The heroic, the evil, the monstrous

Rise of a Hero

I must rise to the occasion

I must exact my revenge

I must save my only child

Nothing will stop me

No one will stand in my way

I will fulfill my promise

Nothing can stop me not even your burning hate

For mine is greater than yours

You took all I had

Destroying my family

Leaving me nothing to remember her

Not even our son

Even if I die I'll take you with me

Knowing your dead will bring me peace

Then my son will be free

Burning Hate of the Nephilim

Burning hate I let boil within

Within it festers and grows

Grows to the point where I start killing

Killing all never stopping never slowing down

Down I go to the depths of hell

Hell is where I can unleash my hate and rage

Rage that consumes all

All will fall to my power

Power that grows by the day

Day brings on a new life

Life that I can take away

Away that is worse than mine

Mine was ended by hate

Hate for all

So all will perish

Perish under the might of the fallen

Fallen will rise again and again

Again I'll spread my hate

Hate that I'll let fester and grow

Grow into a BURNING HATE!

I Kill Again

I kill again

Again it takes the pain away

Away it go's bring me with immense pleasure

Pleasure that fades away to nothing

Nothing is left no joy no feeling

Feeling is all I have now

Now I must kill again to bring it on

On is the feeling

Feeling the knife cut through flesh of men

Men die out leaving me a new feeling

Feeling my hands crush women's necks

Necks break and twist with little work

Work brings me so much joy and happiness

Happiness that can only be brought on by killing

Killing the ignescent, guilty, hell I stopped carrying

Carrying only slows me down

Down is where I'll go some day

Day allows me to start again