INTERVIEW WITH: Captain Andrew Parsons, United States Army.

DEPARTMENT: Department Of Defence

SUBJECT: Infection Pandemic

REPORTER: Fredrick Burns

REPORT STATUS: Preliminary- in need of editing.

When I enter the room Captain Andrew Parsons is using as a temporary office before the final push to New York, Captain Parsons is waiting for me. We have worked together on his book "The Rising," which documents the first confirmed outbreak of CRS in Jackson City. With the agreement of the Department of Defence, part of this report will be included as the epilogue of the book we are currently working on, entitled "Sick." As the ramifications of what happened after Baarein are still been combated, many of the final chapters of the book have been halted by the Department of Defence, due to the fact that large portions of them are "classified." The inclusion of an edited version of this report was the compromise.

Captain Parsons looks younger than his twenty-six years and his broad smile makes him look like the teenager that came back from the island nation of Baarein eight years ago. We exchange small talk for a while, and then I start the interview. Captain Parsons seems eager to recount the final part of his story about Baarein.

Q: Captain, maybe you could recount your escape from Baarein and the subsequent events?

A: The escape from Baarein was a mess. Everyone knows about the Baarein military intervention, the bombing of the city, the bodies in the water and the events on the ship. What they don't know about was our escape. We, and by we I mean the group I was with, found ourselves back at the bomb shelter where the whole infection began. We had called in an emergency status to General Sanchez and were airlifted to the [[classified & edited out]]. People will remember that ship from the blockade of Jackson City. But it was the civilian escape that was a mess. [[Classified and edited out]].

Anyway, despite the grim situation, things soon turned good. The infection was eventually contained. The entire main island was quarantined until the military did a full sweep. Those still alive on the island were taken to special quarantined hospitals on other islands. Say what you will about Baarein, their military and police are well trained and respond to a crisis very quick. The zombies in the water were cleared out, as were the ones on the main island. I was on my way back to the U.S. onboard the [[classified and edited out]] with my [[classified & edited out]] in custody. The samples of CRS and Triple-S were secured. Carlos was getting his wounds tended and no one was showing signs of infection. Things were great.

Q: What went wrong? And when?

A: Greed. That is what went wrong. You have to remember, [[name edited]] was a very rich man. He bribed one of the sailors aboard the [[edited out]]. Gave him more money that the guy would see in fifty years of working his butt off as a sailor. The sailor smuggled him [[number edited]] viles- [[number edited]] of CRS and [[number edited]] of Triple-S. Neither he nor [[name edited]] knew which was which. As to when- the minute we docked, that's when. [[Name edited]] made a run for it. How the hell he got off the ship and out of the dock, I'll never know. I doubt anyone will. Especially with his son in tow, the kid still needed a wheelchair. I suspect [[edited- classified]].

Anyway, the bastard had set off one of the viles. It turned out to be Triple-S. Everyone aboard ship had to be quarantined until medical tests or time could prove we were not infected. You know what Triple-S does, right?

(I answer that everyone knew what Triple-S did).

Yeah, well, [[classified & edited out]] people died in that leak. I got lucky. I was released after [[classified & edited out]] days. By that stage, [[name edited]] had made a gamble. He had hoped he was using Triple-S on his son. He got it wrong and now Dallas was becoming another Jackson City. Only this time, the airports weren't shut down. The roads weren't barricaded. By the time they were, and by the time I was released, we had reports of infection in New York, San Francisco and Ontario. [[On the orders of the Secretary of Defence, please regard this statement as one of personal opinion. As data from the initial outbreaks in these cities is unclear, we do not wish to impugn the reputations of the brave men and woman of the emergency services and the US Military who gave their lives trying to contain the outbreak]].

Q: So the biggest viral pandemic in human history started because one man was trying to cure his son's disability?

A: Damn right. He tried to differentiate between CRS and Triple-S on sight alone. If you have ever seen a vile of them, you know that can't be done. Not the modified versions he was using, and especially not when they have been subjected to [[classified and edited out]] and does nothing to diminish their potency.

(We pause here for Captain Parsons too pour us some coffee- a rare sight these days. After several minutes, we begin again).

Q: So, what happened to the group you were with? Did you ever make contact with your mother or brother?

A: Fr. Connolly was released the same day as I was. There was talk of deporting him, but after everything he had done for us, and the fact that air travel was falling apart, he stayed. He's downstairs. Actually, he's my second in command. As for [[name edited out]] and her children, they were moved to [[location edited]]. I believe she still lives there. We keep in touch. After all, we are family. Her kids are my [[edited]].

As for my mother and brother. (He shrugs). I never got in contact with them. Things fell apart so quick that by the time I was allowed to try, the phone lines were down in New York. The cell phone networks were useless. As for the internet... (he laughs sardonically)... don't even get me started. Who stops to check an e-mail when you have a horde of zombie marching down fifth avenue.

(He trails off and after a few minutes, it becomes apparent he won't be continuing).

Q: I notice you didn't mention Carlos Valdez. What happened there?

A: I have no comment on that issue.

Q: Did something happen between you?

A: I repeat, I have no comment.

[[The following section has been edited due to the content relating to confidential military matters]]

Q: One final question Andrew. What about the reports that you have fathered children during the campaign to reclaim lost territory?

A: Once this war against the zombies is over, I'll write another book. That issue will be death with there.

Q: So, you are going to publish another book?

A: (He smiles)My dear Freddy, it will be the same as the last two. You conduct the interview, I'll answer the questions and you write the book.

As I left the building, the New York skyline was visible in the distance. This was the final destination for the largest troop mobilisation on U.S. soil since the Civil War. Preparations were well under way for the push. With the permission of the Secretary of Defence photographic representations of this final push are included.


Fredrick Burn