabbing hold of him.

Before the blade would have connected on Koji, Loki was dragged into the hole that was made by the undead. Koji breathed a sigh of relief until a hand engulfed in shadows reached out to grab at the edge.

Loki pulled himself out from the hole and grabbed Koji by the throat. He narrowed his piercing iridescent violet eye on Koji. Koji watched as Loki and his surroundings faded before his eyes.