I plastered on the fakest and sweetest smile I could. "Hey Erika!" Leah and I said simultaneously.

She turned to us, clearly annoyed at being interrupted since she was thinking to her and I quote 'future husbands'. Note the plural. I mean, really. How sick is that? She masked her annoyance with a sickening smile after a second thought. "Oh, hello Cassie, Leah. Where have you guys been? I mean we totally missed you at my party, didn't we girls?" She gestured at Alicia and Rose, her fellow plastics. I mean, friends.

Leah and I shared a look. Then, I replied sweetly. "We would have come, but we didn't receive invitations." See, she was having this private party at her house and she invited all the populars. Too bad she 'forgot' to invite us. Doesn't matter though. I wouldn't have come even if she paid me to.

She flicked her hair. "Oh, but I thought I did. I even told you Alicia and Rose that I was going to."

"Yeah, she did." Rose nodded solemnly.

Leah brushed it off. "Oh, whatever."

Tyler and Dylan were watching the exchange with amused faces. Erika looked at me and said. "Oh, I must have forgotten then. Anyway, you should totally come to my party this weekend. We're having a pool party. Tyler and Dylan will. Right guys?"

Dylan nodded bored, but Tyler only looked at us and said. "Only if they will."

Rose dramatically gasped. "You must come then! We wouldn't want to be missing some hot seniors, right?" That's what she is—user-friendly .She'll only be nice to you if she needs something. She'll blatantly ignore you if she doesn't. How rude! Right?

Leah answered for us. "I don't know….. We'll try to fit it in our hectic schedules. Anyway…" Leah gasped and pointed at Rose's hair. Rose fidgeted and twirled her hair, while Leah continued. "Oh no! That couldn't be! Is that some dark roots showing? You're hair is dark. How come you tell everyone that you're a natural blonde when you're clearly not?" Okay I gotta admit her true hair color is sorta showing, but not that much. You have to look really closely and have to have clear eyesight. Leah was just improvising though. She only said that because we're one of the few people who know that Rose isn't really a natural blonde. Erika was though. I'm not sure why she kept insisting and spreading that she was a natural blonde.

Rose widened her eyes. "Of course, I am. You might have seen wrong. It must've been the light. I..uh..I gotta go home now. Erika? Alicia? Come with me? I think I remember that we have a family emergency of some sort. We need to go girls."

I tried to stifle a laugh as Rose was convincing the other two to go with her. I smiled at her. "Yeah, goodbye you girls! See you at the party this weekend if ever. Oh, and Rose? I hope you get to bleach your hair again by then. Uhm, I mean… Solve your family emergency."

The three girls sent me a glare and I smiled glumly. Yeah, that's right! Take that witches!

Then Erika and Alicia caressed Dylan's and Tyler's hand flirtatiously before saying goodbye while fluttering their eyelashes and telling them that they were expecting them on the pool party this weekend. Then, they gave us a glances and ran to their hysterical best friend.

Leah and I burst into laughter the moment they left. Dylan and Tyler looked amused once more. We gave them innocent looks. Then, Tyler sighed and said. "I know you girls don't like them. But they're our friends somehow and our classmates. Can you atleast pretend to like them and stop acting so rudely."

I put my hand on his shoulder and smiled. "Oh, Sy. You're too nice for your own good. Besides, we weren't being mean. That was actually our nicest, right Lei?"

Lei agreed with me. "Yup! Any nicer than that and Cass and I would be as nice as Erika."

Leah and I shared a look and then giggled.

Dylan smiled and said. "Oh, you too are hopeless! Come on, Tye. Just back away."

Tyler rolled his eyes and then walked away with Dylan. Then, before he disappeared through the crowd, he turned his head. "I am going to win our bet, you know? And you're going to be my slave for a week."

I widened my eyes. Leah turned to me and asked. "What bet?" Then she finally recognized what we were talking about. "Oh, that bet."

He has never been this confident of our bet before. Oh my goodness! I'm screwed!


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