Her gun was poised at his head, but he didn't cower. Instead, he laughed cynically, the bellowing noise echoed off the damp walls. She didn't like it, she sobbed and pointed the gun straighter.
"Go ahead," He said, "Shoot me." He walked closer to her, "You know you want to."
"Fuck you!" She screamed, tears poured down her face. The man she loved was shackled to the side, his nose bleeding, he was weak. His friend sat next to him in tears. His friend was sick with worry and abandonment, his fiance had just ran away moments ago. He couldn't fathom it, so he sat there lethargic. The man she loved stared at her through blurred eyes, his head pounding from the earlier blow, his fingers felt so frozen they were going to fall off. His wrists were uncomfortably bound with an even colder metal restraint.
The threatening man took a step even closer to her, she put her finger on the trigger, but her head pounded so hard she couldn't remember her own name.
"Come on. Do it," He whispered. And then a loud boom erupted through the room, reverberating off the cold walls. But it didn't come from her gun.