Chapter One

Samantha drank in the crime scene. Police tape blocked passersby's from coming down the alley. Clout sniffed around the area. For a puppy, he was incredibly smart. He could sniff out anything and he gave Samantha hints to solving the crime. He was all her senses but maximized. Samantha loved Clout he was the best birthday gift she ever got. Her supposed security guard gave her Clout; she treasured him with all her heart. Unknown to her parents, Clout also had a secret life, just like her. Samantha was detective Sunshine and Clout was her sidekick, detective Cuddles.

And as for her 'security guard' he was really a police officer who was working as her guardian. He was to give detective Sunshine all her case work. This was the latest mystery. Nobody knew what had happened. The only information they had gathered was from the person who found the body. Apparently it was tucked in the corner, like a discarded piece of paper. Surrounding the body was two items; a torch and a dictionary.

Frank her guard came over. He asked in a quizzical voice "Any luck?"

Samantha looked around, once again surveying the scene. She shook her head. "It just doesn't make any sense. I understand the torch but why a dictionary? Why would someone be wandering around late at night with a dictionary? What could this mean?"

Frank stroked his chin. "Who knows? It could have been hers; it could have been the murderers. How are we to know?"

"Did the finger-identifier pick anything up?" Samantha was curious to see if any of the modern day technology of 2025 could find any clues?

"No, it seems the criminal has outsmarted us. He has used an old-fashioned trick from years ago, where they wear black leather gloves to cover up finger prints." Frank replied.

Samantha was puzzled. It just didn't make sense. Just then Clout started barking. He'd caught a scent. "What is it boy?" Clout started running. Samantha and Frank follow at a safe distance. Eventually Clout came to a halt just outside an abandoned warehouse. The doors and windows were all boarded up. Except the one in front of them. Samantha examined the door thoroughly before pressing one panel. The door sprung to life and popped open. Samantha turned to Frank and nodded. He headed into the shadows to keep watch. Detective Sunshine and detective Cuddles tiptoed inside.

The room was a dark mess. Tables had been scattered everywhere. Dried up pools of blood were all around. "Looks like there's been a fight." Samantha said to Clout. The puppy whined, he was scared, that was obvious. As they crept further into the warehouse, a feeling of uneasiness passed through Samantha. Something did not feel right.

That's when something from deeper inside creaked. Detective Sunshine grabbed Clout and hid under a clothed table set up. Samantha's mind was buzzing. That was when she realized that the table was probably set up in all this mess for a reason.

Before she could escape, the surrounding chairs scraped the floor as the men sat down. The chairs groaned in agony as if carrying too much weight. There was no way she was getting out of there anytime soon, these men didn't sound in a hurry. And all one had to do was put their feet under the table and she would be unearthed.

There was no time to waste. Slowly she pulled out her magnify glass necklace and pressed the secret panic button on it to alarm Frank, she was in danger.

A few minutes later the door was kicked open and she heard Frank shouting "MI6- put your hands up." Immediately she heard a pack of cards drop, as did the chairs as the men scattered in different directions. After counting to 5, Samantha came out with her gun pointing. But there was nothing in sight except Frank. Relief flooded Samantha. She was okay. For now. But what was going on, and why would Clout lead her here? Something wasn't right and she was defiantly going to find out what it was.