Chapter 1: Finding a Power

Hazel had always felt she was different; she just didn't know why. She found out on the night of her fifteenth birthday. The night everything changed.

Earlier that day when Hazel had been walking home from school, she passed an advertisement for the new government 'The Collective'. They had won the election two days ago and were already busy making changes and passing new laws.

The advertisement she passed was talking about the new law that had been enforced that morning.

"Paranormal Abnormality," it read, "is unacceptable. If someone with a paranormal abnormality was accepted into society, they may become too powerful- too dangerous. They could harm us so easily. If we let these sorts of people live among us, who knows what could happen?

That is why 'The Collective' is enforcing this new law against paranormal abnormality.

Please report any cases of suspected abnormality to the Command Centre downtown.

You will be rewarded for helping our dreams of a safer world become a reality.

Any questions or concerns please contact us on 01 520 1154 or email us at collectivequestionscenter .gvt. Thank you, and have a nice day."

Later that night Hazel and her parents sat around the table eating dinner.

Hazel reached for the butter. It moved into her hand. She was sure it had. She grabbed it and spread some on her potatoes. Hazel put it back into the middle of the table.

Soon she needed the butter again. She moved her hand out to grab the butter and again she was sure it had moved. This time she was pretty sure she hadn't been the only one to noticeā€¦

By morning Hazel had forgotten all about the butter incident. Her first period class was in the library.

The teacher announced that it was a study period. Hazel went and sat in a corner by herself.

A beep came from her bag. Someone had texted her. It was her Mum. She read the text before texting back. She heard a voice in her head.

'That girl should put her phone away. Mr Snitch is coming.'

Hazel looked up, but nobody was there. She turned her phone off and slipped it inside her bag just as Mr Snitch, the strictest teacher in school, rounded a bookcase.

What was the voice and where did it come from? Most of all, how did it know?

The rest of the day passed by uneventfully until dinner that night. Tonight they were having corn on the cob. The butter was in the kitchen and Hazel had just sat down.

"I need some butter," she said out loud.

The butter lifted up off the bench and flew over to the table. The lid came off and a blob of butter landed on Hazel's corn, melting.

Hazel and her parents just sat there shocked.

Something weird had happened and nobody could deny nor explain what had just taken place.

"Hazel, honey?" her mum said finally, "Was that you?"

"I have no clue," Hazel admitted.

"Try something! Go on!" her mum urged.

Hazel reached her hand out and stared at something- her pencil case that was sitting at the other end of the table. It lifted up and flew into her hand.

"It was me," Hazel said, just as surprised as everyone else. Millions of thoughts were running through Hazel's head. She had read the law that morning. What if they caught her? What if she was separated from her family? What if she was taken to a prison and locked up?

"But what are we going to do?" Hazel continued, emerging from her thoughts. "This is something the new law wouldn't approve of."

"Don't worry. We would never turn you in or anything like that." her mum said.

"But we must keep this a secret," her dad emphasized. "If anyone was to find out we would all be in trouble."

In sports class the next day, Hazel's class was combined with another. They were playing soccer. The two classes were mixed and separated into two teams.

Hazel had the ball and was running down the pitch. Two boys came at her, closing in on the ball.

A voice came into her head.

'Why won't she pass to me? I'm right behind her and I'm open.'

Hazel spun around the ball still in her possession.

Only one person stood behind her. It was a girl with long blonde hair who looked quite sporty. Hazel kicked the ball and it rolled straight towards the other girl. The girl took possession of the ball and ran down the pitch manoeuvring past everyone before scoring an amazing goal.

The rest of the period they kept playing. Hazel didn't get a chance to talk to the other girl. She had left straight after class before Hazel had a chance.

Hazel was thinking as she walked home later that afternoon.

How had she heard that other girl when she had been quite clearly a good distance away? She had been too far away to have just spoken to Hazel. Another thing was bothering Hazel.

The voice was the same one she had heard in the library yesterday.