The Real Wild West

"Hi-ho Golden, away!"
"Who was that masked man?"
"Don't you know? That was the Semi-Lone Ranger."
"Why only Semi?"
"He has the faithful Indian companion, Pronto."
"Oh, yeah."

That evening the two legendary Riders for Justice made camp in a secluded canyon near a water hole. Unsaddling their powerful Palomino and Pinto stallions, they left them to graze and kindled a small fire. Pronto cooked a savory supper which they consumed with hearty appetites.

Then the faithful Indian companion untied two long braids and shook them out into a cascade of raven curls, undressing to expose a magnificent female body. The Semi-Lone Ranger, also nude, took her in his arms for a passionate kiss and they sank down on their blankets…

Afterwards, they lay contentedly side by side looking up at the romantic star-sparkling sky. Suddenly Pronto made an unhappy sound that her lover knew well.

"Don't start that again," he groaned. "You know the time isn't right for you to come out."

"Why do I always have to play second fiddle to your crime fighting?" she pouted. "I can shoot and punch out the bad guys as well as you can."

"It's the mores of our era. If you revealed your true gender, people would expect me to settle down to a steady job and provide a good home where you could raise kids and bake cookies. How boring!"

"But it just isn't fair. Aren't women human, too? Don't we have a right to be all we can be, just like men?"

"Of course I agree with all that. But society is making progress. I'm sure that someday there'll be equality of the sexes and you gals will be free to fulfill yourselves. Try to be patient."

"I am trying, but it's not easy. Sometimes I think about leaving you and starting my own outlaw-chasing business."

She sighed and snuggled closer to him. "If only you weren't so darn good in the saddle."