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Kuro Sakura

Fight 3 – Garden

Aoi huffed as they made it to her room. She ushered Midori and the injured Yuuji into her room before slamming the door shut. She whirled on them.

"YOU SIT THERE!" She yelled at Yuuji, pointing to her desk chair and he obediently sat in it.

"AND YOU," she pointed at Midori. "SIT THERE!" She pointed at the bed and Midori sat.

Aoi took a deep breath and pinched the bridge of her nose before speaking in a calm and measured tone.

"Nee-chan at the moment is most likely calling Yuuji's Obaa-chan so that means that in about ten minutes or less that either Obaa-chan or Nana-san will be here. I am going to go get the first aid kit and when I get back, Kurohana-san, you will give me an explanation about what that was, got it." Without waiting for a response Aoi left the room, slamming the door behind herself.

Midori sighed. Aoi was being awfully presumptuous of herself if she thought Midori was going to just spout everything because she said so.

Midori looked over and cataloged Yuuji's injuries; he was sporting some spectacular bruises and he was scrapped up pretty bad, plus he had dried blood on his lower lip. He wouldn't be a pretty sight tomorrow.

"How do you feel?" Midori asked.

"Oh, this is nothing." He said pointing his finger at a big bruise that covered his entire cheek. "Nii-san would do a lot more when he tried to teach me how to fight."

Midori laughed. Nana sounded a lot like her best friend, Kimiko and her sister. They always fought but it wasn't for training purposes.

"What about you Kuro-chan." Yuuji said. "Your cheek." Then his eyes darkened. "I'm sorry...if...if I was good at fighting you wouldn't have been hit."

Midori would have laughed at that but he looked so...remorseful.

Midori gave him a gentle smile. "You're a good guy you know that?"

Blush bloomed on Yuuji's cheeks. "Well—no—I'm not really—y'know." He babbled. Midori giggled at him being flustered.

The door slammed open and Aoi walked in holding a first aid kit and a damp washcloth. She closed the door softly behind her but the menace she exuded belied the gesture. She stopped in front of Yuuji and then gently began dabbing the dried blood away.

"So, Kurohana-san," Sanada started and Midori sighed. "Mind telling us what that was back there?"

Midori watched as Aoi kept her eyes on Yuuji as she administered first aid. She huffed.

"Okay." Midori fluffed out her head a bit annoyed; she was originally planning on not telling them crap but what's the harm in saying a few things. I was a part of a gang back home and plus I grew up fighting. Nothing more and nothing less." Midori shrugged her shoulders.

"Oh, really?" Aoi said and Midori's brow twitched. "So is that the reason you're here instead of at your old school."

Midori sighed. "In a matter of speaking..."

Midori jumped when the door sprang open with loud slam against the adjacent wall. In the doorway stood Yuuji's brother and his demeanor was still cold but there were dangerous undercurrents in his eyes. His eyes surveyed the scene, he studied Yuuji, then Aoi, then Midori, more like Midori's bruised cheek.

"What happened?" He asked Yuuji.

Yuuji smiled sheepishly. "Well we were grabbed on our way home."

"Daiyori guys." Nana shook his head. "I told you to be careful on your way home."

"I know, they just grabbed us out of nowhere."

"If you would just let me teach you how to fight then you wouldn't get jumped like this." His eyes sharp, "And a girl wouldn't have been hurt." He pointed at my cheek. "Though her smart mouth probably got her hurt."

"Hey!" Midori said instantly becoming angry.

"Aoi, are you okay?" Nana completely ignored Midori which raised her hackles even more.

"I'm fine." A fine blush coated Aoi cheeks as she looked to the floor.

Nana sighed and palmed his face before walking to Yuuji and turned his face this way and that, cataloging the damage. "Did you go to the hospital yet?"

"No, but I feel fine." He stretched his arms this way and that. "See? Nothing like our training sessions." He said it happily and Midori would have sworn that he had been through things like this every day.

Nana looked doubtful. "How did you get away from them?"

"Well..." Yuuji trailed off as Midori flailed her arms shook her head no behind Nana's back. Nana looked back but Midori was just sitting there. He turned back to Yuuji, expecting an explanation.

Midori made a pleading gesture.

Nana turned around again but Midori was sitting there like nothing was going on.

"What are you doing behind my back?" He asked her.

