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I gasped in a breath as I surfaced from underneath the cleansing water of the river alongside the garden I was tending for the evening. Shuddering delicately from the slight chill of the gentle breeze on my wet, bared skin, I stepped onto the bank, lightly shaking myself; gently extending my opaque wings and fluttering them. The water droplets flew off of me before landing like sparkling gems in the grass under the light of the full moon.

Suddenly, the tip of one pointed ear twitched as I picked up the sound of gentle footfalls padding my way; a tread that the invader obviously did not want me to hear. I whirled toward the noise, but my reaction was too late. The corner of my eye caught a glimpse of sleek, gray fur before I was tackled to the ground.

A bed of clover immediately sprang up beneath me, somewhat cushioning my fall, though I didn't even really notice this. My focus was riveted on the perpetrator atop of me; all I was able to register was a pair of all-possessing, piercing gray eyes in a sinfully handsome face. Had I seen fur? Because all I could feel was skin, skin, skin. Instinctively, my head went back in shocked submission as I lay pressed to the ground by his lean, muscular body. My gasp at the suddenness of it all slid into a long, low moan as a hot tongue licked a searing trail up the column of my pale, slender throat.

It didn't occur to me to struggle. It didn't occur to me to fight. There I was, lying underneath a complete stranger; open, exposed, vulnerable... and it felt so right. Granted, something seemed to be niggling at the very edge of my consciousness, perhaps a whisper of warning, lighter than the stroke of a feather. But the fevered brush of his long fingers and calloused palms against my smooth, cooled skin; the heat of his smoldering gray gaze; and the shocking sensation of his talented mouth making love marks anywhere and everywhere he pleased on my naked, willing body... overwhelmed my senses, kicking the ass of any little hint of doubt that may have been lingering stubbornly on the threshold of my mind. And with those struggles fled my inhibitions...

I have an idea of where I'm going with this; I just don't have a good title yet. It will be supernatural/paranormal, in case you haven't already kind of gathered that. Again... reviews are amazing, I will love you forever. Even if you hate it or think it's lame. Tell me what you think! Chances are I will answer you back ;)