Mia knew the risk. She knew the danger, yet if she didn't do what she was told, she knew that more danger would follow. Possibly her death. Her footsteps echoed down the dark alleyway. Finally she reached a dead end. She stood waiting, clutching the package to her chest. They told her not to look inside. The contents were too vaulable, of course her curiosity had gotten the better of her and she had a tiny peak inside. Mia wasn't quite sure what it was. Mixtures of different powders? Chemicals? Whatever it was, she was to deliever it and that would be the end of her work. She was frightened. Scared 'they' would punish her once again. People already were suspious of the strange markings on her body. She just said she had an accident, denying whatever they asked. They couldn't know. Her friends, her family, they would all be in danger if they knew.

Thundering footsteps came closer and closer. Mia was breathing hard. All she had to do was wait. Finallly a man wearing a trench coat came through the mist. His voice was dark and broading, "Have you got the package?" Mia shakily handed it over. She could only see his eyes and they were filled with distaste. He looked closely at her, as if acsessing a scene. "Did you look inside?" His voice was slow, spitting out the words. Mia shook her head and that's when everything went dark.