My Fault-

Who can say
I haven't given my life
Wanting you to heal me
Wanting you to feel me

What's this game
That I've played so many times
Seeing you erase me
Seeing you betray me

I was grieving
My heart and more
Stomped my beating
Heart on the floor

I don't wanna hear it's my fault
I hear it again and again
Can't you just please cave in and hear my pleas?
I wanna believe we all fall
But I know the end is pretend
You can just say it's me, it's always me
Oh, it's always me

I have bled
So many times I know now
Nothing can help fix me
Nothing can help stitch me

Lost my head
I don't know what I'm about
Hearing you ashame me
Hearing you disgrace me

I was grieving
My heart times four
Empty meanings
Follow you more


Hold me down
I don't think there's any more I can take
On the ground
I don't think I'll hear the words "It's all okay"

Do you even know what sorry is?