Author's Note: I am not sure how accurate this is. I wanted to capture the final thoughts of a young soldier who was part of D-Day in Normandy, France. Events are actual events that happened.

See Who I Am

I am not an unknown soldier. I am a real person, not just someone lying dead on a battlefield so far away from home. I know who I am and I wish that you would see who I am.

At home, I have a mother, a father, friends, and other loved ones. I have a beautiful bride and a daughter who I have never met. I have my own business in the downtown area and own a wonderful home. I am in the church choir on Sundays and play on the neighbourhood softball team on Saturdays. I am always home by six o'clock pm, no matter what day it is. I never complain about the food wife makes, no matter how much it is brunt.

War made me give it all up. Volunteering to serve seemed like it was the right thing to do. I would go out, kill a few of the enemy, dance a victory dance, and return home. Everyone in my hometown would call me a hero. All of the little boys would admire me. My daughter would climb upon my lap in the evenings and demand to hear stories about the Front.

My life was not supposed to come to this. I was not supposed to die here today in the sand. You know, I always wanted to see the beach...

Look at my dog tags and see who I am.

I am not an unknown soldier. I was a living, breathing person until we stormed the beaches. On the morning of June 6, 1944, I am gone.