Midori's brows furrowed. "What are you talking about?" She said confused. "I'm not doing anything."

"Yuuji keeps looking at you; you must be doing something to influence what he tells me." He accused.

Midori glared at him. "I'm not doing anything. You're pretty little head is just being paranoid."

Something snapped in Nana's icy gaze.

"Hey!" Yuuji popped up between them. "I didn't want to tell you Nii-san..." Yuuji looked instantly embarrassed. He was studiously avoiding Nana's eyes. Nana crossed his arms and waited patiently until Yuuji answered the question.

"A masked girl saved us!" Aoi exclaimed.

Everyone looked at her and she began fidgeting almost immediately. "Yeah, um...this girl came out of nowhere and she beat up the guys in less than a minute! It was crazy!"

"Yeah Nii-san!" Yuuji piped in. "I could barely do anything but this girl was like a demon!"

Oddly fitting if you think about it, Midori thought even if she was bothered a little bit about being called a demon.

Nanashi didn't look like he believed one bit of it.

"It's true." Yuuji was nodding enthusiastically. "She came out of nowhere wearing one our uniforms and she took them down in no time at all, and she had long flowing hair and I could tell she was beautiful."

Midori covered her mouth as she felt an emotion swamp her. She couldn't believe they were going to try lying to protect her secret. They had just met her and yet they were willing to lie on her behalf.

Then Nanashi looked at her out of the corner of his eyes so Midori figured it was her turn now so she threw on an awed expression. "I've seen nothing like this girl before!" She waved her arms in an agitated expression of excitement and wonder. "Plus she was a girl! it was unbelievable!"

Nanashi's eyebrows furrowed for a second before they smoothed out again. He then turned towards Yuuji and Midori felt as if she had been dismissed for some reason.

"Yuuji, we're going home. Obaa-chan is worried and we can patch you up there." Nana ordered and Yuuji nodded meekly.

"Aoi, we'll see you later." Nana said.

"Okay, bye Yuuji." She still looked worried.

Yuuji smiled to assure her but he winced from pain. "Don't worry so much." He then looked towards Midori. "See you at school tomorrow. Take care of your cheek."

He was such an odd boy. He was beat up and obviously hurting and her cheek only had a bruise which she couldn't even feel but he still worried. Because of this unusual treatment, she blushed.

Midori never blushed.

"I-I'm fine." She was horrified at her stutter. "Just get yourself fixed up." Midori looked off into the corner as she said it, not wanting to meet his eyes.

It was silent for a minute before she heard the footsteps of them leaving.

Aoi was staring at Midori as she twirled a lock of hair around her finger and a fine blush covered her cheeks.

Oh my god could she like Yuuji!? It's only been a day!

"Um..." Aoi didn't quite know what to say.

Midori released her hair and then looked at Sanada, the blush was gone and she was all business as she faced Aoi. "Do you think he believed us?"

"Not a chance."

"What?" She couldn't have heard that right.

"Nana-san didn't believe us. Not one bit." She clarified. At Midori's baffled expression she explained. "Nana didn't ask any more questions, he just let it drop so he doesn't believe us."

"I can kinda understand him not believing you." Midori admitted. "I mean, even I didn't believe you guys."

She glared at Midori. "You're not helping!"

Midori grinned. "Do you think he realized that it was me who rescued us?"

Sanada shook her head. "No, he didn't believe us but he doesn't know what really happened either. I mean who would have thought that you, the pretty new transfer student would have beat up four buff guys?"

Midori cupped her cheek and her eyes became sparkly. "You think I'm pretty?"

Sanada sighed at the question. "Kurohana-san—"

"Call me Midori." Midori cut her off. "You lied for me so that you should call me by my first name, right Aoi-chan."

Aoi turned beat read. Kurohana had said her name so easily. She blushed and looked down at her hands clenched in her lap.

"Uh...uh Mi...Mi...M-Midor...Mi..." She stammered.

"It's Midori, Aoi." Kurohana laughed.

She's making fun of me! Aoi thought to herself. Kurohana was saying it so easily while this was easily the most difficult time of her life.


"Midori!" Kurohana shouted.

"I'm trying to say it! Give me some time!" Aoi shouted completely red.

Midori laughed. "Well I guess I'll give you time to practice saying my name." She stood.

