You tell me that you love me,

And say your life is rough;

But when all you can give are words,

Your love just isn't enough.

I wish sometimes you'd grow a backbone,

Stand up for me and care,

Show you have more than a heart of stone,

I wish you had been there.

You shut your eyes and ears,

And walked away from me;

You never realized my fears,

And now you'll finally see.

I'm not some dog to train,

Or a child to chastise;

You never understood the strain,

Of what it meant for me to try.

Once I was your little girl,

And now I'm a butterfly,

It's time for my wings to unfurl,

And for me to learn to fly.

I refuse to scrape and bow,

I'm done with tears and strife;

The thing that I want most now,

Is just to live my life.