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The Dream Chronicles

The Dream Apex

~Chapter 1~

"It was a dark and stormy night..."

Kyle groaned and pushed Katrina out of the way. "No, we're not starting it like that. Besides, it was the brightest and hottest day of the summer."

Katrina rolled her eyes, straightening her shirt. "Well, it sounded cooler my way."

The day was a Thursday-

"I thought it was a Wednesday?" Kyle asked curiously, cocking his head.

Katrina shrugged. "Let's go with Tuesday."

Kyle nodded his approval.

The day was a Tuesday, and everyone was either off at work or some other event. The neighborhood was mostly quiet, besides two friends lazily shooting hoops...

Kyle dribbled up to the hoop, aimed and...Missed the net, the ball ricocheting all the way into Mr. Goff's, Katrina's neighbor, yard. Kyle groaned his disapproval and jogged the short way to the ball, throwing it underhand to Katrina. Katrina stuck her tongue out at Kyle and shot without looking, a nice swooshing sound announcing she had made it.

Katrina smirked. "Nothin' but net."

Kyle rolled his eyes and dribbled the ball, focusing on the target. "Can't believe I'm being beat by a girl..."

Katrina cocked her head, smirking. "What was that?"


Katrina laughed and skipped over into her garage to take a long sip of coffee. Mr. Goff from next door came into his front yard to water his flowers.

"Oh, hey Katrina!" Mr. Goff called, stepping up to his fence. "How are you two kids doing?"



Mr. Goff smiled. "That's good. Not getting into any trouble, I hope?" He winked at Katrina.

Katrina laughed and winked back. "Not me, sir! Although, I'd watch out for Kyle if I were you!"

Kyle threw out his arms exasperatedly. "Hey!"

Mr. Goff giggled and then seemed to recall something. "Oh, hey! Katrina!"

Katrina stepped up to the fence. "Yes sir?"

Mr. Goff gestured to some trash cans with wheels at the end of his street. "I missed the garbage men two weeks in a row now. Would you two kids mind taking it down to that dump for me? I'll pay you each five bucks!"

Katrina shook her head. "We don't need money, Mr. Goff. We'd be glad to do it!" Kyle had walked up beside Katrina by now.

"What?" Katrina elbowed him in the stomach. "Yeah...glad to help..."

Katrina and Kyle each took one of the two rolling trash can and headed off towards Bower's Dump, which was about three or four blocks away. The streets were a pleasant sort of silent as the two friends walked on, dragging Mr. Goff's trash cans behind them. After about fifteen minutes, Katrina and Kyle reached the dump.

It seemed to become suddenly dark, as ominous storm clouds surrounded the sky above the dump. The whole scene gave Kyle goosebumps.

"See, I told you it was a dark and stormy night!"


Katrina gulped as they neared the dump. She turned to Kyle.

He shrugged. "Ladies first?"

Katrina groaned, rolling her eyes. She pulled the trash can behind her and started into the mysterious junk yard. Kyle glanced around nervously, and then followed after Katrina...


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