Chapter 1: (Heart of Teacher) Kokoro no Sensei

Wings of the guardian, ooh~ Voice of guidance, ooh~

(Uingusu no za kanshisha, aah~ Koe no gaidansu, aah~)

Where is my angel at heart? Ooh~ Kokoro, kokoro!
(Doko IS mai enzeru o kokoro? Aah~ Heart, Heart!)

Ooh, heart to heart! Kokoro, kokoro! (Heart, heart!)
(Aah, kokoro o kokoro! Heart, heart! (Kokoro, kokoro!)

Ten years had pass since the nightmare occurred and now Kokoro was a composing performer at the Wings Moment concert. He was performing a new song called the "'Voice of Guidance'". "Kokoro! Kokoro! That was amazing!" A fangirl called as she was running up to greet him. "Y-You liked it?" Kokoro asked. "Oh, yes. I beleived everyone did, Kokoro," The fangirl replied. "I'm glad." Kokoro replied as other fangirls and some fanguys ran up towards him. "Hey, Kokoro! Can I have your autography? Please, Kokoro!" A fangirl replied faintly. "Oh, of course! Here you go," Kokoro replied as he takes hold of the fangirl's book to write her an autography. beconcluded promptly..-