Underground Secrets chapter 8

" Stupid Marilyn" Kat muttered for the 3000th time this morning.

She was so engrossed stabbing her cereal violently with her spoon that she didn't notice Lexe walk up.

"Hey Kat" Lexe said.

" Marilyn" Kat muttered stabbing the table with a knife.

Lexe raised her eyebrows, ' right... Well the only normal people at this table Draco, Rachel, Robert, Narum-"

"Dude" A kid from further down the table said to a small redhead girl sitting next to him.


"Look at the reflection"

"The cereal boxes?"

"No, the spoons"

"Cool, just like when you jump out of a moving plane at 4-"

Kat raised her eyebrows and Draco made circles in the air around his ears indicating that they were craz-y.

"Okayyyy. Anyway like I was saying this is my best friend Isabella Haily Coma. " Lexe finished.

"Hey guys." Isabella said.

"Oh My God" Kat breathed.

"What?" Draco asked.

"She blinked! Marilyn Blinked! Okay, eating - GUYS SHE'S EATING WATCH OUT. " Kat started freaking out and I looked at Draco who held a hair curler out to me with one hand.

"Okay, seriously - where the hell do you keep those things!?" I asked completely annoyed.

"Remember the time when she said you should take the 11:11 train instead of the 3:22 and you ended up in Brisbane?" Draco stated simply.

"Good point" I said taking it from him and holding it next to her face.

" Hi Marilyn" Robert said, eager to help.

" Where!?" Kat said turning and bashing herself in the check with the hair curler.

"Traitor!" She exclaimed indignantly.

"technically, I didn't hit you with it." I said as I watched my breakfast go all soggy.

"I hate you" she said.

"Guys!" Lexe exclaimed annoyed.

"Right. Hi Izzy." Kat almost sang distractedly.

"Hi" I put in.

"Yo" All the boys said together.

"My insane family." Lexe said simply. "You just had to meet them."

"Yes, yes I did " Isabella said yawning as they went to find a table which didn't have a knife In it. (Unsurprisingly Kats fault)

Suddenly Kat wacked Robert with a hair curler.

"Hey Kat guess what? I have a song for you" Robert said.

Kat raised an eyebrow.

"I Hate you" Robert sang slowly.

Kat didn't respond.

"I put a lot of thought into that" He said.

Kat still didn't move.

Robert started to tickle her.

"Come on, I know you wanna laug- oooohhhhhh" Robert started as Kat suddenly swung her leg backwards and - well I'm not going to state the details, as i'm pretty sure you can understand what she did.

" morning children" mrs lightning said as she and mr lightning walked up to our table to see Kat with a smug expression, Robert groaning in pain, Draco stabbing the table saying " Sam, Sam, stupid Sam", narumi staring at Marilyn and me with wide eyes.

"I'm not even gonna ask" mr lightning said as Robert fell onto the floor still in pain with Kats grin widening with each ow.

"Robert! Get up this instant!" Mrs lightning scolded.




"One more! Try me!"





"You need a reason to give me detention!"

"You're pissing me off, how's that for a reason?"

" but!"

Mrs lightning opened a black book. " Robert Phillip Lightning.3 weeks detention. Reason? For pissing off the principal."

She handed Robert the slip and walked away followed by her husband.

"AAARRRGGGHHHHHHH! .YOU" Robert chased Kat around the dining hall who was laughing her head off.

Kat hid under a table and I started to laugh. Robert gave a death glare to me and started to walk towards me.

"Run" Draco called taking my hand and pulling me around the room before he walked into someone and turned around, I tripped over him and we landed in a heap of arms and legs. Suddenly I felt warm - too warm. I opened my eyes to see Draco do the same and Kat glare at him as we both realised the same thing.

We where kissing, in front of Draco's twin sister and the whole school. Oh no.