Tainted Blood

Book V

Chapter 49

Lillie could barely comprehend Seth's speed as he raced towards her at lightning speed. Koji had been the one to push her out of the range of Seth's attack just in time. His attack left a large crater in the ground where Lillie and Koji had been standing seconds ago. Koji quickly snapped his attention to Seth as he hit his fists into the ground causing dirt to rise around them concealing them.

When the dust had dissipated, Lillie and Koji were gone. Seth's gaze darkened as he cursed under his breath.

"You can't run from me that easily."

The shadow flinted in front of Alexis and Loki as the scene changed into yet another one but this time the memory seem frayed. They were in a village and there were small houses around them built with what seemed to be branches and wood, but the people running around were faceless. However, they were definitely panicked about something. It was in Alexis' point of view what they were seeing and they seemed to be running away from him.

Alexis seemed to have a puzzled expression.

"This… place… was where a group of werewolves lived," Alexis said more to himself. Loki had an odd look in his eye as he looked around for a long moment thinking it through. He'd experienced memories like these. They were often blurred because the person had no recollection of what they had done.

The only reason he could come up with was they were being controlled.

"…Caleb… that werewolf killed them here…" Alexis trailed off looking even more confused as he kept staring at the scenery. However, a bad feeling went through him," … Didn't he?"

Loki looked around to find there were fewer people running around. They had all fallen as blood soaked into the ground. Loki slowly turned to see Caleb looking around in confusion and horror at what he was seeing. Caleb was distraught as he fell to his knees.

"What did I do?" Caleb mumbled to himself," I don't even remember."

This memory… Alexis couldn't have been standing too far if it felt like they were this close. What the hell was with this memory? It was definitely broken. Loki furrowed his brow.

What the hell… is this? Why is Caleb here? Alexis knew Caleb… I knew that… but… what really happened here?

Then a voice echoed silencing the noise of screams in the background. Loki could barely make it out but he finally heard its words.

"Come back, Alexis! You've done your job!" the voice echoed. Then suddenly a figure made of shadows inches from them as it whispered something into both Loki's and Alexis' ear. Then Loki could feel himself being pulled out of Alexis' memory.

Loki was back on the school roof turning to look Alexis to see him looking terrified.

"Radon…" Alexis trailed off and continued," Did I do something?"

Loki slowly got up from where he was to confront Alexis.

"What was that?" he questioned icily. Alexis seemed to snap out of it as he narrowed his eyes on Loki.

"He… didn't want me to remember. This doesn't concern you," Alexis stated in a blunt tone before turning away from Loki," Don't… go into my mind again."

With that, Alexis had disappeared. Loki looked on in suspicion.

"He's the one who wanted to know," Loki muttered under his breath. Then he winced when the tattoo on his hand began to burn," Since when is Lillie not in trouble."

Caleb and Zero had sensed the dark powers not far from the house and quickly raced over to check it out. A boy around the age of fifteen lay unconscious amidst the rubble of the collapsed house. He had a large cut down the center of his chest. It looked like he'd been stabbed in both his legs and arms. The boy's skin was turning a pitch-black hue.

"Is he a guardian? Or was he fighting a guardian?" Caleb questioned deep in his throat with a critical expression lining his brow. Lillie didn't turn anyone else into a guardian could she? If there was another Hellraine, this was bad.

Zero didn't speak for a long moment too shocked. He slowly bent down beside the boy with guilt written over his face. He should've went to find Mikaela after he was rescued but he had been too focused on healing himself and worrying over Lillie that he had forgotten about him.

"Mikaela…" Zero trailed off as he winced at the wounds. A disturbed look lined his brows when he looked at the state that he was in. "You deserve better than this." Caleb turned on Zero with a dangerous glare.

"You know who he is?" Caleb snarled sinisterly. Zero furrowed his brows. He wasn't sure how to tell Caleb about Mikaela. When he was about to answer, Talyn and Stark had arrived. Talyn was the first to run over to check on Mikaela.

"Mikaela? What the hell happened to him?" Talyn questioned looking concerned. Stark didn't seem to care and only held a disgusted look in his emerald eyes for the unconscious boy.

"You shouldn't be worried for something like him," Stark said coldly. Talyn turned to face Stark looking like he wanted to punch a hole through him.

"If it wasn't for him I'd still be in that hellhole where you left me. Because of me, he was injured severely to get me out of there. I owe him, Anselm," Talyn exclaimed before his lip curled angry at himself. "I shouldn't have left him here to get revenge on what you did to me."

Stark snorted incredulously.

"Revenge? You can try and you'll fail, Talyn," Stark said in a harsh tone. Talyn grimaced as a searing pain began to pulse from the tattoo on his throat. He silently cursed struggling to breath.

"Is… this… your way… of… making… me… submit," Talyn questioned with a rebellious look in his eyes. He clenched his teeth. With lighting fast movements, he had punched Stark. The searing pain had stopped abruptly. Talyn gave Stark a defiant glare as he spoke," Well, if I fail at getting payback, you'd fail in trying to make me listen and do what you want! The day you took my soul til now you've never been capable of it."

Stark responded with a devious smirk across his lips.