"You're leaving already?" Aoi said a little too disappointed so she toned it down and tried again. "You could stay for dinner." She tried to come off as nonchalant.

Midori smile widened. "You really want me to stay don't you? You don't want to part from me for an instant?" Tears sprang in Midori's eyes. "Don't worry dear friend, we will be parted but for only a moment."


Midori let out a huge yawn as she walked home. The sun was beginning to set, coloring the world around her in hues of orange and red. She was completely tuckered out. The day had taken more out of her than she had thought. Maybe the stress of going to a new school, being accused of being a man, almost getting into a fight, and actually fighting was getting to her.

He phone pinged and she pulled it from her bag and of course it would be her twin texting her. Hopefully Chidori's twin senses hadn't kicked in to her fighting.

Her text read:

I know u were fighting!

U promised remember!?

Midori deflated. She could just sense the waves of disappointment coming from Chidori even though she was all the way back in Tokyo. Quickly she texted back an explanation.

They were beating up a friend and

knocked off my glasses so magic was


She waited for a second for her sister to respond and wasn't at all surprised by the response.

R u ok? R u hurt?

Where did u hit get h it?

Midori smiled. Her twin was always the worry wart. Chidori didn't like her fighting mainly for the reason that Midori could get her. Her mother on the other hand didn't like her fighting because it gave the family a bad image.

I'm fine don't worry.

I have to go, txt u later.

Midori closed her phone and slipped it back into her bag humming as she walked. The day seemed a bit brighter than before.

Midori yawned, feeling completely exhausted and irritable. Her guardian, Ryoko had kept her up all night due to her having been drunk. Every time Midori lied down to sleep, her door would slam open and in stepped Ryoko singing at the top of her lungs, or dancing with all of her energy, or some other crazy thing that prevented Midori from sleeping.

Birds chirped as she walked and she covered her eyes against the particularly bright sunlight. It was such a nice day; too bad her mood was already foul.

When she reached the school there was a slight commotion. Students were standing in clusters whispering as they all stared at something. Curious, she stepped around them to get a better look at the gate.

A boy was standing by the gate. He was on the short side with golden blonde hair that possessed a few brown strands here and there. His hair was pulled back into a ponytail to reveal a finely boned face with emotionless golden eyes. He leaned against the wall wearing a black sweater over a white button up and tie. He wore navy slacks. He obviously wasn't a student at Byakuren.

He was pretty cute.

The girls around him seemed to think so too because there was an obnoxious amount trying to talk to him yet he just stood there as if they weren't even there. He seemed to be waiting for someone.

Something about him was bothering her. It was his eyes; they looked every which way, searching but they were cold. His eyes held no emotion.

They were familiar to her. She had seen those type of eyes somewhere before...

Suddenly Midori was yanked to the side and quickly pulled to around the corner out of sight from boy. She didn't retaliate because it was Aoi who had grabbed her.

Aoi was panting as if she were out of breath.

"Aoi, why are you tired?" Midori asked confused.

"That's because I'm surrounded by idiots!" Aoi yelled taking a deep breath. She pushed her bangs out of her face and glared at Midori.

"Kurohana-san you—"

"Midori." She reminded Aoi.

Instantly Aoi's cheeks were infused with blush.

She's adorable. Midori thought.

"Mi-Mi...Mido...dor...Midor..." Aoi tried she really tried, all the while blushing and looking down.

"Midori!" Midori shouted. "It's Midori, Aoi!"

Aoi shook her head. "Now isn't the time for that! Listen, that boy—"


Aoi jumped so hard that her soul almost left her body.

"Hello Yuuji-kun." Midori greeted the boy who stood behind Aoi.

Blush appeared on Yuuji's cheek but it wasn't the blush of embarrassment that Aoi had; it was blush of happiness. He smiled hugely at Midori. His smile was infectious so Midori started smiling back at him.

Aoi, having regained her composure looked between the both of them slightly annoyed. "What are you two doing?"

They then turned her way with their bright cheerful smiles.

Aoi covered her eyes. It's so bright!

"Oh!" Yuuji said remembering something. He looked back to Midori. "You can't go through the front to the school."


Aoi regained her composure a second time and cleared her throat. "That's what I've been trying to tell you. There's a Daiyori guy at the gates."

"That cute boy?"

"Yeah...yeah that cute boy." Aoi pushed her glasses up. "Anyway you can't go in that way, no doubt he's probably looking for you so he can report back to the gang at Daiyori."

