Tainted Blood

Book V

Chapter 55

Mikaela attempted to concentrate on keeping Alexis restrained with the steel pipes but his powers were quickly draining. He cursed under his breath catching the shadow entities eating away at the metal just as Alexis dove at him unleashing a burst of shadows that looked like a dragon went flying straight for Mikaela. The impact kicked up debris around them unable to see anything in the vicinity.

When the dust dissipated, Mikaela was partially transformed in his demon form. The air around him seem to freeze to the point that you could see it rising out of Mikaela. His hair had an icy blue highlight in it. His left eye were canine like and had two black jagged mark down it. He was breathing heavily as ice shards trapped Alexis inches from him.

"Loki's energy... is still not enough," he mumbled under his breath. Alexis was racing for him as the scythe was slowly covered in the shadow entities and the ground beneath him was burning behind him. Mikaela attempted to get up to defend himself but he couldn't move. Shit.

Before he knew what was going on, Lillie had raced past him. Mikaela's eyes widened as he clenched his teeth gathering all the strength he could muster to get up.

"Alexis, you can snap out of it! Remember who you are!" Lillie cried desperately. She could see the cracks beginning to form on the tattoo. Alexis didn't seem to even register who she was and brought down the scythe as the shadow entities came off from the scythe creating another explosion.

Then Alexis was flung back meters away as an unseen blur slammed him back. Lillie had realized Caleb had taken the blunt of the attack and had fallen to his knees bleeding profusely while still managing to retaliate. Mikaela looked blankly at Caleb's fallen state. He didn't give away his emotions in the least but Lillie could tell that he was in no state to fight with those paled features and laboured breathing.

"Kai... don't interfere. This is my prey," Caleb growled in a dangerous tone.

"After all these centuries you haven't learned to play well with others," Mikaela tsked at him. Caleb flipped him off before his gaze darkened. He quickly pivoted around to block Alexis' attack and had delivered his own as the shadowy claws sliced Alexis into ribbons. Caleb held a rather murderous look over his face.

"Serves you right," Caleb growled kicking Alexis back and pushed off the ground straight for Alexis pulling back his arm. Alexis landed on his feet skidding back a couple meters. Caleb stabbing his hand into the centre of Alexis' chest. Alexis grabbed Caleb's arm as the shadow entities began to crawl onto his arm. Caleb grimaced feeling like he was being consumed by the shadows. His own shadow entities began to wrap around the shadows, and trail up his arm and onto half his face making him even more sinister than before. Caleb snarled in a dangerous manner, "You definitely shouldn't try that not unless you really wanna be mauled to death!"

Alexis had raced at him again. He attempted to stab Caleb with his claws but Caleb had grabbed his wrist to stop it millimetres from his heart. Caleb twisted his arm about to break it. Alexis slashed with his other hand causing Caleb to lean back to avoid it. Alexis flipped back landing on all fours and glared at them.

"You should have died... just as I intended back then," a deep voice seemed to speak with Alexis' lips but it wasn't his voice. "I was so close to dragging you back."

Caleb clenched his teeth quickly recognizing who was behind Alexis' voice and growled in a dangerous tone," You..."

Stark stared at the fight going on in front of the house from far away with a cold expression over his handsome features. He knew eventually Alexis was going to be the one incapable of handling those guardian powers. He'd been weak willed from the start and obviously broken.

Lillie was lucky that she had the guardians she had capable of controlling the dark powers. Most would go insane losing themselves within the power absorbed in their weaknesses. However, time made it easier and overcoming them obviously helped quell the darkness from consuming you.

Stark rather see Alexis dead than alive considering his involvement with that dark god. He had a suspicion that the dark god was using Alexis to spy into this world... specifically what was happening around Lillie. He could care less about the world burning but the dark god hated him. Or rather he hated all of Lillie's guardians. If that dark god ever got released, he'd be dead.

However, Stark was having conflicting emotions over it as he stood here. As much as he wanted to be harsh and watch Alexis go insane, Lillie would spend eternity feeling bad for what she'd caused. She had been the one to turn Alexis into a guardian and she'd feel guilty if he died... or worse. Stark clicked his tongue in irritation at this predicament.

Then Stark froze at a dark power that he hadn't sensed in a long time... It was evil... He shouldn't be sensing this being's power...

Lillie looked horrified as it dawned on her who the voice that echoed behind Alexis' was. She could sense a presence that she had not felt in a long time. That deathly sinister hate filled aura slowly beginning to fill around them.

"How..." she began in complete shock. Alexis had slowly narrowed his gaze on her.

"It's been quite a long time, Lillie. The last time we saw each other it was... interesting."

Lillie curled her lip at 'Alexis'.

"Are you doing this to him? What did you do?"

'Alexis' laughed at her.

