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The Kiss

Chapter 7 (second half, first day of school)


To no one's amazement I sat with Mickey and Striker, (yes, I am catching on to this nickname thing), and everything was ok, until Damon graced us with his presence and I got first encounter with le aînée seour.

We went to a non-popular cafe' on campus and sat outside at the tables with our food. Striker and Mickey were talking about something, I wasn't paying attention, I was sketching in my sketch pad. That's when Damon mysteriously showed up.

"Hey, Striker, Mickey, Psych." I ignored him but he sat right next to me and joined the conversation. I was sketching absent-mindedly again and just began to notice what I had sketched. My mom. I had sketched my mom a lot in general, but this sketch was from when they asked me to go to the morgue to identify her. She was pale, gormless and her eyes were still open. They were staring past the world and everything happening with it.

That's when le aînée soeur showed up. She was pretty small, and blonde. She was walking past with a group of her friends when she squealed making me look up at her. She ran over to our table and squished in between Damon and me.

"Hi Ares, Mick, Striker." She looked over my shoulder and breathed down my neck. "Who's this one?"

"This is Psych." I smiled but didn't really look at her. I could feel her staring at me as I kept drawing.

"So, why you sitting with these Ares?" she flicked her hair which whipped me in the face.

"Because your sister's here and I felt like I owed her."

"Why don't you come with us. Were going with a group of people to get outfits for the 'welcome back' party."

"I'm not going." She grabbed his arm.

"Why not? Everyone goes, it's a great party for newcomers and such. It's being held by us Romans." That was her house I was guessing.

"I don't feel like going really. It's tomorrow night and I have homework to do for English Lit." she huffed and took a swig from his water bottle. That's when I stopped paying attention. I should have paid more attention. Water spilled over me, but the mass of it was on my sketchbook.

"I am so sorry." I stood and looked at her, she was smiling slyly. Then I looked at the state of my sketchbook and ran to where I had thrown it in surprise. Everything was ruined. Ever piece of art I had done since my mother's murder.

"You witch!" I screamed walking up to her. "What is your problem?" Damon had to restrain me as I went to slap her. "You did that on purpose, swear to god!" She stepped away faking bafflement.

"It was an accident, I swear." I ignored her and crooned over my sketchbook.

"Psych, I could get you another-"

"Get another one! Are you serious!" I glared at him with utter hatred. My mother was in that book, the only pictures I had of her. The house was taken by the police and left in the name of my missing father. I wasn't allowed anywhere near it. Those pictures had been from when they were alive.

"Psych." I walked away, down the steps and down the path towards Greek House. "Clarisse!"

"Stop following me and my name isn't-" he grabbed me and spun me around.

"Go to the party with me, as a date."

"A bit forward?" he rolled his eyes and let me go.

"If I go with someone, Tanii won't hang off me as much." So that's her name...

"Why don't you just ask Mickey?"

"Won't work." I turned around and started walking.

"I don't do parties." He ran to catch up with me.

"Come on, I'll owe you a favour." I ignored him. "Two."..."I will indefinitely owe you favours if you pretend to be interested in me." I stopped him with a palm on his chest.

"So, that's what you really want."

"Haven't you noticed, guys are interested in you? I could get Tanii off my back and popularity in the same go." he made an attempt at I smile, causing me to roll my eyes. "You'd have the priviledge to fake date the most popular guy in school." he taunted.

"My answer is no."

"Ares!" I could tell from far away that Tanii was around the corner. I saw Damon panic.

"Don't even try and-" his lips were on mine, hugging my lips over and over. I hated it, but my eyes did roll into my head. He was such a good kisser. Heels clicked around the corner and stopped abruptly. Damon's hands put my arms around his neck.

He is SUCH a good kisser, this is unreal.

A small piece of me told me to push him away but I was too far gone. In my weakest hour I can be such a girl, you know? Heels stomped away and I was let go. I actually fell on the ground in a daze.


"Is that a yes then?"


"Good, we'll go together from the dorm tomorrow night."

"Damon!" he walked away laughing.

I growled after him.

After school I walked back to the dorm mumbling about stupid boys and reputations. I unlocked the door and headed upstairs. I threw my bag on my bed and landed in a desk chair. The wind made something fly off the desk. It looked like a piece of card, maybe a postcard. It had my name on it, and the picture of lips. You know the wierd ones that look like lipstick imprints. I recognized it. My mom used to get cards like this, yet she would hide them in the junkmail drawer. I looked at the words printed on the other side.

Be unfair if I let you out of the game Kasey.

Let's play.