"Is that so?" Stark said in a sardonic manner. "Remember one day you'll be paid back in full with those words you just said to me. For now I'll let you off since I'm trying to become a better demon."

Talyn scoffed. "Oh how benevolent of you. How about you remember that when you're trying to gut someone in that bookstore of yours." Then he added bitterly," I thought I already paid back in full more than enough in the last century."

Caleb chuckled low in his throat before turning to Stark. "How does it feel Pretty Boy? Not being able to control your chess pieces... It must irritate you."

"Shut the hell up, Mutt," Stark snapped. Caleb gave him a death glare.

"How about I shred you, Pretty Boy?" Caleb snarled sinisterly.

"All three of you need to stop arguing with each other. We have more important issues," Zero snapped sternly. Stark turned to Zero rolling his eyes at him.

"Like what? Healing the Ezrae family's pet slave?" Stark retorted. Zero looked to the distance to see shadow figures coming towards them.

"Yes, we are healing him, but the hoard of demons coming our way needs our attention," Zero exclaimed in a serious tone. "We need to get out of here, or we are making more enemies."

Stark, Caleb, and Talyn seemed to be riled up from the imminent fight.

"Why the hell would we run, Z? The enemies will just keep coming back until we kill them," Stark said in a sardonic manner. Zero narrowed his eyes on them.

"This is a trap to get us here. Whoever was fighting Mikaela had something else planned and needed all of us out of the way!" Zero exclaimed in an even tone. Talyn exhaled loudly.

"There's only one explanation why..." Talyn trailed off rubbing at his temple. "Lillie."

Lillie and Koji had run into an alleyway as they attempted to get as far away from Seth as possible.

However, Lillie knew it was impossible to escape Seth. Her gut was telling her Seth would catch up pretty soon and they would only get away unless he let them. With the way Seth was acting that was a slim chance. Lillie could only turn to one particular demon at this moment. The one who sold his soul to her.


Koji glanced at her in confusion.

"Why are you… saying his name now in this situation?" Koji questioned.

"Because he's the only one that could help!" Lillie replied. Koji bit his lower lip. He knew very well that Lillie was right, but why Loki out of every ally that Lillie had?

"Does he just magically come because you call his name?" Koji inquired. Before Lillie could answer, a blur had leaped at them from above. She saw a glimpse of who it was before she was knocked to the ground.

Lillie snapped her attention to see Loki holding off Seth from reaching them. Then with a quick motion, a handleless blade slid out from under Loki's sleeve and he slashed it causing Seth to leap back to avoid it. Loki gave a patronizing smirk towards Seth.

"I thought you would be too busy dealing with some pissed off demons after releasing the condemned from Hell," Loki exclaimed.

"I'm not scared of some pathetic higher demons," Seth snapped," You were suppose to kill her not become her guardian."

"I didn't have control over the last part, but I bet you never did expect us to succeed at killing her from the start. It never made sense to me... so tell me... What's your real motive?" Loki questioned in suspicion with a rather calm, cool tone.

There would be no way the condemned were able to kill a Hellraine that was rumored to be powerful though Lillie seemed to be the opposite of that. However, without the pocketknife to suppress her powers, he could sense her powers slowly returning. He was pretty sure she was stronger than him at her strongest.

Seth's gaze darkened.

"That's up to you to figure out," Seth answered in a sinister tone before he raced at Loki," But I highly doubt you'll live long enough for that."

Loki gave him a patronizing smirk.

"Don't underestimate your opponent."

Seth appeared in front of Loki and swung his fist at Loki. Loki slowly faded away. Seth quickly turned around just in time to grab hold of the handleless blade. Loki pushed down on the other end of the handleless blade as Seth's grip slipped and it nearly cut his cheek by a few millimeters.

A shadow-like spear began to appear in Seth's hand and he slashed horizontally nearly cutting Loki in half if he hadn't leaped out of the way and then disappeared. The force behind it left a scar on the ground a few meters ahead. Lillie and Koji had to take a step back so that it wouldn't reach them. Loki appeared in front of them as he glanced at Lillie.

"Are you okay?" he asked. Lillie nodded in response before she took a step forward and narrowed her eyes at Seth.

"You say you hate me… but you haven't harmed me once. Every time I saw you, you had the chance to kill me. So why didn't you take advantage of those chances?" Lillie questioned. Seth's gaze darkened.

"Always so clueless… What he's done... The only thing he ever did right was keeping his promise to me," Seth said in a dark, sinister manner as he took a step forward. He continued," I can't kill you… but I figured out a way to hurt you more than death and it'll satisfy me."

With that, Seth raced towards Lillie, Loki and Koji at lightning speed. Loki quickly pulled Lillie back and parried Seth's shadow-like spear with his handleless blade. A smirk began to cross over Seth's lips.

"Obviously… you don't know anything about guardians," Seth sneered. Loki scowled when the shadow began to encroach onto his blade and it began to crumble away. The shadows reached slowly towards his hand causing him to let go of his blade.

Loki scowled as he said coolly," That was my favorite blade..." Then Loki glanced at his hand where the shadow entity had touched. It was bruised and his skin was beginning to turn a black hue. "What... is this...?"