"I live to teach you a lesson on guardians. He was broken... this only proves how right I am on your judgement. He doesn't even know who he is... He's letting those powers consume him. It won't be long," it spoke sinisterly. Lillie swallowed hard as a shade like mist came out of Alexis and went straight through Lillie. She felt a chill run down her spine. It was evil and it wanted her. You know well enough I can't kill you... but your barbaric guardians are fair game to me...She could hear the voice in her mind.

The one everyone referred to as The Dark God.


Lillie shivered at hearing that whispered familiar voice, but she felt his presence fade. However, a sickening feeling went through her. Radon had a connection to this world through Alexis. This only confirmed what she was scared of happening. This couldn't be good. How many more could Radon get his claws on?

Alexis howled racing straight for Lillie. Caleb had blocked his path and Alexis pulled back attempting to behead him. A shadow seemed to follow behind Alexis' claws. Caleb slashed upwards with the shadows seemed to come off from it. The attacks collided with one another. Caleb raced straight head on into the flying debris into Alexis. Caleb had sliced his chest upwards and Stark had appeared at Alexis with the black blade going straight through from his back while Mikaela had held him down with cable lines he'd shot out of the ground. Stark was half transformed into a shadow-like demon form as the shadow entities began to engulf the katana into Alexis.

Alexis had quickly swung his arm and shadows seemed to come off it. It whipped Stark and Caleb back and one went flying towards Mikaela. Mikaela swung his arm upwards and an ice shard shot up to block it. It shattered instantly. Alexis came loose from the cable lines and went straight for Mikaela as he picked up the scythe that he had dropped. Mikaela drew both his katanas as shadow entities began to wrap around his hand and looked like it was hardening into something similar to ice. A chilling mist seemed to come off from the katanas. When Alexis slashed his scythe, it began to freeze everything in Mikaela's area. Mikaela blocked the scythe with his katanas and shoved Alexis back stabbing him straight through with his katanas in a quick motion. Alexis spat out black blood as he attempted to pull away but he wasn't able to. The shadow entities came off of the katanas looking like vines as they crawled onto Alexis. Mikaela held the same emotionless look over his face with half of his face covered with the shadows.

"I'll take your energy until you deteriorate to dust," Mikaela spoke in a demonic tone. He was staring hollowly at Alexis as he watched the shadow entities crawl into every orifice of Alexis. He felt the energy flowing through him and it felt exhilarating. He never felt like this in at least a century.

Stark scowled as he watched the crimson tattoo on Alexis begin to fade at the edges and his form looked like it was breaking apart.

"Lillie, Mikaela needs your blood," Stark stated coldly. Lillie furrowed her brows at the underlying note in Stark's tone. It was bitter and somehow... urgent?

"What?" Lillie questioned puzzled.

"He needs you unless you want him to kill Alexis, which would be great in my book," Stark exclaimed in a dark, sardonic tone. Lillie continued to stare at Stark in confusion. Stark sighed rolling his eyes. "He's cursed."

Lillie fully understood what Stark had meant as she went up to Mikaela, who barely registered her presence. She cupped his cheeks into her hands and made Mikaela focus on her instead of the energy that he must be taking from Alexis.

"I'm the one that can make you better, Mikaela," Lillie stated in a stern tone. Mikaela blinked repeatedly snapping out of the dazed stupor he was in. Before he realized what he was doing he'd bit into Lillie's wrist drinking in the crimson liquid. He was finally feeling better than he had the past century. Mikaela pulled away from her with shame over his features.

"I'm sorry," he whispered. Lillie shrugged.

"It's fine. I suppose its only fair," Lillie reassured. Mikaela shook his head slowly.

"If I didn't stray away from you, I wouldn't need your blood so I accept any punishment."

Lillie made a face at the phrase that she felt Mikaela had uttered many times before and it was obvious that he did receive that punishment from the way he seemed to be bracing himself.

"Truthfully... If I'm gonna punish anyone, it would be Caleb who ran off to kill a village," Lillie said giving a pointed look to Caleb, who literally growled.

"I didn't kill off a village! How many times do I have to keep repeating it?" Caleb snarled deep in his throat in frustration. Lillie frowned.

"Well you won't tell me what you were doing so I'm just gonna keep thinking you killed off a village until then... or you decided to embrace your inner Tarzan," Lillie exclaimed with a smirk on her face.

Caleb's jaw worked and growled maliciously," I went to see my family."

Lillie froze staring at Caleb for that disclosure. The last time he said he was seeing his family... he'd killed his father.

Zero struggled to awaken from the nightmare he was having. The past had come back to haunt him for some reason. He didn't want to remember his past and he never spoke of it so that it wouldn't bring him back there. Zero sat up completely soaked in sweat and held his head.

What the hell was happening to him? He looked around unable to absorb if he was dreaming or not still. Then he froze when he saw a ghostly apparition hovering over his bed. Adrian. He was smirking mockingly as he tsked at Zero.

"I thought you locked it up and threw away the key, Zero."