Chapter 1: Old Man Had Noticed

Groaning she tossed in her dark blue bed, with its soft silk blanket brushing her skin. All Riley just wanted him to notice her weird, strange secret. To save her, help her already from her endless nightmare. Sam was her knight in shining armor...right? His optimistic personality made it made it seem like it. Of course, maybe he wasn't the knight but that didn't dampen her feelings seeing as the chances of him not being her savor was quite high. At first she hated his optimistic view at the world seeing as she is...not as positive. She never considered herself as pessimistic but others would always think otherwise. Oh, what do they know anyway! Wait, don't answer that.

Riley Mazade is the ordinary girl with a house for warmth- ignoring it is an adoption center of course, food for survival, school as education, a neighbor and town for socializing, and friends. Wonderful, wonderful friends who know her secrets and life. Or so they thought as there was one thing the never knew about her. Riley sighed an got up into the bathroom to change into proper clothing for the weather. They didn't know about her nightly visits to the forest, her scar that ran deep from her arm, or that wherever she went...things seemed more dark and dull. Her friends know only the lies she was forced to feed them under pressure.

She opened the mahogany door and went out of the small house when a heavy hand was on her delicate shoulder. She felt a sudden jolt of surprise and electricity when she looked behind and saw the dark blue eyes of Sam's older brother, Seth.

"Where are you going?" he quietly asked with the same emotionless tone.

"Out," she whispered and he retreated his hand from her shoulder relieving her of the pressure and grip of the fingers nearly digging into her flesh. He looked into her eyes and glanced at the corner noticing obvious a once bright red flower lifelessly limping and seemed...duller.

"I've noticed for a while that you've been going out for a while," he whispered looking back into the small, fragile-looking girl.

"Did you tell anyone?"



"Where are you going?" he repeated but met the sound of the wood softly shutting with the girl gone from sight. Seth lowly growled at her always cold demeanor which just annoyed him, but he finally sighed and decided to go back to his own room back to his optimistic little brother. Riley, Sam, and Seth aren't actually fun kids with a nice, loving families that could love them with all they have. Well...they did have someone as a guardian but not exactly a family we all have. They live at an adoption owned by twins and an old man, both from two different families. Five days ago the twins took in the boys as the old man decided to take the special little girl he caught eyes on. It was how cold she could be as she made him relate to his own childhood.

Riley walked softly passed all the familiar branches and leaves in the eerie forest and soon was rewarded in 15 minutes when she finally made it to an empty area with a small lake in the center and Riley didn't like that an older man stood over it.

"What are you doing here?" she asked the man with the same tone she always has. The hearty chuckle made her irritation even worse. She was upset and just wanted to sleep after satisfying this lust she felt. Lust of blood but she knew she couldn't get blood...she had to calm it with a less deadly- or harmful- technique.

"I should be asking you that," he chuckled softly.

"I expected more from you, old man," she mumbled and walked next to her guardian then sat.

"Oh, I just like a little pretending for amusement, unlike you," he smiled at her and she yawned tired not very fazed by his statement.

"Well, then you've known about me for how long?"

"Since I've seen into your eyes. Silver isn't a very common color you know. Also, I'm of the same kind," he answered dipping his finger into the water.

"Same kind," she repeated his words.

"I'm sure your parents told you there were only two of our kind left in the world before they died, correct?"

"You were the other one," she continued.

"Exactly," he stated then brought out his finger with a sphere of water on top. He then dropped the sphere and it blasted above the lake without him even touching it.

"I bet you could probably do better," she whispered softly with a smile.

"Why don't you show me something," he offered and she smiled at him softly and nodded. Taking a deep breathe while standing and spreading her arms, she exhaled the air then lifted her arms. The water slowly lifted from its place and turned into a huge sphere before she dropped it down and sighed.

"You," he tried and she sighed with a tear.

"I'm not exactly what you call trained," she explained and he then looked at her with an annoyed grunt. Apparently she wasn't as he thought, but of course he had to do something so he made his mind and spoke it out.

"Then I'll train you. You can't be actually stay here with these people after you. Eventually they'll find you and when they do-it won't be pretty. And that's with you being trained."

"I-I understand," she sighed and fell back into a black, empty void. The older man was quick to catch her in his arms and sighed tucking a few strands of her hair behind her ear.

"Sleep, child. You'll need it for tomorrow," he whispered before leaving back into the dark forest back home where he knew things should-and where- going to change. For good.