Pot of Gold

No longer a child,

Not yet a woman.

Wounds upon the heart,

The tears cease to flow.

Her screams leave her breathless.

All hope escapes her torn heart.

Guilt and shame overwhelms her.

Feeble, foolish child,

How could she allow this?

Should've known from the start,

The seasons change.

The pain from the sharp end of a key,

She feels she deserves.

The harder she presses,

The faster she rakes the key along her flesh,

The more intense the pain becomes.

She goes about her business,

No food,

Hardly any water,

Is she hungry or just depressed?

No longer is she able to tell the difference.

In the middle of her mess,

A voice echoes inside her mind.

'You should care more.'

Has she finally gone insane?

Terror hits her full blast.

The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow,

The moment she returns home,

She decides to attend church.

The moment she gets involved,

Her life is forever changed.