How to Be a Crackpot Scene 3:

Lesson 1) Cackle loudly at random moments.


She cackled madly as loud as her lungs would allow in the auditorium. Her fellow peers just stared at her with an odd look on their face before turning away. And once they did, she started cackling again.

They once again looked at her with a skeptical look on their faces. But eventually they turned away, muttering about how Lucille Jones had always been weird.

Lucille grinned. Freaking people out was fun. But annoying them was as well. And that was why she continued cackling even through the play, which just happened to be Romeo and Juliet. She could practically feel the waves of irritation jumping off those around her as well as those on stage.

And so she applauded herself when her arch nemesis, Chelsea Burns, messed up on her lines and stumbled across the stage. Snickers flittered throughout the auditorium but none as loud and obnoxious as her signature cackle.

Even though the blooper was funny, no one thought it was that funny, so she received weird looks again. But still, she smiled manically, causing classmates to inch away from her.

Ah yes, the art of Annoying-Others and Freaking-Out- Others is very fun, she thought cackling once again.

Lesson 2) Sing "Happy Birthday" to everyone you meet, stranger or not.


"Happy Birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear stranger; happy birthday to you!"

Said stranger just blinked in confusion, staring down at the blond-haired and blue- eyed boy before him.

"But it's not my birthday." He replied.

But the boy just grinned at him and skipped around him to the next available person. Okay, that was…weird. The stranger thought, continuing to the Super Market. Meanwhile, Fred was prancing around singing happy birthday to friends and strangers alike.

"Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy birthday dear doggy! Happy birthday to you!"

The dog just stared at him before sniffing the young lad and running off. If even the dog thinks Fred is weird, then Fred could call his mission very much accomplished. But he still had more people to weird out.

Grinning, he continued to run around making himself a few enemies, friends (his fellow crackpots), and meeting a few strangers attempting to take him to the Mental Ward.

Lesson 3) Walk around singing screamo at the top of your lungs.



She screamed, twirling around a crowd of people holding their hands to their ears. Hmm…wonder why? And they seemed to be glaring at her. Whatever for? What did she do other than sing? After all she's got the prettiest voice in the world!

But her teacher said to expand her horizons and so here she was singing screamo to a larger group of people. Mr. Ramirez had to acknowledge that she was letting herself out a little more! She smiled and continued to sing as she raced up the sidewalk, oblivious to the weird glances and irritated glares.

But there were some that were staring at her in wonder, thinking she will be the next big thing. They couldn't wait to buy her album!

"Breathe in slowly now. Darling, don't lie to me. Breathe in slowly now. Darling, don't lie to me. Inhale truth I plead. For you, my only hope. Don't lie; don't leave–"

Venetta came up behind a group of particularly stuffy men in black suits. She upped her singing, thinking they needed something to cheer themselves up. But as soon as she started the screaming verse, they jumped and dropped their briefcases.

They sent their hands hurtling to their ears as if Venetta's singing harmed their eardrums, which it did not! Her singing was too beautiful for that! But once she resumed her regular voice, they turned around, picked up their stuff and glared at her!

She glared back, thinking the idiots don't appreciate music, and pushed by them.


The men flinched again and tripped, but one outright glowered at her and shouted, "I'll have you arrested for this!"

Venetta ignored him. She had freedom of speech so ha!

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