"So what do you suggest?" Midori asked. She would be lying if she said that there wasn't a part of her that wanted to go strut through the gates so that that guy would report back to his bosses. There would always be a part of her that relished the thought of causing trouble and fighting but...

Aoi and Yuuji were trying to help her avoid that and she wasn't even supposed to be fighting. So that meant she had to behave.

"...climbing the wall?" Yuuji suggested.

"Wouldn't work." Aoi shot it down. "It's too high."

Midori didn't feel the need to tell them that it wasn't too high for her to jump it.

"How about this." Then Yuuji happily held out something black.

The boy was standing at the gate ignoring the girls gathering around him. The girl that the other guys had described had not shone yet. He had been there since early this morning so as to not miss the girl in case she was the type to show up early. He didn't really believe the guys that a beautiful girl with glasses had beat them up especially since he hadn't spot such a girl. Maybe they had mistaken the girl for Satoshi Beni. That would explain things but Satoshi was more scary-looking then beautiful and they had given a very description of the girl.

Apparently she was about his height, long blonde hair, green eyes, big breasts, and she was beautiful and she wore glasses. The boys had been chanting "Meganekko" even while being bandaged up. Those perverts were most likely having fantasy's about this "girl"—if she really exists.

Out of the corner of his eye he spotted someone and he shot his hand out to grab a slim wrist.

"Hey Onee-san, do you have a moment..."

The girl turned his way and a shiver went through him.

The girl had black hair pulled into a severe bun and a heavy layer of makeup on. Her eyes were sharp and she had the expression of a heavyweight wrestler ready to take down an opponent.

He instantly let her go. "Never mind Onee-san. I didn't mean to bother you." The girl hmphed and then turned around to continue on her way.

He watched her leave feeling confusion. For a minute though, out of the corner of his eye he could have sworn she looked prettier.

Reality set in though when he saw Takamoto Nanashi and his group heading his way.

Midori breathed a sigh of relief as she made it to the doors of the school. He had almost caught her but she was certain that her disguise had saved her. Luckily Yuuji had gotten a wig from the drama club and Aoi was so terrible with makeup so it all worked together. She could actually see the disappointment in his eyes when he saw how she looked. Hopefully the look she gave him wasn't too much.

Either way, that was a mission accomplished!

Quickly she went to her locker and changed shoes—mindful of the tacks that someone had placed in hers—then she hurried to the bathroom to wash her face. She had to scrub off the thickly piled on makeup and breathed a sigh of relief at having it on, though her face felt a bit itchy. Her skin was sensitive so she never wore makeup. She pulled off the black wig letting her hair cascade down her back. She shook her head making her hair deliberately mussed. She peered in the mirror at her appearance and noted that her face was a bit red from the scrubbing. Hopefully she didn't break out because of the makeup.

Midori peered at the black wig. Maybe she should put it back on and send a picture to Chidori. Then again she didn't feel like trying to conceal all her hair under the wig again. Screw it, she'll just tell Chidori about in a text later and give Yuuji back the wig to give back to the drama club. After pulling out her glasses from her bag she slipped them on, straightened them and left the bathroom.

Students were still loitering in the hallways since there was some time before homeroom started. Midori of course garnered some stares from the boys and stares/glares from the girls. Attention wasn't something she wasn't used to—every time she went out she usually got a lot of stares, especially when Chidori was with her. If she hadn't been good at fighting, she and Chidori would have been in serious trouble.

In the end, Midori decided to head back to class. She didn't know where Aoi and Yuuji were so that was the only thing she could do. Since apparently most of Daiyori knew what Yuuji looked like they said it would be best for her not to walk to through the gates of the school with them. It might have tipped the guy off is he was looking for girls around Yuuji. Maybe she should have gotten their numbers so she could meet up with them after she got into school so they could meet up.

And just as she thought about texting, her phone binged. She opened it to see that she received a text from Keiko a long with a picture of Koneko tied up with tape all over her mouth and she was hanging upside down from a tree crying. Midori let out a bark of laughter at the image.

Koneko was sort of like their mascot back home. She was petite with long black hair and big brown eyes. She was always happy and had a huge thing for cats and always had cat accessories like her sweaters and her bag; her room was like a cat convention. She was easily teased too and Midori could admit that she enjoyed teasing the young girl. Of course she never did anything as bad as Keiko who took the teasing a bit far. Her text gave the explanation for the picture:

Koneko was being a bad grl.

I bet, Midori thought before she continued reading.

She was saving up for a trip 2 visit u

without telling us so I had to punish


Midori could just imagine the evil smile on her best friends face. The image was scary but welcoming.

We're all planning to visit when

we have enough money so be ready

for unexpected visitors

That brought a smile to her lips.

P.S. Itami hasn't come 2 skool

sense u left

Midori sighed. She couldn't say she was surprised by the last line. Itami Kimiko was a bit clingy to her and was highly upset that Midori was leaving that she had begun crying. To hear that she hasn't been coming to school since she left was one scenario she had expected. Later on she'll call her to see how she is doing but at the moment she sent Kimiko a text telling her to get her ass up and go to school.

She was in the middle of texting a response to Keiko when she got that sense that she had relied on a lot while she was growing up. She quickly stepped five steps down and suddenly there was a cascade of water and a bucket landed right where she had been standing.

Before they ran away she was able to catch a glimpse of the short flat-as-a-board girl glaring down angrily from the steps two floors higher.

"Oh my god, are you okay." A boy asked Midori.

Midori didn't answer him. Her lips curled into a slow smile.

This bitch doesn't know who's she's messing with.

Aoi was trying hard not to make herself seem obvious as she stood in the hall in front of her classroom. Yuuji had gone to his classroom already so she was by herself. She was waiting for Kurohana but didn't want to seem like she did. If she did, Kurohana would doubtlessly tease her. She could just imagine the girl saying something dramatically and loudly like: "Oh my! Waiting for your only friend in the world? I'm right here my dear friend, there's no need to wait any longer."

Aoi sighed and squeezed the bridge of her nose. Why did someone like that have to become friends with her?


Is that what they were? She had only just met her yesterday; then again, Kurohana had insisted that they call each other by their first names. Maybe she did that to everyone she meets. But she had defended Aoi and then ate lunch and told them about herself.

Ugh, this was so frustrating. Besides Yuuji, Aoi didn't know what to do with Kuroha—Midori. Did she want to be friends with M-Midori?


"Well, if it isn't Bigfoot." A high pitched voice said.

Aoi's stomach dropped at the sight of Hikari walking up to her. The petite girl had a particularly malicious expression on her face. She wore her hair in a messy twist and her makeup was perfect. Aoi straightened her back and steeled herself for whatever Hikari was going to dish out.

Hikari stepped up to Aoi and opened her mouth to say something undoubtedly mean but she snapped her mouth closed in an instant. Confused, Aoi looked behind her to see what Hikari was staring at and saw Kuro—Midori walking down the hall towards them. She looked back to Hikari whose lips were pursed in annoyance.

"I deal with you later Bigfoot." Hikari threatened before stalking off past her. Aoi watched her go, still confused that she had done nothing at all.

When Hikari walked past Midori, Midori pulled her to a stop. She whispered something into Hikari's ear that caused her to flinch. Midori then released her arm and patted her on the head and then turned Aoi's way. When she spotted Aoi, she smiled brightly and waved excitedly. Midori's pace increased to catch up to Aoi. What troubled Aoi was the look Hikari shot Midori while her back was turned.

A look of pure hatred and fear.

"Aoi, were you waiting long for me?"

Aoi eyes shifted from Midori then back to Hikari but Hikari was already walking away. She then focused again on Midori's face. She was really beautiful and when she smiled it was like a little kid smiling.

But she had said something to Hikari that made Hikari give her a look of hatred.

And in this school that was very dangerous.

"Uh, Kurohana what did you say to Hikari?"

Hikari? Who's Hikari? "It's Midori, Aoi. And who...?"

"The girl you just pulled to a stop, the small girl who called you a man yesterday."

"Flat Chest!" Midori said in realization.

"That's not her name."

"What about Flat Chest?" Midori asked.

"Well, you said something in the hall to her." Aoi tried not to sound like she was accusing her of something but in a way she was.

"Oh, Flat Chest. I just wanted her to be careful where she steps next time." She smiled and Aoi shivered.

"We should be getting to our seats now, c'mon Aoi." Midori said before heading into the classroom.

Aoi stood there for a minute before following Midori in.

That smile was cold.

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